Ford Excursion :: 4WD Will Not Disengage

Jun 3, 2017

I just put new seals in both front hubs because they were leaking. Now I have good readings when vacuum is applied. When I switch to 4wd the vacuum in hubs goes to about 15 in hg for about 30 seconds or so and my 4wd engages. After the 30 seconds the vacuum is released, I believe that is normal.

Now though my 4wd will not disengage. I get no vacuum pulse when I switch to 2wd, gauge stays at 0 in hg. I'm pretty sure a 5 in hg or so vacuum pulse is required to release this correct? Would I be correct that the vacuum solenoid could be the issue or its connection?

Both locking hubs are in great shape and I spliced a vacuum gauge between hub and frame vacuum hose to get my readings. I drove it for 10 min hoping the hubs would disengage but they never did.

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Ford Excursion :: Auto Hubs Won't Disengage?

After a lot of reading and troubleshooting, I have come to know that it takes vacuum to engage and vacuum to disengage the automatic locking hubs on the Ford F series and Excursion. Most indications is that ~ 15" hg is required to engage and approximately half that much to disengage them. The mechanism that either engages or disengages them acts similarly to a ball point pen. The full amount of vacuum causes the mechanism to travel to it's limit, where the hub is engaged, whereas half the amount of vacuum applied only causes the mechanism to travel to its midpoint, which is where is should be for disengagement.

In my case, I have tested for vacuum leaks, none are present. I have installed new Ford OEM hub assemblies, a new locking hub solenoid and have tested the function of my vacuum pump. It draws about 13.5" hg of vacuum on the system. I do not have any issues with HVAC controls in the cabin of the truck. When installing the new hubs, I ensured that they are unlocked, the inner spline assy spins freely and once installed, the wheel shaft spins freely by hand. When I shift to 4WD on the dash, the hubs engage and all is well.

Problem I am having is when I shift back to 2WD, the hubs remain locked. I can tell as the wheel shafts are not able to be spun freely by hand. I have tried backing the vehicle, etc. No luck. Furthermore, when monitoring vacuum while engaging and disengaging 4WD, I can see that the full vacuum (~13,5") is applied when engaging. What concerns me is that only 3.5 - 4.0" hg is applied when disengaging. This is certainly not enough to operate the mechanism to the point of disengaging the hubs.

I have considered replacing the vacuum pump as I am only getting 13.5" hg of vacuum, however, when I research the replacement part, many have indicated that a new one only draws about that much, so I do not see the value in replacement.
Have any of you dealt with the same or similar problem and if so, what was your resolution?

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Ford - Explorer :: 2007 - 4hi Will Not Disengage

So after putting my 2007 explorer in 4 high, it seems to be stuck that way. I can put into 4 low and hear it engage. When I select 4 high or 4 auto, I can hear the 4 low disengage. However, it never goes out of 4 high. The indicator goes off, but i can still feel it is engaged. What to do to turn it off?

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Ford - Mountaineer :: Cooling Fan Clutch Never Seems To Disengage

The cooling fan clutch never seems to disengage so I was wondering where can i find a clutch that is light duty so it will disengage easy and work with gas mileage napa list two different ones, maybe off a different vehicle....

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Ford - Explorer :: 1997 - Clutch Won't Disengage

Ok so I have a 97 Ford Explorer 5-speed manual transmission. When I start the truck up in first gear, with my clutch pedal fully depressed, the truck goes forward as if im not pressing the clutch pedal down at all. And if I start the truck up in neutral, with the clutch pedal fully depressed, I cannot get into any gear. There are no leaks anywhere and there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir. What the problem may be or where i might wanna start looking?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: New Starter Won't Disengage?

The starter on my kid's truck doesn't disengage and continues to turn over after the ignition is off. I have seen a few posts on this but have yet to find a clear troubleshooting path and it seems a lot of money wasted on new starters, solenoids and new ignitions.

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Ford Transmission :: 2000 4X4 - Clutch Won't Disengage

2000 ranger, 4.0L 5spd 4x4

Recently my buddy's 2000 ranger's clutch stopped working, it wouldnt disengage. I checked the reservoir and it was empty, checked below and between the bellhousing and engine was soaked. I filled the reservoir up and attempted to bleed the system with my vacuum bleeder and it barely got any fluid out. Ordered a new slave cyl and just put it in today. You could see how wet the old one was when I took it out.

