Dodge - Neon - Misfire - Clutches :: Hard To Start At Times

Apr 6, 2011

I've had problems recently with my 03 Neon:

1) The CMP sensor throws codes constantly and the car is really hard to start at times. I replaced it a year or two ago with a generic part. From what I've read elsewhere, Neons hate non-Mopar parts for this so I just got a Mopar replacement and will drop it in when I get the valve cover back on. Does it make sense that a replacement could go bad w/in 20k miles or so?

2) Cylinder 1 misfired pretty hard. I accelerated on the highway and heard a thunk or thud w/ a loss of power. As the only code I got was a misfire I drove it home slowly (about a mile). Could this be caused by fouled plugs from the repeated hard starting? (I lived with the CMP sensor being bad through the MN winter cause I didn't want to replace it until it was warm). Should I look into this more? The thunk really worries me...

3) Last spring at about 95k miles I noticed what felt like my clutch slipping a lot. It would almost always slip under even partial acceleration at highway speeds and occasionally at lower speeds. I'd notice the rev increase w/o increasing tire speed. I took it to a major chain and they took a week to replace the clutch... but ever since then I've felt occasional slips. Did they do their job? Or is there something else here? I don't have a tach but I have a scan gauge ii hooked up which does show rpm increasing significantly w/o speed increasing.

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Dodge - Neon :: Engine / Car Jerks 2 - 3 Times As It Slows Down

I have 1995 Dodge Neon (automatic). Lately, after long trips and on the highway the "check engine" light will come on. Then, the car seems to struggle shifting. I will be cruising along at like 68 MPH, then ease my foot off the gas to slow down, and the engine/car awkwardly jerks 2-3 times as it slows down. Trying to stay in the 60-70 MPH range is hard because is keeps hesitating and jerking as my speed changes, not HEAVILY but enough to make driving unpleasant. My cruise control stopped working about a year ago, I have not had it looked at yet, but I thought I should mention it. When I let the car rest overnight, the light goes off, and there is not problem until I go on a long trip again (around 200 miles.) This only happens at higher speeds, around town there is not a problem.

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Dodge - Neon :: 1997 - Misfire In The Number 4 Cylinder?

My dad's 97 dodge neon is showing a misfire in the number 4 cylinder. He replaced the spark plug but still getting that code and engine not running smooth. What other things could cause this? Engine has about 130,000 miles on it, had been running fine.

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Dodge - Neon :: 1997 - CEL With Misfire Code - Engine Not Getting Enough Fuel

Dad's 97 dodge neon still showing a CEL and a code for a misfire but according to code reader it has something with the fuel line that is causing not enough fuel to get to engine. Car has a new fuel pump (about 6 months old) and it runs fine for a while then will sputter then will run fine for a while and back and forth. What it might be?

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Dodge - Neon :: 1997 - Getting Misfire Code - Fuel Line?

Dad's 97 dodge neon still showing a CEL and a code for a misfire but according to code reader it has something with the fuel line that is causing not enough fuel to get to engine. Car has a new fuel pump (about 6 months old) and it runs fine for a while then will sputter then will run fine for a while and back and forth. What it might be?

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Dodge - Neon :: 1997 - Check Engine Light Has Been On And Causing Random Misfire

I have a 1997 Dodge Neon with about 153,XXX miles on it. My check engine light has been on and i know that is caused by a random misfire. But more recently i went to start my car and it started but ran for less then 10 seconds and died. I tried to start it again and it wanted to but wouldnt make the final step i guess. We checked my spark plugs and i had oil sitting in 3 of the 4 there are. We have tried starting it again after cleaning the oil out and it started on the first try, I am just afraid of messing anything else up so until we figure out why it did this to begin with the vehicle is off limits. My Fiance said we need to replace the spark plugs and a gasket.

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Dodge - Neon :: Hard Time Starting / Noise Like A Pump If Turn The Key

I have a dodge neon that has a hard time starting. if i turn the key about 6-8 times i hear a noise like a pump ( i am guessing) and then it starts. if i do not turn the key on and off it will not start.

