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Honda - Cr-v - Transmissions :: 1997 Won't Go Over 60 Mph On The Highway

1997 Honda crv wont go over 60 mph on the highway. I can put the accelerator all the way down, but it stays right at 60 and the RPMs won't go over 4. Sometimes I can take my foot off the accelerator and put it back on and the car will go to RPMs 3 and the speed can go to 80 and above, but lately it is getting worse. Is this just a transmission fluid exchange fix?

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Isuzu :: Transmission Slips When Going From 2nd To 3rd Gear

I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo with about 140,000 miles. The transmission slips when going from 2nd to 3rd gear. It there any hope for a repair that doesn't involve a tranny rebuild? Can anything else be done?

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Pontiac - Sunfire :: 1997 - Fuel Pump Is Not Getting Electrical Current

I have a 97 pontiac sunfire that will crank, but will only start when I hear the fuel pump running. My mechanict says that the fuel pump is not getting electricity. He is not an electric automotive mechanic, so what needs to be checked when the fuel pump is not getting electrical current. How do i fix it?

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GMC - Sierra :: Rubbing Noise That Seems To Come From Front Passenger Wheel

Concerning my recently purchased '99 GMC Sierra 1500 2wd 4.8L...

There is a seemingly undiagnosable, not that noticeable, rubbing noise that seems to come from the front passenger wheel - one rub for every revolution of the wheel. It is fairly subtle and can be felt (subtle) in the steering wheel between 30mph and 45mph. I don't think a lot of people would notice it and anyone that did would probably just turn up the radio at this point. After all, this truck has a very solid drive train and runs amazingly smooth for its age and mileage (172K)

Here are the repairs I have made that you might be about to suggest:- New front bearing/ hub assemblies on both sides within the last year. No play in any of the wheels.- New tires from Firestone within last month.- New tie rod ends and alignment. - New rotors, pads, and flex lines on front. Refurbished caliper on passenger side front.- New pads, calipers, and flex lines on rear. (one of the calipers had seized and I thought I had finally found the problem... not.) (one of the flex lines was the wrong part and was rubbing up against the rim... I thought that was the problem... not.)

Here are the things you are about to suggest I check:- Transmission, rear axle bearings, etc checked out by my trusted transmission shop. - Wheel well shields are firmly attached.

Things I haven't yet fixed : tail pipe bracket, evap emission solenoid assembly, blower fan resistor thingy, crappy door latch.

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Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel :: Onboard Air Leaks Slightly Making Compressor Cycle Ever Few Hours

Ok, so I have a Viair onboard compressor supplying air to airbags, train horn and fitting in the rear. With all that, I have multiple connections and some leak ever so slightly making the compressor cycle ever few hours. Question: Is there some sealant I can use with push on fittings and connectors to eliminate the leaks?

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Jeep - Cherokee :: Oil Gauge Drops To 0 While Accelerating

For the first ten minutes after my car is started (until it warms up), the oil gauge drops to 0 while accelerating. When I take my foot off the gas, it goes back up. After the car is warm, the gauge works fine and unless the car cools completely down, it gives me no more trouble until the next morning. We have tried:

1. Changing the sending unit (twice);
2. Changing the oil;
3. Working on the electrical contacts;
4. Cleaning all of the parts around it.

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Dodge - Stratus :: 1999 - Differential Transmission Has Been Howling For A While

I have a 1999 Dodge Stratus Base with a 2.4L and an automatic transmission. The differential in this transmission has been howling for a while now and I had a mechanic look at it. He told me that there are a few teeth missing from one of the ring gears. I have a transmission from a 1997 Stratus in my shed that has a good differential in it. I know that the two transmissions themselves are not interchangeable but I have been wondering if the differential hard parts are interchangeable?

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Gasoline - Isuzu - Rodeo :: 1998 - Changed Fuel Pump But Car Will Not Start

I just changed the fuel pump on my 98 Isuzu Rodeo and now it wont start. The pump is getting power because i can hear it humming. Fuel is getting to the fuel rail, I checked the the shrader valve. I tested the battery and its fully charged but it wont start.

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Dodge - Charger :: 2007 - Heater Won't Working / Blowing Cold Air

My dodge charger 3.5L 2007 model have heater problem, The heat blows out cold air.

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Prius :: Check Engine Light

my friend has a 2005 Toyota Prius w/ 22,000 miles the check engine light came on and has not gone away.. What I wanted to know is how can I reset the Check Engine Light with out the scanner. I know some cars you can just disconnect the battery others you disconnect and tuch the terminals..

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