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How To Get Rid Of Depression / Stress

The best and most foolproof way to remove stress is through laughter. Find something you enjoy, spend some time with a loved one, or walk around the block with a neighbor. People, love, and laughter always do the trick!

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Chronic Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?

I have been reading the boards about ETD and all the other potential causes of my ear problems for the last 6 months and am still without a clue what is causing my particular issue.

The story is long and like so many others on these boards also very frustrating. In March I was diagnosed with and inner ear virus as I was dizzy, foggy headed and had a slight sensation of fullness in my left ear (all occurred less than 24 hours after a 3 hour flight). This lasted for 3 weeks at the end of the three weeks all symptoms subsided except for the constant need to "pop" my ears. This lasted 4 days and was gone.

For 3 weeks I was symptom free, I had to take another flight which went off without any problems. For days after the flight I had spells of dizziness and on day 7 after the flight hear came the ear fullness and need to "pop" my ears.

Went back to the ENT and was told I have ETD and will resolve....6 months, 4 ENT's and an Allergist later my ears still feel pressurized. I have mad improvement over the months and instead of having to "pop" my ear 1 million times a day I am down to maybe a half a dozen.

My major concerns are:

While driving my ears bother me the most I feel increased pressure instantly no matter if the windows are open or closed.

Also I have post nasal drip MD diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis, never had that prior to the dizziness and ear issues.

ENT and others say it will go away it just takes time, I have not read of anyone's ETD going away on this board and feel like I can not live with this forever!

What are your opinions: will it resolve over time are we stuck with this forever?

I have been on oral and nasal steroid no significant improvement, I am doing acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor. I am negative for any allergies and my MRI came back negative.

The next step is tubes which they say can help in 50% of case and may make it worse in the other 50%, as much as I want this to go away I can not even take the chance of making it worse.

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Hepatitis :: My Lips Are Burn, And Dark And Super Dry With Chapped

2 days ago, i started to put a toothpaste overnight. i did this because apparently it will make my lips pinker, but it turned out that my lips are getting darker like burn, and hurts and chapped and super super dry, help please..

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Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Lymph Node-does It Move?

I found a lump behind my ear and it moved to the base of my skull. I was told it was a swollen lymph node. Do lymph nodes move? What would be the cause? I haven't been sick, so I am curious.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Has My Fundoplication Failed?

Hi everyone. I have been suffering from terrible reflux for about 2 and a half years. It's done about everything I can think of from given me insomnia to rejecting medicine, which has sent me to the ER countless times. I finally got a fundoplication, which has only seemed to work for about a month. My reflux is back with a vengeance, causing me to be up all night with a fire in my stomach and a complete loss of apetite, with an almost constant feeling of nausea. The only reason I can think why it's failed is either it's relaxed or my constant gagging from an irritated throat (which is terrible) disrupted it. Anyone have any thoughts on this?? I've suffered enough from this, and I need to get my life back on track.

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Ovarian Cancer :: Survival Rates For Ovarian Cancer?

What are the survival rates for ovarian cancer?This discussion is related to Ovarian Cancer.

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Men :: Very Frequent Wet Dreams

im facing too much of wet dreams .... after every one day ... at night i go through this ... sperm comes out in quite good amount ... but this has become very frequent .... and i feel some pain in my penis when sperm comes out ...

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Menses :: Acne Breakout And Irregular Periods (Less Bleeding)

26 yr old female having problems with my menses from past 5 yrs. I get my periods on time about every month on the same date or around the last menstrual date . But the bleeding has declined a lot. My periods only stay for 2 days and stop after the 2nd day. I have minor spotting for 4-5 days after my periods and it's brown in color. About 3 years ago i got an ultrasound done of my ovaries because i was concerned about the changes in my periods and on the report it was mentioned that i have small follicles in my left ovary and the size of my ovary has increased. Ever since that I didn't get any check up done or didn't consultant with the ob-gyn I had to trouble back to US because I was in India for my education purposes. Then I got busy with work didn't pay much attention. From last year I have had a lot of acne on my face,neck,chest,and back..severe dandruff that won't go away with medicated loss and hair gotten thinner, gaining weight..gained about 7 kgs in a few months . Although I have been working out once or twice a week or sometimes 3-4 times a week and good control on my diet yet no signs of weight loss. I started having facial hair especially on the sides on my face, mustache , and bit hair around nipples. I currently don't have any insurance and I am unemployed. But I am trying to work on the insurance..hopefully i get it soon. Please review my symptoms...somewhere I think It's PCOS. I have been feeling really stressed from few years and having a lot of mood swings too..feeling irritated and depressed most of the times.

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Large Ovarian Cyst And DVT

I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst at the end of March this year (17cm), eventually being given an operation date of 26th July. Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled due to staff shortages - much to my frustration and worry. I let my doctors know of my anxiety as I felt the cyst had grown much bigger and I'd also got new strange symptoms where my legs were very swollen and painful when I walked up hills.

Anyway, a couple of weeks before my rescheduled op one of my legs really swelled up, and started to go a purple colour. Luckily I made the swift decision to go to A&E as I was concerned it could be a blood clot (you're at increased risk on the pill/pregnant and I currently looked 5 months pregnant). 

I was admitted with a massive DVT - up to the top of my hip - and at risk of a pulmonary embolism. The cyst had grown so big (20 by 30cm) it was cutting off the blood flow to both my legs.

After 10 days in hospital, 4 in intensive care, I've had the cyst drained of 3 litres of fluid, a catheter inserted into the blood clot to diffuse it and now need to be on blood thinners for the next 6 months. This all could have been avoided if the operation was a bit sooner - or if I was monitored more closely. And I still need to have the actual cyst removed.

Once in hospital the nurses and doctors were wonderful - but the whole experience has been at a huge cost to both myself and the NHS. I just wanted to let people know that if you feel something is wrong, or a cyst is growing at a fast rate - demand to be seen - it would be far better for everyone if these things are prevented!

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Crohn's Disease :: Fistula With Cutting Seton

I had a high transsphincteric fistula (multiple abscesses). CRS placed a cutting seton with fistulotomy in July. CRS told me that the seton would be in prob 4-6 weeks. It is now 8 weeks later, new CRS (first one moved), told me that he doesn't use these much as they are not tolerated well and that he thinks he will have to go back in and tighten it as it is not advancing. He says this is/can be a long process. Now I am to go back in several weeks to finalize new plan. Problem is, after surgery, I had Augmentin. The fistula track was not draining like it was supposed to and I got another abscess... after the fistulotomy and seton placement. CRS gave me Augmentin which I'm not sure really helped. So, I got a total body rash from the augmentin. I lasted 5 weeks before I was so miserable that I finally took oral steroids from Dermatologist with CRS approval. After I did two weeks of steroids, which helped tremendously, the rash came right back. Derm subsequently gave me a new prescription for prednisone (for one month taper!) and told me that it is a rebound rash after I stopped steroids. CRS says he won't do next surgery until I am off of prednisone for several weeks. Do I take the prednisone? or try to power thru the rash and not tear off my skin? How long will this next seton take to cut thru? wonder if it will get "stuck" midway too? More tightening procedures? Oh.. what to do?

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