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Dodge - Intrepid :: 2004 - Revs Up When Starting After Temperature Change - CEL Comes On

My 2004 Intrepid with 100,100 miles runs and starts fine until a temperature change occurs. When that happens, and first starting, the engine will rev up and the check engine light will come. I don't drive it for awhile and then it starts and runs fine, but the check engine light is still on. I've changed various sensors, and the throttle body assembly. Still not fixed. What could be causing this? It has a 2.7 engine.

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Lexus - Gasoline :: High Octane Gas Usage

I own a Lexus IS250 which on the gas cap says you must use high octane gas. My question is, do you REALLY have to use High octane everytime you gas up or can you safely use mid grade? Say every other time without damaging anything?

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Mercury - Milan :: 2009 - Cruise Control Shuts Off

I have a 2009 Mercury Milan. Ever since I have had the car I have had a problem with the cruise control suddenly turning off. It is erratic and will happen usually once on a two hour trip on the highway day or night. And it completely turns off - no RESUME. It never puts up any codes that the dealer can see. The dealer will not do anything because they cannot duplicate the problem. They tried once on a short 5 mile drive but they would have to take it on the highway and drive it for at least one half hour to an hour. They said there were no similar problems reported through Mercury. They initially suggested that perhaps I was accidentally hitting the brake pedal but I have been acutely aware of where my feet are when it happens and it is not me. And anyway this would not explain the fact that it turns off completely. My warranty is going to run out in several months and I would like to get this fixed before it does.

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Ford - F250 :: 1990 - Whistling Sound From The Rear When Cold

I have a 1990 F250 4x4. Whenever its below freezing outside, I get this whistling sound coming from the rear of the truck at very low speeds, like when I'm slowing down to stop at a light, or when I'm turning a corner. Pressing either the break or gas pedal seems to make no immediate difference in the sound. I took it to my mechanic, but it wasn't cold enough that day for him to hear it. But he did say that it is probably just that the rear differential needs servicing. Okay, so I drained and replaced the differential oil and gasket myself the next weekend. Next cold day came around and the whistling is still there.

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Spider - Alfaromeo :: 1990 - Blip At Idle / Engine Would Sometimes Stall While Driving

I have a 1990 Alfa spider. It has a blip at idle. Originally it was much worse. Idle would drop to 500 then pop up to 1200 the back down, back up etc. Engine would sometimes stall while driving. This happened as I would take my foot off the gas coming to a stop. I replaced the first large air duct between the mass air flow gauge and the air intake chamber(cracked on underside). Worked but still had blip which was then unpredictable. I cleaned the air flow gauge and the constant idle actuator with air flow cleaner. This worked more but I still have the blip during engine warmup. Idles fine at start up, blips for a while, then stops bliping as engine nears running temperature. What should I do next?

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Lexus LS 2007+ :: Brake Performance Rotors - Mild Grinding Noise Or Rough Feeling When Stopping

I installed a set of Brake Performance rotors ( slotted ) with premium ceramic pads and have had a bit of strange stuff going on from day one. When I first got them installed there would be a mild grinding or rough feeling when stopping. It got better over the first couple of day but was still there. I also notice a loud whirling or humming noise when I stop from high speeds. I called brake performance and they saids that it may be that the ceramic pad is to hard for the system. It sounded a little odd. The weather in AZ finally hit 77 yesterday so I have been driving with the windows down and have been noticing more of the grinding sound even when the brakes are not pressed.

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Transmissions :: 2013 Ford Escape Bumps After Pedal Release

I have a Ford Escape 2013. When accelerating to around 60 km/h (40 m/h), it bumps after pedal release (It accelerates right after pedal release, while normally it should decelerates and stays put). This problem only happens at around 60 km/h (40 m/h) and no happen at other speed. But at lower speed transmission is sometimes jerky when accelerating or decelerating. I took car to Ford dealer, and they reloaded (reset) the programming module. It worked better in 1st week, but got worse after that. I notice that transmission jerky problem is worse in hot weather (over 20 degree with sunshine), but is better in cool and cloudy weather and not sure in cold weather.

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Manual-transmissions - Fiat - Transmissions :: Engine Turns But Doesn't Rev Nor Does It Catch

I've been watching my mother's 1976 Fiat convertible this summer. It had been taken to the shop about 6 weeks ago and it's been running fine without any problems. I had to leave for about three weeks and now the car will not start.

When I turn the key in the ignition with the clutch engaged, the engine turns, but pressing down on the gas pedal has no effect. The engine doesn't rev nor does it catch. There is gas in the tank and clean oil. I checked all the connections I didn't find anything loose.

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Smart - Fortwo :: Dust Coming Off The Front Disc Brakes / Front Wheels Look Filthy

I really enjoy my 2009 Smart car, excellent gas mileage, fun to drive too. The only drawback is all the dust coming off the front disc brakes that makes my front wheels look filthy even when the rest of the car is clean. Are there other brake pads that work as good as the factory originals yet don't give off so much dust?

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Stalling - Gasoline - Pump - Chevrolet - Noises - Lumina :: 1997 - Loud Humming Noise?

I bought the car( like six months ago) there has always been a loud humming noise from the fuel pump ( I'm pretty sure it is the fuel pump anyways) not the normal whirring noise the fuel pump makes but a hum you can hear about ten feet away. Had no issues till just lately when the afternoons are well into a hundred degrees. That is when my car starts giving me issues. After one of these hot days on my ride home from work, I had just come off the highway and stopped at a stop light when I felt the engine bogging out, the engine stalled and I had to push it to the side of the road.

Its worth mentioning that this humming noise is much louder in the heat than the cool morning then when I turned the key to hear the fuel pump(auto fuel inject) it was louder than it has ever been, and would keep stalling on the way home, I had at the most a quarter tank of gas (gas boy is busted/stuck I think) the fuel pump is bad? Could it be the sock? I thought I read somewhere that my girl pump uses gas to cool down, and that having the tank any less than a quarter could lead to the fuel pump overheating????

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