(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Blood Pressure And Protein In Urine?

Dec 18, 2014

So on monday at my checkup I had really high blood pressure in my last appointment I had protein in my urine they ended up sending me over to labor and delivery where I was monitored for about 3 hours they wanted me to do a 24hr pee test but I ended up forgetting to put it in the fridge and when I went to go turn it in nobody knew where I was suppose to go to turn it in so I just ended up leaving and pouring it out anyways I have a follow up appointment tomorrow and im just really worried . Im 38 weeks and what if I go in and my blood pressure is still up and protein in my urine.?? Will they induce me right then and there.?

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Pregnancy :: Preeclampsia Signs? High Blood Pressure And Urine Protein?

I'm 30w&3d pregnant. At my last appointment 2 weeks ago, I was told I had high/elevated blood pressure & at my appointment today It was the same, but a little higher than last time. I also had a trace of protein in my urine. I'm worried I'm going to have preeclampsia and was wondering if any other moms had these signs and everything ended up being okay or if they had preeclampsia...

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Blood And Protein In Urine

I was getting a few pains in my belly yesterday which got really bad. I ended up getting a nurse around and she took tests and found out I have a trace of blood and protein in my urine. I'm worried because she mentioned something about my kidneys, I'm on antibiotics worried if the infection goes to the kidneys.

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Urology :: Blood With Protein In Urine

Few, weeks go I had routine urine test. Doctor told me that I have proteinuria and hematuria. I feel well I don’t have any other symptoms. Doctors recommended me a physical examination and urine testing once or twice a year. Do I need kidney biopsy? Is this serious?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Blood And Protein In Urine

I have just seen a rheumatologist for the first time since being diagnosed a year ago!

The routine urine test found a trace of blood and protein in my urine.

Has anyone else had this? could it be the PMR or the pred or what?

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Kidney Stones - Blood And Too Much Protein In Urine

So ive been experiencing kidney stones. I had done at 19 weeks passed one now at 27 weeks I have more. They also told me besides the blood in my urine I have too much protein. Not really sure what this means, they are checking for infections but im still waiting on results. I go in for my glucose test and an ultra sound on my kidneys on Thursday. Anyone else experience any of this?

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Cardiovascular :: Heart Palpitations And Blood And Protein In Urine

having heart palpitations and heavy feeling in chest when at rest. thought it could be anxiety related since i lost both my parents suddenly and my job of 17 years in less than one year. i see a shrink and am prescribed ativan and klonopin. when discomfort happens, i have taken anywhere from 2 to 6 mg. of ativan and 1mg. of klonopin and discomfort does not subside. i have not mentioned this to my doctor right now because during routine physical 9 months ago protein and blood are showing up in my urine. i have no physical symptoms-no pain and blood is not visible. have had a kidney ultrasound and CT scan and they are clear. also was checked for diabetes and results were negative. seems like if there is a problem the doctor can see, i would feel something. have an appointment with a urologist but this also happened about 10 years ago, had a cystoscopy and things were fine. i should also add that i am a smoker for 35 years-have decided to try to quit.

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Kidney Stones? Show On X-ray? Blood And Protein In Urine

Over the past week i have been getting bad kidney pain and blood in urine. I went to see the doctor who gave me a pain jab and told me if the pain gets worse to go to the A&E, as i have a ileostomy she was not sure if that was causing the pain. Any way that night i never slept so in the morning we went to A&E was seen fast and given a x-ray and was told there may or may not be a stone also check urine and found blood and protein ? they then said i could leave as long as i was happy to go home with pain meds. So they gave me diclofenec and tamsulosin. It was not till i got home and read up on the drugs and saw they was slow releasing, now as i said i have a stoma and cant take these type of pills. What i want to know is do stones always show on x ray, what can cause the blood and protein and what other pills can i take to help.

