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Engines - Astro - Chevrolet - Heating :: Blower Motor - Two Resistor Plug Wires (orange And Black) Burnt

I replaced the blower motor and the resistor. I just replaced the resistor again only after only a couple weeks. I noticed that two resistor plug wires (orange and black) were burnt. what can be done to fit this problem.

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Start - Gmc - Jimmy :: 1996 - Won't Start Even Replaced Fuel Injector?

I have a 96 GMC Jimmy that will not start..... I have replaced the spider fuel injector and now I get the right fuel pressure. I have random non regular spark that is very week. I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plug wires, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, cam sensor, the ECM, and the ignition control module. The crank sensor checked out to be good. I do not know where else to check...

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Pontiac - Vibe :: 2006 - Hood Won't Open

We have a 2006 Pontiac with no problems, except all of the sudden the hood won't open! We pull on the latch inside the car and nothing! No, the cable isn't broken ...

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Mazda - Brakes - Lights - Protege5 :: Cruise Control Stopped Working

Cruise control and right/left brake lights have stopped working. Upper brake light still works.

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Subaru - Legacy :: 2015 - Brake Light Started Flashing At 40 Mph

On the way home from purchasing this 2.5i Premium the BRAKE light started flashing when I got to 40mph. - yes, the emergency brake was off. Car was roaring like the brake was on-ablut 5 mi. to home. When I drove it back to dealer/service to get a few minor "We owe" things done, same thing happened again when up to 40mph. This was reported to service and car was driven by service manager. They reported a bad wheel bearing front R, and later in day found out rear R wheel bearing also bad. Yes, to be replaced..

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Mercury - Heating - Cougar :: 2001 - Heater Core Is Apparently Blocked

I have an 01 Mercury Cougar Sport Coupe that we bought from a friend for not too much, just to use as a daily driver. It's got a lot of miles on it, but it still gets good mileage, which combined with the fact that we didn't pay much for it makes it an okay car for around town.

Here's the problem. I live in Wyoming where it's winter nine months out of the year, and the heater core is apparently blocked. I made it all through last winter with this problem, but now it's intolerable. The kids call the car "the Red Icicle". My mechanic diagnosed the problem as a blocked heater core and tells me the only solution is to replace it, which costs something like $500. I can't work on the car as everything is too jammed under the hood to get access to anything.

Do I really need to replace the heater core? The whole car isn't worth much. Is there something I can put in the cooling system that will unblock the core reliably?

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Ford - Focus :: 2010 - Rhythmic Hiss Coming From Dash When AC On And Does Not Cool The Air

Car is approaching 100,000 miles. While driving today I noticed a rhythmic hiss coming from the dash when the AC ran. No temperature difference between AC and vent after a little while. Is there anything I can look for before I take it into the shop? I will take it in and have them put die in to find potential leak before we start with the more expensive repairs, but would like to save where I can.

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Ford - Focus :: Vibration Like Driving Over The Intense Short Rumble Strips

Problem: Vibration together with a noise that sounds abrasive and destructive. Mechanics have failed me.

It feels like driving over the intense short rumble strips that are meant to tell you when a wheel is outside the traffic lane. I feel and hear it in any gear, whether I am moving or not, but hardly at all in Park or Neutral, and hardly at all when cruising at high speeds. It is worst on the first drive of the day - much less on subsequent drives, even if the engine has been allowed to cool fully.

History: When this began, less than 600 miles ago, I had the transmission checked, where I had warranty coverage.

Found: No transmission trouble but a broken engine mount.

I had the engine mount replaced (and two gaskets replaced because they had started to leak), together with Virginia's mandated annual inspection - passed.

Vibration lessened but continued and started to worsen. Within 3 days the engine stalled in traffic and THE NEXT DAY the "check engine" light came on. I went back to the same place. The ignition coil and spark plugs were replaced. Power returned, and no stalling or warning light, but the vibration persisted.

One mechanic baffled: "What do you expect with 101K mileage and 16 valves?" - But this came up too fast to be ordinary wear and tear. What should I do?

2.0L Zetec E engine.

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Overheating - Nissan - Sentra - Heating :: Intermittent Heat / Blowing Cold Air

A few weeks ago my car started overheating and blowing cold air while I was on the highway. I took it to my mechanic and he found that the radiator was leaking. Two weeks later the car was overheating and the heater was blowing cold air when I was on the highway. I had it towed to the same mechanic and the car wouldn't overheat nor would it blow cold air. He drove it all around and on the highway but couldn't get the problems I was having to occur. Now I have intermittent heat. Sometimes I will start the car and it will take 20+ minutes for the heat to blow warm air. Other times the heat works fine for a while and then starts blowing cold air. Usually when it starts blowing cold air I begin to smell a sweet odor, possibly coolant. It hasn't overheated again, but I have stayed off the highway.

I just had the thermostat changed, and the upper radiator hose warms up quickly. When the heater is blowing cold air, one or both of the hoses connecting to the heater core do not warm up. Sometimes it's both hoses, other times the hose going in is hot but the other hose is cool. My mechanic seems to think that the head gasket is leaking air into the system, and that the air is preventing the coolant/water from being properly transported throughout the car. He did a pressure test to see if it was the head gasket when I brought the car in but it wasn't conclusive. Does it sound like a head gasket leak, or could it be a blocked heater core, or a weak water pump? So far I haven't noticed any coolant leaks, but I could be missing something.

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Diesel - Mercedes-benz :: 1982 - Emits Toxic Fumes?

. Is it likely that my 1982 Mercedes 240 emits killer fumes? The reason I ask is that the previous owner recently died of brain cancer, and my now adult children have both been afflicted by shall we say, brain related problems. Does this car emit lead like crazy? Or does the smell of burning diesel cause harm?

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