Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Alarm Started Going Off By Itself And Truck Would Not Start / Ticking Noise

May 19, 2011

My alarm started going off by itself and my truck would not start so we unhooked the horn but the alarm was still trying to go off making a ticking noise when the horn should have been honking. so we also unhooked the alarm. And it started right up. I've been driving it with those things off with no problem. But today it wouldn't start again and its making a ticking noise like the horn is trying to honk.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Making 5x5 Beeping Noise Shortly After Start Up - Truck Died Abruptly

i have a 2006 f-150 xlt, i was driving it today and it started making a 5x5 beeping noise shortly after i started it up. I read on a few forums that that beeping is a warning about the passenger airbag sensor or something. anyways it went away and kept driving for 5 minutes or so when suddenly the dash went out and all the gauges dropped but i was still able to drive fine. A minute later the engine just died and i managed to pull over to the side of the road. now nothing works when i turn the key, not even a light, its just a dead weight, the remote locking doesn't even work. the only sign of life is a LED from my phone charger that is plugged into the outlet. the battery is only 2 months old so its not that.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 Truck Cranks But Does Not Start

I just went out to move my truck to take out garbage and it cranks but doesn't start. It is 4.6L 4WD. I sprayed ether in intake no change. Checked all fuses all good. It has been raining pretty hard the last 3 days and it has been sitting in rain all 3 days. I checked for codes with a simple code scanner no codes. But the code scanner I used is not able to do KOEO or KOER tests. I know it needs new plugs but it has never sputtered or died on me. Has slight misfire but not engine stopping. I havnt had any check engine lights or problems before.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Clunking Noise Started After 4x4 Went Out

I have a 2006 F150 FX4 and after having the 4x4 go out and replaced the front right IWE have fixed the 4x4 but still hearing a clunking noise.

The clunking noise started after the 4x4 went out and was really bad for awhile and then went away and has now come back really bad. It sounds like its coming from the front driver's side wheel area and clunks as fast as the wheel turns.(faster = more clunks).

I'm very new to mechanic stuff but enjoy learning and fixing things myself.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Truck Just Makes A Ticking Sound

I have a 04 f150 fx4 with the 5.4 v8. My truck has a tick to it. It does it all the time, hot, cold, at idle, and while driving. I thought it was a cam phaser but I've been hearing people say bad cam phasers make the engine sound like a diesel engine. My does not sound like a diesel it just makes a ticking sound, my dad says it sounds like a 350 with a rod knocking, however now that it doesn't sound like a diesel I am wondering if it could be the vct.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 Truck Won't Start / Shifter Stuck In Park

I have a 2006 f150 fx4 4x4. I drove it home from work yesterday and it ran and drove just fine. I got up this morning to go to work and turn the key but the engine won't fire. I turns over just fine. I turn the key to release the trans to put it in neutral to see if it would start like that and the shifter is stuck. I button in the front will not go in. I tried lifting the rear tires off the ground to see if I could free the trans.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 Truck Won't Start - Squealing Coming From Under The Hood

I went for a tour with my truck and everything was fine, 5 minutes before getting home I heard a squealing coming from under the hood, I then lost all my gauges inside the truck. The truck didn't shut off so I drove it home. when I shut it off I tried restarting it and it wouldn't even roll over. I tried boosting it and it still won't even crank over.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Engine Dies If Gas Pedal Pressed / Truck Will Not Start

I have a 2006 F150 that cranks but will not start. I sprayed ether into intake and got it to start but engine dies if gas pedal pressed. It idles after starting just will not accelerate.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 Truck Making Noise That Is Coming From Engine

My 2006 f150 was making a noise that's coming from the engine. It sound like rocks in the engine. When I'm going 50-60 MPH the engine starts to make a sounds like rocks in the engine. What's happening. When I go about 40 it stops.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Truck Started To Miss Then Quit

My sons 04 f150 started to miss then quit on him then wouldn't start so he had a buddy pull it to a neighbors I went to check it out an hr later the first time i tried to start it it started ran for 2 sec then quit tried again and it would just crank no start went back 3 hrs later with my code reader no codes but he did say check eng was on when it quit first time so i try starting started up so i headed for home, it started running rough twice on way home but seem to come out of it both times.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2007 - Whirring / Bearing Type Noise On First Start Up When Cold And Truck Sits Overnight

Ok, so my 2007 F150 Lariat super crew cab has been at the dealership for a week now with them claiming that a part is on back order. How hard is it for them to get in a right front axle?? Granted, it was in there for other stuff too (which they can not give me a straight answer on if they fixed or not cause they are claiming the technician hasn't done the write up on it yet). My main concern is that they are screwing me around or that something happened to my truck. I am planning on stopping by there on Wed. morning after I get out of work.

Are these trucks known for bad front axles or was there some kind of a big recall on them?

Other things it went in for was the radio having the CD's cycle through when you first start up the truck, but does not happen like that all the time. Black plastic driver side front door hinge is cracked exposing the metal reinforcing part. Whirring/bearing type noise when you first start up the truck when it is cold and sits overnight (which they claim they can't hear yet waited to bring the truck inside and check it out at 3PM when they had the truck overnight from the night before when I dropped it off.) and the front driveshaft not fully disengaging when the truck is in 2wd. Almost seems like the vacuum locking hubs are still engaged.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Truck Started To Develop A Miss - Multiple Codes

Apparently yesterday (no known reason) my sons truck started to develop a miss (so it feels like to me).

