Acura - Integra - Hesitation :: 1992 - Tachometer Started Bouncing Up And Down

Jul 1, 2013

My '92 Integra has ~280K miles. A couple of years ago the tachometer started "bouncing" up and down while the engine seemed to run fine. Some time after, it started to hesitate under acceleration. A few months ago the car died while driving along the highway. The tachometer went up and down as the engine cut off and came back on before finally dying. A tow to the repair shop lead to a tune up, changing of spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and the ignition coil. That got the car running again, with its usual erratic tach and hesitation on acceleration. Then, the car died again in a similar way while driving. I was found to have a dead battery. Replacing it got the car running again...but the tach is still erratic and the car still hesitates. I am concerned that there is still some underlying issue that has not been fixed. I sometimes think it is a loose connection because there are times when the car seems just fine, but that is happening less frequently.

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Steering - Acura - Integra :: 1992 - Occasional Squeal When Turning

I'm the original owner of a '92 Integra (~130K miles) and I have an intermittent squeal when turning, which sounds like rubber against metal in the front of the car (maybe even from the steering wheel). It happens only when turning, and only at certain positions of the steering wheel during any particular occurrence. It is speed independent but velocity dependent: it can happen on an on- or off-ramp at 50mph or turning into my driveway at <10mph, and if I move the wheel a little either way it will go away but return when I move the steering wheel back to the "squeal" position. It might happen one day but not the next day. I actually was able to reproduce this for my mechanic, but they found nothing and said the front end looks good. The tie rods were replaced at ~100K miles, and the engine mounts were replaced at ~120K miles; I got new tires at ~110K miles; the squeal doesn't seem to correspond with any of these repairs/replacements. What is going on that could be checked out.

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Acura - Integra :: 1990 - Slightest Hesitation Before Engine Would Turn Over

The last few days, when I would start my 1990 Acura Integra (morning or afternoon after sitting at work), it had just the slightest hesitation before the engine would start or "turn over", if that is the correct term.

Sometimes I just thought I did not have the clutch engaged the whole way and did not worry. This morning I went to start it and it hesitated again, but now won't start at all..makes the clicking starter sound after a second attempt, but nothing else. NO lights were left on!

The Battery (Duralast Gold 8 year battery) was replaced in Feb 2011, the Distributor in August 2011 and the Distributor in 2007. Could it be the latter?

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Acura - Integra :: Oil Pan Gasket Started To Leak

I recently had my oil &filter changed on my 01 integra at the dealer and was told that my oil pan gasket has started to leak. Car has 180k on it, and has no engine leaks.Seems like steep price for the repair $340.00 for the oil pan gasket. Is this repair really worth doing on a 12yr old car or is this just a normal thing that happens w/ age. Also Oil is not leaking on the ground and has no leaks around the engine. Iam only adding 1qt. of oil every 3k.

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Acura - Integra :: 1994 - Started Shaking All Of Sudden?

I I have Integra 94 RS, all of sudden it started to shake like crazy. it feels like the car has a stuffy nose (something clogged).

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Toyota - Matrix :: Tachometer Usually Bouncing Between Zero And About 4k

I drive a 2007 Toyota Matrix, automatic, 111K. My check engine light is on, but I haven't had it check because it frequently comes on and off for the evap sensor in the gas cap.

a few months ago all of a sudden the tachometer would move around very erratically. it started the first weekend that it was really cold here, and has since come and gone. At the times when it's not working, when i start the car the tachometer will usually hang at zero for a while and then begin to flail around usually bouncing between zero and about 4k. Occasionally it will make it all the way to the highest range of the gauge, 8k, and jump around there for a while. Then without any trend that I've noticed all of a sudden it will function correctly. There are also times when it works fine the entire time from the time I start the engine.

Another disturbing piece is that about a month ago my temperature gauge joined in and will now remain at zero the entire time the tachometer is flailing about and then when simultaneously they will begin working normally.

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Integra :: 88 Acura Won't Start After Running

I have an 88 acura integra and the problim is that once in a while it would not start after it had been running. If I let it sit for 5 min it would start. Now it is happening everyday. One time it will start great and run fine, but when I turn it off I don't know if it will start again. I checked the gas and it is getting gas and the pressure is fine, but when it last happened it would turn over but wouldn't start for the rest of the day, I checked and it had no spark. After I replaced the ignition control mod and rotor, it started on the second try but when i got to work and turned it off the same thing. I let it sit for a while (about 15 min) and it started. Like I said after it starts it runs great, lots of power, no missing or any thing.

