Ford - Explorer :: 1998 - High Pitched Whine Type Noise Coming From Mass Airflow Sensor

Jun 25, 2012

There's a high pitched whine type noise coming from my Mass Airflow Sensor. I can get it to go away temporarily if I goose the gas pedal, but it comes back after a minute or two. Has not affected drive-ability, but it's pretty annoying. It sounds like the hot wire is probably vibrating. Is there any fix for it, or do I have to replace the sensor to get rid of it?? Have tried cleaning it, but that did not work.

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Volkswagen :: Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor Symptoms Detected

I've got a 2000 VW Lupo, essentially a small Golf, with an 1.4 motor, automatic. 40,000miles. The car's got the symptoms of a dirty mass airflow sensor but, when I removed what the manual said was the air temperature sensor all I saw was the open end of a small metal tube. No mass airflow sensor. The mechanic at the VW dealer was also perplexed as the specs for my motor (apq) says it has one. At any rate, the car suffers from sluggish performance going up even moderate hills and doesn't get the gas mileage that it should. What else could be causing this? Also, does one need to clean the air temp sensor in the same way as the MAS?

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Check Engine Mass Airflow Sensor?

Got a check engine light and ran the codes and here's what I got.

P0174 fuel system too lean bank 2
P0171 fuel system too lean bank 1
P0174 fuel system too lean bank 2
P0171 fuel system too lean bank 1
P2187 fuel trim malfunction system too lean at idle ( additive )
P2189 system too lean at idle (additive) bank 2
Suggested parts maf sensor.

So im not getting any of the usual signs of a dirty or bad maf sensor. Power is fine engine is responsive and gas seems to be doing alright.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2004 - Location Of Mass Airflow Sensor

I'm wondering where the mass airflow sensor is located on a 2004 Pontiac Bonneville?

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Passat (B5) :: P0171 Engine Code - Mass Airflow Sensor Failed?

I've been getting this error code recently ("Fuel Trim,Bank1 System too Lean"). I have a Scanguage, which let me get the error code, and I used it to reset the message - it came back about a week later. I took it to a local repair shop after the second time, but as I'd already cleared the message, he couldn't do anything. It came back about a week later, and this time I took the vehicle in as soon as the yellow light showed up (without connecting the Scanguage).

The mechanic said that he found both P0171 and P0172, and that the problem was a loose vacuum hose AND a failing Mass Airlow Sensor. They reattached the hose and cleaned the sensor, but said that the latter fix may not last - the light came back on two days later. I took it in again (this time, checking the codes, and found only P0171) and he said this confirms the problem with the sensor and he'll have to replace it ($280 for the part, plus labor, less a discount on the labor equivalent to the labor he put in to clean the sensor.)

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Jetta - Volkswagen :: 2001 - Check Engine Light Came On For Mass Airflow Sensor

My engine is in trouble. A few weeks ago, my check engine light came on. The diagnostics revealed that my Mass Airflow Sensor was done for. I replaced it, and everything was working fine for a week. Then a couple of days ago, my Electronic Power Control (EPC) light came on. The car is really dragging. It have to gun it to make it go above 60 MPH. It's become scary to drive on highways. Are the two issues potentially connected?

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Chevrolet - Lumina :: 1996 - DTC Code P0101 - Mass Airflow Sensor Malfunction

So I have a 1996 Chevy Lumina (3.1L V6 engine) and I keep getting a DTC code P0101, which is a Mass Airflow Sensor malfunction. It's rather annoying because every time this happens, my engine shuts off. I'm talking no power steering, no power breaks, no acceleration, nothing. So I replaced the mass airflow sensor and it continues to stop about every five minutes. However, it does something odd and that is that the car drives just fine when it's in Overdrive and stops when it's in regular drive. I don't know if that's important, but I thought it might diagnose the problem.

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Buick - Regal :: 1996 - CEL Code P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Plus P0102 Mass Airflow Sensor

Ok, my 1996 Buick Regal is acting up. I got a CEL, which was a P0306 (Cylinder #6 misfire), took the car to my shop, and they diagnosed as a faulty Ignition Control Module. Fast Forward, a day later, the car now has a hard start problem and throwing the same code, plus a P0102 Mass Airflow Sensor.

