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Nissan - 200sx :: Buzzing Coming From Under The Hood When Make A Relatively Hard Right Turn

I'll be driving along, and when I make a relatively hard right turn, I'll hear a buzzing coming from under the hood from that point until my destination. If the car is stopped (usually about 10-20 mins) I'll start it back up and no buzzing.

I've tried pulling over and stopping/starting the car with no luck. I've shifted gears, including into park and neutral, with no luck. I"ve even tried a hard left turn (no luck)!

The buzz is not terribly loud, but rises and falls perfectly with engine RPMs. At idle it's not noticeable, but increases in pitch with the RPMs. It sounds like the engine sounds on a really cold day before it warms up. If I put it in park I can rev the engine and reproduce the same effect as when driving. It doesn't go away at a certain point i.e. I don't think it's resonance.

This is a 1998 Nissan 200SX with about 90K miles.

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Tires - Hyundai - Sonata :: Changing Tire / Wheel Size

I have a Hyundai Sonata w/ P215/55R17 tires.

I am almost due to get new tires and my husband says that we should switch the wheels and get regular tires, not the lower profile tires that were OEM w/ the vehicle. The current tires are expensive and regular tires would be less expensive in the long run. When I asked at the dealership 6 mos ago they said that it would not be good for the car and would adversely affect the performance. If I do change, what tire size (regular sidewall height) would be appropriate (and less expensive)to change to?

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Nissan - Noises - Maxima :: Whining Sound When Cold?

Ok, so I started the car this morning and there was a whining sound that sounds like winding of gears, It changed in pitch along with RPMs and when the car was in neutral (it's a stick) and the clutch not engaged, it was still there with pitch appropriate for idle RMPs. Later, when the car warmed up, the whine disappeared.

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Honda - Cr-v - Clutches - Airconditioning :: 2002 - AC Compressor Plate Fell Off

While driving my 2002 Honda CRV (155000 miles) to work yesterday, I noticed the AC was working intermittently. Soon enough, I heard a loud clunk under the car and noticed a part had fallen into the street. I circled back and picked it up. After a bit of research I figured out it was the AC Compressor clutch plate. After doing more research I noticed that early Honda CRVs are known for having AC problems - and mine is not the first clutch plate to have fallen off.

My questions are as follows:

Is there any harm in (trying) to reinstall the clutch plate?

Does the fact that my clutch plate fell off mean something else is wrong (e.g., the compress has frozen up)?

If the compressor is bad does 'black death' always occur?

Finally, if I am going to replace the compressor. Do you recommend I just get an AC kit (compressor, condenser, drier, etc.)

I know this isn't an easy repair, but I think I can handle it with my father. That old fart can fix anything!

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Mercury - Milan :: 2009 - Cruise Control Shuts Off

I have a 2009 Mercury Milan. Ever since I have had the car I have had a problem with the cruise control suddenly turning off. It is erratic and will happen usually once on a two hour trip on the highway day or night. And it completely turns off - no RESUME. It never puts up any codes that the dealer can see. The dealer will not do anything because they cannot duplicate the problem. They tried once on a short 5 mile drive but they would have to take it on the highway and drive it for at least one half hour to an hour. They said there were no similar problems reported through Mercury. They initially suggested that perhaps I was accidentally hitting the brake pedal but I have been acutely aware of where my feet are when it happens and it is not me. And anyway this would not explain the fact that it turns off completely. My warranty is going to run out in several months and I would like to get this fixed before it does.

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Volkswagen - Rabbit - Transmissions :: 2007 - While Slowing Down Downshifts From 3rd To 1st Gear

My girlfriend has a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, and she said that occasionally when she slows down as she's getting off the freeway her car downshifts from third to first really quickly and she's concerned. She took it to the dealer but, of course, they couldn't tell what was wrong because it only happens on occasion. They said it might have something to do with the brakes pumping if she slows down too fast. The car has 60,000 miles on it.

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Chevrolet - 1500 - Wheels :: 2001 - Squeaky Front Passenger Wheel?

2001 Chevy Silverado, 1500 4wd. 135k miles. Front passenger wheel squeaks when rolled forward or back. Checked brakes and they are fine. While I had it apart, I could hear the squeak which sounded inside. I don't know the terminology, but there is a bar between two rubber boots. The squeak sounded as if it was coming from the boot near the center of the truck where there are four bolts.

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Monte Carlo :: 2003 - AC Blows Warm From Left Vents But Cold From Right

The air coming out the right front vents is cold; but, the air coming out the left front vents (driver's side) is warm. Sliding left ac slider switch up and down did no good. Considered fuse, but both left and right AC controls run through same fuse. Suspect bad motor for left side plenum duct, or bad connection, or faulty vacuum at motor (if motor is vacuum actuated). Considering removing dash cover to see if I can find the motor, but not sure how to remove dash cover, or even if that's the way to find the motor.

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Lincoln - Navigator :: Value Of SUV With High Miles / Engine Shut Down Without Warning

I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator with 156K miles. The engine shut down without warning. Towed it to the nearest Ford dealership. They could not find any codes from the computer, but note that compression was lost in the left cylinder bank. The mechanics said the likely cause is a cracked cylinder head and this known to occur in my model year.

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Cadillac - Brougham :: Driver Door Lock Mechanism Replacement

My car occasionally locks me out! When I lock the car using the driver's side automatic lock, it works fine, but then it won't let me back in. My repair shop says the left-side locking mechanism needs to be replaced but they can't get the part. The car is a 1992 Cadillac Brougham that I've had since new. The car is in great shape and runs like a top.

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