Lexus LS 2007+ :: Backup Camera Shows Part Of The Rear Bumper

Mar 11, 2016

I just noticed today that my backup camera now shows part of the rear bumper and perhaps some of the chrome. There's also a strange, small, somewhat circular thing in the upper right corner of the screen. With my Matador Red exterior, I'm sure I would have noticed it before today on the backup camera.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: Backup Camera Only Shows In Rear View Mirror And Not In Nav Screen

I bought a 2011 F250 with nav and backup camera. the backup camera only shows in the rear view mirror and NOT in the nav screen. How to program it to show in the nav screen also?

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Prius (Gen 2) :: 2007 - MFD Died And Backup Camera Don't Work

I have a 2007 Prius and the MFD started to work intermittently and now has died. It is an 86110-47230. Is it more likely the MFD unit itself died or does the wiring in the dash sometimes go bad. Everything I have read suggests the MFD. My backup cam doesn’t work since the MFD died, and that is a safety issue and should be covered under some type of Fed safety regulations on a five year old car, but apparently not.

My battery tests good. Wiring connections on the back are connected well. Before I buy a used MFD and install it myself, I want to get an idea of the odds that it’s the MFD or wiring that is the problem.

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Lexus IS 2014+ :: Backup Camera Off Centered

I noticed that the backup camera on my IS is off centered. The distance shown between my car and the object behind it is fine. The sides are the problem!

When the 2 side lines on the screen suggest that I'm centered, I am actually closer to the left than the right side. I always turn my head when backing up anyway, but noticed this issue from day 1.

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Santa Fe (CM - 2007-12) :: Backup Camera Display Distorted And Too Bright

Back in the spring my camera started intermittently not coming on, it was still under warranty so dealer replaced the camera. Three replacement cameras later and one radio later things are worse not better. the display now appears very distorted and overly bright- fluorescent. I'm so disappointed with the dealer and the fact that Hyundai uses refurbished parts. It's worse than the initial problem had been. What might be causing this other than bad equipment? My stress level over this is through the roof I paid a lot of money for the option pkg specifically for the back up camera. Hyundai made them replace the radio but that didn't fix it.

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Ford Excursion :: Removal Of Backup Sensors In Rear Bumper?

My Excursion had a mangled rear bumper when I bought it recently. I just bought a salvage one to replace it. I had it installed today. I want to salvage the backup sensors in the old bumper along with the license plate lights. How do these come out? They seem locked in there to me.

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Lexus RX 2010-15 :: Camera Shows System Not Ready

When I use Side view and backup camera , the screen shows SYSTEM NOT READY. After this issue, I go to service menu, I found check for HANDLE and DEST. Any solution for HANDLE and DEST check in service menu? Is there anyway to upgrade firmware of INTUITIVE PARKING ASSIST ECU?

During driving, some buttons are not working. Sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work!

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Golf V R32 :: Rear Bumper Reflectors Part Number

I've looked through ekta about three times already and I can't find the parts numbers for the rear bumper reflectors...

1K6945105A - REFELCTOR rear left
1K6945106A - REFELCTOR rear right

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Avalon 2005-12 :: 2011 - Backup Camera Adjustment In Rear View Mirror

Whenever the wife drives my car she adjusts the rear rear view window which means I have to adjust it when I get it back. Each time the mirror is adjusted the rear view camera in the mirror gets the blue screen of death. A little later the rear view mirror will start working again.

2011 Avalon with 120K miles

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Lexus RC F 2015+ :: Backup Camera Just Completely Went Blank

BackUp Camera just stopped working! I got into my car today and unbeknownst to me, when I went to park my backup cam just completely went blank. After a few few hours and two short trips, I tried again. Same thing, nada on the screen.

I will post video of the issue, I'm going to Lexus in the am to see what they say. I saw some people have had issues with their music amp clipping. It has happened to me too, but only for a few seconds. I'm starting to think its an electrical issue. We'll see

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Lexus GS 2006-11 :: Any Way To View Backup Camera When Not In Reverse?

Is there anyway to view the backup camera when the car is not in reverse? During driving, while stopped, etc.?

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Lexus RX 2010-15 :: Backup Camera Show Guidelines?

