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Alternative / Natural Way To Lower High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol?

Does any know natural to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol? I'm trying to stay away from all the doctor prescribed medicines.

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Kidney Stones :: 3 Large Size - Too Weak For Operation

my girl friend have 3 stones of large size in her kidney...the doctor recommends operation bt she is too weak to have is saying anething can happen...she may die...what should we do?

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Diabetes - Type 2 :: HSBAG Reactive

I am facing HBSAG Reactive infected When Blood donated its was detected as HBSAg Reactive, , and even i didn’t face any symptoms till now.

Last month I have taken check-up with Physician doctor suggest  test of Heliogram Complete Test, and its result all are normal and fine ...

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Alcohol And Drug Misuse :: Drug Urine Test

I'm a bit worried. I had a urine test at work but forgot to mention that I had some antibiotics about 3/4weeks (maybe more) prior to the test, the antibiotic was penicillin VK.

I've read most antibiotics stay in your system for up to around 4-8 hours, especially penicillin VK. Some other sources reckoned between 7-10 days max. Although most said up to about 8hours max.

So I'm wondering if this would show up in the test at all?

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Shoulder :: Collarbone Replacement?

I'm 34 years young but my body is aging faster than I am. In 2007 I separated my shoulder joint while at work. It wasn't diagnosed until 2013 when I finally got a dr who listened to me. I did PT and also had surgery that year. Surgery also cleaned up my partially torn rotator cuff and got my bone spur that was fraying a ligament out. Last year (a year after surgery) I started having issues again. My dr wanted to throw me into PT as well as ortho but I refused because I'm so over PT after spending 6-9 months before & after that surgery. I just found out that nearly half of my collar bone was removed to repair that joint separation and because my shoulder/joint is lacking support the muscles over my scapula are basically permanently strained. PT would've been a waste of time. I can do range of motion exercises & meds. I need to check into NSAIDs because I have stage III kidney disease so I'm supposed to limit my NSAID use. Right now I have to go in 1-2 times per month for Toradol to treat migraines. We think the kidney disease is because prior to being diagnosed with my separated shoulder in 2013 and until surgery I was taking 800mg of Advil 3x/day (max dose). At one point I won't be able to lift my elbow to my shoulder. Once that happens I can get steroid injections. As it is, I can't lift my arm above my head for more than 1-2 minutes without extreme pain. I suspect the steroid injections could be in my near future. So...can that collarbone be replaced? Do I have any surgical options or any options? Or are these really it?

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Breastfeeding :: How Does It Work Exactly

Im a first-time mommy to be and im confused on what usually happens when breastfeeding do most women breast feed for the entire first year and then swtich over to regular instead of formula ? Any advice you ladies can give me is appreciated

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NSAIDs :: Naproxen With Losartan

I take Naproxen for Rheumatoid arthritis but as I have high blood pressure I also need to take Losartan 50 mgms daily. My GP now wants me to have 6 monthly blood and urine tests. I think this is because these drugs combined can cause kidney problems. Has anyone come across this before?

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Gabapentin :: Been Off - Chest Still Aches Right Around My Breastbone

Been off Gabby for two months. Most all withdrawal is gone except my chest still aches right around my breastbone.

Anyone else have this?

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Antivirals :: Side Effects Of Quinine?

I know that quinine is used for treating malaria and that this is the first choice medication for this disease. However, a friend of mine uses it for fever. I would like to know which side effects of these tablets. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me something more about this.

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Antianxiety Drugs :: How Can I Get Off Paxil And Stop The Weight Gain?

Also what is a half life of a medication like paxil? i don't even know what half life means can someone please explain it?

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