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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction For 2 Years!

I am a teenager,aged 15. I have been suffering from problems with my eustachian tube for 2 years now. I felt thumping,buzzing,vibrations come from within my ear-but at the same time I felt the symptoms to DEEPER into my ear. It has created some headaches and I have to pause between conversations to attempt to unblock my ear.

However,nowadays I cannot unblock my ear properly. The 'stuffed-up' feeling I get has gone even DEEPER. I got an okay in many audiometry tests (PTA tests) and I got a weird thing that sucked out all the mucus in my throat a good 2 TIMES.

The doctor says it will go within time. I've had for 2 YEARS already, It would be terrible to go on like this without being able to swallows properly! Yes,one of my symptoms is the inability to swallow properly without the pressure building up where my tube is at-it makes me go light-headed and faint sometimes.I've tried taking nasal sprays,but they were hell as the steroids made my adenoids act up and swell (but my adenoids are okay now).One point to add,I have only got a deficiency in Vitamin D and I have no thyroid deficiency.

A few questions:

1: Does any UK hospital or the NHS have a cure/treatment to this?

2: Is it normal for teenagers to have ETD for a long period of time such as 2 years?

3: Do home remedies work,like the Candle Ear treatment? I've tried steam treatment but it doesn't work.

Please give some suggestions, It's truly uncomfortable getting out into the cold or out into the hot with such a feeling of 'stuffiness'.

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Heart Rhythm :: Ischemic Narrative Shows Significant ST Changes

This problem is a heart electrical issue more than a rhythm one, but I'm guessing some of you might know more about this issue, too, and these changes weren't mentioned in the initial report.

I had a 24-hour holter, and the report said normal, but when I requested the actual data, I found the ischemic narrative shows significant ST changes, both elevations and depressions, and for longer durations than 1 minute. The ST elevations occurred while I was exercising.

From my understanding, ST depressions or elevations of 1 to 2 mm that last for at least 1 minute can be clinically significant and warrants further patient assessment. Is this not the case? Should I be concerned that no follow up is being done, and that this information wasn't even included in the report?

For background, this cardiologist was a new patient appointment. He did not listen, spent less than 5 minutes with me, the blood pressures and heart rates taken during my appointment are not in my chart, and the two that are in there don't list the correct heart rates, as the heart rates are the same both lying down and sitting -- I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Dysautonomia), hence the high avg HR, and it's impossible my heart rates were the same, my blood pressures rise with sitting and standing (I have orthostatic hypertension, hyperadrenergic POTS), but who knows what the heart rates were. Over half of the notes from my appointment were completely incorrect, my family medical history is missing, and he actually invented past medical history that I've never had and now refuses to change the notes, despite the fact that he essentially diagnosed me with a past disorder that I've never had.

Clearly, I need a new cardiologist, but in finding a new one, in my experience, if this information about the ST segment changes is not in the actual report, no one will see it, & therefore it doesn't exist. Too many things have been missed due to errors like this for me throughout my entire life.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which I had to find myself, after finding POTS, as all my doctors missed both. I'm still waiting to be seen by a geneticist, but I've been diagnosed with "generalized hypermobility of joints" by a Rheumatologist and "whole body pain" and "chronic migraine" by my neurologist. My symptoms overlap with multiple types of EDS, including hypermobile, classic, and vascular. I have both velvety and translucent skin with visible veins. 9/9 Beighton, though my elbows and knees subtly hyperextend, I didn't even know they did.

Age 29, F, 5'3", 120 lb, white, have had chest pain since age 7, Scoliosis, Acrocyanosis, Raynaud's, Livedo Reticularis, Hypersomnia, & many more. Likely have some form of neuropathy, my feet that sometimes fall asleep after I stand and the tingling I feel pretty much constantly all over thinks so, despite the fact that no doctor has yet to pay attention to these symptoms. Grew up in southern US, do take Adderall & Vyvanse for ADD (which likely came from POTS itself), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Just hoping to get a better understanding of these results, especially since they weren't mentioned at all in the report I received.

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Propranolol 40mg + Quetiapine 25mg - Mood Swings

Hi I'm currently on 40mg log propranolol for anxiety but still getting mood swings / sad phases so my doctor has added 25 mg quetiapine, the propranolol can make me tired so worried the quetiapine will worsen this?

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Sigmoidoscopy :: Does It Really Hurt

I have been called up for a flexible sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks and not getting sedated but my mate said i should be as she went through it and it was so painful so i'm not worried sick i have had a barium enema and i found that to be uncomfortable but not painfull so could this test be worse than that coz if so i will be demanding to be put to sleep i suffer with enough pain down there.

