Passat (B5) :: 2000 - Changing Timing Belt?

Apr 26, 2006

I got 102k on my 2000 1.8T Passat, ATW engine code. I'm thinking about changing the timing belt. Is there any way to check if it was done before. How to recognize factory timing belt?

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Passat (B5) :: Car Died After Changing The Timing Belt

OK, so yesterday I changed my timing belt and all new components. I started the car before completely reassembling everything (bumpers, etc.) and it ran a little rough at first, then smoothed out. But this only lasted a few seconds and then it died out. I thought not much about it and finished my reassembly. Afterwards, the car would crank and crank and finally start. However, it would never idle smooth and it stalled out only after 1-2 seconds.

I did some investigation, and found the plugs all had wet oil on them. Changed them out and tried to start car with same results. Looked again at the plugs and they weren't as oily, but on their way. I looked all over for a source of this problem and found a broken "pipe" on the passenger side of the engine. It is black and sits behind a heat shield, directly under a larger black pipe. They both run from front to back. I think the broken one might be a vacuum line of some type, although when I plug it, nothing happens.

My fear is that I botched the timing belt job and subsequently, bent a mess of valves. But, I'm holding out hope for another cause of this dilemma. What is the smaller black tube/pipe on the side of the intake? The broken piece comes off a 90 degree elbow pointing to the ground. I'm guessing it was broken before the timing belt job, but who knows? Perhaps I broke it when I moved the radiator into service mode. Could it be part of the turbo? I thought that might cause the rough idle and stalling.

Oh, one other thing. When I last tried to start the car, I got a flashing "STOP" on the instrument panel, followed by something about the oil. The oil words only appeared for a split second before going away. Not even long enough for me to read the whole sentence.

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Passat (B5) :: 2004 - Engine Is Backfiring After Changing Timing Belt

Recently I changed the timing belt on a 2004 Passat 1.8T and I realized I put the timing tensioner off by a few millimeters due to misunderstanding. I started the engine and it didn't sound very healthy. So I took off the timing belt and realized the tensioner was off by 8 millimeters. I corrected it and restarted the engine and it began back-firing. I re-checked and replaced the belt 3 more times and it still back-fired. The engine runs perfectly from a few seconds to a few minutes, then begins back firing and it stalls out. I had a recent post and I had suggestions to check all hoses, connections, etc. and to scan the computer for error codes. I did so and got the codes P0300, P0302, P0303, P0304. These codes mean back-fire in cylinders 2-4. I don't see any valve adjustments in the engine so could the valves be bent and do I have to replace them? God forbid D: Or do I have to reset some kind of computer code in the car or any other error that may need adjusting? All connections, hoses, wires, etc. are good. I've been a professional mechanic/technician for 25 years now and fixed cranes, bulldozers, semi-trucks, and anything else you can name that has wheels and is land based, all sorts of engines, gas, diesel, ethanol, you name it... I also worked on several VW's, including my own, and figured this V-Dub would be a walk in the park , but it turns out this Passat is the most complicated thing I've worked on in my life!

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Passat (B5) :: 2001 - Changing Timing Belt / Testing Damaged Valves

So, I got a 01 b5 1.8 5spd given to me was broken timing belt. The car is super clean with 226k on it and had been well-taken care of..oil changes Mobil 1 and such. the owner just got his $$ worth and drove it till the belt went, slapping then towed it to my shop. It did not overheat and he was not driving it hard. Now here is my real question...apars lapping on a new belt and crossing my fingers, what testing can I do to check and see if there are any valves damaged? Can't I do a compression test w/out the valve train in time right? Also, if there does happen to be head damage. I would be in the market for an AUG head, unless it's just a valve that can be replaced....

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Passat (B5) :: 2000 - While Replacing Timing Belt Motor Oil Is Leaking?

I have just bought a 2000 passat 1.8t. The car had broken timing belt so i was just planning to replace the timing belt but there is another issue. When i was disassembling the radiator support I took off the intercooler but there was a lot of motor oil so I am not quite sure what is the problem. And do have to rebuild the engine or replace the cylinder head because of the broken timing timing belt. The belt was actually not broken only belt teeth are gone so I think that piston and valves might crashed.

