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Dodge - Caravan - Van :: Jingley Noise When Went Over 35 Mph

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan. I drive very little locally - usually just a couple of miles a week. But every couple of months I drive an hour and a half away to THE BIG CITY. Last week I took such a trip, and coming home I noticed my van was making a "jingley" noise. Just like the sleigh bells in the barn. With the windows open I can't tell where the noise is coming from. And it isn't associated with the a/c, since the a/c was off when the noise started.

Since then when I take my little local trips it only made the noise once - when I went over 35 mph. Usually drive slower locally. So, I don't know whether the problem is associated with length of drive time or speed, but I'm thinking it's associated with a higher speed.

Yes, I have an apt. with a mechanic, but I can't get in to see him until the middle of next week.

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Subaru :: 2006 - Fixing CEL Code P0304?

2006 Subaru Forester X 2.5L AT non-turbo

I changed the oil and oil filter; replaced the air filter (Fram), and replaced the alternator and a/c belts. I also got a full tank of gas at Sam's Club, I was nearly empty. I've gotten gas plenty of times there, before.

Next day, the CEL comes on. It's a P0304 code. (Cruise control light is flashing, too.) Engine stumbles and runs rough when cold; idles fine when warm, runs OK, but not the same, when warm. CEL is steady, which is "not bad" but I can make it flash if I hit the accelerator while the engine is cold. Resetting the computer by disconnecting the hot battery terminal didn't work; CEL came on again two days later and symptoms remained.

I buy some MAF cleaner (CRC) and use it; MAF was pretty dirty on the upstream side, actually.

I'm going to change the plugs and wires (they need it, anyway) and I've ordered a new ignition coil, which I'll also switch out.

I've also ordered the gasket for the throttle body, which I'll take apart and clean once that comes in. Last step is to order replacement O2 sensors.

I'm 99% certain there's nothing wrong with the engine, in terms of rings, valves, pistons, etc. I think I'm covering all the bases in addressing this myself. I'm on a limited budget so I'm doing all the labor myself and ordering non-OEM parts on-line, after researching to make sure the parts have a good reputations, fit, etc. (Yes, that's all a big FU to Subaru service for being over-priced but besides being relatively poor I also enjoy doing this stuff.)

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Mercedes-benz - Clk-class :: 2001 - Noise From The Engine / Vibration

My 2001 Mercedes CLK320 has ~150k on it. The maintenance etc. has been kept up to date. A few months ago the car engine started to run noisily and began to vibrate. It's worse when it's cold out or if the car is at stopped but not in park (like when you're at a stop light or drive thru). The vibration and noisy engine running lessen considerable after the car runs for a while and if the car is in the park. I already had a tune up by the MB dealer about 9 months ago. Diagnosis? Also, I'm obviously at that point where the dealer service shop no longer makes sense. I'm going to drive this car (hopefully) beyond 200k, however, it would be nice to get rid of this problem. Otherwise, the car really is almost as good as new!

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Daewoo - Lanos :: Hard To Start After Filling Tank

We had a Hyundai with the same problem. Every time my nephew fills the tank when he goes to start it he has to gun the engine and it takes several attempts to start. Mechanic changed some fitting but it didn't do the trick. Only happens after tank is filled. Other than that car runs fine. Only 45k miles.

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Toyota - Suspension - Camry :: 2000 - Vibrating Steering Wheel?

Slightly into my drive, my car begins to vibrate in what feels like the front end as well as in the steering wheel. At first it started when I was at high speeds on the highway but now it happens as lower speeds (like 40 mph). It does not happen at a specific speed only (so I don't believe it is a balance issue). Also, it doesn't happen all the time...sometimes it only lasts 5 minutes and sometimes it lasts longer. My tires are fairly new and recently checked for uneven wear, I've had an alignment and balance done so now I'm confused about the difference between issues with the following parts: struts, tire rods, rotors, or CV joints.

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Saab - Batteries - 900 :: 1995 Turbo Won't Stay Charged

1995 Saab 900 Turbo. Bought new. Lifetime history of complete battery discharge if not driven at least every 2 weeks. New alternator, multiple batteries of no benefit. Have left on flowmeter for up to 1 week at dealer service center without unusual demand on battery.

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Pickup - Chevrolet :: 1970 - Won't Shift Gears When Cold?

My 1970 chevy c10 pickup is a 350 with automatic transmission 2wd. It doesn't get driven frequently and when I do the first time I put it into gear, fwd or reverse, it is slow to engage. Shortly after it has warmed up however, this problem goes away. What this sounds like?

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Mazda - Sparkplugs :: 2000 Protege Won't Start After Timing Belt Change

2000 Mazda Protege 1.6l Just replaced timing belt, tensioner, idler, water pump, plugs and coil packs

I have checked the timing about 10 times before puting everything back together by rotating the engin clockwise. No stiff point and marks lining up perfectly every time.

Though when I turn the key in the ignition, the engine cranks but doesn't start.

Can't really check the sparks cause I am on my own, but seems like the spark plugs in 1 and 3 are wet with fuel and 2 and 4 are dry.

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Gmc - Envoyxl :: No Heat Or Air Conditioning Coming Out Of Overhead Vents

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL. There isn't any heat or air conditioning coming out of the overhead vents. My mechanic tells me it is a control head module. I would like to try and fix this myself. I don't know where this module is located on the vehicle. It seems I could just remove the defective one and replace it with a new part. Are these modules easy to find in part stores and how expensive is this part?

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Acura - Tl :: 2004 6MT Shakes Violently When RPMs Go Between 1200 And 2000

My 2004 Acura TL with 6 speed manual transmission has an issue. When the RPMs go between 1200 and 2000 the car shakes violently as if the engine isn't attached or is trying to get away. At idle it's silky smooth and after 2000 RPM it feels fine too. The gear I'm in doesn't matter and this shaking happens whether I'm standing still or driving... it just happens in the 1200-2000 RPM range. Again, this is not a small amount of vibration, I'm talking about seriously shaking the whole car.

This is what I've done so far:

1. Replaced the three engine mounts two days ago, and double checked the transmission mounts and they seem fine. At the same time my mechanic discovered a few bolts on the subframe that were loose, and we tightened those.
2. Replaced O2 sensor that was causing check engine light and it's fine now.
3. Timing belt, clutch and power steering was done by previous owner maybe 3-4 months ago.

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