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Information On Hedge Apple For Cancer Treatment?

I’m trying to find any information about Hedge apple use for treating cancer patients. So far it's really hard to decide whether to try this or not mainly because most information I found were more focused on discussing if you can eat the plant or not, then on the issue of it being used for treating cancer. Basically it seems like it wouldn't do any harm to try this, but I don't know how long or even how should Hedge apple be used for cancer treatment. Some people say they just eat it, but also, I didn't see any rel info on how effective this plant be in either preventing remissions (which I hope), or cancer.
Please, if anyone has any info on Hedge apple use for cancer treatment, especially breast cancer treatment, share.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: RSD, CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Yes, I successfully cured/healed RSD! It is possible!

I effectively "cured" RSD with holistic treatments. I encourage anyone who suffers with RSD consider the holistic regime I created for myself. You can do it too.

Brief explanation of my RSD journey:

Once, I, too, suffered severe Type II Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy to my right foot and entire right leg up to my hip which presented itself after auto accident injuries stemming from both fractures and a ruptured plantar fascia in my right foot.

I was fortunate I had an early diagnosis (from my Chinese Doctor, who called it "nerve damage" and was first to diagnose RSD. Only because I was "pro-active" and pursued another opinion regarding my symptoms outside the closed box of conventional/allopathic medicine, which was the only treatment medical insurance will pay for.

After my initial nerve damage diagnosis, I brought this vital diagnosis to my allopathic doctors (who actually missed diagnosing it despite my detailed description of the pain and symptoms) who then concurred with my Chinese doctor's diagnosis and for the first time in my life I heard the words Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.

I refused allopathic treatment of RSD (4-6 "nerve block" treatments were recommended to begin by several MDs, including anesthesiologists, sports medicine doctors and Podiatrists). Why? Intuitively speaking, I considered the nerve block procedures to be far too invasive and risky, and which required general anesthesia (additional risks), the use of a fluoroscope (unhealthy exposure of radiation), injections of cortisone and a long acting local anesthetic marcaine, and worse, the end results were NOT at all promising.

Instead, I committed myself to a more holistic approach toward healing because I trusted the wisdom of the body's ability to heal.

Immediately upon my nerve damage diagnosis, about 6 weeks after the auto accident, I began my daily regime of holistic treatments, which included acupuncture, naprapathy, osteopathy, physical therapy, physical exercise physiotherapy which I did for the next 6 months. (As a precaution, in case I did not gain immediate results from my holistic regime, I did arrange advanced appointments with an anesthesiologist to perform nerve blocks. However, I later canceled these appointments because I began to gain positive results relatively soon after I began my holistic regime to heal RSD.

After the first six months of intense daily regime of holistic treatments, my acute and horrible symptoms slowly began to disappear. Gradually, the dark reddish-brown discoloration of my foot and leg began to fade, the inflammation/swelling slowly began to reduce, and the distorted and abnormal shape of my right leg and foot improved (which my husband likened to a "slab of red meat" that "looked like something hanging in a butcher shop"). The over the top excruciating nerve pain (which was off the charts, not in the 1 to 10 range, when asked I rated it "100+++!") to the slightest touch or even a sheet touching my foot was far too painful to bear, slowly began to dissipate into the 1 to 10 range. The complete loss of normal ambulatory function with my right leg and foot (I required a wheelchair or crutches to hobble around on my left leg) began to slowly improve after much treatment and with my determination to be pain free, to walk, run and dance again, I "pushed through the pain" with the physiotherapy machines and "re-learn" how to walk again. I literally reprogrammed my brain to walk again.

About six months into my holistic regime, I was again able to walk on my right leg and foot without the aid of a cane or crutches. However, each time I flexed my right foot to walk, it was painful, far too painful to walk long distances. I rated it an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale when asked by an anesthesiologist which I deemed completely unacceptable live with the rest of my life.

This anesthesiologist, with whom I had a 6 months post-RSD diagnosis exam (for medical insurance purposes) was the director of the pain clinic at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, CA. This anesthesiologist, who would have otherwise performed nerve block treatments on me had I surrendered to them, wrote in my medical records, "patient sought alternative treatments with acupuncture, osteopathy, naprpathy for treatment for RSD and achieved remarkable results..." My Kaiser podiatrist wrote, "patient had miraculous recovery from RSD with holistic treatments..." My Kaiser internist, my private St. Francis Sports Medicine, a medical doctor, my Kaiser physical therapist all wrote similar comments in my medical records which not only validated my intuition to take the risk to explore holistic treatments but provided substantiation that they were effective and beneficial which forced my Farmer's Auto insurance company to eventually pay for my holistic treatments which were all rejected. Two years later I was reimbursed for all my holistic treatment costs.

