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42 Women Developed Instant Spontaneous Pneumothorax

I am a woman of 42 very energetic but one morning I woke up with the most severe pain in my right shoulder and pain down my arm I started crying because I was scared my husband told me to get an ambulance but I said I would be ok, I got dressed for work I dropped the twins off at school then went to work, I walked down to the hospital that is where I work and my boss took one look at me and told me to get to a&e, I went for the x ray then was taken straight to HDU and they told me my lung had collapsed and they needed to put a tube in god I have never felt pain like it, I cried and screamed all the way through, after that I was put on the ward and 6 days later it had not healed up there was a hole in it so they had to transfer me to leeds where I could have the operation done, I had a tiny bit of my lung removed and it was stuck on to my chest wall with irritant powder it helps the lung stick better, when I came to after the operation I was in so much pain and the tablets were not helping they were trying all sorts to get it right, I have been home nearly two weeks and the pain is still there but not has bad its more my ribs and across my stomach and that is what is worrying me and the chance that I might have to have it done again and also there is a 40% chance it can happen to my left lung, I am so scared to do anything in case it happens again, but I am glad I had it done, but it goes to show it can happen to anyone.

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High Cholesterol, Triglycerides And Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver

I had high ALT, high cholesterol, Triglycerides and Non-alcoholic fatty liver for last 1 year (as i know). I was trying to control these for last 6 Months.

I had my liver function blood test results back today as follows:

Serum Albumin: 43 g/L

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase : 77 iu/L

Serum ALT level 34 iu/L (it went upto 110 last year same time and slowly decreasing since then, in December 2014  it was 65 iu/L i am glad that it is back to this level )

Serum Bilirubin level 9 umol/L

Serum Lipids

Serum Cholesterol 5.3 mmol/L (In December 2014 it was 5.8)

Serum Triglycerides 1.95 mmol/L (In December 2014 it was 3.96)

HDL Cholesterol level 1 mmol/L

LDL cholesterol levels 3.4 mmol/L

Total cholesterol:HDL ratio = 5.3

It is clear that i have improved my ALT and Triglycerides with diet control and sports/exercise. However, still my cholestrol is high and recent Ultrasound scan suggested NAFLD, i.e fatty liver. 

I would appreciate expert's suggestions regarding my cholesterol and reducing NAFLD. I am worried as i did not have these issues just about 1 year ago. I am playing sports 2-3 times a week, controlling my diet (no cheese/butter etc), what else i can do to lower my cholesterol and Fatty Liver.

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Urinary Incontinence :: Macroplastique Injections Information ?

Just wondered if anyone has had these injections, can't seem to find out any information about them.  Already had tvt surgery which was unsuccessful so really want more information before I have another procedure.

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Hepatitis B :: Dying After Infection

I want to ask, after how many moths/years will I die, after getting the infection, if no treatment is started. And also after how many moths/years will I develop liver cancer, if no treatment is started.

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Hemorrhoids :: Had The PPH Stapling Surgery - Still Have External Piles?

They were massive, Dr said she could barely get them all inside the tube They use to do the stapling. The recovery was horrible, but i I am feeling better now. Still can't eat anything to Hardy just because out will make me bleed when it comes out.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Blisters On Inner Lips Of My Vagina

I had a blister in my inner lips of my vagina i hurts only when i pee like burn feeling so i had to spray with water whenever i pee. pls help me im in tokyo whee seeking tog professionals are very hard due to language barrier.

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HIV :: Symptoms And Scared

On Dec 6th i had a protected sex with a sex worker. I read through Google and found it is a low risk.

But what am worried is the symptoms or the things happening.

On the 10th day after the incident, i had a sudden huge dehydration and from there mild fever, fatigue, Throat pain, Pain in my groin, Arm pits as well, Loss of appetite, felt a lot of tiredness. I don't know if the lymph nodes were swollen or not, Nausea, Oral thrush, Blood red spots inside the mouth for a day. I felt all disappeared yesterday. But from today morning, i feel nerve tickling or blistering in my legs and frequency is slowly increasing with a mild joint paints as well.

Tests taken

13th day PCR DNA - Negative

28th Day - Antibody screening (finger prick) - negative

30th day PCR DNA - waiting for results.

my questions are

1) Do you think i will be hiv + ?

2) How good is a 13th day PCR DNA test?

3) 30th day PCR DNA test results are expected to come by this weekend.. If it is negative, then do you think i still need to do the testing after 84 days or 3 months?

I know symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but i m really worried confused and keep thinking of this always. Please help me with any possible information.

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Eczema Created My Cellulitis?

I was just recently diagnosed with cellulitis. It started with feeling a lump on the side of my neck down to my shoulder and I thought it was a muscle knot, so I proceeded on trying to rub my neck trying to get the knot out. I went to bed not feeling too well - woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, sweats & chills, and no energy. I went to the doctors and he sent me right away to the emergency room. I was admitted to the hospital with IV and antibiotics. The emergency room doctor, nurse, and assistant could not find a bite mark, scratch, or anything on the side of my neck and on my shoulder. I have eczema on my back and neck, but I did not have a bad break out of the eczema the time that this has happened. Is there anyway that this eczema created my cellulitis ? I am very concerned about this and do NOT want to get this back. what precautions can I take so that I don't get this back ?

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Milk Diet For Gastric Patients To Clean And Shrink The Liver Before Surgery

I am waiting for a scan and not trying to worry, there is a milk diet designed for gastric patients to clean and shrink the liver before surgery, it also helps to lose weight, thank you for you're replays and you're kinds words, I wish the best for all who are waiting for results.

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Legg Calve Perthes' Disease :: Terrible Pain In Knee And Hip

My son who is nearly 8yrs old has recently been diagnosed with perthes.

After a few hospital visits for pain firstly in his knee and then in his hip, being in terrible pain and being unable to walk or put an weight on his leg. we being told he has perthes.

We were advised to return to the hospital in 1 month ( next week) for his hip to be re x-rayed (his previous x ray was normal) and to look up the disease on the internet. Hence how I found this site and others.

My son is not currently in any pain unless he does too much where he then says it aches. his leg is very stiff and has no movement and his foot is turned in.

My immediate fear is will pain (which was horrific to witness!) return or is it possible that the pain is over?

Also has anyone been able to obtain an information booklet on the disease that is appropriate for his age?

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