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Macrolides Antibiotics :: Clarithromycin Stopped Working

I was prescribed these tablets last year to treat my acne and they worked for a while I was clear but in the last month or two I have started getting my acne back again and don't know what to do as am taking two tablets a day already. Do I go back to the doctors and ask for another referral or can someone help as its getting me down as it's on my face.

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Panic Attack While Driving? Slamming Heart And Shaking Legs daughter wanted to go shopping. I felt a little blah, tightness in chest before we left. A light was changing from yellow to red, and i made a very fast right hand turn so i wouldn't be stuck at a dreaded red light. After the turn I felt a burning in my stomach that quickly spread throughout my whole body. I glanced in the mirror and was bright red..had to pull over. Heart started slamming and so fast...legs shaking. Opened the door, and got out to get air..telling myself im ok, im ok as my daughter sat there ( really sad) 20 mins later and heart slowed enough to drive and here i am. Daughter very angry and confused. Cold feeling in my arms, headache and a slight burning in chest and exhausted. Feeling guilty. Although i feel i managed ok...and made it through...ehh...feel bad. Does this even sound like a panic attack?

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Unintentional Weight Gain And Unable To Exercise Currently

I have been experiencing problems with my weight for many years, I eat plenty and try and eat foods that are high in protein and carbs, I don't really do any exercise and at the moment I am recovering from an operation so my movement is very little yet I am still unable to put on weight. Does anyone have any tips on anything I can do differently? 

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Diet / Nutrition :: Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day?

I was wondering what type of ways you guys use to boost your energy throughout the day, whether its coffee, energy drinks, exercise, vitamins, etc. And how effective are these for you? What are negative side effects that you do not like from your energy booster?

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Panic Attack? Hearing Things In My Head

i've been having weird problems i have been getting extremely depressed lately and i've been hearing things in my head which makes me lose my mind because its painful to think about it and i just end up having a panic attack and i don't know what to do. i don't even know what's wrong with me but i feel like im suffering can anybody help me. if there's anything wrong what should i do. if theirs a treatment please help me because it's killing me more and more inside i am also a 17 year old male and i have a history of high blood pressure.

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Chiari Malformation :: Hearing Screeching And Loud Knocking Noises?

I'm 23 years old, I was diagnosed and had Decompression Surgery at 16. I have had nearly every symptom of Chiari that I have read about and this isn't new. Ever since I can remember I have seen and heard things that aren't really there. Although I always knew it wasn't real, most the time, it startles me. I have been treated with anti-psychotics and anti-depressants my whole life to no avail. Untill now I accepted the fact that it was just psychosis, but in the last year I have weaned myself off of all medication for depression, anxiety, and psychosis and behold! My depression and anxiety have diminished to nearly being non-existent. I AM HAPPY! But when I get a headache, the back of my neck/head swells and when it gets bad, I start hearing voices, screeching and loud knocking noises. It also feels as if there are people touching me, pulling at me, my skin crawls like there are ants inside of me. Also I see flashing lights, floaters, my vision gets blurry and distorted as if I am looking into those trick mirrors at carnivals.

I am scared of being labeled depressed and psychotic by doctors so I don't say anything. I have been dismissed by the only neurologist I have seen since my surgery, she even said I was 'cured' by the surgery. ARE these symptoms of Chiari or AM I crazy?

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Ganglion :: Suspected Ruptured Ganglion Cyst

I have had pain in the outside of my right foot since August 2013 when I went over on that foot playing squash. Growing pain levels followed by an injection failed to sort the problem out. Two consultants later x-rays and scans showed the 5th metatarsal head bone was being eaten away at a dramatic rate. An operation and six weeks of 4000 mg antibiotics later there was still no idea what was causing the problem. Some more of the metatarsal head was removed during the operation and sent for analysis. not cancerous, not an infection, a final diagnosis is a ruptured ganglion cyst, but everything I have read about these says a) they occur in the hands, arms or sometimes calves and b) the treatment is a good hard whack with a heavy book. This releases the fluid which sounds to be harmless, but in my case it sounds as though the fluid is being blamed for eating the bone away - can this be possible?  

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Dental Abscess :: Dental Abscess - Antibiotics Or Root Canal?

Diagnosed by dentist yesterday as abscess. Put on antibiotics. Given choice...root canal treatment @ £850 (Cannot afford) or extraction. Is this really necessary...will the antibiotics not clear up problem.

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Globus Sensation :: Lump In Throat

for a few weeks now I've felt like I've had a lump in my throat? thought was tonsils but feels.too far bask...put fingers back there to see if I could feel anything and seem to have felt my epiglottis? I can always feel it now at the moment. The only time I feel like it's gone is when I'm Eating or drinking!

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Unwanted 72 - No Periods - Gynaset 5?

My girl friend's last mens was on 2nd sept. We had unprotected sex on 3rd october. After sex she consume unwanted 72. Today is 14th october. She didn't get her periods. Can she consume gynaset 5 to start her period?

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