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Liver, Kidney Or Urinary System ? Blood And Protein In Urine

I've recently got back from the doctors i've had ongoing kidney infections with blood in my urine. i first suffered with this in march and was given 3 lots of antibiotics to try and get rid of the infection as each course they gave me didn't work the doctor was quite concerned as i was told there was alot of blood in my urine and was given stronger antibiotics but since then i suffer from every couple of days of a really bad stinging sensation which really hurts when i passing urine there seems to be a big amount of pressure also when i'm passing urine like there's something heavy there i've been given antibiotics a few weeks ago for this and its recently came back so went back to the doctors and was told there was blood in my urine once again and protein i was examined to see if i had any sort of discharge or sign of an infection in my clitrous and vulva but she was told it looks fine and no inflammation there but she's referred me to the hospital for a scan on my bladder and kidneys and as referred me to a specialist to look deeper into this and had blood taken for my liver my kidneys and my blood count could anyone help me by telling me what they think is wrong or what u think they looking for.. thankyou

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Cardiovascular :: Heart Palpitations And Occasional Blood And Protein In Urine

during normal annual physical doctor found protein in urine. ran tests for diabetes-tests were negative. he re-checked 3 months later and protein was not present, but blood was. about 10 years ago another doctor found blood in my urine and i went to see a urologist and had a cystoscopy which came out normal. he told me that rarely there are people with traces of blood in urine for no reason. since then i have had regular physicals and no mention of abnormal urine test results have come up. now, out of the blue not only is blood coming and going(not visible to naked eye)but protein shows up and the numbers that show my kidney function are a little bit out of average range. doc sent me for kidney ultrasound and CT scan which came out clear. i have an appointment with a urologist, but am still curious about this problem. also, in reading stories on this website, i found an odd similarity in stories about having urinary problems and heart palpitations(which i have not mentioned to my doc). the palpitations started about 6 mos. ago. i thought they were related to anxiety since i have lost both my parents suddenly(they did not pass away together) and my job of 17 years in less than one year. i see a shrink on a regular basis for depression and he prescribes lorazepam and klonopin to me. when these palpitations escalated to having pressure in the center of my chest i tried taking anywhere from 2 mg. to 6 mg. of lorazepam and 1 mg. of klonopin to ease the pain and attributing symptoms to anxiety, but the meds did not help. i have not had any other heart related symptoms like pain in arm, jaw, or shoulder. could these two sets of symptoms be related? like i mentioned before, just reading other stories where both things were mentioned struck me as so odd!! perhaps someone could shed some light on this situation for me.

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Pregnancy :: Protein In Urine Normal?

Can any pregnant women have protein in their urine is that bad or something normal??

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Pregnancy :: 19 Weeks And Having Protein In Your Urine

I just got back from my Drs appointment. I'm 19 weeks 2 days and they told me I have protein in my urine and it's been sent off to see how the level is. Has anyone had this or going through this? If so could you give me advice on it? All I was told is that it can be a problem.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: High Protein In Urine

Pregnant with my 5th baby and have had pretty crappy morning sickness I'm currently 16 weeks and since my first apt At maybe 7 weeks I've been showing a lot of protein in my urine, the first time it was 2+ and the the pat two times it was 3+ the last one was just today at my drs. My Dr is concerned because my actual urine analysis showed no signs of infections or illness at all besides this ton of protein always in my urine. She says its way to early for pre e and isn't really sure what's wrong so she is having my kidney function checked, she's is always checking all my sugars because I keep continually whiting out to the point of almost fainting every time I stand up! I've never experienced anything like this in any of my other children or even my m/c has anyone experienced very high urine protein levels and whiteouts and actually get a diagnosis? I am still pretty sick puking wise but nothing as bad as when I couldn't even keep down water at first .. Ok well now I'm rambling lol so any info or insight would be greatly appreciated im sort of freaking out as I don't even know what to expect. Does this mean I'm way more likely to get pre e once I hit my third trimester? Ugh I hate the unknown.

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Pregnancy :: Protein In Urine - Food Or Drink?

Is there a food or drink that causes it or could it be combination?

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Pregnancy :: High Levels Of Protein In My Urine

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had to have a urinalysis done yesterday and it showed that I have high levels of protein in my urine. I don't see my doctor for two weeks. My pregnancy so far has been pretty smooth.  I have pcos and have had a cyst but that's it. Has anyone ever had high protein in your urine and if so what was the outcome?