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Camry :: P1351 After Changing Timing Belt?

I recently changed the timing belt on my 2001 Avalon. I am now getting a P1351 code. I removed the timing belt covers and checked the marks, and everything lines up perfectly. I have checked this twice now. To give a little background, before I changed the timing belt, I was getting P0300, P0301, P0303 and P0305 codes along with a P1349. Upon looking up the codes, P0300 indicates a misfire on multiple cylinders, with P0301, P0303 and P0305 indicating misfires on cylinders 1, 3 and 5. The P1349 indicates a variable valve timing issue on bank 1 (cylinders 1, 3 and 5).

I had already changed all 6 coil packs and fuel injectors and spark plugs within the last year (iridium plugs), so I pretty much ruled out any of those. And since the valve timing code was on the same bank as the misfires, I figured that was the cause of the misfires. The oil level was fine, and it hadn't been all that long since I had changed oil. So the next possibility was the solenoid. I changed both of them. Since it was due for the timing belt, I decided to go ahead and change that too. Now, the P0300, P0301, P0303, 0305 and P1349 codes are gone. But after a day or two, the P1351 shows up. As I mentioned earlier, I took the timing belt covers off and checked the belt and alignment marks. All was perfect. I cleared the code. Within a few minutes of driving the code comes back. I checked the belt alignment again. Not loose, and marks line up perfectly. The car runs smooth as can be. I do notice that there is valve clatter on Bank 2. It sounds kind of like a diesel. But it is running smooth. It is also interesting that the original valve timing problem was on Bank 1, but the valve timing problem now is Bank 2. I have only driven it a few miles since the belt change. That's all it took for the code to come up.

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Volvo :: 1991 Turbo 740 - Changing Timing Belt?

I am acquiring a 1991 Volvo 740 Turbo and am concerned about the need to change the timing belt. The seller does not have record of it being changed since he had the car for two years. He had only put about 10,000 miles on it since he had acquired it. It now has 186,000 miles and runs perfect and basically in good shape for its age. If the belt breaks does it ruin the engine?

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Jetta - Volkswagen :: 2002 - Changing The Timing Belt?

I drive a car I am extremely reliant on. I don't have money to buy a new one and I may be a bit over protective of this car. It is in excellent shape, I bought it with 96K and whoever owned it took good care of it. I changed the battery pretty much right away, and the auto parts store guy said it looked like it was the original battery. So I suspect the timing belt is original too, (along with the clutch, which works great BTW). I don't know anything about cars short of what I have heard on CT, but it seems there is a trend towards having to change the timing belt at 80-90K And I know that a worn out timing belt can have no symptoms and essentially ruin your car if it breaks.

I took my car for the blue plate special, and it has been to the dealer a couple of times for some repairs where they also do the general service and see if they can find something to charge me for and in all cases, my car had nothing they would identify and repair. Fluids are good air filters are good etc. When I took it to the little shop on the corner I got the same report, and when I picked it up I asked, well how does the timing belt look? And he said. I can't tell you, you would have to take it apart to find out. So my questions are, as I do not know if the timing belt has been changed by previous owners. should I just go for it and have someone change the timing belt as part of my regular maintenance plan now, or is there some nifty way to find out if it needs changing without having to spend an arm and a leg?

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Golf V R32 :: Timing Belt And Chain Changing Kilometers?

Looking for info if the R32 has a timing belt or is it a chain and at how many kilometers shows it be changed.

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Toyota - Camrysolara :: 2005 - Changing Out The Timing Belt At 66,000 Miles?

I have a 2005 Toyota camry solara with 66,000. Does the timing belt need to be done now due to age of the car?? Or wait alittle longer?

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Prius (2004-09) :: What Is The Frequency For Changing Belts, Hoses And Timing Belt

I have a 2007 Gen II with 133,000 miles and am using Amsoil synthetic oil and an extended life filter, changing oil every 10,000 miles. What is the frequency for changing belts, hoses, and timing belt? Other than a faulty latch on the rear lid, I have experienced ZERO problems with the car and would like to keep it so.

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Honda - Accord :: 1997 - After Changing Timing Belt CEL Flashes / Won't Shifting Properly?

