Depression :: Alcohol Intolerance ?

Aug 28, 2011

I have an asian friend and everytime he drinks alcohol, not much, maybe 2-3 ciders, he seems normal drunk for a little while, like just running around for a little while except that he goes very bright red Then after about half an hour he suddenly collapses on the floor. We can't wake him up. Sometimes he will come round and open his eyes or talk for a little while but then he will lose consciousness again and won't be able to walk. Then he will sleep for around an hour and wake up completely normal. I know one of the symptoms of alcohol intolerance is flushing but haven't seen one of the common symptoms being losing consciousness. Do you think it is just alcohol intolerance or there is something underlying? He did drink quite a lot once and he also vomited as well as being very flushed and losing consciousness for a longer period of time

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Intolerance To Alcohol

I was never a big drinker, but lately I can't drink vodka or tequila without immediately getting a headache and pain behind my eyes. I'm talking one, maybe two drinks and I feel miserable. Some beers have the same impact - I always loved a good stout, but now I get a headache before I even finish one. I can no longer go out and enjoy a few drinks with friends. (They love it - built in DD).

I was diagnosed in 2011 - and this intolerance to alcohol has gotten worse in the past two years. Is there a possibility that MS can cause this??? I can't imagine it would, but not sure what else could be going on.

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Alcohol Intolerance :: Sneezing With Itchy Nose And Ears

I do not drink very often so I don't know if it's just because my body isn't used to to it but whenever I do, I only need a very small amount for these symptoms to show. Basically the corner of my eyes (either side of my nose) get really itchy and I also start sneezing one or two times a minute for maybe half an hour or so and also I get what feels like a grain of rice in my throat that feels like it's rising up and feels a bit sharp whenever I swallow. 

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Eye Twitching, Smell Sensitivity And Alcohol Intolerance?

-Eyelid twitching

-Smell/odor/chemical sensitivity

-Complete alcohol intolerance, like one sip will make you feel hungover

-Skin conditions (particularly plantar warts that won't go away with any treatment, and that are spreading)

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Depression :: Fluoxetine + Alcohol

I've been taking Fluoxetine for 2 weeks now, had been warned of the nausea and downs by my GP...the few days have felt a tempting of how I should, I know its early days but I feel my dosage should be increased but that's beside my question. Really its, I 'enjoy' at the moment a really good lonely binge on a Friday night of as much as I can drink, I'll listen to music and just be me its the only therapy I'm escaping too at the minute.....has this affected your pills do you know? I know it says not to drink alcohol while taking fluoxetine but all drugs say that so obviously I've went against them, I just don't really want to put myself back with my course of anti-depressants yet I need these drinks so much right now.

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Depression :: Fluoxetine And Alcohol (small Amounts)

I've been on FLUOXETINE for nearly two weeks.

Can I drink alcohol? Just a small amount?

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Alcohol :: Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety / Depression?

Suffered on and off with serious depressive episodes (mostly on).  Up until new year I was drinking too much which I seem to have a handle on now.  Was also taking paracetamol and anti inflammatories every day for the dreadful muscle  aches and pains.  My only relief is keeping warm in bed but then the sleeplessness is worse at night.

Does anyone else experience this?  My doctor doesn't have any ideas and I really cannot take painkillers etc every day...

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Alcohol - Off And On Heavy Drinking - Depression / Anxiety

The problem is after drinking alcohol the next couple of days I suffer from really bad anxiety, to the point where I feel so down and physically sick. Sometimes I feel so ashamed and I go into depressed mode. Also the last couple of years I've been having blackouts after really heavy sessions. I keep promising myself I will never do it again but it plays a big part of my social life and I feel pressured at times. I don't always blackout but when I do, I've been told I become aggressive and start to pick arguments or fights with people. When I hear the stories I feel disgusted with myself because I'm not that kind of person, I would literally do anything for anyone within reason. I'm not alcohol dependant although 10 years ago when I was 18 I drank everyday for approximately 1 year as I wasn't in a great place. It's just that once or twice a week I have a really heavy blow out and I feel so ill for days afterwards, the anxiety is unbearable. I've also noticed that once I start drinking I find it difficult to stop once I've reached a certain limit. But I can actually take it or leave it some weeks, but then I need a blow out. I've spoke to a few close friends and one of them suggested AA but I'm not really sure if this is the right idea ? I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but the alcohol just makes it worse. Especially with the blackouts, I don't seem to have any pre warning with the blackouts. I can be feeling merry one minute and then I wake up in the morning with hours missing from the night. I know its easy to say just dont drink but I'm finding a big struggle to completely avoid it.

