Camry 2012+ :: Can't Skip Songs Using The Controls On Steering Wheel

Feb 26, 2015

I own a 2012 Toyota Camry SE and I am trying to figure out why I can't skip songs using the controls on my steering wheel when my phone(Samsung Galaxy Note 4) is connected to the car via Bluetooth. The car connects to my phone via Bluetooth without a hitch, but every time I play music from my phone and I try and skip a song by pressing the right arrow on the steering wheel, it doesn't respond. The odd thing is, every once in a while when I do try skipping songs, it works! The problem is, I have to press the arrow key multiple times and almost a once in a blue moon type of deal.

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Camry 2012+ :: 2013 Toyota LE Bluetooth - Cannot Skip Tracks Using Controls On Steering Wheel

I just bought a 2013 Totyota Camry LE. Everything is great so far besides the bluetooth. I do not have problem connecting but when I connect my phone via bluetooth while streaming radio like pandora or iheartradio or even local files, I cannot skip tracks using the controls on the steering wheel. Also there is no next/previous track button on the touch panel. Am I doing something wrong or was it how this system was designed.

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Camry 2012+ :: Lights On Steering Wheel Controls Dim

The lights on the steering wheel controls are too dim? I find it hard to see them at night.

Any mod that brightens them up a bit (and creates a cooler look at the same time)???

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Gen 3 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: 2012 - Songs Skip During IPod Classic USB Playback

I found a few threads on this forum talking about skipping problems with ipods. Has there been a fix for this yet? I have a 2012 Prius Three and an ipod classic 80 gb from 2006. I'm not able to use voice commands because it says that the ipod is still syncing. If I play a song it will pause for 1-2 seconds randomly during the song, maybe 1-3 times per song. It's extremely annoying. It doesn't matter if I'm driving slow, fast or parked.

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Camry 2012+ :: Replacing Non Navigation Unit With OEM JBL Navigation - Steering Wheel Controls?

So I found a guy selling an OEM Part # 86100-06040 navigation for cheap. Is it as simple as plug and play for switching it out on my 2013 Non Navigation Carmy Hybrid? Does all the steering wheel controls are there?

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Prius Plug-in 2012-15 :: Steering Wheel Controls Dim

I'm still getting use to the center dash design. When I look at my steering wheel at night the buttons are barely lit. I'm assuming there is no way to make them brighter? Brightness control does not seem to affect the steering wheel.

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Ford Audio/Video System :: 2012 - Adding Stock Steering Wheel Controls To F250

I bought my truck as a 2012 base XLT model, with no Sync and no audio control buttons on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Since then, I have retrofitted in the stock navigation / audio system, added the Sync module, and installed a new steering wheel which came with the proper audio / sync controls on the right-hand side.

After installing the steering wheel, all of the buttons on both the left and right sides light up properly at night, and the controls on the left side for cruise and the message center still work fine. I had the dealer reprogram the SCCM to the VIN of a 2011 Lariat truck which had nav. However, they told me they could not get the wheel controls to work and ended up reprogramming the SCCM back to my VIN.

I would really like to get this to work. In consulting with the company that set me up with the navi and Sync, they said there may be some module which acts as a gateway between the SCCM and the audio system, but not really sure which module that is. Could be the BCM or the instrument cluster.

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Camry :: No Controls On Steering Wheel Work And Airbag Indicator Light Is On

Ok, I accidentally got a speaker wire wrapped around the steering wheel while I was driving. I turned the wheel and the wire broke. I was able to pull the wire out but now none of the controls work on my steering wheel and the airbag indicator light is on. I watched some vids on YouTube on steering wheel removal and I suspect I may have caused a connector to become separated. Does this sound reasonable? I am a little hesitant to start taking it apart. I don't want to do some serious damage. Does this sound like it will be an expensive repair?

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Camry :: Toyota 2008 Steering Wheel Controls Fail To Work

I notice that yesterday when it was raining and i wanted to start air conditioner and the ON/OFF and temperature UP/DOWN buttons don't work when i drive straight but when I turn just a bit it does ....

Check the video : [URL] ......

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Sonata I45 (YF - 2011+) :: Change Songs Via Steering Wheel On IPhone 5 Using BT?

Is it possible to change the songs on the steering wheel on my iPhone 5 when I'm connected via bluetooth? Works fine with USB but not the iPhone.

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Camry 2012+ :: Entune Not Detecting All Songs From USB

I have noticed that some albums/songs are not being detected by the Entune player that are on the USB drive. I verified that the albums/songs are on the drive. I noticed that it reads MP3 files fine but not MPEG-4 files. One would think the player will recognize the common file types.

