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How Do You Cope Frozen Shoulder? Nerve Pain After Neck Injury

how do you cope?  One year ago I fell downstairs (vertigo) fractured my neck and had severe pain in upper left arm, felt like a very bad bruise and a swollen but not broken wrist.  Neck healed, pain in my upper arm remained and could move it but not do up bra etc without severe pain.  Had an injection in my shoulder - made it worse. 11 months on I fell down a shorter flight of stairs (return of vertigo!) on to same bad shoulder/arm.  Now frozen and pain from neck to finger tips all the time and even worse at night.  Can't take oral pain relief tablets has anyone tried pain relief patches?  The pain is so bad I can't do anything and I am getting seriously depressed and being driven to despair, its like being in constant childbirth labour!  constantly having to massage my arm including from elbow to wrist and palm of hand into fingers.  Given conflicting advice by every medical person seen so far.    Seems it is likely multiple problems but still no MRI, xray shows no broken bones in shoulder.  Read most of the discussions, not many triggered by injury unless I have missed those.  Any support groups locally in Cornwall where we could at least cry openly!

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Ataxia :: Getting Cramp Feeling In Left Leg?

I don't know which form of ataxia i have, but i get a cramp feeling in my left leg.

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Quitting Smoking After 17 Years - Tried Everything

I've been a smoker for 17 years now. I've tried everything and still can't quit. Any methods anyone can recommend that helped you?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Spasm And Cramp With Pulling In My Right Lower Back?

I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow, yay! I had 2 miscarriages last year and this would be my first baby so every little thing is making me panic slightly! I had an internal scan at 7 weeks and we saw a little jellybean with a heart beating it was amazing! Sonographer was very happy with how everything looked so that took a weight off my shoulders.

However for the past 2 days I have been getting these slight cramps/muscle spams in my right Lower back.. I'm not sure if it's where I sit at a computer all day or where I've been driving or maybe even slept funny but it's starting to worry me. It feels as though my muscle just along my waistline on my back is being pulled and stretched. It doesn't happen all the time just every now and then.

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Venlafaxine :: Side Effects - Bad Nausea Sometimes With Vomiting

I've recently been put on venlafaxine 75 mg to help with my anxiety panic disorder with agoraphobia. i already take 400mg quetiapine daily for bipolar disorder. since starting the venlafaxine i've had really bad nausea sometimes with vomiting, vivid dreams, and hot n cold flushes ...

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Unwanted 72 - No Periods - Gynaset 5?

My girl friend's last mens was on 2nd sept. We had unprotected sex on 3rd october. After sex she consume unwanted 72. Today is 14th october. She didn't get her periods. Can she consume gynaset 5 to start her period?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Stopping Dermovate For A Month To Give My Skin A Rest?

For the first time in many years I don't have any white patches and my GP has suggested that I come off Dermovate for a month to give my skin a rest. I'm sure there's still fusing going on though I don't have any itching either.

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Stress / Anxiety :: Stressed Out Because Of Work Place Problems

I've been stressed out because of the problems at my working place and the everyday problems. I think it might be anxiety.I had this problem for maybe about a year.

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Herpes :: Use Of Toilet And HSV 1 Genital Spread

ok so heres my story/questions my dr decided not to tell me that ive had hsv1 genital for about 9 years maybe longer i dont know why she didnt tell me but thats what it is.. now ive been very very paranoid about everything like what if my daughter uses the toilet after me or touches something after ive used the bathroom and didnt wash my hands right away? can she catch it from that or say could she catch it from a sink or the taps?

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Can't Stay Hard When I Put A Condom On

As the subject says, I seem to have lost the ability to stay hard when I put on a condom. I can perform perfectly when I'm not wearing one but my wife and I really don't want anymore children!! As soon as I put one on, I loose a good 85% of sensation and lose my "mojo".

I have never liked condoms per se but they were always a necessity - I like to stay healthy!! As a younger man the fact they reduce sensation was a good thing to me, I could last longer etc.

This is frustrating the hell out of me (and my wife even more) as how can I be fine without but loose my steam as soon as I put one on?

I am healthy in general for an overweight dude. The only medicine I take is 100mg of sertraline per day.

I am still attracted to my wife so its not that things have gone off the boil.

I've tried various thicknesses and sizes (I'm above average in girth but nothing massive) but nothing works.

My wife suffers from hemiplegia so can't take the pill and I am ashamed to admit that I got scared at the prospect of a vasectomy and bottled out.

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