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Chevrolet - 1500 :: Transmission Does Not Engage In Drive

Overhaul trans, new old pump, but doesn't engage in drive. Reverse and all three low work fine. Drive will only work when rpm's are applied. But without any power.

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Subaru - Forester :: A/C Doesn't Blow Cold Air Out Of Vents

So, I purchased a 2004 Subaru forester at the in of 2013, from a private seller. When I turn on the a/c the air is warm, I thought maybe the refrigerant so low, so I check the level and it is good, the a/c compressor clutch engages, but warm air still comes out of the vents. I am asking what else could cause the a/c to blow warm air?

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Jeep - Grandcherokee :: Distinct Clapping Noise When Engine Is Not Up To Operating Temperature

I noticed that my Jeep has been making a distinct clapping noise any time the engine is not up to operating temperature. It sounds worst on cold mornings, but becomes quieter as the engine warms up. The noise is RPM dependent, so I'm assuming it has something to do with the engine. The noise is not audible when the engine is idling in park, but quickly shows up as soon as I put the car in gear and add gas. My father and I think that a slightly loose rocker might be the cause of the noise, but we're not sure. A mechanic friend of his told him that our jeep has self adjusting rockers so it can't really be fixed without replacing it. I've never heard of such a thing so I'm having a hard time believing it. The really confusing part is that it only makes noise when the car is in gear and the engine is under stress, making no noise when it's just idling, even when the engine is revved. Since purchasing it 5 years ago, we have been careful to do regular maintenance on our jeep so I'm somewhat surprised by it.

Vehicle Info:1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo~175000 miles4.0L I6 with stock 4 speed transmission Completely stock

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Firebird - Pontiac :: 1997 Becoming Hard To Start

My 1997 Pontiac Firebird Transam Ram-Air with 169K miles is becoming hard to start. It used to start right up with the first key-switch. Now, if the gas level in the tank is below 75% it will not start on the key-switch. However, it would now normally start right up on the second key-switch. However, very recently the car is now needing the third key-switch to start with lower gas levels in the tank. I MAY be noticing a difference in starting reliability with change in temperature. Lower temperatures seem to increase the frequency of starting on the first or second key-switch. Higher temperatures seem to require the third key-switch to start.

This slow to start behavior manifests its self after the car has rested for about an hour or longer. A friend checked a fuel check-valve immediately behind the engine when the. However, he found fuel there. The local GM dealership claimed they could not find the problem and suggested a new car battery and then a tune-up for $1K. I suspect the problem is a fuel pump in the fuel-tank or associated seal degrading. What is the actual cause of the observed behavior?

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Subaru - Outback - Transmissions :: Car Won't Move In Drive, Reverse Or Neutral

When I started my car and put it in reverse, it didn't move. It felt like my front, right wheel was in a divet or was being blocked somehow (intuitively it seemed like if I accelerated enough, it would eventually move, but since there was nothing physically stopping it - that I could see - I didn't want to break something by doing that). I tried putting it in drive and neutral and the same issue was still there. I put the car up on a jack and checked one wheel at a time - I could move each wheel completely around in both directions.

I could move the steering wheel all the way to the right and to the left. I tried turning off the 4-wheel drive and that didn't do anything. At this point I'm concerned it could be the transmission or the drive shaft, but I'm not sure what to look for in order to know if I need to get it towed to a shop (hoping I can avoid this) or if there's a simple test I can do, or a way to "reset" something if it may be locked. I haven't had anything happen to the car that would have been of concern.

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Ford - Explorer :: 1998 - Temp Gauge Shooting To High In Just Seconds Then Drops Back To Normal

For reasons I can't figure, the Temp gauge on the wife's Explorer is shooting from normal to high in just seconds. Then, it drops back to normal. When I looked at it this afternoon, I noted 2 things.

1) There was no sign of a coolant leak or overheating.

2) There wasn't ANY coolant in the tank!!!!!!!

The truck has evidently been running fine while this is going on.

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Brakes - Pontiac - Sunfire :: 1997 - Squealing Noise Coming From Brake Pedal

After replacing my brake pads and shoes I am hearing a squealing noise coming from the area near my brake pedal. This noise sometimes becomes high pitched if I depress the brake too hard. I am also losing a little bit of brake fluid if I depress the pedal hard several times. The brakes themselves function fine and have no problem stopping. When I bled the brakes today some of the fluid was black. I figured it might be air in the system but after bleeding them it is still happening. I also replaced the bleeder screws.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L uses DOT 3 brake fluid.

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Gmc - 1500 :: 2001 - Gas Gauge Always Register Empty When Fill Up The Car

I've got a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 with about 80,000 miles and with a gas gauge that is possessed. It sometimes appears to be working normally, but is just as likely to do very weird things, like: When I fill up the car with gas, it will always register empty. And it will stay there until it sees fit to move to full. BUT: if, as I'm traveling down the road, I move the transmission from drive to neutral, the gas gauge will move to full. This also happens arbitrarily between fill-ups, with the gauge sometimes registering empty and sometimes finding some random place around where it should be. Once again, if I put the car in neutral, the gauge will move to its correct position (at least I think it's the correct position!). I was told my one mechanic that the problem is that the fuel pump is wearing out, and that this problem is not uncommon for the Chevy/GMC trucks. The fuel pump is in the gas tank, I'm told, so to replace the fuel pump is rather expensive.

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Acceleration - Gasoline - Pedal - Sentra :: No Reaction When Step On Gas

I have an 03 Nissan Sentra 1.8 with 200k miles. A year ago I started having an issue with the accelerator. When I drive the car the accelerator stops working. It idles perfectly, but when I step on the gas, I get almost no reaction. It does increase RPM about 200, but that is all. When I first start the car, the accelerator works for the first five to eight seconds, which leads me to think it is some kind of sensor. There is no check engine light.

I've tried replacing the throttle body (which includes the throttle position sensor), mass airflow sensor, and the fuel pump. I had it on to the dealership and they reprogrammed the computer, but the issue persists. Last bit of information I can think of is that the problem used to disappear when the car sat for a few days. So I had been driving it only once or twice a week. Unfortunately, the problem is now constant.

Many people talked about the throttle position sensor, which I replaced, but to no avail.

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Gasoline - Chevrolet - Suburban - Flex :: 2008 - Slight Stumble When Idling With The Brake On Or In Park

I have the 5.3L FLEX Fuel with 98K miles. I have purchased this 2nd hand and having a slight idle stumble when in park as well as in drive @ a stop light...etc. If i am under way, the vehicle runs flawlessly. When i am idling with the brake on or in park, there is a slight stumble that is driving me crazy. I have replaced the high dollar IRIDIUM plugs but did not replace the wires...they looked fine. I did clean the throttle body. I get fuel from different places and it does not make a difference. I have not cleaned the fuel system professionally but I have used OTC additives such as SeaFoam. No codes are exhibited on a diagnostic computer or any updates available for that matter.

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