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Lexus ES 2007-12 :: 2011 ES350 - Mode Button On Steering Wheel Completely Skip Satellite Radio

Recently purchased a certified 2011 Lexus ES350 with navigation. I noticed that when pressing the mode button on the steering wheel, the radio toggles from AM, FM1, FM2, and Bluetooth, but completely skips satellite radio. The satellite radio is active and I set presets for all the stations. I can access the satellite radio stations fine when pressing the button on the dash or on the touch screen but the mode button on the steering wheel completely skips the satellite selection.

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Camry 2012+ :: How To Clean Interior / Steering Wheel

So I've had the 2016 Camry SE for a couple months now, however I was wondering to clean the interior of the car, specifically the steering wheel. I do drive a lot long distance and city driving as well and sweating on a hot day is practically inevitable even if its just a bit. But how to clean the leather/steering wheel of the interior.

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Camry 2012+ :: 2015 - Steering Wheel Vibration At 40 Kph

I just bought a 2015 Camry LE 2 weeks ago and noticed a slight annoying steering wheel vibration when you hit 40 kph and above. You can also feel it on the floor and when you hold the door. Brought it to the dealership and they balanced the wheel. It seemed to have made a difference and you can now feel the vibrations from 80 kph and above. Did a road test with the mechanic and the service manager but they couldn't feel anything and told me it was normal road vibrations. Was advised to go to another dealership for a 2nd opinion. 2nd dealership found a slight excessive loaded runout on the LF tire and road force balanced it.

After 2 days i can again feel a vibration, but this time now at 115 kph and above.I thought I was just being paranoid so I drove a Maxima for 2 days and never felt a vibration.

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Camry 2012+ :: 2015 SE Steering Wheel Is Slightly Off Center

Brand new 2015 Camry SE and I think the steering wheel is slightly off centre... basically driving straight on most roads you need to hold the wheel a bit to the right... and if you hold the wheel completely straight the car will slowly veer to the left.

I checked tire pressure (fine) and I don't think its road crown (most roads are angled a bit right but this car veers left when wheel is held straight). Mostly noticed it once I started doing some highway driving.

I don't think the alignment is bad really but it seems like it might have been done at the factory without the wheel being fully straight.

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Camry 2012+ :: Mode / Hold Button On Toyota Steering Wheel?

The owner's manual for my 2012 Toyota Camry does not give a very good description about what the MODE/HOLD button on the steering wheel is for. At first, from what I had read in the manual, I thought it was like a mute button for the radio, cd, etc. when I wanted to use my hands free cell phone. When I first tried to do this, it took me a while to realize it but I was actually muting my cell phone.

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Camry 2012+ :: Steering Wheel Light Came On - Radio Shut Off And Restart Itself

So I have a 2012 camry SE I4. When i backup and about to start going the steering wheel get stuck, the steering wheel light came on the dash, and the radio shut down and restart by itself. It happened really quick about 5-8s and then everything back to normal, the steering wheel light is gone as well. I doubt the electric has problem, but i am unsure.

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Camry 2012+ :: 2016 - Clicking Noise While Turning Steering Wheel Left Or Right

I have 2016 camry 4 cyl have roughly 2300 miles and I'm noticing a click click while turning the steering wheel left or right while stationary and vehicle running sounds like it's coming from under the dash.

I've seen there is a tsb for other year camry intermediate shaft issue, my vehicle is lowered on eibach Springs and would hate to take back to dealer and have them blame it on the springs in a vehicle that has only 2,500 miles.

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Camry 2012+ :: Power Steering Got Stiffer Suddenly - Hard To Turn The Wheel

My car's about 1.5 years old and 10k miles. About a week ago I started noticing that the power steering got a fair amount heavier/stiffer: it's suddenly a bit harder to turn the wheel. It came out of nowhere and I can't identify a cause, and the local dealership couldn't find anything wrong with the car. (2012 SE I4)

Since it's electric power steering I'm not sure what could have gone wrong here... and while it doesn't make the car un-driveable, it is rather annoying. The tire pressure is still around 37 PSI (according to the sensors) and they're Michelin.

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Toyota - Camry :: 2012 - Steering Wheel Started Wobbling When Braked Downhill

I have driven 53K miles in the Bay-area, CA on my car. On a recent trip to UT and AZ, my steering wheel started wobbling when I braked downhill. And I started hearing the occasional screeching noise when I braked, when I listen closely. I took to the local auto-care chain back in bay area and they said, I needed my front rotor and brake pads replaced. I however had no such wobbling on plains. Hence I wasn't sure if I was being over sold on parts. I got the car back without replacing the pads or rotors. I took a picture of the brake inspection readings. Wanted to get an advice if I need to replace my rotors or not. I understand the brake pads need replacement from the screeching noise. But how about the front-rotors?

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Prius (Gen 3) :: Customize Steering Wheel Controls?

Trying setting up new controls in the steering wheel of a Prius? I have the "four" package so there's a blank spot on the right side where the radar cruise and lane assist controls would be, and I would kill to have the three driving mode buttons right there for easy switching while driving around town. Is that sort of thing even technically possible?

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