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Neon :: 2004 Dodge Won't Start When Key Turned

I drive a 2004 Dodge Neon, 2.0 base-model that has had zero problems since I bought it, and regular maintenance has religiously been maintained. Yesterday, after having already driven once without any problems, I went to leave again, and it would not start.

When I turned the key, it started to start but just stopped, but my dash lights and radio all came on (and still come on) fine.

I called out AAA and they tried jumping it just in case, but to no avail. My friend then took out the starter AND the battery and took them to get tested- both were perfectly fine.

There is no wire corrosion, either, and no noise at all when I turn the key. Instead, everything else comes on except the car itself.

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Starting - Dodge - Neon :: Car Periodically Won't Start

See the log (with videos): [URL] .....

Every time the mechanic tried to start it worked just fine. It appeared to happen more under the following circumstances: drove day before, hot the day of, cooled down and then won't start. I just recently picked it back up and it's been starting fine...which leads to the theory that it's connected to hot weather...but I expect to have problems in the future and the fear of getting stranded is not nice.

PS. Car has 90K miles, regular oil changes but not sure what else (a "hand-me-down" that got lined up with the others in my parent's driveway to change the oil - I don't know if my sisters did any major work on it and we've all switched cars so much it's hard to remember what had what done.)

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Brakes - Chevrolet - Blazer - Clutches :: 2001 - Push Clutch Hard Almost Through The Floor To Start The Car

I recently purchased a used 2001 Chevy Blazer with a manual transmission. In order to start it, I have to push very hard on the clutch, almost through the floor. Is there some type of adjustment to make starting a little easier? Also, when I push on the parking brake, it also goes right to the floor and seems like it barely engages.

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Dodge - Neon :: 2004 SE Turns Over But Won't Start / Code P0508

In the process of moving to a new house our Neon SE (2.0L, SOHC) sat for about a week without being driven. When my wife goes to start it (5am Monday morning: FUN), it turns but won't actually start. I throw on the code reader and get a P0508, Idle Air Control valve sense circuit Low. At this point, I've put on a new IAC valve, note: the throttle body looked good and in working order, and spliced on a new OEM wiring harness, but the pos still won't fire up. When tracing the wires, there was no indication of them being frayed or short-circuiting. The next step, following this code P0508, would be to change out the PCM. From my research, if the PCM is truly bad, there's usually one or several codes indicating as much; i.e. I'd be getting a lot more than just a P0508.

Could the P0508 been a red herring? I generally associated a bad starter or starter solenoid with a clicking noise, but would this still be worth checking out? On that same note, could the culprit be a bad ignition coil even without any codes showing for IC-related problems?

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Neon :: 2003 Dodge Keep Cranking In Order To Start Up - Engine Code P0440

I have a engine code for evap sensor sometimes this can be ignored but this is causing me to keep cranking my car in order to start up what should I look for I know there's solenoid and charcoal canister and gas cap which one could be keeping my car from starting the first time.

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Honda - Accord - Clutches :: 2003 - Clutch Master Cylinder Changed Six Times In 12 Months?

I have changed the clutch master cylinder on my '03 Honda Accord (6 cyl.) six times in the past 12 months. Either the o ring seal blows out or the bolts holding the plate down breaks off. I bleed the clutch of bubbles until the oil runs through also. What am I doing wrong?, I'm about to send this car packing.

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Dodge - Ram :: 1996 - Intermittent Fuel Pump Malfunction - Have To Turn Ignition Several Times To Start

Intermittent fuel pump problems in '96 Dodge ram resulted in new fuel pump 50,000 miles ago. Happened again 100 miles ago, so another new fuel pump. Now to start car must turn the ignition on several times before going to the start position. It appears the latest new pump may have defective one way check valve, so the pressure is depleting after turn off. Any favorite brand of fuel pump for the Dodge "pump in the gas tank" arrangement? Or solutions such as installing an external pump to do the work of pumping the fuel?