So my questions are:

1) Could a faulty ICM cause a single cylinder misfire, did they just replaced a random part? I would think a bad ICM would a multiple misfire considering on this car each coil controls 2 cylinders.
2) Are the two codes related? ie fix one, and the other would go away? or are they separate issues?
3) What could be wrong with my car?

This mechanic has been in my family for years, however, I'm not very pleased that a day later, my car seems to have more problems than before. Am I being too harsh?

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Prius Plug-in 2012-15 :: Loud, High Pitched Whine Coming From The Parked Car

Last night around 1:00, I was awakened by a noise I think was coming from my car parked below my window. It was plugged in at the time. I heard a loud, high pitched whine, followed by a couple of knocks or thumps, then a sound like R2D2 makes when he turns his head, then a couple more knocks, and another R2D2 noise. I think I may also have seen lights flashing around the the edges of my blackout blinds, but am not sure, since I had just been sound asleep.

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Jetta - Volkswagen :: High-pitched Squeak / Whine Coming From Front Left Tire

I have the most annoying high-pitched squeak/whine coming from my front left tire. For those who cant see the video, its making a high pitched, metal on metal noise... at all speeds... especially when making slight turns... my foot was not on the brake when the video was taken (coasting around the parking lot at around 10 mph)...

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Ford - Explorer :: High Pitched Whistling Sound Coming From Under Hood

I have recently noticed that there is a loud, high-pitched whistling sound coming from under my hood that has progressively gotten worse over the weeks. At first, it would only occur when I had my AC or heat on and would stop immediately once i turned the AC/heat off, and will also happen from time to time when I accelerate. Now, this noise is happening right when I start my car and takes a few seconds to stop.

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Santa FE SM (2001-06) :: 2002 - Odd High Pitched Whine Noise

This has begun in the last few weeks on my '02 SF (which only has a couple of months left until it is retired )....

If I'm going anywhere between about 90-110 KM, I'll hear an odd high pitched whine. It sounds almost like microphone feedback, and I'm having a really hard time trying to find out where the sound is coming from. It is very subtle and comes and goes.

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Civic - Honda :: 2002 - Whining / High Pitched Humming Type Noise When Driving Straight

I have a 2002 Honda Civic EX with 146,000 miles. It started making a whining/high pitched humming type noise whenever I turned. Every now and then it makes the same noise (though not as loud) when I'm just driving straight.

When I checked my power steering fluid, it was low, so I added to it. That worked with the noise briefly, but now it's back and the fluid level is fine.

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Corolla / Matrix 2009-13 :: Medium To High Pitched Whine Noise

I have the Bridgestone Turanza EL400 radials on my car and now at 8000 miles I have started hearing a noise that is hard to describe. It sounds like a singing, or medium to high pitched whine (no, it's not the transmission sound others have reported). It occurs anytime I'm above 20 MPH. I can put the car in neutral at 55 and coast and it's still there, so it's not the engine (which is idling while I'm coasting). I can't detect any noise from the engine at all at idle or at speed. I took a dealership technician on a ride and he thinks it sounds like tire noise. I have heard some complaints on one of the tire sites about this brand being noisy after a few thousand miles.

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Ford Excursion :: Code P0102 - Mass Or Airflow Circuit Low Input

CODE P0102 "Mass or Airflow circuit low input" That was the code and upon checking my records prior to storing it for the year. I installed a new IAC,MAF, Fuel Pump and lots of new hoses, PCV, Fuel injection regulator. The Vehicle has only 110K miles. Now here is the clincher, after doing just the fuel pump it ran perfect for at least 25 miles, perfect I say. When I shut if off I got the check engine light, and thus the code which led me to install the other stuff. Now after pondering the matter, seems that it acted in a similar way PRIOR to my doing anything but there was no code previously. Like maybe some strange electrical connection, or something.

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Golf/GTI VI :: Medium To High Pitched Whine

Had my first drive with the windows down for a long time and noticed a new medium to high pitched whine, stays relative to engine speed. Not the turbo, its much louder than that, i searched about the water pump issues and no one seemed to mention any associated noise, just coolant on the driveway. Waterpump? Alternator?

