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Lichen Sclerosus :: Stopping Dermovate For A Month To Give My Skin A Rest?

For the first time in many years I don't have any white patches and my GP has suggested that I come off Dermovate for a month to give my skin a rest. I'm sure there's still fusing going on though I don't have any itching either.

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Stroke :: Blood Thinners After Blockage Is Clear?

Ok my b/f has now had a duplex ultrasound of his carotid arteries, and they are completely 100% clear. He also had an ultrasound scan of his heart and it is fine.

He had a stroke in June 2012 because he had a 100% blockage in a carotid artery. He's been on Coumadin since then.

Would it not be reasonable to ask the doctor to take him off the Coumadin? Do most doctors try to get patients to stay on it even though there is no longer any blockage?

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Neck And Shoulder Pain On The Other Side After A C-5 C-6 Fusion

I have been suffering from nerve pain that ran down my left arm and shoulder and fingers from a bulging disc in the C-5- C-6 so i had been taking oxycodone 10-325 but when we decided to do surgery we cut that down to oxycodone 5/325 since that is what the surgeon would be giving me after surgery so i said okay no problem.  I had surgery  on 2/26 of this year, But after surgery come to find out he dropped me to a hydrocodone 7.5/325 and can't understand why the 7.5 hydro's weren't working to take away the pain. I had been having a lil bit of pain on the right shoulder before surgery, but nothing like what i had been having in the left so the surgeon side well "let's hope this will fix this side too" well it didn't. In fact it made the right side worse, I now feel like i have a hot knife twisting at the base of my neck whenever i turn my neck to the right or left, which in turn  runs down into my shoulder blades and into my right shoulder which makes my shoulder feel like someone it trying to tear my shoulder off at the cuff along with weakness in my right arm which i never had before ..  I have also  started to notice a tingling in my right pinky finger and ring finger.  I have told him over and over about this but all he does is get the X-rays and says the fusion is looking fine. and my primary can't do anything since he told her he would treat my pain for 6 weeks and he is refusing to do anything about the pain what so ever. i am to my wits end and any advice would be welcomed.

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Kidney - Low GFR For A Year, Now Went Down To 51

I have had a low GFR for a year now but recently it has went down to 51 and I'm passing urine a LOT more often and feel I've a pinching pain under my right rib.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Recurring Yeast Infections, Is Yeast A Normal Thing?

I am 27 years old. Have had 1 sexual partner for the last year and a half. I've had yeast infections before, probably 1 a year prior to him coming along. in the last 6 months I've had a few yeast infections, and the worst vaginal irritation, including severe swelling, dryness, itchiness, etc. Sometimes I sit in the tub for an hour, and its even gotten to the point where I ice my vagina to decrease the swelling. My doctors have told me irritation is just part of having a vagina. How does that help me?

I'm a very healthy person. Have no std's. Eat basically Paleo and gluten free, and exercise on a daily basis. I stay away from sugars because I fear they will cause the yeast to come. I'm getting worried that the yeast is a sign of something much worse. Then, I read web articles, which talk about immune deficiencies, diabetes, LBS, etc. and get scared, which just stresses me out.

Is yeast a normal thing, or am I justified in being worried?

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Interval Decrease In Size Of Paracentral Disc Osteophyte Complex

"Interval decrease in the size of the central/left paracentral disc osteophyte complex."

Does this mean the disc is decreasing in a good way or that there is disc desiccation happening that is decreasing the size?

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Backache :: Paralysis After Low Back Steroid Injections?

Am wondering if anyone that has had shots in the lower back become numb or paralyzed from the waist down?

Two weeks after getting these shots I became paralyzed from waist down with daily headache and other problems.My pain dr. Put together a team of doctors who were able with strong medications to get my feeling back in my legs.They ran all kinds of tests that showed masse on liver,kidney,lung and large mass on thyroid.Blood sugar was 140 and then 61.Noone told me anything,they just told me I could go home with meds and appointments for tomorrow and the 31st.

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Prinzmetal's Angina - A Benign Condition?

Does anyone have information about this type of angina? Mine is quickly getting more aggressive in nature and my most recent episode two days ago caused me to nearly pass out with the pain. I do know that it is caused by a spasm and it is generally considered a benign condition, but it is not feeling that way anymore. Please share any real knowledge you may have on this topic with me. I really hate to call the emergency services if there is something else I can do to alleviate my pain beyond using my nitroglycerine spray and chewing the aspirin.

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Levitra Vs Cialis Vs Viagra

Users comments and reviews on article Levitra vs Cialis vs Viagra...

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Chronic Pain :: Stiffness And Cramps In Legs

For the past years, I've been taking 5 tabs of Methocarbamol 750 mg. along with 600 mg.(6 caps) of Gabapentin during supper and right before going to the bed, because I have not only leg cramp and spasm but also nerve pain on my legs. Those two meds. have been alleviating my pains that mostly occur during sleep, ... specifically during early morning hours before getting up from the bed.

Prior to those two meds. I had an excruciating and unspeakable pains that waking me up in the middle of the nights lasted about 10 minutes or so. Furthermore, the pains made all over my body sweat like taking hot bath, because of excruciating and unspeakable pain. Those nights, I self-exercised stomping, and often back and forth legs on hard floor in trying to subside the pains.

However, despite maximum doses of two pain meds., I still have been experiencing 'stiffness' along with 'pain' on my legs, some mornings before getting up from the bed.

Is there any good meds. for me more to manage and first of all control muscle spasms and cramps on my both legs?

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