2005 f150 5.4 auto 215000km 4x4 stx. No specific cylinder codes. All general codes.


None of which I can see causing the miss. No check engine lite, no other codes. Not sure what to look at next. I am starting to disconnect the coil packs one at a time and see if I can pin down the cylinder.

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Ford - Explorer :: 2006 - Ticking Noise When First Start Up The Engine

Just a quick question, my 2006 4.6 explorer has a ticking noise when you first start it up. It lasts for about 10 seconds and goes away. Sounds like a valve tappet when the oil needs changed etc. It has been running 5-w-20 in it like the book says. I'm going to change it again and see if it works. Any luck changing to a different grade.10w-30?

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Ticking Sound When Drive - Hubs Not Locking

Ok, So, Im 40 miles from home stuck in ice and snow in a hotel.. (my wife works close by- thought it would be safer than driving in the 10 inches of snow we got 3 days in a row) so, I go to pick her up tonight and I engage 4hi.. I hear the click and the light comes on.. but no clunk of the hubs locking.. I drop it in 4 lo.. it shifts in low.. but the hubs are not locking..

I hear a ticking sound as I drive and when I put it in 2wd it goes away. I turn off the truck, turn the wheel hard both ways .. get out and I can physically turn the drive shaft and I hear the ticking in the hubs. If I read correctly when the truck is off these should be locked?

is it possible the vacuum is not releasing? I also get the groaning when I start up of the air diverter.. that im told is operated by vacuum.. so I am guessing I have a vacuum problem??

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Rattling And Ticking Noise While Idle

I have a 2004 ford f150 5.4l v8 triton lariat and while at idle it has a ticking noise like this video


However I also have a rattling noise when decelerating at around 2000 rpms that sounds like a loose chain in a box. Not sure if its VCT sensor or cam phasers ...

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Ticking Noise From Front While Driving

I have a 2005 F 150 5.4L and i just changed the front rotors, pads, and calipers. Because the passengers side caliper had locked and the rims was really hot and i knew it was the caliper so i changed both the driver and passenger side calipers and hoses. A month before this i had changed the pad and rotors but after the caliper locked it put grooves in the rotor and damaged the pad but the pads and rotors i bought have a lifetime warranty so i got a brand new set and changed them while replacing the calipers.

After installing everything i bleed the front brakes. But did not bleed the rear and i am wondering since i did not do the rear even though i did not touch them it is causing the front to make a ticking sound the whole time i am driving and it is starting to annoy me even though it has only been 4 days since i did the front brake job. I put Duralast rotors and Duralast Gold Cmax Premium Ceramics Pads. What is causing this ticking.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Truck Recently Started Sounding Like Trying To Shift Into 4X4 Mode While Driving - Gears Grinding

At a loss right now. My 2004 F150 4X4 and just recently started sounding like the truck is trying to shift into 4X4 mode while driving it. It stops if it's switched into 4X4. I have taken it to a local mechanic shop I use and they said it was the Actuators and they replaced those. I got it back and the same day the noise came back. Took it back and they have had it for another week and still unable to figure it out. I even took it to another shop that was highly recommended and they say to take it to a Ford dealership. I have read that some say it could be the vacuum operated hubs? Need to figure out what it was and had it fixed?

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2007 - Loss Of Power And Ticking Noise

07 f150 screw 5.4 104+ miles, loss of power and ticking noise (sounds like no oil)on passengers side, no engine light, no codes, ford dealer changed coil packs and plugs, inspected valve gear on passengers side and nothing seemed out of spec, no broken springs, followers, lifters, manifolds on both sides have been replaced very recently.

The ticking noise began about a week after an oil change, truck runs fine but no power/sluggish. exhaust is magnaflow side exit and seems to be louder inside the cab than usual or could be just me.

Truck had a miss that i was trying to find prior to oil change and ticking noise. it ran well for a week with the tick before (and miss) the loss of power which started after a 30 min drive under load up hill. it almost felt and sounded as if the muffler was dragging on the road for about 100 feet, ran fine for two miles until it was shutdown. restarted fine but flat when you get into it.

Clogged cat/cats; internal damage to muffler, oil issue even tho the gauge reads fine.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2007 5.4L - Ticking Noise Coming From Somewhere Around The Motor

I have a question about my 2007 F150 4x4 with the 5.4L. It has a ticking noise sound coming from somewhere around the motor, but it's not there till the motor has warmed up. It almost sounds like a exhaust leak, but I'm not sure. What it might be, or what to look for?

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Slight Ticking Noise - Code P0022

Getting code P0022, which is over retarded cam position, drivers side bank. My 2004 F150 has the 5.8 triton. I have replaced all cam phasers and tensioner a as well as the timing chains. I have also replaced both VCT solenoids. Before I was getting codes for both banks, now just the code mentioned above with a slight ticking as well. My question is this... What am I not seeing? What could be causing this?? Would it be beneficial t get the lockout kit for the phasers to always keep them open?? Seems to stall a little at very low RPM like when you are off-road.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Ticking Noise On Passenger Side During Idle

I recently got Gibson Performance Headers on my 2006 Ford F150. And when you cold start it or just start it period it has a odd ticking noise on the passenger side.

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