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Mitsubishi - Endeavor :: Sputtered Out And Won't Start After Timing Belt And Water Pump Replaced

A mechanic has my car and replaced my timing belt and water pump....he said he had it running and then it sputtered out and wont start..i have never had a problem with this car. Just replacing before it went out.. he is missing something.

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Dodge - Dakota - Radiators :: Truck Started Running Hot / Foam Coming Out Of The Overflow

we had a shop replace a thermostat in oct 10, last week our truck started running hot so we put in about 3 qt of 50/50 coolant. it returned to normal temp the next day we noticed some foam coming out of the overflow. when we opened the hood it looked like a brownish/red color and is a thick foam. When taking it back to the garage they cannot tell what it is. They have tried to flush it out and say they put in 3qt of fluid and only get out 1qt. It can be chunky at times. What it could be?

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Prius (Gen 2) :: A/C Blowing Warm And Middle Vents Not Blowing Any Air?

I've recently purchased a 2007 Prius and I just noticed few days go that A/C blows warm air (weather was fair when I bought it and I can't remember if it really worked or not then) and middle vents do not blow any air. I'm not sure if two problems are connected but I do want to get both fixed without spending $$$ at the dealership. Where can I start?

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Volvo - XC70 :: 2003 - Low Engine Performance Light

I have a 2003 Volvo XC70 with 87K miles on it. I have kept it serviced. For the last few years I have had an intermittent problem with the engine light coming on saying I am having engine performance problems, that I can (sometimes) alleviate by tightening the gas cap. I make a point of tightening the cap til it clicks when I fill up, so I don't know why this happens. Also, sometimes it happens and I can feel the engine slowing down.

It tends to happen more on very hot days when it has been sitting outside of my office building in the sun all day (there is no shade to park). I have a 10 minute ride home and by the time I am 5 minutes into the drive the light comes on. When I get home I pop the fuel lid and tighten the gas cap (even though it feels plenty tight) and by the next morning the light is often off . My dealer has no idea what is going on, but there is something wrong.

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Mercury - Monterey :: Shuddering / Jerking At Slow Speeds Around 45 - 50 Mph

Our 05 Monterey has this problem at around 45-50mph speeds. At this speed when we step on gas the we feel the vibrations of slow jerking like misfiring and some rough driving experience. This does not occur when cruising around 60/70mph. But if you have to brake and the speed drops below 45, then while accelerating the above problem is experienced. The car also does not accelerate fast enough. The car has around 110k on it. What kind of maintenance does this need? Is it very serious and need repairs right away? It was not a daily driver car, but now has become one (30 miles) for work.

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GMC - Sonoma :: 2000 - Rattling At Idle With AC On

I recently bought a 2000 Gmc Sonoma SLS and it's been a headache ever since. Ever since I got it, it's made this rattling sound that only occurs when I'm both idling and when the AC compressor is on. The sound is intermittent and sounds like something rattling against a large metal pan. Whenever I turn the AC off or pick up the RPMs, it stops like it was never there.My first thought was: belt tensioner. So I popped the hood and watched the tensioner at idle and it seems to be moving back & forth a lot more than I think it should, however, there's not much give at all when I push on the belt itself.

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Clutches - Airconditioning :: 2002 Chevy Cavalier AC Clutch Not Engaging

My AC pulleys bearing froze up and broke the belt. I replaced the pulley and clutch, checked fuses and relays, all good. The clutch still wouldn't engage.I bought some AC 134A and put half a can and its still not engaging. How do I get that clutch to engage?

2002 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Ecotec engine

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Nissan - Fuses - Altima :: AC Quit Blowing Air / Car Won't Shift Out Of Park

My wife's AC quit blowing air last week (a '05 Nissan Altima), so I decided to check all the fuses before just replacing the blower motor. I pulled all fuses out in all three fuse boxes and didn't find any blown. Got a call from an upset wife later that day saying she could not shift the car out of park. Currently, she is driving it by using a screwdriver to release the safety switch next to the shifter.

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Ford - Gasoline - Batteries - F150 :: Battery Drain In Short Amounts Of Time / Gas Overflow Even When Tank Empty

I have an 1979 F150, 351 V8, only 104,000 miles. Been driving it sporadically, had it serviced over the years, been driving it until recently. At least three new batteries have drained to dead in short amounts of time. No one seems to be able to pinpoint the trouble. It has two gas tanks--the original tank overflows out the filler cap in hot weather, even when mostly empty. I must find this trouble. Again--it's been seen by several repair shops, but no one has fixed the problem.

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Lincoln - Mkt :: 2011 - Hesitation After A Full Stop Randomly

My 2011 Lincoln MKT hesitates after a full stop...randomly. After I apply the gas she will hesitate, as if she can't find the right gear, RPM's go out of sight then there's a sudden and hard jerk and away we go! The weather is not a factor...happens anytime anywhere. The cruise control will shut off randomly as well. At times the warning buzzer and light flash on the windscreen that we are about to crash...and there are no vehicles in the way.

It has been to the dealership 4 times in the past 3 months for this and they can't find anything wrong... (Ford does not have a bulletin on this problem either. We've had the car since Feb. 2011 - it has 20,000 miles on it now. Regular maintenance is done as scheduled.)

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