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Coeliac Disease Or Just Gluten Intolerance

My youngest son is 3 years and 3 months old. He is very tiny and under weight and is diagnosed as failure to thrive.

For over 2 years he has been, very cranky all the time and emotional, poor appetite refusing to eat any thing apart from bread, cereal and pasta. He has low iron and is taking iron supplements and is tired a lot.

He us under the care of two paediatricians and a dietician who so far have not been able to find a cause for his problems and why he is so small.

One of the paediatricians came  to our house to see my son. She examined him and felt his tummy etc. then asked is he had been tested for celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Which he hasn't. 

The paediatricians said it would be a good idea to get him tested and she would refer him to other paediatrician to arrange for tests to be done.

She also said it might be a good idea to try removing wheat and gluten from his diet.

So we removed gluten and wheat from his diet straight away. He has had no wheat or gluten in his diet for 4 weeks now and we are seeing big improvements. He is like a different boy, he is a lot more happy, less tired, he is doing normal poos fro the first time in a very long time and he is getting his appetite back. He is finally for the first time in over 2 years not refusing food and is starting to eat proper meals.

Although we are seeing big improvement I am beginning to think that the paediatricians advice to remove wheat and gluten from his diet was perhaps bad advice as I realise now that you need to be eating gluten and wheat to be tested.

My son is due to see second paediatrician in 3 weeks time. I don't know if they will do tests then or if we will have to come back another time. Should I re add wheat to his diet now so he can be tested, will 3 weeks be long enough.

Was it a bad thing to remove gluten and wheat from his diet.

Does it sound like he might have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance


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Pregnancy :: Anyone Developed Lactose Intolerance

Has anyone developed lactose intolerance while pregnant? And did your baby have it after being born? My husband has always been lactose intolerant and just recently I've become the same way and wondered if it was actually the baby's way of making me avoid it..

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Thyroid Disorders :: Intolerance To Levothyroxine

how do I control hypothyroidism when I can't tolerate the meds?

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Fibromyalgia And Intolerance To Thyroid Meds

I am dealing with an intolerance to Thyroid meds. Having been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis 5 years ago my family doc has prescribed every Thyroid med she could think of and various strengths. Side effects were thick itchy rashes, shakiness, massive headaches and tremors. I stopped taking the Thyroid Meds for 2 years and believe me it was no picnic. I had no strength, terrible digestion, heat and cold intolerance, memory loss and on and on and on. I am now on a very low dosage.025mg. My last t3 & t4 test indicates that my levels are very low but because of all the negative side effects I have experienced my doc is terrified to increase the dosage. Along with Fibro,Celiac,Diverticulosis and Hashimoto's life is a bowl of cherries . I would like to hear from someone who is also iodine intolerant and is there a different path I could take..

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Yeast Intolerance Due To Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I have suffered for the past 2 years with bad stomach cramps , diarrhea , and bad wind . this would occur every week and mostly every day . i went through the doctors and they just saw it as "oh you have Ibs there really isn't a cure just deal with it ". i knew for a while that it really wasn't just ibs but something more , i started looking at food allergies and decided to take a food intolerance test. They found out i had a really bad yeast allergy!!??. Does anyone suffer with yeast allergies?? i have started a new diet cutting out yeast and trying  to cut down on sugary foods ( this is impossible!) however i do feel a lot better and i have been taken medicine to kill of the bacteria in the gut. 

