Migraine :: Paramax Making Me Sleepy

Dec 14, 2014

where do i start....suffered with migraines since a child now 42, since car accident which was almost 8 years ago migraines have become worse. 

i get 2/3 migraines a weeks and the after effects can last up to 2/3 days which can also including feeling sick etc

im already on medication for migraines and gp has now put me on paramax... had a migraine yest so took my first tablet must admit made me very sleepy but woke with no side effect from migraine can only describe it as bad hangover effect 

anyone else take paramax??


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Migraine :: Migraine Attacks Are Back / Menopause

I never suffered from migraine attacks until I was in my mid-40's.

They seemed to be linked to the beginning of hormonal changes related to the start of menopause. I would get a pain over my left eye (usually, though right occasionally), with a feeling of nausea and sometimes slight numb feeling on the side of my face. I would turn quite a pale white colour, and also feel very tired, yawning a lot. I would take medication, migraleve tablets and lay down in a darkened room. Usually, I would recover within 24 hours, though I would feel 'worn out' for a few days after the attack.

Since I have discovered by self analysis, that citrus fruits, especially orange juice (which I no longer drink), chocolate and strong coffee all seem to be triggers, which I try to avoid.

For the last five years, I have been clear of migraines, but have now started to get them again. I have passed the menopause but have had a lot of stress in my life recently, so I wonder if this is the cause of the recurrence? My last attack was quite different from the others I have experienced, in that I was feeling fine (though had been really tired the day before for no apparent reason) when I suddenly developed black zigzag lines across my left eye (very frightening at first). These went on for about 10 minutes and then slowly I developed a severe migraine, though this was not over one particular eye, but both. I had feelings of nausea and also felt cold at times. I took Migraleve pink and yellow but the headache is still persisting the next day. I wonder why I developed these other symptoms of visual disturbance. Can stress really do this to your body?!

PS I know there is a family history of migraine.

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Classic Migraine Changed To Silent Migraine In 30's

I had classic migraines through my teenage years which stopped for a couple of years before continuing at on average one every couple of months with the odd instance of a back to back cluster of 3-10 at once. They were always the same 20 minute aura then axe in the head pain and repeated vomiting for 6 hours followed by a 24hr hangover.  Over the years I have tried all preventers with only Epilim and Topiramate working for 18 months. I built up tolerance to Epilim and Topiramate gave me side effects that ended in a blood disorder so cannot take either any more. Beta blockers and antidepressants never worked and Lisinopril was also a short lived waste of time. The only triptan that ever worked was Maxalt rizatriptan but again it lost its effect after 6 months. Something weird has now happened and I wonder if others have had this? I am now 36 and in the last 6 months my migraines have totally changed. I still get the aura but if I take Express Nurofen and an anti sickness tablet straight away or use a heat pack on the back of the neck no pain or sickness comes just 6 hours of extreme tiredness. I always used to throw up any tablets so this is a miracle however the frequency has stepped up to between 5 and 20 a month so it is really impacting on my life. I have had an MRI and all is normal. I have also tried supplements and alternative therapies with no success. Botox and nerve blockers are the next suggestion but will they treat this scenario if there is no pain? Will it stop the aura too and prevent the whole episode? Help!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dizzy Thirsty And Sleepy

Okay so I have had the implanon for 4 months and just had it taken out 7-11-2014. That same nught mu husband and I had unprotected sex and have had unprotected sex every other night since. I am ttc currently. My ob said people could.become pregnant with in the same day as removal, for the oast couple days I have has lower back pains and tingling nipple and brest pain. Even on implanon my periods were regular just light and according to my fertility calender I am fertile this week, I have had thick discharge also have been dizzy thirsty and sleepy. Could I be pregnant?

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Mirtazapine :: Sleepy Drowsy And Very Tired

I have started this last night knocked me out 8pm then couldn't get up was late for work .

It's now noon still feel sleepy drowsy and very tired.