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Pregnancy :: Preeclampsia - Blurry Vision And Protein In Urine

Well my doctors have said I am showing signs of preeclampsia and im 38w3d with a baby boy I keep having really bad headaches and spotty/blurry vision I also am very swollen have very high blood pressure and have a bunch of protein in my urine went to the emergency room last night because I couldn't manage the pain anymore and they did my blood pressure 6 times and it was really high each time then they checked my swelling told me i need to be put on bed rest and do a 24 hour urine collection ... im scared im only18 and i've changed and grew up so much for my son my sister almost died from preeclampsia I don't want my son to have anything wrong with him because they are stalling to deliver him and I don't want to have to choose my life or his life I wish they would do something and do it fast im in so much pain on a scale of 0-10im about a 20 someone please give me advice should I call the other local hospital and ask for a second opinion?

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Enlarged Kidney, Protein In Urine, Severe Back Pain, Smelly Urine

Test show that I have a enlarged kidney, I have protien in my urine, severe back pain to the right side, strong smelly urine, blood pressure very high now on 10mg blood pressure tablets, Doctors have done tests on my kidneys and say the test shows the kidneys are functioning normally so I have not to go back to hospital for six months.

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Kidney :: Urine- High RBC Than Protein

Had two tests done, one was a full body check which detected high cholesterol in the blood and rbc count of 22 in urine where 13 was the borderline and nothing else. For the follow up urine test a month later there was protein detected but rbc was down to 13. Now what's getting me worried is that the doc said there might be a kidney or other organ problem and that i'd need to see a specialist. Unfortunately I won't get to see this specialist for another month and im getting worried with what the problem might be and if waiting another month might make it worse. As far as symptoms go, I feel fine, or at least i'm not in any pain, previously or now.

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Ramipril For High Protein In Urine?

My mum was told she has high protein in her urine and the doctor suggested taking ramipril 1.25mg, but once she starts she will always have to use this medication.

This is obviously concerning her and she also worried as this medicine is normal for other conditions and not this.

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Kidney :: Stressed About Protein In Urine

I'm hoping that someone can help to alleviate my severe stress level. For my annual checkup a week ago, I had a urinalysis done. This is the first time I've had this done, as I have a new doctor. The results showed that I was a 1+ for protein. Specific gravity was 1.015 and everything else was negative. There were no red blood cells, no white blood cells, no epithelial cells, no bacteria, no crystals, and most importantly no casts. The one very strange thing was a PH of 8.5, which seems way out of wack. I took my PH here at home, and it's around 6.0. I have read that a high PH can cause a false positive for the protein. So, my doctor said that he wanted me to come in to have it checked again. In the meantime, like an idiot, I went searching around on the internet about chronic kidney disease. So, I was freaking out for almost a day, and gave my second test the next morning. However, when I urinated in the morning, the water in the toilet foamed up like a mug root beer! Then I REALLY started freaking out, reading that foamy urine means protein in the urine. I do NOT remember seeing foam in my urine before this. I do have a long history of anxiety and panic issues. I do NOT have a history of chronic hypertension. If I'm at the doctor's office, or times when I'm anxious and panicky, my blood pressure can get above 140/90. Most of the time it is below 130/90, and I can get it to 120/80 or lower when I'm completely relaxed. My prior doctor almost always told me 120/80 when I was in for checkups. Also, back in November I had blood work done, and that showed that my creatinine level was on the high side of normal (1.19), but still in normal range, and I have no idea if I exercised the night before, ate meat, etc. More importantly, my blood albumin level was right in the middle of normal at 4.4, and total protein was also in normal range, and my BUN was 15. I have read that stress can cause there to be protein in the urine, and I'm REALLY hoping that is what is causing what I'm seeing, because everything else seems to look good in the tests, especially that there were no casts found. One further thing...there was ONE time since I had the second test that I had a long stream of urine, and there was NO foam in the water...completely clear. This was after I had spent some time with a friend and was fairly calm. However, every time since then...the last 2 days...foam every time. I'm to the point where I'm not even looking...just turning my head away. I'm hoping that someone else has had a similar experience and can tell me that there is a chance the foam can be caused by my stress level, and that I just need to calm down and relax since all the other tests look good. I have some hope because of no casts being found, and because of the prior blood work and the one time I urinated with no foam.

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Urology :: Increased Protein In Urine

I just got my results and it says that I have increased protein in urine? What are the possible causes of high levels of protein in urine? I would like some explanation.

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