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Accent MC (2006-11) :: Intermittent Hard Start After Trying 2 To 3 Times

I have a 2009 Accent. Last year I started to have a hard start issue, very intermittent. It eventually got worse this year.

During the cold, it was never an issue, but during the summer damp or rainy days it occurred quite frequently.

It would turn over, but never start. If I pressed the gas peddle while starting it up, it usually would start the 2nd or 3rd time.

I changed the usual start up components; plugs, ignition coils, cam shaft position sensor, crankshaft sensor, and cleaned the throttle body.

None of those changes worked for the startup. When I removed my throttle body to fully clean it again, I noticed there was an extra air channel into the engine from the TB. Following this, I found the ISCA.

Removing, taking apart, and cleaning the idle speed control actuator seemed to have fixed the issue. It was so caked up with carbon deposit/build up, it couldn't fully rotate.

I used the throttle body cleaner to clean it out and then it began to spin freely (I removed it from the black sensor part first).

Since putting it back altogether, I haven't had a start up issue since.

Here are the notes from the service manual .....

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Toyota - Corolla - Clutches :: 2001 - Hard Time Picking Up Speed

I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla 5 speed manual that is having a hard time picking up speed, but the engine will rev as high as your willing to push down the pedal. The engine runs well its just not affecting the speed of the car very quickly. We replaced the MAF sensor recently and it made little to no difference.

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Dodge - Neon :: 2005 - Won't Go Over 60 Mph?

Intermittently (although lately it's pretty common, perhaps due to the Texas heat?) my car will take several seconds to start. It sounds like the battery is dead, i.e., it sounds as if it's about to start but it straining, and then it eventually engages.

When this happens, I know that a) I won't be able to turn on cruise control and b) I won't be able to accelerate easily. at best I can get it to 60 mph

Similarly, even if I start up without a problem, and I'm cruising down the HWY at 80 MPH, the car will suddenly loose momentum and won't go above 60 mph. And I can't turn on cruise control (cc shuts down, in fact, if it was on).

This is a 2005 Neon, by the way.

I have replaced the battery and cabling to the battery to no avail.

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Dodge - Neon :: 2005 SXT - Using E15 / E30 Gasoline?

One of the gas stations where I live recently added e15 and e30 gasoline to their pumps. I drive a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT and was wondering if either one would be ok to put in this car. I regularly put in the e10 gas and have done so for all of my vehicles since I have been driving. I read that e15 should be fine but was wondering about the e30 gas.

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Dodge - Neon :: Car Acts Like In Neutral

My car was acting like it was in neutral. After cooling down for 20 minutes, it would drive about a block. Then it would not drive.

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Dodge - Grandcaravan :: 2008 - Hard To Start Intermittently

My 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan has intermittent trouble starting. The starter has been replaced twice, and the WIN Module (and key) have been replaced. The same issue has been occuring, but never duplicates for the dealership. Their computer scan brings up no issues. The battery has been tested and is in good condition. It doesn't matter the time of day, or driving circumstances, the van will not always start.

It will have one click (and I can close the windows, turn on radio) but the van will not start. The Chrysler Dodge corporate office is getting me nowhere (big surprise there) and is not standing behind their customers-and Lampe Dodge is no better-so now I'm compiling information on my own to figure out the issue (since they are at a standstill with the van). What should I do now?

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Dodge - Neon :: 2003 - Car Started Overheating

My 2003 Dodge Neon started overheating. We replaced the thermostat, temperature sending unit, flushed the radiator, checked for blockages, cleaned the radiator, changed the head gasket and water pump.It can run for about 10-15 minutes driving or 30 minutes idling before it overheats. The fans will kick on. The thermostat opens up. Pressure builds up on the radiator hose. When it gets hot, it boils back into the reservoir.I've been careful not to let it get into the red since the head gasket change.We sent the head off and had it planed.

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