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Hearing Loss :: Partial Hearing Loss With Clogged-up Ear

About a week ago, I was at home at the computer (I believe I was listening to music at the time), and I noticed that the hearing in my left ear had been significantly diminished (but not completely gone). About a minute (perhaps even less than a minute) later, it returned completely to normal, and so I assumed that it was just ear wax or something, and everything was fine now. However, a few seconds to a minute later, it went back to being diminished again. I can't remember for certain if I felt anything physically when all of this happened, but there may have been something that I felt in my ear - which led me to believe it was probably just ear wax.

I have researched on-line for possible solutions to this kind of problem, and I have tried every possibility that I could - peroxide, warm olive oil, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth shut, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth and other (good) ear shut, nasal decongestant (which successfully clears up my nose, but doesn't have any effect on the ear), hot steam bath, Similasan Ear Relief drops that are supposed to clear up water in the ears, jumping up and down with my bad ear tilted toward the ground, jogging, and of course trying to dig out ear wax with the ear wax curette that I have. Unfortunately, nothing has worked, and my hearing has been about the same ever since a week ago when it went out (diminished) for the second time.

I have been able to remove a lot of ear wax with the curette, and sometimes it seems to make it a little better, but it never restores my hearing to normal. Sometimes I feel like I am right at the spot where it is clogged up (if indeed clogged ear wax is the problem), because the curette seems to be hitting a spot that's clogged with ear wax (judging from what it feels and sounds like), but then when I dig out a bunch of ear wax at that spot, my hearing is still the same or perhaps only slightly better. Perhaps I am actually pushing the ear wax further inside, which was mentioned as a possible negative effect of trying to remove the ear wax yourself. Also, I am wary of not poking too hard or too deep, as that was also a warning given at the sites I visited in my research.

Swallowing never seems to do anything, but it's interesting that when I have a strong belch, I can feel pressure inside that left (bad) ear, and it really feels like it's about to burst out and expel whatever is stuck (if it's the case that something is stuck), but it never does. Maybe whatever is stuck in there [ear wax, presumably] is just in so tight that nothing seems to be able to remove it. However, the odd circumstance that occurred when the problem first originated - which is the fact that it got better right after getting clogged up, and then got clogged up again - would seem to suggest that there may be another reason for this happening, other than plugged-up ear wax.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Stopping Dermovate For A Month To Give My Skin A Rest?

For the first time in many years I don't have any white patches and my GP has suggested that I come off Dermovate for a month to give my skin a rest. I'm sure there's still fusing going on though I don't have any itching either.

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Polycythaemia Rubra Vera :: Has Anyone Had Their Spleen Removed?

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 20. I was in total shock.At that point I was blacking out 3-5 times a day, constantly dizzy and struggling with the pain in my spleen.Along with the pv my haemotologist told me I am iron deficiant and cannot take iron tablets as it will make my haemoglobin shoot through the roof and risk me having a stroke or heart now I'm constantly tired and weak. I am just on 2 aspirin a day as doctor was worried about putting me on other medication  as I'm quite young and is scared about the side effects on me (as if I'm not terrified enough).now my spleen has tripled in size and is a constant struggle to do daily things with my toddler,  I'm starting to feel like I should just get it removed.has anyone had this done? And how did it effect you after the operation and then in daily life?

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Can Cholesterol Be Too Low - 129?

Just got my results after 6 months on atorvastatin:

Total cholesterol; 129 (down from 185)
LDL: 66 (Down from 117)
HDL: 40 (down from 44)
Triglycerides - 96

My cardiologist is very happy with these numbers, but I'm wondering if they could get too low. My total has never been below 150 until now.

I'm a 42-year old male in good health but with a family history of heart disease and borderline high BP.

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Addiction :: Diphenhydramine Since 4 Years?

Im psychologically addicted to diphenhydramine since 4 years now...Anyone has been or currently addicted to this stuff? It seems to be an extremely rare addiction..

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Spasm And Cramp With Pulling In My Right Lower Back?

I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow, yay! I had 2 miscarriages last year and this would be my first baby so every little thing is making me panic slightly! I had an internal scan at 7 weeks and we saw a little jellybean with a heart beating it was amazing! Sonographer was very happy with how everything looked so that took a weight off my shoulders.

However for the past 2 days I have been getting these slight cramps/muscle spams in my right Lower back.. I'm not sure if it's where I sit at a computer all day or where I've been driving or maybe even slept funny but it's starting to worry me. It feels as though my muscle just along my waistline on my back is being pulled and stretched. It doesn't happen all the time just every now and then.

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Sulfasalazine :: Methotrexate Not Working - Psoriatic Arthritis

i was diagnosed 2 years ago and since then i have been on methotrexate but since that hasn't worked i have recently been put on sulfasalazine which i take four a day and am still on 6 methotrexate a week. i am hoping this is going to work but since i have been on this i have been having bad side effects such as really bad head aches, dizziness and feeling sick all the time and lack of appetite so hopefully that will die down over the next few months. the only thing that i have found when feeling sick is by having zantac as it helps settle the stomach.

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Trying To Conceive :: Periods Are All Messed Up

I've been trying to get pregnant, but my periods are all messed up and have been for a little while! Has any key got any idea of what I can do?

I have periods every now and then.

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Carpal Tunnel :: Thenar Eminence - Muscle Weakness After CTS Surgery

I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left wrist at the same time as ulnar nerve transposition surgery. Both healing nicely. My symptoms were not severe but I did have muscle wastage of the thenar eminence on the left side and slight weakness of the grip muscles. My concern now is that the thumb muscle is completely useless; can't grip, bend, carry. Nothing.

Is this normal after 2 weeks? Please advise as having right wrist done in 4 weeks and obviously don't want the same effect on right hand!

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Urethral Disorders :: Mild Hypospadias

I have a mild Hypospadias in my penis. It's just about close to the normal area where it is actually suppose to be. So was just wondering if thats normal for a guy at the age of 29. When I pee it sprays and I'm very embarrassed about it. My partner keeps telling me to go in and get it looked at, but I feel scared because I do not know what the doctor is thinking when he or she takes a look at it. When I did go in to the doctor to get it looked at the doctor said that there is nothing that they can do to fix it, so he gave me Flomax to take which will help me urine straighten out when I have to go.

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