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Touareg :: Intermittent High Pitched Whine Above 10 - 15 MPH

The vehicle is a 2005 Touareg 4.2 v8 with 81k miles. I purchased from a dealership and have been having nothing but problems from the day I purchased it. (2 months ago) the day after I purchased it check engine light came on, headlight range light, air bag light, and now this noise I have owned about 15 vag cars and also own vagcom no codes pertaining to this noise... Above 10-15mph there is an intermittent whine (high pitched) for the most part the noise is there most of the time.

It does not stop when in neutral not effected when the air is off or on, does not change if you down shift, no change if the wheels are turned. I broke down and took it to a very trustworthy Audi shop in the area and you guessed it the entire way there no noise... The tech drove it no noise so I had them flush and fill the trans as it was due for it anyways. They informed me that it was dirty and I figured that it may have taken care of it. Well after a 20 minute drive home the noise started again! I took a short video....

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2001 F350 V10 - High Pitched Whine Appear / Disappear

I'm having an issue with my 2001 F350 V10. A seriously annoying high pitched whining noise appeared a while ago, then disappeared, and has now come back.

It happens as soon as I start my truck, whether it's cold or warmed up already. it increases in pitch and loudness as I increase RPM, it also does exactly the same in neutral. As soon as I put it in gear (R, D, 2, 1) it completely disappears and will come back as soon as I shift back to P or N. Strangely, if I drive around town for a few minutes, when I get back home and shift to park the sound doesn't really come back, sometimes it will be faint but usually it's totally gone. But if I shut the truck off and turn it right back on again then it's there again.

It's coming from somewhere in the engine compartment or close but due to the nature of the sound it's very difficult to locate. I got underneath using a screwdriver as a stethoscope and listened to the transmission, transfer case, starter, oil pan and even the gastank and it doesn't sound like it's coming directly from any of them. While underneath I noticed power steering fluid leaking from the pump behind the pulley and dripping off the hose. Somehow though I don't think it's related as the sound disappears in gear and doesn't change at all when turning the wheels. I cleaned the fluid off and drove around a bit and it doesn't seem to be leaking too badly and my reservoir is totally full.

The truck otherwise is driving as good as it always has and whatever this sound is doesn't seem to be having any effect on performance (yet...) ...

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Ford 7.3L Power Stroke (1999-2003) :: High Pitched Turbo Whine Under Heavy Acceleration

I'm on the road and I pulled over for a pit stop so I don't have time for a search right now, but I noticed under heavy acceleration a turbo whine so high pitched it almost sounds like metal on metal. Is this normal and I just noticed it, a leak somewhere, or maybe indication of something worse? The truck seems to be running ok otherwise. It's an '02 w/7.3 and 220k miles.

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Golf VI R :: Strange High Pitched Whine And No Boost

I recently noticed that my Golf R was making a strange high pitched whine and it seemed like there was no boost. I took my car to the dealer, and it turns out that part of the CAI broke off (a mounting component) and made its way into the turbo, effectively destroying it.

My dealer was initially intending to cover the turbo under warranty (prior to investigation), but now that it is clear that a failure in the CAI caused the issue, they cannot (obviously) cover it under VW warranty. Unitronic CAI failure led to turbo failure.

The serviced manager did some research prior to getting back with me, and was somewhat puzzled since the Unitronic CAI displayed on their website looked slightly different from mine in that the component that failed was not there. The service manager called Unitronic and learned that the failed component was a known issue (it had apparently failed before), and thus they modified the design - hence the picture of the revised version did not match the older version that was installed on my Golf R. The Unitronic rep offered to replace the CAI - but did not mention anything about the failed turbo (when he spoke to the service manager).

I found the following thread which illustrates that this was a known issue: [URL] .... I just wish I had found out about this before it failed.

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Prius (2004-09) :: High Pitched Whine When Accelerating

My car has 155k miles and I haven't had any previous issues with it. I noticed probably 30k miles ago the beginning of a whine sound when the car accelerates. The noise has been getting louder (it's really not that loud) but I am wondering what this could be. I want to avoid anything happening to the car and want to find out what the problem is so I can fix it.

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