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Anxiety :: Xanax Makes Me Sleepy

I'm been suffering from anxiety and depression for over a week now and I'm now taking paxil & buspar prescribed by my doctor. The medication has not kicked in yet and I was feeling horrible still, plus some side effects that was expected. So, I went back to the doctor and she gave me xanax 0.5 mg; to help with the waves of anxiety and depression and side effects.  But the problem is I'm not working now and its dead cold winter out, so I stay in. And I will take a xanax when the anxiety and depression comes on. But when I wake up after the short nap, I am smacked with fear dread and depression. I can't seem to avoid the naps in the day. If I don't take the xanax then its constant anxiety and depression.


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Bipolar Disorder :: Lithium And Lamictal SO Sleepy

At first I was on 200 mg of Lamictal and (not sure the dose) of Seroquel. Seroquel made me gain weight. Worked like a charm though! Would also make me feel like I had a major hangover the next day. I said, no more, to that med. Had a really bad Mania episode during the weekend (few weekends ago) seen my doctor two days ago. He put me on 600mg of Lithium and 200mg of Lamictal. I don't have any side effects except I am so tired all day long. I take 100mg of Lamictal and 300 Lithium BUT here is the kicker. For some odd reason, mainly because I think my body hates me, if I take 200mg of Lamictal at night, to lighten up the load of my mornings, I can't sleep.... It makes no sense to me. SO I have to drink lots of water with Lithium, I can barely take a 5 hour energy because the Lithium makes my tummy hurt. I was told the side effects are short lasting. Also, I was told I will need blood work. Do you have to have blood work every so often or just that one time?? I still have Xanax for those moments when I have a really bad bout of anxiety.

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Food / Beverages :: Getting Sleepy After Eating Fruits?

I'm a 23 years old male living in Iran. Recently, I've been experiencing a very strange problem with fruits that has led to me stop eating them. The problem is after eating almost any kind of fruits, specially melon, I immediately feel sleepy. A few days ago I couldn't resist a fairly big piece of melon and after eating it I fell asleep for more than 8 hours (from 8 pm to 5 am). last night I decided to see if it happens again and after eating two tiny pieces, almost immediately it all came to me but this time it went away by eating some chocolates.It seems that, if I can survive not falling sleep, taking some sweets will make the sleepiness go away.Banana, Cucumber, Water melon, Pomegranate and a few others have also caused the same symptoms but nothing like the bloody melons.This also happens ,although rarely, after daily meals.

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Lansoprazole :: Dizzy, Lack Of Coordination And Sometimes Sleepy Feeling

I've been light-headed, dizzy, lack of coordination & sometimes sleepy feeling. I don't know if it's the Lansoprazole or my low BP. I take one 30 mg. in the a.m., but I feel like this all day long.

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Diet / Nutrition :: Chinese Food Makes Me Sleepy

I usually don't eat chinese food, mainly because my stomach HATES it. But, it does taste good, so last night I decided to get some.

My sleep schedule is a bit messed up right now, so I woke up at around 4pm, and got my Chinese at 6pm, so I literally had only been awake for about 2 hours. I got Sesame Chicken with some white rice, but ended up not really eating the rice.

After a few bites, I realized I was extremely tired. Like, I could've fallen asleep eating. I ate until I was satisfied, but really, that wasn't much, not even half of what I got. I put my chicken away, then went back to playing video games, and fell asleep while playing. It was only for about an hour, but still, It was weird.

This afternoon, I woke up, got myself my leftovers, heated them up, and again, a few bites in, and i'm practically asleep.

Is there something in Chinese food that makes people tired?

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Tired, Sleepy And Lack Of Appetite

I have got an unprotected oral sex with a sex worker exactly 2 weeks ago on monday, i received it/but i didn't perform on her. it was around 3 mins, then after i had protected sex with her.

I had no symptoms in the past 2 weeks,and penis look ok not any herpes or syphilis (syphilis) symptoms yet.

Im really worried now i got infected with HIV.Today i have got pain all over in my body,feel tired and week,sleepy as well,dont have appetite at all.

Is this possible i have got HIV ? Symptoms are start after 2--4 weeks .

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Eye Making A Clicking Sound And Over Tearing?