All of the backup camera systems I have seen (which are in Chevys) have superimposed guidelines on the camera view to align the vehicle into the proper spot between the parking lot markings. I road tested a 2014 RX350 with Nav system (with backup camera) the other day and it did not have these guidelines. It just showed a nice rear view picture but offered no assistance in aiming or aligning the vehicle when backing into the parking spot.

Is it just possible the guidelines were turned off in the Nav menu somehow? On the other brand cars, the guidelines actually curve as the steering wheel is turned -so you can use those line to perfectly back into a space. It would be a big oversight IMO if Lexus didn't build this guidance feature into their backup system.

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Golf/GTI VI :: Rear View Camera Only Shows Straight Yellow Lines On Screen When Put In Reverse

I installed rvc couple of months ago. When I put in reverse, only shows straight yellow lines on screen. Is there any way to activate to lines turn with steering wheel (like cars with parking sensors)? I was wondering if there is Vag_com trick available for this option.

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Lexus GS 2006-11 :: Backup Camera Does Not Activate When GS350 Is Put In Reverse

Just bought this 11 gs350 and car is great except that the reverse camera does not activate when the car is put in reverse. The side mirrors tilt down and the rear shade will lower when put in reverse but the screen just stays on the navigation screen no flicker or black screen.. What could be the problem?

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Lexus GS 2006-11 :: Backup Camera Angle Changed - Alignment?

Not sure what happened but my back up camera angle changed . It's picking up a bit of license plate and trunk now. Maybe wife slammed the trunk or something like that even though I said many times to be gentle with the trunk when closing. Is the camera adjustable?

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Lexus GS 2013+ :: Backup Camera Can Be Changed / Turned On From Inside?

1. Can I change the angle of the backup camera?

2. Can I turn on the backup camera from inside the car (without putting it in reverse)?

When I pull the GS into the garage, I would use these features to ensure I leave room so the garage door doesn't scratch my bumper.

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Lexus RX 2010-15 :: Backup Camera Screen Black And White?

I never noticed that the back up camera screen is purely black and white? or is there a setting somewhere to have the screen displayed in full color?

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Lexus GS 2013+ :: Start Up Messages Taking Top 20% Of Backup Camera Screen

The start up messages take way too long to clear, during which time they obscure the top section of the backup camera? I first get "phone connection successful..." followed by "transfer complete". Between the two messages, the top 15-20% of the backup camera screen is obscured. And it's really that top sliver of the screen that allows you to see more than 4 feet behind the car. I suppose I should just be more patient, but 10 seconds (I've timed it) is an eternity to wait after starting the car before you can start backing out.

So I just back out as if I don't have a camera using my mirrors and looking over my shoulder (which I did for my previous 30 years of driving before getting my GS so I guess it's not THAT big of a deal). I just find it really annoying to put a backup camera in the car and then obscure it with messages. It's interesting that Lexus feels it's important to tell me that my phone has been connected for a full 10 seconds. It would be more interesting to know if I was about to back up into something.

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Lexus IS 2014+ :: Nav Screen / Backup Camera Does Not Work At All After Battery Empty

I recently had an issue of my car not starting, battery empty, so battery needed a charger to start the car, but now the Nav screen does not work at all. no backup camera, nothing. Radio still works fine.

So i am guessing its a fuse. I looked at the fuse box on the driver side, but can't seem to find the appropriate fuse.

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Factory Backup Camera Faulty / Stopped Working?

I have a 2006 lexus gx 470 with factory backup camera that has stopped working? Is there a way to diagnose if the camera is bad without getting new unit? Also must one remove the back panel to get to the camera?

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Corolla / Matrix 2009-13 :: Installing A Rear View Mirror Gps System With Built-in Backup Camera On 2011?

I am looking to install a rear view mirror gps system with built in backup camera on my 2011 Corolla S. I have been searching for various different types and so far I have found these two links which look to be suitable.

will the wireless camera work good or is it better to get a wired one? Sounds like the gps system included maps for Canada & US. I am not sure if the camera will fit properly on this car or will it stick out. Also whether running a wire from the mirror to the camera will be challenging.


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