I want to offer another perspective into the closed, blocked mindset dogma of allopathic medicine and doctors. During my final exam with the anesthesiologist(as previously mentioned), although this doctor was quite expressive about her amazement of my then-recovery with RSD, she still remained stuck in her dogma when we discussed my pain level. She actually told me that I had reached the limitations of any more recovery because I had passed the 6 months window of time for nerve damage. She said, "I am sorry but I am afraid you will have to learn to live with the pain."

This director of Kaiser's Pain Clinic which treats RSD patients continued to reinforce her assessment that I would not improve, that I reached the limits of any possible recovery. She told me how lucky I was, how much better off I am than most of RSD patients who never get better and only worsen, etc., and I assumed she meant that I would waste my time and money if I continued with holistic treatment.

She shook her head when I told her I wanted to continue with acupuncture treatments until I was completely pain free. She may have meant well and didn't want me to have high hopes of recovery and then experience failure, or whatever. This anesthesiologist, who performs nerve block treatments, gave me all the information of what she knew based upon her 20+ years of experiences with RSD patients.

Fortunately, I did NOT accept her prognosis. Instead, I passionately said, "Doctor, I trust the wisdom of the body to heal and I shall continue with acupuncture treatments until I am completely 100% pain-free. I'll be damned if I willing to live with this pain and can't go for long walks, run or dance the rest of my life because a jerk ran a stop sign and plowed into me!"

Her expression spoke volumes. She was a bit astounded by what I said but not one word of encouragement was spoken. There was a long uncomfortable pause between us. Finally, I said, "One day I will return and prove to you that I am pain free and then you can bring in an acupuncturist, a naprapath, and an osteopath into your pain clinic to help RSD patients.

It took another six months of treatment before I was completely pain free and before my right leg matched the color and size of my left leg. My internist/primary doctor was thrilled by my recovery and accredited it primarily to my "positive attitude and determination." Kaiser wasn't interested in accepting my recovery was due to holistic treatments. Instead, it was just considered "miraculous" remission of RSD which, of course, does NOT give any credit to all the beneficial holistic treatments I had.

I am still pain free after 11 years and walk miles daily and go dancing twice every week. I am grateful for all of my holistic doctors, I hope my allopathic doctor learned from my experiences and success with curing RSD.

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Hair Loss :: 38 Female Eyebrow Loss In Patches

For the past year, I've been losing my eyebrows in patches.  Patches will grow back, but then fall out weeks/moths later.  I'm a 38-year-old female, healthy and fit.  Recent blood work all normal. Thyroids normal.  I'm not losing hair anywhere else, and my skin has no redness or dryness.  It is just my eyebrows that keep falling out.  The only thing I could think of was my birth control--I was on the Mirena IUD.  But I removed it and ceased all birth control several months ago and the problem persists.  All doctors I've visited have been stumped, thus my online question. 

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Depression :: Insomnia - Tried Less Caffeine, Relaxing And Setting Up A Bed Routine

For the past 2 years i have had trouble with my sleep, but more so in particularly this past year. It takes me up to and over and hour to fall asleep and even then on average i only get about 5 hours sleep on a good night, and am tired constantly throughout the day. This past year it seems worse as its effecting my eating habits and mood. I tend to forget to eat anything because i just don't get that feeling of being hungry and my moods seem to have completely flipped, I'm more short-tempered and emotional. I have tried everything to help me sleep better. less caffeine, not using technology before bed, setting up a sleep routine, relaxing before sleep. Nothing seems to work, and i'm a bit dubious about going to my GP because i don't know how they could help me.

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Which Digestive Enzymes To Improve Fructose Absorption

trying to heal my gut in which probiotics has helped a lot already after a week. Which digestive enzymes should I go for, if I want to improve mainly on my fructose absorption and maybe also other plant foods. Any brands?


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Does Pancreatitis Always Have To Become Chronic?

I just got out of the hospital yesterday - was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. I'll be following up with my primary care doc tomorrow. They ran all sorts of tests on me during my stay, but never mentioned that this may become a chronic thing. Does pancreatitis always have to become chronic? Do many people just have this one occurrence, then never again?

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