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Men Issues :: Itchy Scrotum And Palms

I have small bumps on my penis and a larger one which seems to by a cyst i have had the itchy sensation for almost a year now w/o going to a md. No insurance is on reason other is embarrassment. Are the two connected my scrotum will itch unbearably almost all the time. My palms will itch the same why with rough skin on the hands just the palms. This my seem weird but guys when we pee we usually use our left hand to hold our pants down and my left thumb will usually touch my scrotum or penis that is where i have gotten a itch rash before that went away after washing hands and using hydrocortisone 1% cream. No weird discharges but it seems to be spreading to my anus area and around the bottom or my buttocks by my legs. I also will get small blister type bumps that when i pop them will bleed like crazy. I have used hydrocortisone and it stops the itchy almost 100% for a few hrs. I thought maybe a fungus and I am trying tinactin creme on my penis and hands seems to be very itch after the tination creme has been on for a few hrs.

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Amlodipine :: Dizzy And Disorientated

I've been on Ramipril (10mg) for about 10 months now and a couple of my BP checks were 140/90 which I thought was quite a good reading for my age (64) and better than the 170/90 that it was in the beginning.

I've just recently had a real bad cold that has lasted nearly 4 weeks so been dosing myself up on Lemsip Max. Only just found out that it's not advised for people on BP medication or with high BP so stopped taking it.

Finally went to doc for Antibiotics for Sinus headache and on doing a routine BP she said it was 160/90 and just wrote out a prescription for Amlodipine to be taken with the Ramipril. No discussion, no re-test. I thought that was a bit hasty. The GP who started me on the Ramipril took a lot more time to decide what would be best for me and to explain about it.

Took my first Amlodipine 2 days ago early evening and not long after felt really nauseous and sleepy. Couldn't bring myself to take the Ramipril as well so thought missing a night wouldn't hurt. Woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and disorientated. Felt "muzzy" headed all day. Took another one yesterday evening but still didn't add the Ramipril because I don't feel right. Have a tight feeling in my chest, nausea and anxiety.

After reading all this about Amlodipine I think I'm going to give them a miss and just continue with the Ramipril.

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Spinal Surgery :: 2nd Radiofreq. Ablation Did Not Work

I had two RFA procedures done in 2014. This was after 3 sets of epidural spinal injections done over a year's time throughout 2013. The first RFA worked so well I was nearly pain free for 9 months. I was overjoyed to feel normal again. I have bulging discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1, causing radiculopathy and sciatica. Having had such amazing relief from the 1st RFA, when the pain started to return, I had the 2nd RFA. During the procedure, the doc had a problem at the bottom two burning sites and the pain was so bad I screamed for him to stop. He did... briefly.. but asked me to "hang on" for the 90 seconds and it would be done.

I never got relief from this second procedure...not even for one day. Fast forward to Dec 2015 and the pain is worse than ever. And I just read today that a complication of RFA is "permanent nerve pain", I was never told about this complication! I'm permanently disabled now, on SSDI and walk with a cane. Even after researching for 2 yrs. online, I just found out about this complication TODAY. Very upset. Anyone else have complications from RFA? I feel very alone in this.

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Esophageal Achalasia / Spasm :: Acid Reflux From Hiatus Hernia

For a long time i suffered with acute pain from O S mostly brought on by acid reflux from hiatus hernia. I came across a sort of solution which works for me.

At the first sign(generally slight pain and a tightening of my chest around the base of the esophagus ) which generally happens during the night ,but not always I eat dry biscuits(digestives are good) they seem to force the stomach back where it's supposed to be.If that doesn't work then its a piece of toast and hot tea.

It seems to happen more when my stomach is empty,but that may be just co-incedence.It has helped me avoid the development of a more serious,painful problem.

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Penis :: White Lump / Or White Clot Along The Lines Of My Penile Raphe

I'm a 24 year old guy. Not a virgin (not sure if relevant) and I have a white lump / or white clot along the lines of my penile raphe. I've had it since I was a teen and I've noticed that it's getting bigger over the years. I'm worried and fear that it might endanger my health in the future.

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Painful Catching In The Arm 18 Weeks Post Rotator Cuff Surgery?

if anyone here who has had rotator cuff surgery continues to have painful "catching" in the arm 18 weeks post surgery? I had a SLAP and labrum tear but only debridement during surgery because the surgeon felt the tears didn't need attention. PT has not resolved this "catching" issue in the upper arm which was one of the main reasons for surgery to begin with. I have had two MRI's (pre and post surgery). I have also sought a second opinion from a different surgeon who wants me to have yet another MRI, but this time with contrast.

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Can You Exercise With Pityriasis Rosea?

I got diagnosed today by a dermatologist after ten days of suffering and wrong diagnoses by GPs. He gave me some Elocon to apply but did say that steroids usually have little/no affect and keep using calamine. He also gave me Atarax 25mg tablets as I told him I have been taking double doses of Piriton antihistamine at night to help me sleep and stop me itching with no effect. He said that I should also moisturise with E45 on top of any topical treatment.

He did however say something that contradicts a lot that I see on the internet. He said I can continue to take baths, saunas and exercise as this does not affect the condition. The internet is full of warnings against this.

Has anyone had it and continued to exercise? I have become a real gym bunny for once and don't want to stop training til this thing goes.

Thanks for advice re head and shoulders. I just applied some in the shower and then went for 4mins on the sunbed. I am fair skinned and burn easily but seem fine from it. ! I am desperate for this thing to go and have bought an immune-boosting multivitamin.

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Glandular Fever :: Swollen Glands For 4-5 Months - Normal?

I was diagnosed with Glandular fever back in September after a blood test but first had swollen glands in June, I still have swollen glands now and am really worried. Is it normal to have swollen glands for 4-5 months?

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Severe Constipation And Having Piles

I am suffering from long term constipation. Everyday I have to move bowels at least 4-5 times a day. My bowels just won't empty in 1 go in morning. The stools I could not pass in one go then become harder. Now I got piles because of this. I try to eat 2 carrots per meal and an apple after meal. But the condition does not improve. I get immediate relief with a laxative - laxido. However I cannot use that forever. And when i leave the laxative, the constipation and piles returns in a week's time. Please has anyone seen such a case of constipation?

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Does Azathioprine Affect My Fertility?

I am 32 years old female and I am suffering from Crohn's disease. Unfortunately I am suffering from very severe form of this disease and my doctor decided to prescribe me Azathioprine. I know it is pretty dangerous medication with many side affects but I would like to know if it may affect my fertility.

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