So today when I finished installing everything, I filled the reservoir and bled the system, lots of fluid coming through, everything seemed good, however the clutch still feels extremely light, and won't disengage. I looked at it through the inspection cover and there is maybe a 1/4" of movement total. I don't get why this thing is not working! How can you tell is the clutch master cylinder is bad?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Overdrive Switch Won't Disengage?

My father-in-law has a 01 F 150 4x4 with the 4.6 automatic and his overdrive button will not disengage. Is there a fuse or something on the tranny that he can look at to get it to work?

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 1998 - Won't Disengage Out Of 3 Gear?

I have a 1998 ford ranger and it will not disengage out of 3 gear. The truck still starts but if you let of the cutch. Of course, It stalls. I'm doing the work myself but where I should start looking.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: Clutch Would Not Disengage At Any Time

This morning, I shifted into neutral and left the truck running. When I got in it put it in reverse, the shifter peddle went all the way to the floor and the clutch did not engage. I turned off the engine, and the transmission shifted easily. I put it into reverse, started the engine, and when I tried to shift back into first, the same thing happened. Pedal to the floor with no resistance, and I could not get it into gear. I finally forced it into 1st to get back into the driveway, but had to stall the engine to keep from going through the garage door. The clutch would not disengage at any time. I checked the master cylinder and it is 1/2 full. Has my clutch gone out?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 1999 - New Starter Won't Disengage

Starter problem with my 1999 Ford 5.4 f150. Last few days I’ve had to cross the solenoid terminals in order to start up. After replacing the solenoid the starter would not disengage. Put the old solenoid back on, crossed term and the starter did the same thing. Bought new starter (what a job finding the upper bolt) replaced old one, and I’m still hearing the starter running along with the motor. What else?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 4x4 Will Engage But Only Disengage If Reset GEM

I recently bought a 1997 f150 4x4 with shift on the fly. I bought the truck from an old man who parked it outside his house. I love the truck, but the 4x4 has been finiky. I have done a ton of research and i have done a bunch of testing. The vacuum system is working correctly. I have tested the solenoids and the front axle actuator is working properly.

There is some kind of electrical issue. It might be the GEM (i really hope not), but it might be the shift on fly switch itself.

The 4x4 will engage, but when i turn the switch to 2h nothing seems to happen. Driving in reverse doesn't work. But sometimes it switch from 4h to 2h, just by turning the truck off and restarting it. If restarting doesn't work, then i have to pull the 5 fuse, let it sit, then put it back in. I read that this resets the GEM. (Number 5 fuse, middle row, 5th from the top).

Resetting the GEM usually does it, but not all the time. Sometimes it will still be in 4x4 again after resetting the gem. And then what is really weird, after driving it in 2h (after the gem reset) then turned it off and restarting it, it will go back into 4x4. All this happens with the switch set to 2h. So I have been having to reset the GEM, each time i restart it. (This was going on for a day or so.)

Any easy testing i can do? Do you think it could be the switch on the dash, or more likely to be the gem? I hope it isn't the gem. I don't want to have to pull a fuse each time to drive my truck.

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Ford A/C :: Compressor Clutch Making Noise / Would Engage Or Disengage

The A/C in my truck stopped working last year, and this year I intend to fix it. I believe the problem is with the compressor clutch because it was making noise as it would engage or disengage. It was making this noise for a good year or so, and then one day the noise stopped and I have no A/C. So I am only assuming its the clutch.

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Ford Transmission :: 1991 F150 - Clutch Won't Disengage After Replacement

I have a 1991 Ford F150 I bought. Told the transmission was shot, long story short, found out it was just a bad clutch. Pulled the transmission, replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing. Put everything back together, now i cant get the clutch to fully disengage. Had good pressure prior to replacement of the clutch, still has some pressure. just doesn't have enough to disengage the clutch. pulled the inspection cover, and verified the slave is moving. What is causing this issue?

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 1989 - Disengage Electronic Shift?

