Ford Transmission :: 2006 F250 5R110W - No Reverse Drive In Park And Neutral?

May 1, 2017

I've got a 2006 F250 6.0 5R110W 4wd 220,000 miles It started getting a slight delay going into reverse and tow light flashing last week. all else functioning perfect Got a pending code P0700 and P0741 I stopped at NAPA when I was leaving no reverse checked every thing all was normal no leaks and fluid good color drove perfect in drive I got back to the shop [10 miles] put truck in park it was like its still in drive same with neutral, in reverse it wants to creep forward.

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Accent MC (2006-11) :: Transmission Whine In Park / Neutral And Drive

My 2011 Hatchback automatic has developed a whine in park, neutral and drive. ATF fluid level ok and changed by dealer every 25,000 miles. Seems to be coming from under the car. Could it be the transmission oil pump? If so, does it mean removing transmission to replace? I don't think it's the fuel pump. 62,000 miles.

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Cavalier - Chevrolet :: 2003 Won't Shift To Park And Reverse / Stuck On Neutral And Drive

I have been driving a 2003 Chevrolet cavalier and the automatic shift is stuck and can only shift to neutral and drive since Thursday morning. It wont go up to reverse and parking and down to the other 3 shifts.

This first happened last April but somehow with the right grip or pressure was able to get back to all the other shifts. Since then it happened 2-3 times as I can remember and now could be getting worse.

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: 2012 GL Jerking Whenever Switch The Gear From Park To Drive Or Reverse / Neutral

I have an Elantra 2012 sedan GL and last year i tried installing HID's. It worked for a whole but then it stopped after. I learned that it wasn't getting enough power so then yesterday I bought a wiring kit to be able to wire my HID to tap to the battery to get more power. Everything was fine till I got to work but when I had to leave work., there was an issue. Whenever i switch the gear from park to drive or reverse or neutral. My car seems to jerk. And when I'm driving and it changes gears, it also jerks. Kind of the same thing how if your driving a manual car and you change gears wrong. This happens when my lights are off. But when i turn them on it then stops. And when i turn it back of it doesn't do it anymore.

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Ford Transmission :: 1978 F250 - No Reverse Or Neutral

I got Ford C6 Transmission bolted up to a 460 in a 1978 Ford F250 4x4. I recently had put all new gaskets in it and I change the fluid. The day I put it all back in my reverse was trying to lunge forward, my natural was a 1st gear, and drive was working fine. Now recently my park throws itself into gear. I got no burnt fluid, the clutches were fine when I put it back in???? What could it be, I'm running out of options before I do a manual transmission swap.

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Ford Transmission :: 1970 F250 - Slow To Shift Going From Neutral To Reverse Can Take Almost 30 Sec When Hot

I have a 1970 f250 with a factory 390 (vin verified) and a C6, I believe the transmission was rebuilt but have no way to verify. It works fine while cold and mildly warm. Once heat soaked it is very slow to shift (going from neutral to reverse can take almost 30 sec) and leaks profusely from the front. I can not tell exactly where the leak is. Could this be a case of just having too much fluid or is there a more serious concern? The dipstick does read high but level ground in my area is hard to come by so the accuracy can be questioned. If it does have to much fluid, do I just drain the pan, re-install and let it run till hot and replace fluid as needed or should I drain and replace with 3 qrts prior to starting?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 1998 - Transmission Will Not Go Into Drive / Shifts From Park And Goes Into Reverse

I was driving my 1998 Ford F150 the other day and pulled into a driveway. At that time, the transmission quit pulling like I put it in neutral. It shifts from park and goes into reverse but not drive. It has the 4.6L and is 2 wheel drive.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Transmission Shifts To Reverse And Drive But Park Engaged

I have a 2001 f150 crew cab 4x2 82k miles 4.6 with a 4r70w. Was pulling it over a curb and it popped now it will shift into reverse and load the motor like its pulling against a wall. In drive it will move some but still will lock up and stop moving. I assumed something in the rear had broken from the way it would roll a few feet and lock. Replaced the rear and still have same problem. Is there something I can replace to fix a stuck park or does the transmission need replaced or rebuilt?

