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Ford - Explorer - Transmissions :: 1998 - Engine Surges At Constant 2500 RPM

I have a 98 ford Explorer that has some serious trans problems. It all started a while back when I was pulling a small 10 foot trailer and when I go to where I was going the trans puked out what looked like all of its internal fluids. It was a hot day, and these problems seem to be exacerbated by the heat but who knows. Yes the check engine light is on. I also have the occasional O/D OFF light blinking at me. As of late the vehicle has started to act like it has a stall converter on it. I have to rev to nearly 3k RPM before it will engage.

I changed the fluid and filter about 2 months ago and the fluid is already grey and nasty. The vehicle has also started going FORWARD in ALL gears, Reverse, Neutral, etc. all are forward gears now. The trans occasionally overheats and pukes out a large amount of fluid but I cannot tell where it is coming from. At road speed (55 MPH) the engine surges when it is at a constant 2500 RPM. I know my outlook is grim but if I just need a new torque converter I would like to know before I go the the Salvage yard for a different transmission. BTW. The engine WAS replaced around 12,000 miles ago with a donor engine from a flipped vehicle.

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Ford - Explorersport :: 1999 - Erratic RPMs When Idle And Rev When Braking

Here is a YouTube video showing my erratic RPMs while idling in park, then pressing and releasing the brakes and gas to show what happens each time: [URL] ....

I just bought a 99 Explorer Sport. The history I know is that the truck has 200k+ miles on it, with the engine replaced. Replacement engine has 90k on it.

Was told the fuel pump, and serpentine belt (I think, he said "main belt") were replaced in the last few months.

The car was driving fine on the test drive and for the first few days of owning it. Then a clicking sound started form under the hood while driving.

I first noted the clicking while at a red light, and when I accelerated it stopped. Over the last week it has increased in frequency every day and now is almost constant.

This evening I was coming to a stop with my foot off the gas and when I hit the brakes the RPM went up, and car lurched forward before stopping gently. This kept happening so I drove home and took the above video. Video taken shows the RPMs jumping up when in park and going form idle to idle with brake depressed. when I rev the gas and let go, the RPMs fall, hang for a couple seconds, and then fall back to ~1000. The captions are very accurate, they show exactly when the brake or gas was pressed and when they were let go.

My obvious question would be WHAT IS CAUSING THIS? Also, ARE THE CLICKING AND THE RPMs RELATED? Finally, SHOULD I AVOID DRIVING IT? I need to drive it a few times through the next few days and I can't really avoid it unless it will mean serious damage.

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Volvo - Brakes - Lights - S40 :: 2002 - Very Loud Screeching Noise While Driving

I have a 2002 Volvo S40. I have recently noticed a very loud screeching noise while driving. It sounds like metal on metal, and it stops when I push the brakes. Any thoughts on what this might be? It sounds like it is coming from the front right tire. I also have heard rattling up there for a while (sounds like something is loose) but my mechanic was not able to find anything with this. I also have issues with my head lights. They go out about every other month and need to be replaced.

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Ford - Gt - Mustang :: Rough Idle But Tachometer Does Not Move

I've had the fuel injectors cleaned and fuel filter changed.I notice it when im at a stop light, dont know if it does it in Park. Iv been told if it was the spark plugs or wires that the check engine light would turn on, and its not on. What should I check next????

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Diesel - Ford - F250 :: Hard To Press Brake Pedal While Driving

My truck is experiencing a hard to press brake pedal. It comes and goes and does not seem to happen at any one time while driving. I know that my truck uses a vacuum pump and instantly replaced this as I figured that with the age of the truck it should be done. However even with a new vacuum pump it did nothing to correct my problem with a hard to press brake pedal. I inspected all the lines to ensure that they are holding pressure and replaced two of the three with new lines. Again it still did nothing to correct the issue. I do not have any leakage coming from the master cylinder and no hiding noise from the brake booster.

1996 F250 7.3l Diesel Turbo 270,000 miles Manual Transmission

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Engines - Honda - Accord - Starters :: 2007 - No Proper Start Up / Bad Ignition Switch Or Battery?

My 3.0 L Honda Accord won't start the way it should. I've included a video of the situation. I need to figure out what I need to replace. [URL] ....

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Nissan - Sentra :: 1991 - Seat Belt Warning Light / 30 Minutes Of Constant Buzzing

I have a 91 Nissan sentra. The seat belt warning light and buzzer like to go off for no reason. Sometimes this lasts my entire trip, 30 minutes of constant buzzing. I have narrowed it down to the front passenger automatic latch.( it slides across the top of the roof and latches in the back.) I have tried every thing I have heard to try from unplugging the wires under the seat to spraying wd-40 into the latch. Nothing has worked. I am just short of ripping out the dash board to cut the wires to the buzzer.

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Toyota - Sienna :: 2000 CE Van Lost Power Completely / Likely Transmission Blow Out

I was driving up hill last night and the van lost power competely. The car did not die out but I could not get it to move. After it cooled down for 20 minutes or so I was able to move it another half block up hill out of the intersection I was obstructing. It then failed again. I was able to shift it into 'L' to move it to the side. I had it towed home. This morning the battery is not completely dead but the car won't turn over. Sound like the transmission?

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Chrysler - Tires - Ptcruiser :: Wump Noise In Front Right Wheel Area

My 2001 2.4L PT Cruiser has a wump wump in the front right wheel area. I've been telling people about it for months but no one beleives me.I replaced front tires but it didn't work. Everyone thought (thinks) I am nuts. I left dejected and said I would turn up my radio. It didn't work.

Now the wump wump is much louder. It goes with the wheel speed = wheel faster, wump wump faster.Don't hear any groning, no pulling. No noises when I turn. Just a wump wump while driving. What can it be?

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Toyota - Corolla :: Vibration From Motor Mounts

I have a little vibration from the motor mounts which disappears with an extra soft touch on the gas pedal at idle. If I would keep the car I would change the mounts, but there are a lot of new parts already....I cleaned inside the plenum.....

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