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Acura - Integra :: RPMs Fluctuate Up And Down

Lately, my 1990 Integra has been idling VERY low. Some mornings, while idling at a stop, the rpms fluctuate up and down to the point where it almost dies. Is it just cold? I live in coastal San Diego, so it's not freezing here. This morning, had to keep my foot on the gas to keep the car from stalling before getting home from dropping son off at school. It died in the driveway. Started up just fine right afterwards, but idled down to nothing. Now it idles okay, but at a pretty low rpms, like usual. NOW, the battery, a SEARS Diehard Silver, is near the end of its usable life. Prorated 84,000 mile replacement warranty, but I have had it for 8.5 years and have 1 82,000 miles on it. YES! I have been meaning to replace it, as it is leaking some nasty stuff at the terminals, but wonder if the weird idling is a symptom of something else, since the car still turns over.

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Acura - Integra :: 1995 - Won't Start

I just bought a 95 Acura Integra from Canada. I haven't driven it in a few weeks. It has a lot of stuff in it. An aftermarket engine and intake. Also aftermarket speakers and stereo. It has blue lights installed by the pedals. Now it won't start. I got stuck in town the other day. Whats wrong? I really love this car. Awesome body kit and everything. I don't wanna sell it!

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Acura - Integra :: 1996 - Frequency Of Oil Changes?

I have a 1996 Acura Integra with manual transmission. It has only 113K miles on it. I put on only 6K to 7.5K miles a year. I have owned the car since it was new & have always changed the oil & oil filter myself. Until about 3 years ago I changed the oil & filter 4 times a year--roughly about every 2K miles. Three years ago I reduced the number of oil changes to 3 times per year. Recently it was suggested to me that even that was too many and that I should change the oil & filter every 6 months. To be honest I am not comfortable with that but I also realize that my discomfort may simply come from habit. I have changed the oil & filter every 2K on every car that I have owned since I was a teenager. I should tell you that I am 80 years old and live on my savings & a pension. To replace this car would cost me between $25K to $30K so it is to my advantage to keep the car on the road for as long as I can. In short will I be doing any harm to the engine by changing the oil every 6 months?

A second question that I have about oil is that it is becoming increasingly more & more difficult to buy a high quality brand of conventional motor oil. When I shop I have been finding that the better engine oils, Castrol GTX, for example, do not offer much of a selection when it comes to conventional motor oil. In fact conventional motor oil is their cheapest oil. Most of the varieties of oil that they offer are blends of conventional motor oil & synthetic oil. I have heard conflicting statements about switching from conventional oil to synthetic oil. Some say it is dangerous to do and that it should not be done while others say that it does no harm. But what about switching to a blend of conventional oil & synthetic oil? Will that cause any damage to the engine?

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Acura - Integra :: 2000 - Radiator Cap Rotates All The Way

2000 Acura Integra Auto ... Replaced the radiator through Kragen (O'Reilly)Didn't come with a cap - using the existing one.If you tighten it, it goes around through 360 degrees ...

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Acura - Integra :: 1998 - Sometimes Won't Start For The First Time

Once a week or so my car doesn't start right away after I have driven some where, such as to get coffee, the library, or shirts from the cleaners, It makes noise as if it will start, but then gives up. If I sit and wait patiently -- doing nothing for 15 to 20 minutes or so, it will start. The mechanics have checked it over several times, but can't figure out what's wrong. They suggested putting in a new engine relay a week and half ago. Since then, the problem has happened twice.

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Acura - Integra :: 2000 - Cranks But Won't Start / CEL Comes On Then Goes Off

My 2000 Integra with 180,000 miles that never gave me a moment of trouble, stalled at a stop sign and hasn't started since. The info:

1. Engine cranks
2. Check Engine light comes on and then goes off after a few seconds (assume no error code)
3. Removing a spark plug shows spark
4. All fuses ok
5. Fuel pump relay ok
6. Removed fuel filter, turned on ignition (not trying to crank), fuel is coming through. There isn't much pressure, the fuel comes out like a water fountain. I assume the fuel pump is ok.

My thinking is that I either don't have spark or I don't have fuel. The spark looks ok. The fuel pump is moving fuel, I don't know if the pump can fail in a way that moves fuel but at too low a pressure. Is there another device, in the fuel delivery system, between the pump and the cylinder that I can check?

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Acura - Integra :: 1990 - Replacing Timing Belt?

My 1990 Acura Integra is on her 4th timing belt...still going strong after 25 years! Long ago, I was told by the people who worked on my car that it was best to replace the Timing Belt every 60K. My Manual says inspect at 60K but replace at 90K.I typically have changed it at around 65K....and now it is a bit beyond the 65K mark for this timing belt ( also do the water pump, etc) as the car is now at 262,327 miles.I am tempted to wait a bit longer, as it is not even close to the 90K mark.