I have been getting a clicking noise when I blink my eyes. I was not too worried about it since it has not affected my vision. But recently I have been getting excessive tears in the eye concerned. I think there might be some sticky discharge also, it makes my vision blurry. what should i do please?

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Surboxon Making My Period Stay Away?

I haven't had a period for 3 months could suboxon be to blame ? I've been on Surboxon for 6 months and  haven't had a period for 3 months could suboxon be to blame I took a home pregnancy test that said negative however in the past it took a blood test to determine my past pregnancy.
Also what prescription pain meds,  anti depressant, and sleep  and weight loss medications are safe to take while on Suboxon, if I'm not pregnant of course  my pain management Dr took me off all of these medications I've taken for awhile and I really need them I think she is under educated about suboxon also if I am pregnant is it safe to take Suboxon..

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Anxiety :: Paxil Making Me Depressed

I am 17 male and on the medicine paxil for anxiety not depression just anxiety the deal is this is making me depressed is it possible for it to make me have bad thoughts or can that be the anxiety?

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Anxiety :: Wellbutrin Making It Worse

I've had anxiety 24-7 for over a year now. I continue to work but it is so hard,because i am a waitress. I've been on wellbutrin and it seems to make it worse. Monday I change over to celexa. Hope this is gonna work for me. Has anyone been on celexa for anxiety and did it work.

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Oxytetracycline Is Making My Acne Worse?

I've suffered from bad acne from the age of 18 and previously I have been on a course of Tetralysal combined with the contraceptive pill Dianette which did really work wonders. However they did take about 12 months to work and after a while my skin became almost immune to the Tetralysal. I was off Tetralysal for a while and when I went back on it recently I did notice some difference but I felt that it just wasn't doing enough for me. My GP has now prescribed Oxytetracycline and after only taking it for 2 weeks I have noticed large painful boils on my chest and back (I have not previously suffered with this) and the acne on my face is now more painful and seems to be more red and aggravated.

Is it a case of 'it will get worse before it gets better' and I should wait it out for an improvement? Or is this a sign that Oxytetracycline isn't for me and should I go back to my GP even though it's only been 2 week?

Obviously the worsening of my skin doesn't really do much for my confidence and I do feel that it is getting worse day by day. I'd rather nip this is in the bud now if the medication doesn't work for me before my skin gets much worse.

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Mirtazapine :: Making Me Emotional And Angry

I have been on Mit for a long time now. I was on Prozac but it didn't work. I was on 30mg a day, before bed. Now im on 45 mg a day before bed.

I don't sleep properly still. I've been diagnosed with severe depression.

The drug makes me very very angry at the slightest thing.

I go nuts and throw things, swear at friends and family.

Things I would never normally do.

However, there has been one upside.

4 days ago, I felt happy. After 4 months of not feeling a single emotion except anger and pain, I felt happy. I cried, I was so shocked.

I had forgotten what happiness felt like. And when I felt it, I didn't know what to do. It almost hurt. So I just cried.

But the point is that I was happy. For the first time in months. Keep taking the pills. They make you feel something.

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Tinnitus :: Noise At Night Making Me Ill

I have been suffering from stress and anxiety over the last few months. I also have tinnitus which seems to be worse at the moment. At times the noise is so loud in my ears it makes me feel ill. . This is obviously worse at night time.

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Propranolol For Anxiety Making Me Depressed

i take this medication for panic attacks but it makes me feel so depressed that i don't want to be on planet earth anymore.

ive suffered depression and anxiety for almost 10 yrs on and off now, i'm only 26 and going out of my mind.

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Fluoxetine Making My Anxiety Worse

I can't tell if it's part of the process of taking the medication or it's making it worse. I just had a panic attack and my mind can't think. And it's scaring me beyond normal.

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Pregnancy :: Prenatal Vitamins Making Me Sick

I haven't been taking my prenatal gummies because they make me sick. I received a call yesterday saying that my blood test for spina bifida, down syndrome and other conditions concerning my baby was NORMAL! I'm so happy but this is my first child. Is it okay if I don't take my vitamins even though my test came back normal?

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