Abortion :: 17 - Easy Way To Abort At Home?

Jan 7, 2014

I'm 17 years old i might be about 2weeks prego, i don't want this baby simply because i can't bring it 2 this world knowing how bad she/he can suffer... i say it cuz i know. I am not ready 2 have a child at all... i jst wanna know is there any way at all how i can abort it at home ? With some easy ingredients or something ?

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Abortion :: 19 And I Want To Abort

i am 19 years old and i want to abort my 1 month bhaby..please help me what medicine should i take? i need to do this to finish my studies in college i am in my 4th year..

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Abortion :: How To Abort A Baby?

I just check my pregnancy test today its positive and i can't take care of baby now so i don't want ....my period comes on 18 -20 normally .....can anyone help me how i can get out from in this problem .. it's just one week pregnancy.

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Abortion :: I Want To Abort Without Anyone Knowing

I haven't gotten my period since September , it's December now but my stomach hasn't gotten big at all and I just shrugged it off as thyroid or anxiety symptoms . But then I started getting breast discharge . I'm really scared cause I had a baby when I was 13/14 it was really hard for me . My baby boy is the love of my life but 2 kids before 18 is going to be so hard . And once again I don't even 100% know the father . One night stand intoxicated . My families under welfare, I'm under calworks . Well my main concern is will the social workers get involved ? Will they know about the abortion? Will the doctors ask for the baby's father ? What's gonna go down at the abortion place ? What questions are they going to ask . My mom can't know . I'm all alone on this . I don't want anyone to know or for anyone to be involved . I live in California .

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Abortion :: I Want A Miscarriage And Abort

Am pregnant and i want to miscarriage

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Abortion :: Abort A Child

I had sex with my boyfriend without any protection before 2 weeks but now i am really scared about the pregnancy i lost my sleep and one more thing is i don't feel any symptoms of ma periods if at all i am pregnant how to abort the baby without knowing to anyone is there any natural thing to abort a baby....

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Abortion :: How To Abort Pegnency

i have to do unprotected sex with my girlfriend now she is pregnant ....

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Abortion :: How To Abort A Fetus

Yes im pregnant but i don't want a child. yes i know im killing a human being whatever, i know all of that about kill so don't remind me i just want to know how to get rid of this thing so does anyone have any suggestion ....

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Abortion :: How To Abort Naturally?

I had sex with my Boy friend at 23rd of september 2011(18th day from my cycle) and my last period starts at september 4th night, today the date is 21st October, so today is 46th day from last period, i want to know am i pregnant, if so how to abort naturally.

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Abortion :: How To Abort A Pregnancy

is the cortal or aspirin and cola can cause abortion?

if it is yes please send me or post a procedure on how to take or to do it!
is the vitamin-c and ascorbic acid is effective to abort pregnancy?

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Abortion :: I Want To Abort A Baby

i have been having a sex with my boyfriend...it's been almost 13 days now and want to abort it before my parents knew it.

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Abortion :: Can Cytotec Help Me Abort?

I am now two weeks pregnant,and i don't think ,i should have this baby because i'm still at campus studying.a friend of mine advised me to use cytotec pills that it could work for me.but when i talked to my doctor he said it would cause harm to me.

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Abort Without Abortion For One Month Pregnancy?

My girlfriend is month pregnant,she is facing a lot of prob, as vomits comes first thing in morning,i just want to know that is there any way out to abort pregnancy without abortion.

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Abortion :: How To Abort Naturally Or With Medicines?

had unprotected sex with my bf and didn't get my period for almost 1 and half month , idk whats happening and need suggestion or advice . 

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Abortion :: Abort A Baby By Pushing Your Tummy In?

is it possible to abort a child inside of you by pushing your tummy in?

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Abortion :: Want To Abort My Pregnancy (natural Not Surgical)

I m 34 yrs and I have missed my periods by 12 days and I felt I m pregnant, becoz I am experiencing nausea and the other symptoms . To confirm my doubt, I did the pregnancy test at home today morning and the result is positive.

I already have a 2 yr old baby .We want to take care of her and also I have joined my husband here in USA after 2. My husband and I agree to abort it. WHY?? Because we are not prepared for another baby as of the moment.

I don’t want to see a doctor, since I'm afraid to surgical abortion.

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At Home Self Abortion Without Any Help?

Abortion :: abortion by myself without any help .....

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At Home OTC Heroin Home Detox Kit ? Suggestions

My husband, Charlie and I have been hard core OF heroin addicts for the past almost 4 years. We have lost everything but 2 days ago we decided enough is enough. We honestly want to be clean but these body aches and pain are unbearable and I'm worried if we don't find a solution to help with the withdrawal symptoms we're not going to reach our goal of kicking this addiction and getting our lives and life together back in order the way we were before, this heroin is no joke buddy I fear it gets much harder one of us is gonna end up going to get some so we can stop twitching jerking throwing up having the runs (I know TMI sorry)

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How Reliable Is HIV Home Test Kits? Core HIV 1/2 Home Test Kit?

Finally got on hand a home test kit, specifically, Core HIV 1/2 Home Test Kit. A friend sneaked on for me since it is forbidden to test anonymously in the country where I am now. My last risky exposure was 7 months ago.. After hours of prayers and hesitation, I finally tested myself. I am NEGATIVE! Now my questions are:

1. Is this result reliable? I mean talking about the reliability of home test kits

2. 7 months ago was my risky exposure, have I chosen the correct way to test myself? Was it okay to use a home test kit in this period?

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Abortion :: Cytotec For Abortion, No Bleeding Just Brown Clot

I am five weeks pregnant, I did a sonogram and it was implanted in right place. I've tried to terminate it with Cytotec three doses of 4 pills of 200 mcg orally (under the tongue for 30 mins before swallow) after every 3 hours. Have experienced cramps a very little red spotting. 24 hours later, i've expelled a little bit of brown clot, and two days after another piece of clot. But no bleeding at all. Does that mean that i need to repeat the dosis, if so, should i insert it vaginally?. Or should i have another sonogram to confirm that?. This is an illegal procedure in my country, and unfortunately cannot keep the baby. 

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