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Acura - Integra :: 1990 - Undetectable Leak In Radiator?

Yesterday after driving my 1990 Integra ~ 25 min (Fwy), upon parking at the Farmers Market, I noticed the Fan running, which it usually NEVER does, unless there are impending issues (like in the past, when I needed a new radiator). I also noticed a weird smell, and even a stronger than usual gas smell coming from near the engine area, but thought it could have been from other cars near me that were coming and going.

This morning I opened the radiator cap and found the liquid slightly low, but there was still stuff in the overflow reservoir.There are not ANY signs of leakage under the car, but I now think the smell I noticed yesterday WAS radiator fluid. The hoses all look fine and the radiator is only a year or so old.

FYI, I tried to search Radiator queries under Repair and Maint. and the "ask a question " section, but it is not giving me the BLUE links that I USED TO GET, (as in others on the forum who posted radiator problems), but rather the links are RED now, and when I click on them, it often comes up as UNTRUSTED site, so I don't want to go there! Maybe the format has changed and it is ALL like this?

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Acura - Integra :: How To Make Conduit To Slip In And Out Of Hatch

My hatch has wires coming out of frame into the hatch - it goes through a rubber conduit - the conduit supposed to go in and out of the hatch as we open and close it. It needs to be easy otherwise the conduit will come out of the position from the hatch - there is a sleeve.

Can I apply any specific grease? It is a 87 Acura Integra....

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Acura - Integra :: Removing Carbon Build Up On Pistons?

My 87 Acura Integra with 170k gave SMOG reading in CA as below:

NOSpeed Max Meas15 760 87525 542 535

A m/c tells me it is the result of carbon build up on pistons.

Incidentally it gave the following in 2010 - upon retesting without any repair it passed:

NOSpeed Max Meas15 760 65625 542 678

Note: Recent oil change (Mobil 1 High Mileage), tune up, Thermostat, new PCV valve, NGK Plat spark

It is for "NO" - Nitrous Oxide

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Acura - Integra :: 2000 - Accelerator Pedal Getting Stuck?

2000 Integra with 95k miles in an excellent condition - used pedal jack when parked

I had to make a left turn and ramp up so put it on D3 - I pressed the accelerator and when I felt the speed could be higher (I am not comfortable to drive up the hills) so I must have pressed hard on the accelerator. It then responded

Not sure what was happening, I started breaking and steering - still around 30mph, guessing - it was not a wild drive.

Still not satisfied, I moved to gear 2 and stopped the car. Realized the car is still pulling, turned off the engine and realized the accelerator pedal is stuck.

I pulled it and it has been fine! With the engine off, I pushed the pedal hard and it always bounced back. Not sure that the getting in and out the pedal jack had been interferring with the accel pedal. It also looks like the engineers did a good job that with the stuck accel pedal, I did not end up in a wild drive - I had to brake and move the tranny to 2 but was able stop it - it was a mild up the hill, but unsure if it played a big role.

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Acura - Integra :: 1990 - Antenna Keeps Running Even When Car Turned Off?

Today I noticed that my antenna mast on my 1990 Integra was cycling up and down non stop. Turned off the radio and it kept going. Turned off ignition and it just started up again after a few moments. The radio lights came on a couple of times even when the radio and car were turned off. This I first noticed after parking at a store for a while, where the problem "appeared" to have stopped (but I was wrong). I looked at the fuse panel legend, and there is not a listing for a fuse for the antenna motor. There ARE listings for power windows, of which I have NONE, other than the moon roof, so I pulled the fuse for the radio but this did not stop the antenna from doing it's thing! I was forced to undo the cars battery for the night!

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Acura - Integra :: Interval Of Tranny Fluid Change

Those with Honda's know the Auto Tranny needs some extra care - there is no filter to change.

Factory recommends drain and fill every 2 yrs, which I have been doing.

After Acura TL (?) had some issues, Honda made a machine to suck old fluid completely out - heard dealership did not touch these machines for 6 months!

I am wondering if I should change these fluid every 1 yr instead of 2 yrs on any of my two cars - one is pre 1990 (1st gen) with 165k - but replaced tranny 7yrs ago with a used one and it had done 25k. Other is around 2000 (3rd gen) with 120k. The 1st gen does 3k every year and the other does 8k.

I could take to dealership and ask them to drain the whole fluid out - sometime this might make the tranny from stop working given the age on the 1st gen.

Are there any other tips?

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Integra :: 96 Acura Stalls And Lose Spark But Restart Within 10 Minutes

96 teg 1.8 non vtech after a while it will lose spark some times it runs for a few days then loses spark but will start up with in 10 min sometimes it just just stalls out and loses spark but restarts with in 10 minutes.

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