Skin :: Ringworm Or Hives / Welts?

Jul 18, 2013

On Sunday July 14 I noticed a red ring on my arm near my armpit, I went in the next day and my doctor confirmed it was ringworm. It was never scaly, dry, or itchy. I never touched the area other then when I was showering/drying off, and applying the ointment. On the 18th the ring was completely gone. However once I noticed the ring on Sunday I did become really itchy, just not in the location the ring was in. Everywhere else however (legs,thighs,arms,back..everywhere else) was itchy. After itching those areas turned into mosquito bite looking bumps and then hives/welts. Is this ringworm or something else?

I thought ringworm lasted for 2-4 weeks..but my ring was gone in 4 days, and that spot never itched. I've never had hives either and I'm not allergic to anything, also nothing in my life has changed. I haven't changed my diet or lifestyle in any way. Other than kicking the nasty habit of biting my nails.

Please give your opinions on what this could possibly be.

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Welts/hives :: Around My Ankles, Hips, Backs Of My Knee

Within the last 2/3 weeks, I have noticed welts (very large and warm) on certain parts of my body, mainly around my ankles, hips, backs of my knees, and one spot on my spine. At first, I thought it was an allergy to my laundry detergent, so I started making my own because I am allergic to everything else. After switching soaps, I noticed that the hives/welts subsided but then after a couple days, I got 2 on my spine again. One welt was about the size of a silver dollar and the other, about four inches lower on my spine, about the size of a quarter. Later that night, the left side of my lower lip randomly got very warm and started to swell. It looked as though I had been stung by a bee. There was no pain other than the uncomfortable tightness.

Any ideas on what could be the cause? I can't get into my doctor for quite some time, and I prefer to avoid the emergency room since it doesn't seem that serious but I'd really like an idea of what in the world is going on.

Update 12/16/13-This morning I woke up with one nickel sized welt on each arm, just below my elbows.

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Ramipril :: Hives / Rash - Skin On Fire

I've just switched from 2.5 to 5mg Ramipril, when I suddenly had an allergic reaction.

Very swollen feet, ankles, wrists and hands.

Now the following day I'm covered in welts, hives and a rash.

My doctor has put me on a course of steroids and antihistamines, but my skin feels like it's still on fire!

Have been taking Andopoline for about 5 weeks, and was then prescribed Ramipril 2.5 two weeks ago, then up to 5mg last week.

Took the first 5mg on Thursday, and started getting the symptoms first thing Friday morning

Has anyone else suffered from this, and how long does it last?

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Skin :: Nocturnal Hives - Zyrtec Every Night Helps

My husband breaks out with hives every night - 2 hours after he falls asleep - regardless what time it is. We have tried everything-detergent-soaps-lotions we even purchased a new mattress. If he takes Zyrtec 10mg he does not break out but if he does not take a Zyrtec he wakes up covered head to toe with hives bigger than a half dollar. We have seen an allergist who said they could do bloodwork but that would be inconclusive and he would need to remain off Zyrtec for 5 days before the bloodwork. He has not been able to go longer than 2 nights without Zyrtec.

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YAG Laser For Facial Wrinkles - Welts Under My Eyes

I had laser on my face 2 days ago and the redness is going away but I have these bags that are like welts under my eyes. What can help? Cold compresses?

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Difference Between Shingles And Hives ?

I'm a 27 year old woman and I've recently developed an extremely itchy rash on my back and hives- only on left side. At first i thought it was hives but usually when j get hives they are whitish but these are more red and some have a scabby surface. I haven't had any "pain" or burning but the itching is bad enough to where I can't sleep. This is around the 6th day with them. I will post a picture of what they looked like the first day vs now.

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Ramipril Vs Enalapril - Getting Hives

I've been a long time user of Ramipril and most recently posted about getting hives from it ... so my doc instead prescribed enalapril.

Just curious if anyone here can explain what might be going on with me... basically what occurred was:

Over the summer I stopped Ramipril due to suspicion of hives, for 2 months. Test was sort of inconclusive, as I did get a hive when restarting, but then no more. Anyway, BP was generally fine while off ramipril, about 120/85-88 ish. Latter number was somewhat high for me, so I restarted it.

Within one week I noticed increased ringing in the ears.

Over the next several weeks I noticed feeling somewhat sickly, like I had a virus.

BP initially went down to 120/80, but over time began to rise. Ended up being around 130-140/95 (higher than it was before I even started it). Bottom number higher than anytime in my life really.

