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Pleural Effusion :: Viral Infection With Chest Pain

I have had a viral chest infection for 10 weeks, have just gone back to work part time after 6 weeks off sick. My cough went weeks ago but I still feel unwell (which varies day to day) with lung pain (worse when I lie down, walk, bend etc) and ringing in the ears.

I am worried about how long it is taking to get better, the Doctor gave me nothing apart from painkillers and said it is just a nasty bug. I am also worried whether going back to work was the right thing, do you think it will make it worse?

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Anus Balloons, Mucous, Puffy And Purple - Hemorrhoids?

It started out with some swelling in my perineum. Eventually my anus become swollen shut (now constipated for 5 days), and my anus has balloons around it, mucous, and it's puffy and purple. Preparation H makes the swelling decrease a little bit, but I'm worried because I cannot flex my perineum so I have erectile dysfunction. It feels like my perineum is disappearing.

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects - Hot And Then Cold Flushes, Burning Ears And Lips

I have many negative side effects from this drug. I recognise that some may be down to my having Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism but I think I am allergic to some of the medicine's contents. The medicine contains lactose and acacia. I know little about the latter but know that I have become lactose (as well as wheat) intolerant since being diagnosed (9 months ago) and given levo. Some side effects are - hot and then cold 'flushes', burning ears and lips, dizziness, continual headache. I have altered my diet and lifestyle to manage the condition as best as possible but cannot manage these side effects. Any help - or just sharing - very much welcomed. I wonder if there is an alternative drug on the NHS in the UK.

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Yeast Infection In The Anal Area?

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced or is there even such a thing of having a yeast infection in the anal area?

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Hyperthyroidism :: Underactive Tiredness And Stopping Carbimazole

On last testing I was under active again and only on 5mg of carbimazole, so as no endow appointment for another 8 weeks was advised to make arrangements with family doctor, as it's been christmas peroid I couldn't get to doctor as booked up and also couldn't even get a telephone call so I decided to go with 5 mg every other day to I arranged something, I still feel underactive tiredness, cold and puffy lips and tongue, the main concern is the appearance of my eye and face swelling has went extreme in last week , I am so depressed with this puffy face I don't know if it's as my throid is underactive or because I have cut down the medication, I find endo doctors useless , this diease has left me I don't want to leave the house, I also have dry very spotty skin which has got worse all over christmas I do not recognise the person I have become anymore

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Lupus :: Should We Go Gluten Free?

I have recently "not quite" been diagnosed yet with Lupus however I have certain signs not yet enough for an official diagnosis. High ANA is one, pericardial effusion (mild), no inflammation or symptoms yet. Would have never known I had a problem until the Dr. told me I did!! I used to have severe stomach problems for years, cramps, diarrhea after eating a meal. For hours I would suffer. But for the past 4 or so years it has stopped completely and I am wondering if that is when my immune system started to go overactive due to a possible gluten allergy and now turning into an auto immune disease as a result. I am starting a gluten free diet, today is only day 3, i want to suppress and relax my immune system by not giving it so much work to do!! Unconfuse it and calm it down by eating gluten free and healthier. So nutrients can get absorbed better? Add probiotics, making sure to get Vitamin K...D, B12 etc. (I know K is a big one for Lupus) Does anyone have any views on this or have tried diets like this?

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Teenage :: Irritated Itchy Scrotum

I have a really bad rash on my scrotum caused by my penis rubbing against it. It really hurts, and now my left testicle is rubbing against the inside of my scrotum. I have used petroleum jelly but I find it uncomfortable because it tickles my penis! Is there any cream or anything like that I could apply to stop the irritation, or should I wait until my testicles get a little bigger(I am prepubescent)?

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Glandular Fever :: Swollen Glands For 4-5 Months - Normal?

I was diagnosed with Glandular fever back in September after a blood test but first had swollen glands in June, I still have swollen glands now and am really worried. Is it normal to have swollen glands for 4-5 months?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Lump In Neck With Migraines And Sweats

I feel a lot of annoying pain in my neck best way to relate is a stiffness a lump looks like a swelled up the ENT said it was around 2 cm  more long that wide close to the right side of jaw line but the top of the neck not too close to my ear but I've had terrible migraines on my right side as we'll night sweats loss of appetite, tiredness ,  the ENT sent me for a blood test for mono but my throat isn't sore and  I am a little achy but I'm trying to not freak out waiting on the blood test if I don't have mono next is cat scan and ultra sounds....

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Black Circles / Darkness Under My Eyes?

I always have some level of darkness under my eyes (who doesn't?) but this is beyond a normal dark circle and it's only present under one eye. In photos, it looks like someone punched me in the eye. This has been present for years so it isn't going away naturally. Could some kind of injury / trauma / medical condition be causing this? Should I see a specialist -- if so, what sort would be most appropriate?

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