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Shifter Won't Move Past Neutral Into Reverse And Go Into Park

I have a 09' 4cyl automatic engine with 54k.

About 30min ago when when I parked the shifter would not move past neutral into reverse and go into park. I can go from D into neutral or the next slot over for manual shifting. Naturally this causes a problem as you can't take the key out of the ignition if its not in park.

I took a screw driver and popped open the cap for the shift release button and used that to move it into park. Turned car off, back on, etc etc seemed fine. So when I tried moving it into reverse and it wouldn't budge. It instead would make a electronic click or snap coming form the steering column but more back toward the engine. Like more into the dash area but back in it. It would make this noise every time I attempted to move it but it wasn't a continuous sound. Just once with each jerk to the side to move it out of park.

So the car works fine except for this. I used it with the screw driver/shift release to unlock it and it drives fine. Goes into reverse and back in park but if I move it into neutral or drive it will not go back into reverse or park.

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Prius (Gen 2) :: 2006 Will Shift Into Neutral But Not Drive Or Reverse

Vehicle was repaired after front end collision and I get no codes found on scanner, had some bad connectors which I replaced and codes went away. I don't get ready light and the dash lights do not cycle off (ABS, SRS, Check engine, Etc. Etc.) The car will shift into neutral but not drive or reverse. Has new Aux battery and Hybrid battery is showing two bars. What to check ?

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: F250 6.0L 5R110W - Changing Transmission Fluid?

So I'm off work today, and want to service the transmission. I've got both filters, and a 18 quarts of SP, but am not familiar with this transmission, and understand there's no drain plug for the converter. Want to get all of the fluid out, best I can. I'm at 153,000 on this truck with no issues. I do not desire to flush, just want a fluid change.

Searching the forums brings up a lengthy list of transmission threads, but nothing yet that gives me the step-by-step.

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Ford Transmission :: 5R110W - Tow Haul Flashing On 2005 F250 - Code Is P0760 Shift Solenoid 3

2005 Ford F250 4x4 XL 5.4L 5R110W WITH 177,600 MILES... Tow Haul light flashed after 78 miles (along with other codes) after purchased. I purchased it used. While driving transmission would stop pulling as if it went into neutral and slam back into gear, at same time Tow Haul light be flashing...

Code is P0760 shift solenoid #3, I read from the forums on the site one caused could be the ground wire. We installed a ground strap from battery to tranny
Still does the same.

I have a shift solenoid ordered if needed, knowing the location of #3 solenoid in the tranny is the key to not having to keep dropping the pan. I love this site and have been reading it for long time.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2001 - F250 V10 Transmission Malfunction - Only Goes Into Park / Reverse?

I have a 2001 F250 V10,

So the truck drove fine yesterday had zero issues... I used my auto start as I do every morning in this cold weather, get into the truck and shift from park to drive and its like it does nothing. I can free rev in N,D,1,2. Reverse works great.

I tried switching from 4wd to 2wd, no change. Reverse works just fine. No noises, codes or anything, just doesn't want to engage...

I am assuming I have a 4R100. Could something electrical cause this? I am thinking its mechanical, but hoping someone has ran into this before.

Literally no way I would have known the trans was going bad... It's always worked fine. Tranny fluid is full, I tried unplugging the battery waiting and plugging back in, no dice.

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Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel :: 2016 F250 - Click Sound From Transmission Area When Sifting From Park To Reverse

I picked up a 2016 F250 Powerstroke in the first of March. I owned a 2011 before and loved it.

The 2016 has been great so far, but I've noticed a sound that wasn't present in my 2011.

When the transmission is warmed up, I get a "cla-click" sound from the transmission area when sifting from park to reverse. It doesn't do it all the time and I can only hear it, not "feel" it.