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Diverticula :: Wheat, Lactose, Sugar Intolerance

i was diagnosed with significant diverticular in jan 2013 each time I have a flare up I require augmentin antibiotics these flare ups seem to be every 2/3 months now hence I am left with horrendous ibs due to the antibiotics .  Today I went to a natural fitness centre as I could not convince my gp I thought I had food intolerances now. I biofeedback scan was done on me and the results were wheat intolerance lactose intolerance and refined sugar intolerance!!!!!! My question is my ibs is not constipation or diarrhoea just the need to have BO a lot especially after meals but I have been told by drs I need a high fibre diet to prevent the pouches becoming infected how can I have this type of diet if I am intolerant to wheat ?

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Stroke :: Hit By Glucose Intolerance With Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

My mum had a huge haemorrhagic stroke in November 2011. It took a long time for mum to recover much of anything and was left completely disabled on her left hand side. To add to this she was left handed and had to learn doing most things the wrong way round. She has been attending physio, trying to learn to walk again and will finally be getting a splint to hold her ankle in place to make this easier for her. Is it just me or should this not have been done sooner? Anyway, to add insult to injury, she's been told she has a glucose intolerance, was given the information from this website as her leaflet to read and take action from. Yes my mum is slightly overweight but has been on a balanced low fat diet for years and not lost a thing, but neither has she gained weight. She has a glass of wine occasionally and doesn't smoke. She is on tons of medication to keep blood pressure low, pain killers as she is in pain daily and her cholesterol is 3. Apart from the exercise which is impossible to do more, what can I do? our GP hasn't bothered to make any further contact or offered any further advice. I only got an appointment for her because I screamed down the phone.. Not a good start.. I'm so frustrated with it all and the bit in the leaflet that says that if left untreated, there is a higher risk of stroke!!

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Coeliac Disease :: Gluten Intolerance With Tummy Bubbles

my leg is five and half years old and for as long as I can remember she has had bowel trouble. It started off as constipation which the GP prescribed movicol for. She was weaned off if this and over time her symptoms have worsened. She suffers from terrible bloating, wind and constipation. She complains of "tummy bubbles" I have asked what she means by this and says either her tummy hurts or she thinks she needs to go to the toilet. We are at a loss as to what could be causing this?

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Lactose Intolerance Anyone? Pain In Upper And Middle Abdomen

I have been diagnosed recently with this as an adult. I am a little confused as my pain is in my upper abdomen, right in the middle, about 2 inches above my belly button and below the ribs. Anyone else get pain here?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Heat Intolerance - Cool Surfaces Help

In 2014 while on holiday in Spain, my ankles and feet swelled very badly, since then anytime it gets warm this happens and they become very painful. My GP has prescribed tablets for two weeks to help with this discomfort. Yesterday i went for a walk and my hands swelled especially my fingers. They felt very tight and my right fingers in particular were tingling for up to an hour when i came home.

I never suffered this before 2014, and am wondering is this a symptom of MS heat intolerance. They ache very badly and by the end if the day the swelling and pain is very uncomfortable. I feel cool surfaces help with the discomfort.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Food / Fruit Intolerance

Well, I've come across a new symptom.  Not new exactly, just worsening.  In the last 6 months or so, there does not seem to be a fruit that I can tolerate.  No matter what I try, I end up nauseated and close to throwing up.  Anyone else lose an entire food group before?  And if so, did you get it back over time?

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Thyroid :: Normal TSH But High Free T4 - Palpitation, Tremor, Intolerance To Heat

i am malaysian recently did my blood test and found out that my TSH within the normal range (1.8) but my free T4 was 26.33 (12-22). free T3 was not done. i am experiencing all the symptoms related to the hyperthyroidism such as palpitation, tremor, intolerance to heat, weight loss(from 78kg to 65kg), always hungry, muscle weakness.i went and visit my endo, he said since the TSH reading normal, so you are not having hyper and he discharged me. but i can realise that i am having all the symptoms of hyper. can anyone help me?what i should do after this?

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Alcohol :: Experiences With A Home Alcohol Detox Using Valium?

I am possibly thinking of paying for a private home detox. They have suggested it will be using valium as opposed to Librium. I was just wondering if anyone else on here had been through one?

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