I recently acquired a 1989 Ford Ranger midsize pickup with an electronic shift button/console between the visors. I put it in 4WD and the manual does not indicate the procedure to take it out of 4WD. What is the procedure?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 2000 - 4 Wheel Drive Will Not Disengage

I have a 2000 ford f-150 4 wheel drive that will not disengage, I am down here in south fla where and don't put it in 4 wheel drive much, but yesterday I put in 4 wheel drive and I heard the click click and it engaged I put it in drive and drove it about 5-10 miles parked it and turned the switch to 2 wheel high and got out , got back in the truck turn her back on and the 4 by 4 lamp came one went off then came back on and stayed on and it still in 4 wheel drive and wont disengage.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 1993 - Cruise Will Not Disengage With Brake Pedal

1993 Ranger XLT 4.0 AT. Initially replaced ECM for other problems and then noticed Cruise w/n disengage when brake depressed unless pedal is pushed several times and with more pressure. Put in another ECM and have same problem. Have replaced the brake switch and lights come on as they should. When pedal is pushed the vacuum dump valve on the pedal will dump the vacuum to the servo but when you release the brake pedal the cruise control kicks back in and speeds truck back to set speed.

So this tells me that the dump valve is only a fail-safe feature for when pedal is depressed and does not actually deactivate the servo. Everything else with the cruise works fine: On/Off switch, Set/Accelerate, Resume, Coast. How to proceed next? Like where to find speed control module and how to test it? How to check servo to see if it is getting or dropping voltage that will electrically disengage it, etc? Don't want just throw parts at it. The new ECU's that I used came from ECU Exchange in Florida and there still remains the possibility that they are still the problem.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 2003 - Grinds After Starting / Starter Won't Disengage

Its and 03 ranger with a 4.0 auto and it grinds after starting and it doesn't always start smoothly, like it hops around till it finally starts, kind of like the starter wont disengage. Do I start with a new starter or is more than likely a flexplate issue? I hope its just a starter.

YouTube video : 2012-02-16_15-35-45_211 - YouTube

2nd problem is it hesitates a second or so before it goes into gear and clicks in hard, kind of like when you are low on oil, but its not low on oil. It also shifts hard. When I got it the column bolts were loose so the shifter was floppy, I am wondering is someone tried to fix it the wrong way. Also now its pretty stiff to move the shifter selector.

Also what tranny is in it, it may be some sort of heavy duty unit, it was an x electrical municipality vehicle, it appears to have an 8.8 and heavy duty rear springs. Door tag reads axle rd, tr D, and spr 2c...

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: FX4 Won't Disengage From Park Without Depressing The Manual Release

My 2008 FX4 won't disengage from park without depressing the manual release (white button). Center console shifter interlock. All I need to know is the part number for that solenoid. None of my local parts stores have a clue and I don't trust my local stealerships.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: ESOF - Hubs Won't Disengage

I've read many posts about ESOF and fault vacuum lines and how that will prevent 4x4 from engaging. I experienced a different problem this past weekend. Here's the situation...

Was about 1.5hr drive up to the mountains. Outside temp when we left the house: 10F. Outside temp when we arrived at destination: 9F. Quite a bit of road grime on the way up from sand, slush, and that magnesium chloride (or whatever they hell they put on the roads in an attempt to keep it from freezing). 4x4 worked fine on the way up. 4x4 light on dash was on, and I KNOW I could not have climbed the snow-covered forest roads without being in 4x4. Also, I could hear and feel the front hubs turning.

On the way home, once I got to where the roads were sufficiently ice free, I turned the dial on the dash back to 2WD. 4x4 light goes out. But I can hear and feel the front hubs are still turning. Toggled the switch back and forth a few times. 4x4 light would come and go with the toggled switch. But the hubs didn't disengage.

When I got back into town (outside temp now about 5), we stopped at a red light and I toggled the switch again. This time, the hubs disengaged. Is this a sign of bad vacuum? Or more an indication of faulty hubs??

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: Air Conditioning Won't Turn Off - Clutch Disengage

I have verified that my AC clutch does disengage (and re-engage), but it seems like the AC is on all the time. Normally you don't notice this in the Northwest because I always overpower it with the heater, but now that it's above 70 on occasion, in vent and full cold, it still blows 20 degrees colder or more than outside air temp.

Is it possible that the clutch disengages but that the bearings are bad and its somehow still turning the compressor? Would a mechanic be able to diagnose this or would I just have to throw money at buying a new compressor? My first indication should have been that I get about 15-16mpg when I used to get 18+ occasionally.

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