I took my 1997 Honda Accord with 97,000 miles to the Honda dealer for a 90,000 mile service and changing of the timing belt. I also had them replace some gaskets, some other belts and the axles as they were not holding fluid. When I got the car back the second time I drove it the check engine light came on and the car will not shift gears properly. When I start the car cold, put it in drive and accelerate the engine revs for a few seconds before the gears will engage.

This continues whenever I stop and accelerate. It also happens whenever the car is ready to switch to a higher gear. The engine revs past 3000 rpm and then will shift a second or two later. The dealer says I need to change a rebuilt transmission. The Bluebook on the car is only about $3000. I'm having difficulty evaluating the best course of action. What is the reliability of a rebuilt transmission?

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: AC Not Working After Timing Belt Change

I just changed the timing belt and everything runs great. I pushed the AC button and no light came on. I checked all the fuses and they are good I took the H and L caps of and tapped the pin and there was air blasting out. Don't know what it could be? All I did was loosen the compressor and remove the belt and put it back on.

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: Car Won't Start After Timing Belt Replacement

I just finished replacing my timing belt, water pump and all belts. I made sure to double check the timing marks lined up via this pic:

Timing belt diagram

I put everything back together and no go. I am not sure what to do now. Should the crank sprocket pulley be in a special starting position? I see is has a "1" engraved on it.

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: Engine A Little Louder After Timing Belt Change

My mechanic just did the timing bet, water pump and other belts. Also changed the tensioner.

Car runs fine and everything seems great until I get to a red light. The engine sounds louder then before. Not very loud but its louder and maybe a very slight vibration, not sure yet. No noises while driving, seems like its running the same or better then before. Runs fine though

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: 2002 - Timing Belt Tension Adjustment

Is there a "how to" on adjusting the tension of the timing belt in a 2002 accent 1.5L ....

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Passat (B5) :: Oil Leak Around The Timing Belt

Over the summer my car started having oil drips under it and it ended up being the valve cover gasket, so I replaced it. I noticed the half circle gasket next to the cam chain tensioner gasket was missing, so I just jammed it in there (didn't have tools/time to get cam chain gasket replaced). Before I changed these gaskets, oil would drip on the back side of the motor (farther from the front). Today I noticed drips of oil in front of the engine. Looking around there is oil in the timing belt area and is dripping down from there. It doesn't look like the VC gasket is leaking.

My question, what would cause oil to drip into/from the TB area?

engine = 1.8t ATW longitude

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Passat (B5) :: Timing Belt Replacement?

I am looking for a link or instructions on replacing the timing belt on a 2.8 30V. I attempted to search and mostly came up w/ the info relating to the turbo.

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Passat (B5) :: 1999 - Timing Belt Should Be Done At 100 K?

hile since i've posted on the Tex. I've got a buddy who's looking at getting a 99 Passater, the car has 110k miles on it and it's the 1.8T. I've been reading a few posts out there about what to look for on these cars and of course maintenance records are at the top of that list. The other things I've been reading about is timing belt (I'm assuming this costs a few dollars to fix) probably should be done at 100k, and some front end suspension parts seem to go bad at an early interval. Anything else that we should look at on this car? It's an AutoTranny, I know the B4's had a horrible AT, I used to own one. Did they fix this pretty well in the B5's?

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Mazda - Sparkplugs :: 2000 Protege Won't Start After Timing Belt Change

2000 Mazda Protege 1.6l Just replaced timing belt, tensioner, idler, water pump, plugs and coil packs

I have checked the timing about 10 times before puting everything back together by rotating the engin clockwise. No stiff point and marks lining up perfectly every time.

Though when I turn the key in the ignition, the engine cranks but doesn't start.

Can't really check the sparks cause I am on my own, but seems like the spark plugs in 1 and 3 are wet with fuel and 2 and 4 are dry.

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Passat (B5) :: Keeps Stalling After Timing Belt Replaced

99 passat 1.8t with 5spd has 95k on it. 2 weeks ago my ex wifes car broke the timing belt and bent 12 valves so brought it to mechanics to get repaired and got it back seems to start up fine but when shes driving it stalls out on her. Mechanic says its something do with electronic throttle and nothing to do with his work. No check engine codes yet anyways .

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