Pulse strangely went up... a lot. From around 80 to 90-95. Occasionally even got to 100.

This week I started Enalapril (or two days ago to be exact). I just took my BP, it came in at 118/88 (diastolic till a tad highish) and pulse of 78. And overall I feel better and a lot calmer.

My question is, what happened exactly? I tool Ramipril for years and it never rose my BP or pulse before. Could it be a bad reaction due to a specific generic manufacturer? Long term allergy to ramipril that sort of just went haywire when stopping/restarting it?

Or is there something special about enalapril that would make it work better? I wouldn't think so, as they are both ace inhibitors.

Or just a weird coincidence?

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Itchy Palms - Hives?

i got itchy on my hands for 10 days...i go to the doctor he said its acute hives...

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Allergies :: Hives Or Scabies?

Ok so I've been trying to get rid of my hives for a little over a week now. This is the first time I've had them. I've gone to the doctor twice and the ER once for them. The doctor gave me 2 steroid shots and gave me some scripts. I'm using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream, I'm on day 4/6 MethylPREDNISolone pills, and I'm taking Hydroxyzine pills 4x daily. The ER suggested that it may be scabies and prescribed me the cream which I've already used and am through with. The ER also gave me a shot of meds that was suppose to kill the scabies if there were any and gave me a shot of benadryl. The ER wasn't sure if I actually had scabies or not but went ahead and treated me for them just in case. I live in my apartment with my boyfriend and he has been untouched. I've washed everything washable in hot water twice now and I've been staying at my grandmother's house until I can get rid of them. But they're still popping up. I haven't changed anything in my diet. I do own 3 cats but have never had problems with them. They are indoor cats and I haven't seen them in 4 days. I haven't changed anything in my daily routine. I'm just completely out of ideas for why/how I've gotten them and why I can't get rid of them. I have another prednisone treatment waiting at the pharmacy for me prescribed by the ER but haven't picked it up yet because I'm still taking the Methyl. I have been to an allergist but all the tests came back negative.

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Pregnancy :: Hives Breakout

I broke out in hives Wed, and woke up this morning(Saturday) even worse. ER, was no help other than the steroids... I hope they are all gone tomorrow, it's driving me crazy, the itchiness and the not knowing what caused it. Anybody else break out?

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Antidepressants :: Bad Hives While On Zoloft

I've been on 50mg of Zoloft for 11 days and yesterday I started to get bad hives. I want to quit cold turkey, what do you suggest?

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Allergies :: Rash Or Hives Only In USA

I am an Australian who has been travelling to USA annually for the last 6 years.

Every time I visit the USA, after approx 4 or 5 days I break out in itchy, red bumps (hives?) all over my torso and upper arms. The outbreak lasts as long as I stay in the USA, and subsides almost completely within 24-48hrs after returning to Australia.

I have stayed at different hotels each time, so I don't think bedding can be blamed, and there is not a particular food I believe triggers this...

What could it be in USA that I am so allergic to, that does not exist in Australia. I travel the world extensively for work and have not experienced the rash in any other region either.

Antihistamines (Benadryl) does not seem to help at all.

Is there some food additives/preservatives that are unique to USA that I may be sensitive to?

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Hormones :: Spironolactone And Hives

I started taking 50 mg of Spironolactone November 1. Some time between Nov 14 and 18, I broke out in hives. I stopped taking the Spironolactone the week of Thanksgiving (around Nov 22/24).

I started Tri-Cyclen birth control on Dec 1. It is January 2 and I still have hives...

I spoke with a doctor, who instructed me to take Benadryl and Zyrtec. I spoke with my prescribing doctor of Spironolactone, who said he never had a case where someone broke out in hives due to Spironolactone. I think I'll be scheduling to see a dermatologist soon.


I'm sick of being drowsy every day, and I've gained 8 pounds in the last month and a half.

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Hives Or Shingles - What Exactly Is The Difference?

New or kind of new to the shingles "party."  Actually since last year have been having outbreaks, and thought it was hives.  Now I'm realizing it is really shingles now, and maybe before hives?  Have had eczema off and on since 1 year old.  So, not new to skin issues!

Question:  is shooting pain a hallmark symptom of shingles.  Although I believe have a rather mild case, there have been times that I get very sharp shooting pains in my forearms where I do have an intensely red rash.  So bad that I can't hold a book or phone.  Have to wait for them to subside. 

Is shingles easy to diagnose, and what exactly distinguishes hives from shingles.  If I do a google image search on both, they look virtually identical.  Is it the amount of pain or what?  Am confused, but always knew I would wind up with shingles.  Have actually had chickenpox TWICE.  Once as a kid (with mumps at same time), and then the horror of chickenpox as an adult.

