Touareg :: Radio Just Quit Playing Sound / Screen Works But No Audio

Aug 28, 2009

My radio just quit playing sound. The fuses are good, the monitor works, the nav works, the radio display works. But I ain't got no sound.

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: 2014 - Voice Control Malfunction / No Sound While Radio Is Playing?

I just bought a 2014 Prius Three on Monday.

Yesterday, I accidentally hit the Voice Command button. It went to the screen and I got out of it. However then I couldn't hear any sound. The radio was clearly playing but no sound. When I pressed source it just showed a symbol in top right corner. I guess I should have thought to just turn the car off and restart because when I got home and did that, it worked fine.

My main question is about about the iphone 5, bluetooth, and Voice Controls.

I have bluetooth and Personal Hotspot enabled (so I do not have it plugged in to usb outlet) on my iphone enabled but it appears that I cant say "Play (Artist)" and have it play that from my iphone. It says something about an unsupported media device.

When I push the button on my Iphone and tell it to play a song, it does play a song but not the song I requested. It also shows on the car display that it is calling myself.

Voice commands for calling seem to work but I can't figure out if it is not possible to play songs using voice commands with an iphone or what the issue is.

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Prius C :: Can Radio Screen Show Text For Track Playing?

I have the C2 with the standard CD player/radio/Bluetooth streaming, and I'm curious about the display of track information. When I plug my iPod in via USB, the radio screen is able to display track information, as expected.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been able to stream from Spotify over bluetooth, but it will not display the track information. Is there a way to have the radio screen show text for the track currently playing in Spotify?

If not, are there any streaming Android apps that can display track information?

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: How To Get Radio / Music To Keep Playing While Navigating

I just bought a 2011 prius four with solar and navigation. Used the navigation yesterday, but my music wouldn't play while it was navigating. Is there any way to change the settings so that the music keeps playing and the navigation interrupts when it needs to give directions?

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Touareg :: Radio Off But CDs Keep Playing?

I have the nav radio with CD changer. Today I took a phone call and switched off the power to the whole nav radio to take the call. I sure wish there were a pause button for the CD player, but that's for another post. Anyway, I was enjoying the song I was listening to and it had just started so rather than just turn it down, I turned the radio off figuring that was the only way to get the CD to stop playing. When I turned the nav radio on again, it was mid-way through the next song. I tried it again, this time using the scientific method of singing along with where the song would be if the radio were still on. Sure enough, the CD player keeps playing even if you switch off your radio so when I turned it back on, I was only seconds off of where I expect the song to be based on my "by myself in my car" singing. If you switch to radio (FM/AM) and I'm sure any other input, the CD does stop playing.

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Prius V (Audio/Electronics) :: Nav Screen Can Be Changed To Radio Screen?

I can change my nav system radio for just a radio? I am not smart enough to make the nav work and the light from the backup camera wipes out my night vision.

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Gen 2 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: Screen Shows That Audio Off - Radio Doesn't Turn On

Just got my 06 Prius. The screen shows that Audio Off. The radio doesn't want to turn on. What could be the issue. 06 Prius with nav, Bluetooth, JBL etc. Everything else seem to work except the radio. Fuse perhaps?

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Gen 2 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: 2006 - While Stereo Playing Sound Cut Off Abruptly?

I have a 06 JDM prius with hard drive-based audio and navigation system. Today the car was parked in a ready mode with the stereo playing and the audio cut off abruptly. I investigated and found that all of the audio and navigation controls on both the steering wheel and center console were unresponsive. It is impossible to switch between modes I.e. CD, HDD,radio and the CD drive no longer rejects. Bluetooth pairing works but no sound coming from the driver side speaker when in a phone call. When the car is started the MFD shows that it's playing audio from the hard drive as shown below but there's no sound and its impossible to change tracks.

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Lexus GS 2013+ :: At BT Audio Mode No Sound But Display Music Playing?

I just got my first Lexus (2013 GS350) ... I noticed an issue with connecting iPhone for bluetooth audio streaming / if there are any fixes for this. I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.3 that connects when the car turns on. However, sometimes when I switch modes to BT audio from say, FM radio, it'll say "Portable audio player connected" and my phone lock screen as well as the navi screen will show that the music is playing, but no audio is coming out of the car speakers. If I turn off the audio system and turn it back on, the music will play. I can also pause the audio on the navi screen then hit play and it will play. Pause then play on the phone does nothing.

