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Volkswagen - Rabbit - Leaks :: Water In Spare Tire Well

My VW Rabbit (2007) has water in the spare tire well (under hatchback floor); under the floor mats in the back (passenger side has puddled up over the floor mat); appears to have water inside the driver side wall (seat belts are damp and have mildew); appears to have water leaking from under the passenger side onto the ground (backseat end).

This is not a case of windows or sun roof having been left open. Nor have I driven through a flooded area of significance. Last year the rear-passenger-side of this car was destroyed in a 50mph hit by an SUV and insurance co. chose to have it repaired rather than total....

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Gmc - Envoyxuv :: 2005 - Won't Start Intermittently?

My 2005 Envoy XUV 6 cylinder, 63000 miles periodically will simply not crank. The problem is random, intermittent but maddening.For approximately the last month the car cranks in the morning 100% of the time. Occasionally, I will leave the office for lunch and the car will not crank. The switch turns, the gauges light up/the needles jump but nothing--no sound, the engine does not turn over--complete silence. Sometimes, I will turn the key and the car starts the very next time, sometimes it is 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. There are no codes registering. It 's been towed twice to the shop. Once there it cranks every time , all the time. They have kept it for days and can find nothing wrong. The last maintenance was replacing a cam shaft sensor. The battery is strong the connection are sound. Since the car cranks at the shop, they tell me they can not determine if the switch or starter are bad. I can find no pattern to this. I turn the key and there is complete silence or I turn the key and it cranks immediately.

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Electrical-wiring - Honda - Accord :: DRL Light On Dashboard Come On For Few Seconds And Then Go Off

I have a 2008 Honda Accord that about 4 months ago the drl light on the dashboard would come on for a few seconds and then go off. This happened 2 or 3 times a week. During this time the driver side drl light would also quit working. A couple of weeks later it progressed to the drl dashboard light would come on, then the tpms dashboard light would also come on. After an intermittent period of time (seconds to minutes) the icon showing low tire pressure would flash for a second and the drl light and tpms light would go off. This happened maybe 3 times in a day, then not happen again for a week or so. Air pressure in all tires was correct. About week ago it progressed to the drl dashboard light and the tpms dashboard light stay on all the time and neither the drl light (drl mode or high beam or will work on the driver side. In the past few days the low beam on the driver side has also quit working.

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Toyota - Supra - Transmissions :: Car Takes Long Time To Get Up To Speed

From stop. When I accelerate it takes a long time to get to drive. It feels like a lag time. What is wrong with my car?

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Jetta - Volkswagen - Noises :: 2006 VW - ABS Kicking In Without Touching The Brakes

Lately, when I make a slight turn at fast speeds (i.e. freeway exit ramp), my car makes a sound like the anti-lock brakes are kicking in without me even touching the brakes. This doesn't happen all the time and can happen on the smoothest/driest of surfaces. More confirmation of ABS kicking in is the fact that the car slows down when I hear the noise.

I took the car to the dealership to investigate/fix this noise. The dealership said that the cause was uneven tread wear on the two front wheels (5/32 difference). This sounds like bologna to me. What do you think?

P.S. the car is a 2006 VW Jetta 2.0T

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Coolant - Volkswagen - Leaks - Tiguan :: 2009 - Puddle Under The Wheel

I took my 2009 VW Tiguan (which I purchased last week used from the VW dealership in Barrie Ontario) out for a drive earlier today. When I left, the ground under where it was parked was clean and dry. I came back after about an hour of driving and parked it. Then, this evening, after it sit for about 6 hours, I went out to put something in the car and noticed a puddle under the wheel. It hadn't rained and I could see/smell that the puddle was red engine coolant.

I checked the engine coolant and it was low. It's like it sprang a leak all of a sudden while it was sitting there - like someone cut a hose or something. I did a look over the engine with a flashlight and couldn't see any slashed hoses or anything. Tomorrow I'm going to call the dealership and see what they say. I'll update here with what I learn.

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Honda - Prelude :: 1991 - Anti Lock Warning Comes On After 1 Mile Of Driving

My anti lock warning comes on after 1 mile of driving. If I test the anti lock on ice during the first mile the system works fine, around 1 mile the lamp lights.

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Civic - Honda - Transmissions - Radiators :: Shuddering After Start Driving And Losing Power Around The First Turn

I have a '98 Civic Dx with 217,000+ miles on it. Last year I had the water pump and timing belt replaced and beginning in February I noticed my antifreeze was disappearing but couldn't find any leaks. One mechanic said it was the water pump, so I had it redone under warranty. The antifreeze is still disappearing and now my mechanic tells me it's the radiator. (Don't you think he would have said that the first time?) It seems that the transmission is starting to go (see below) so I'm wondering if it's worth replacing the radiator or trying to patch any leaks I can find. I've heard such mixed reviews on patching radiator leaks and this mechanic won't do it. The part is cheap and I can probably replace or repair it myself. So, repair or replace?

I've had a few incidents of my car shuddering after I start driving and losing power around the first turn. Sometimes the shudder is worse if I've turned the car on, idled for a few moments and then started driving. The shudder was similar to one time when I had a bad spark plug wire, so thinking it was that I gave my car a tune up-- new plugs, wires, cap, rotor. But two mornings ago it nearly stalled as I was taking the first turn off my street.

Then yesterday morning it nearly stalled after I backed out of my parking space and began driving (I'd sat for a few moments with the car idling before backing out). For a while I've felt like it wasn't really getting full power around the first turn. I don't know how to describe it except that pushing on the accelerator didn't really do anything until the car had completed the turn and straightened out. I haven't had any problems throughout the rest of the day-- it drives just fine. It's only when it's been sitting at least overnight.

I'm in denial about it being my transmission. It has never liked to start when I've down to or below a quarter tank of gas, and someone else who called the show about that was told that the fuel system was probably losing pressure as it sat overnight, which sounds like what happens to mine. Could this be another symptom of that? Or could something in the fuel system be clogged, like the filter? (My Dad had a clogged fuel filter once and his car would lose power on an incline.) Or is this perhaps the beginning of the end for my little friend? I'm at 217k...

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Audi - Tt :: 2001 1.8T - Shaking When Push The Gas Pedal Down

I have a 2001 Audi TT, every time when I push the gas pedal down the car is shaking(not whole lot). I replaced one of the injection coils but still does the same thing.

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Civic - Honda :: Broke Down - Replace Transmission?

Took my 2003 Honda civic hybrid to a budget tune and lube. They said that I needed my fluid changed, I agreed, they changed it (did not flush it). It has 95k on it. Later that night the car broke down, I took it to honda they're telling me that I need a new transmission, there are pieces of a chain in the fluid that they drained. Supposedly the budget tune and lube used a CVT fluid called "Full throttle" honda is telling me that you cannot use anything but honda fluid and the tune and lube is not taking responsibility. Could this have destroyed the transmission?

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