This AM I heard a similar click sound when I came to a complete stop. I only heard it while stopping, not while taking off. I could repeat it almost every time I stopped. I was in drive the whole time I heard the click sound while stopping.

What it may be? I know sounds are one of the hardest things to communicate/diagnose.

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Ford Transmission :: 2006 F350 5.4L 5R110W - Replaced Solenoid - Locked Up - Code P0743?

2006 F350 5.4L 5R110W

I've had the TCC solenoid replaced. Not long after, it locked up again. I had the whole solenoid body (including harness & sensors) replaced .....continues to run hot and eventually lock up. IIRC, it gives code P0743

Transmission shop seems to think it's an electrical issue outside the transmission and thus not something they can deal with.

I took it to a dealership and they said that if it was an electrical issue outside the transmission, it would be throwing codes every time I start it up....which it isn't. They would start be replacing the solenoid (and possibly the whole body) with 'brand new' parts.

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Ford :: 1998 - While Shifting Into Reverse From Park Or Neutral Engine Dies

My 1998 Ford Explorer XLT v6 with about 233,000 miles on it has a bit of a problem. Infrequently, when I shift into reverse from park or neutral the engine dies. It restarts without issue. There are no strange noises or smells when this happens.

The transmission was rebuilt 10,000 miles ago by a reputable mechanic. Almost all of the 230k+ miles are highway miles. Each trip around 40 miles.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 1995 - Stalls While Shifting From Drive To Neutral Or Park?

"95, 2.3L, automatic. Stalls for a couple of seconds and nearly dies when shifting from drive to neutral or from drive to park. Doesn't do it when cold at high idle or when AC is on. It catches back up and idles fine but nearly dies when coming out of drive. Installed a new idle air control valve but no change.

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Golf IV / Jetta IV :: 2005 - Jolts Forward When Shifting From Park To Drive And Occasionally From Reverse To Drive

Recently I've noticed that every time when shifting from park to drive and occasionally from reverse to drive in my 05 Golf GLS, I would have to remain off the gas for 3-4 seconds otherwise the car would jerk forward. If I press on the gas ever so slightly, the rpm would go up to around 1000 then jerk. Why this is happening?

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Transmission Whine Only When Pressing On Gas In Drive Or Reverse

So I have a 2006 2.4 sonata with a transmission whine only when pressing on the gas in drive or reverse. I just flushed and replaced the fluid and it is at the correct level. What I want to know is since the transmission has in internal filter, is it possible for me to clean it out to get rid of the whining sound?

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Elantra HD (2006-10) :: Transmission Drop Into Gear Harder (reverse Or Drive)

I have a 2008 Elantra GLS. I am getting a code of P0750. Seloniod A fault. I have checked wiring harness for critter bites all looks good. If I clear the code the transmission shifts normal until it is shut off like overnight. I also have been noticing that it idles around 1100RPM to 1300RPM and it does drop into gear harder (reverse or drive). This high idle started before the P0750 code.

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Ford Transmission :: Extreme Grinding Noise In Neutral And Park

My Dad has a 01 f150 xtended cab 5.4 auto. Some of this info is second hand. He had driven it on a trip about 50 miles,when he started it to return he said it did not want to engage, put it in gear and nothing happened. Messed with it a bit and got it to go. was fine for about 30 miles or so. Then it started to make noise. I trailered it home and drove it a couple hundred yards to the shop. It sounds like a very large, very dry bearing, also seemed to catch/lock up then clunk.

With the wheels off the ground you can kick it into neutral and while the wheels are still rolling it quiets down. Also it does it sometimes while in neutral. When it is in park it sounds like stuff is still turning. At fist I thought wheel bearing or rear end until it made noise in neutral and park. The noise in park is not loud, just sounds like things are turning. It is full of fluid. The tranny has always worked flawlessly and still does even with the noise. Where to start looking? Transfer case?

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