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Camry :: 2007 XLE - Radio And Clock Quit Working / Screen Is Blank

I have a 2007 Camry XLE with a four cylinder engine. Noticed radio and clock quit working. The radio screen is blank. None of the buttons work. Popped hood open to check fuses and noticed corrosion on positive battery terminal. Cleaned battery terminals up and still nothing on radio and clock. Everything else seems to be working correctly. Checked smaller fuses for radio1 and radio 2. Checked all other small fuses in engine compartment and under dash. Still not working. I also pulled battery out and had Oreillys check it. It was good. Not sure what it could be.

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Prius V (Audio/Electronics) :: How To Leave Nav Screen Set To The Radio

I have a Prius v five ATP, my wife asked if its possible to leave the screen set to the radio. I haven't figured how to do this yet. I usually have the trip info displayed, but if I hit the radio button it brings up the usual screen displaying the radio info for a minute or so (or however much time that she's changing the stations) but then switches back to the previous screen.

Is there a way to set the radio as a default so it doesn't switch back to the previous screen? Or use the split screen function for this?

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: CD Stuck In Changer / Radio Works Fine Though

A cd is just spinning in the unit and when I try to change to a different cd in the changer it won't let me.

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Camry :: 2011 XLE Radio - All Of A Sudden Audio Just Stop Working / Screen Gray Out

So I have a 2011 Camry XLE with the touchscreen navigation. For a few months now, I've had problems where all of a sudden the audio would just stop working. The screen would gray out and I can't change any of the settings even if I am parked. I tried turning off my car and turning it back on, because that sometimes fixed the problem, but now it just doesn't work at all. I took it to a friend, who is a mechanic, and he said he can't really find anything wrong with it. When I get this problem, I can't adjust the volume from the steering wheel or the main volume dial and nothing beeps when I press it, like it usually should.

A few other things to note. When it does work, I will drive normally, but if I accelerate too fast or turn too hard, it cuts off again. Is this a problem I can troubleshoot myself or should I go for an aftermarket radio? Although, I prefer to have navigation.

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: 2014 - How To Clear Call History On Radio Screen

I have a Prius Gen III model 4 and was wondering how I can clear the call history on the radio screen. I'm one of those people who regularly clears the call history on the phone, but there seems to be no option to do it on my Prius screen. I'm just using a Motorola flip phone that connects via blu-tooth and not a smart phone. I've read online that there is a delete call history area, but so far I haven't been able to locate that. Could be the system in my car doesn't have that?

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Sonata I45 (LF 2015+) :: Playing Video In Navigation Screen?

Is it possible to play any videos in the navigation screen? Thinking of playing videos off my camera or phone.

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Lexus LX 2008+ :: DVD Not Playing / Video Box Shows Blue Screen

I just bought a 2010 LX and tonight I discovered that I may be able to play a digit copy DVD. So, the kids jumped in the car and inserted one of their movies(not Blu Ray) and we can only hear it. All we see in the video box is a blue screen.

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Touareg :: Steering Wheel Audio Controls To Change Preset Radio Stations?

I've read the manual many times...and I know it was this way too in a previous Passat I had. On a V10, can the steering wheel radio controls be made to change 'preset radio stations' instead of scanning to the next higher/lower station???

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: Radio Says Connected But No Sound

Connected a portable XM receiver and it has power and is receiving a signal, but the only thing not working is sound. Radio says everything is connected, but no sound.

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Camry 2012+ :: JBL Audio System - All Sound From Radio Will Intermittently Cut Out

I have a 2015 XSE w/ JBL sound system. 14k miles. ALL sound from the radio (even the beep when you press the touch screen) will intermittently cut out - usually after I hit a small bump in the road. Once the sound is off it stays off for several minutes, then it might turn back on again or might stay off for the entire ride.

The dealer replaced the radio communication box - didn't fix it. Now the dealer is ordering a new radio head unit and will replace that. I'm concerned because this will be my 3rd time going to the dealer for this repair and I'm not sure they've really root caused the problem. I would have thought that the dealer would be able to track down exactly what was failing (either a system or wiring problem) before starting to attempt repairs.

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Lexus SC430 :: No Audio On Right Channel When Playing CD

I am not getting any audio out of the right channel when I am playing a CD. Tape, Radio, AM/FM, all speakers are working. Tried multiple CDs, I know it's not the track.

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Prius C (Audio/Electronics) :: Playing Music Through USB Port

On my old iPhone I used to use the usb port to charge, and play my music through. I just got a new phone, this time an android note 4, I noticed when i plug in my phone to the usb port, it won't play music, it just says error. It does however charge the phone. Is there any way around this? I know I can use bluetooth, but I've always preferred the usb port.

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