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Dermatology :: Hives? Red Blotches All Over My Back

About 10 days ago I started to get an itchy back. Nothing too serious, as my skin tends to be a bit on the sensitive side especially during the colder months of the year. Then about a week ago I noticed that I had these red blotches all over my back. At first they looked like really bad mosquito bites, but on closer look they were more like a stinging nettle sting-now I have about 15 of them on by back and have started getting them down my front as well. They've also started to appear singly on my legs and arms too. I have been using soothing creams to keep the itching down and have started taking allergy tablets in case that helps. Itching has gotten better and the raised bumps look less angry and red, but they are not going away (in fact seem to be getting more!). I read up on hives, but most sites seem to say they disappear after a week or so unless they're chronic, so I'm wondering now if it's something else? Has anyone else had anything similar and what did it turn out to be?

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Allergies :: Dehydration Could Be Causing Hives?

I have been breaking out in hives for 11 months. They started shortly after I had some surgery. Sometimes they cover most of my body, and the itch keeps me awake at night. Other times they are tolerable. I have read every blog I could find on the subject looking for some help. Last week I stumbled on some posting on this site which was worth giving a try. In short, it said that dehydration could be causing my problem. Well, I have always had a hard time drinking much water in a day and relied mostly on diet sodas for my liquid consumption. So on Friday, I started drinking 64oz of water each day and am cutting out the soda for now. Well, I am only 3 days into this plan, but it is really helping. I know it will take some time to hydrate my body, but I am very optimistic. I thought I would post this in case there is anyone out there the is struggling like I have been.

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Allergies :: Hives - No Effect Of Prednisone

I'm going on a month now prednisone didn't do anything nothing is working and I can't find the trigger of them they constantly burn help!

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Anxiety :: Stress Related Hives?

I rode in a HOT car on Thursday to pick up my husband's CT scan results and then read them on the way home. He has 8 areas of concern. By time my son and I got home, I had hives.

They come up, itch like CRAZY and go away then come up another area. Most are on my face with two that come and go on my side, one on my back and 2 on my shoulder.

I went to the doctor on Saturday morning when I woke up with about 6 on my face. By time I was taken back (20 mins?) all but one had gone down. He's the guy who treats me for anxiety and felt sure it was stress related since I've not eaten anything strange or new and since I broke out while reading this upsetting news. I had 2 or 3 more last night and a few start to appear on my jawline but I quickly used some Gold Bond Powder and they calmed down.

I was doing better today but took a long nap and made the mistake of covering up with a very warm housecoat while I napped. I woke with a VERY itchy hive in front of my ear (that one has bothered me at least once every day), one on my shoulder that went down very quickly, two on my side and two just starting to appear on my jawline. They were not itching so I grabbed the powder and only the one in front of my ear is really bothering me.

I can't afford to go back to the clinic and doctor had told me to use steroid cream and continue the Klonopin which helps me so much.

Has anyone ever had stress related hives and what did you do for them? The itch is pretty awful.

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Gallbladder :: Hives? Both Legs And Thighs

So I have been having typical problems that can be expected with gallbladder pain that have slot nightly increased since Dec. I posted earlier in the week about it. I'm having an MRI done on the 10th to see what's going on after an, ultrasound revealed no stones. But now I am having problems with hives. It has happened 3 times in the last week. It is always a t night. It starts on one or both legs and thighs and works its way to my butt cheeks. I should mention, I've never had hives in my life. I'm not taking any new meds, not eating anything out of the ordinary nor using new soaps, etc. Ideas?

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Hives :: No Allergy - Only Appear One Place At A Time

My son is experiencing hives that do not itch and only appear one place at a time on his body. They usually last a day and then a new one will appear and the old one is gone. He says they are tingly and sometimes hurt. This started 2 years ago and lasted for 4 weeks and never appeared again until last week. Both times he had been swimming and was bumped in the face. The welts then appeared a few hours later. He was tested for allergies and found none. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Worried it may be an immune disorder.

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Skin :: Tomato / Potato Juice For Fair Skin But Hair Get White?

I am 28 years old. I was using lemon juice on my face for fair and toned skin and it proved quite effective but my beard and mustache started turning white. Someone told me to use tomato juice or potato juice instead of lemon juice to avoid white hairs. my question is that will tomato juice or potato juice will be helpful to get a fair and toned skin without turning my hair white.

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