Ford - F150 - F100 :: 2006 - Grinding Noise Coming From Front Left Side

Jan 1, 2012

I've got a 2006 f150 4x4 v8 ... I get a grinding noise (I think it is coming from the front left of the truck) that lasts only a little while and only comes out after a cold night (so I only get the noise in the morning after the truck has sat overnight)...

The issue details:

1. The grinding noise is constant and the truck has to be moving for it to make the noise
2. The truck will only make the noise while driving forward, it disappears when I drive in reverse
3. The truck has to sit overnight and it has to be cold (below freezing)
4. I only get the noise if I go in reverse BEFORE I drive forward after the truck sat all night
5. Will not make the noise while in 4x46. It has been doing this for about 2 months

What I tried:

1. Replaced both front wheel hubs
2. Replaced 4x4 vacuum and checked the lines for pressure
3. Front brake pads and checked calipers
4. While the truck was making the noise unplugged the 4x4 vacuum - still made the noise

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Passat (B5) :: Grinding / Wobbling Noise Coming From Left Front Wheel Side

I have a 1999 VW and i have this grinding, wobbling noise coming from the left front wheel side. I brought it to the dealer and two other mechanics and they can not find why there is that noise.

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Loud Grinding Noise Coming From The Left Side

I just got the car back from repairs, there was a loud grinding noise coming from the left side of the engine. It turned out the whole rack and pinion setup was pouring out fluids and needed to be completely replaced also while it was in there they checked out an oil leak which ended up being the front valve cover and replaced a dead O2 sensor. The car has 99,300 miles

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Grinding Or Whirring Noise Coming From Front Passenger Side Wheel

I owned a 99 f250 a little while ago. Just bought a 2006 crewcab F150 xlt about 2 months ago, and for the past month there has been this unusual grinding or whirring like noise coming from the front passenger side wheel.

I took it to the mechanic and he found a bad wheel bearing on drivers side and replaced it but that wasn't the issue. He could hear the noise but wasn't able to figure out what the actual issue was.

The noise only happens when my foot is on the throttle. (not when coasting) and i also just discovered that it doesn't make any noise at all when put in 4x4.

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Ford - Explorer :: 2003 - Grinding Or Humming Sound Coming From Left Driver Side Front

Alright so I'm having a problem with my 2003 Ford Explorer. I've recently noticed that when I get to above 40 mph, if my steering wheel is straight, I hear a loud kind of grinding or humming sound coming from my left driver side front. If I am going about 65 mph, it gets even louder and if I crank the steering wheel to the left, that's when it really gets noisy but as soon as I crank it to the right, the problems gone. When I do hear the hummin sound, I can feel it in the steering wheel. I have replaced al of the tires and it didn't work. Also, the car slightly pulls me to the right.

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Steering - Pontiac - G6 :: 2006 - Rhythmic Metallic Grinding Noise Coming From Driver Side Front End

I've been hearing a rhythmic, metallic ringy grinding noise coming from the driver side front end of the car that seems to be in time with wheel rotation. It happens between 5 and 40mph, worsens while the steering wheel is turned even the slightest to the right, goes away completely during left turns, reduces and becomes intermittent above 45mph, and between 0 and 5mph, as I turn the wheel to the right from any position, I hear squeaking. I recently had the front control arm, ball joints and struts replaced. It has 140k miles. What could it be?

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Ford Excursion :: Grinding Noise In Front End On Left Side

Had a grinding noise in my front end, left side. Found the hub was bad so got it replaced. Now I still have a grinding noise that comes and goes. If I hit a bump, it starts the grinding noise but nothing constant. Had the front end checked and nothing was obvious. Was trying different things and when I put it in 4WD, with the switch on the dash, the noise goes away. What to try next?

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: F350 - Grinding Noise On Left Side Front

I replaced both front bearings, calipers, brake pads, now I have a grinding noise on the left side front stops sometimes when you step on the brakes? 1999 F350 ...

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Ford - F150 :: Intermittent Metallic / Rattle Noise Coming From Front Passenger Side

2008 F150 4x4 27000 mi There is an intermittent metallic /rattle sound (like marbles or a chain in a can) seems to be coming from front passenger side; sometimes on first acceleration , sometimes after turning a corner, sometimes after hitting a bump. Doesn't last more than a few seconds Had my mechanic friend look at it on hoist and no apparent loose parts in exhaust system or breaks; 1st noticed it last August ( 7000 miles ago) but it subsides and then reappears with no distinct pattern. best guess is a bad wheel bearing but it's never gotten any worse; other guess is transfer case/ chain problem but 4x4 use isn't much and it goes in and out of 4x4 mode with no problems.

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TrailBlazer :: Grinding Noise Coming From Front Left Wheel When Braking In Reverse

So whenever I brake while reversing (and rarely while moving forwards) I hear this odd grinding noise coming from the front left wheel and can feel it through the brake. Im not a petrol head but I decided to replace a wheel bearing hub myself recently to save money. I am pretty sure I reconnected the anti lock brakes correctly though I doubt it's that. My brakes are good.

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Toyota - Camry :: 2005 - Grinding Noise That Appears To Come From Left Front Side

My 2005 Camry started to make a, for a better work, "grinding" noise that appears to come from the left front side. It seems to appear around 40mph. Other symptoms:- the noise is not present when the car is in park even when revving up the engine- the noise appears to be correlated to the car/wheel speed - if placing the shift in neutral, the noise does not change while the speed doesn't change- if starting in 2nd gear, the noise only appears around 40mph when the engine is about 4500rpm.

Here it is a little hard to distinguish as the engine masks it- if switching the the 3rd gear, the noise does not change- if switching to "D", the noise does not change- coasting at neutral at more than 40mph still gives out the noise- when going over higher spots in the road (when the load of the wheels is reduced) the noise intensity goes down

There is no (or very low) noise at low speeds. Also, no noise when taking sharp turns. Had both front wheel bearings changed and the break pads, and the noise did not go away. I will be taking the car to a transmission place soon.

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Intermittent Grinding Noise Coming From Left Front Wheel At Low Speeds

Over the past few months I'd noticed an intermittent grinding noise coming from my left front wheel at low speeds. I took it in once but it refused to play along so I finally managed to catch it on camera and let the dealership listen to it. They booked me for today, saying it sounded like a wheel bearing (to which I agreed) and I dropped her off around ten, not expecting it to cooperate for the second time.

I got a call from the dealer around 2 PM saying that they were able to duplicate the noise and that when they took the left front wheel off and ran the car on the lift with the rest of the wheels off the ground, the noise went away. Even stranger still, when they put the wheel on the tire balancing machine and spun it, gronch, gronch...gronch, gronch....gronch, gronch. It was coming from inside the wheel! I gave them permission to dismount the tire from the wheel and about ten minutes later I got another call saying they'd found a handful of tiny hard rubber balls inside the mounted wheel/tire assembly that were rolling down the inside of the wheel and causing the grumbling at low speed.

Here's the kicker: they were in all four wheels! The tech even saved them for me so I could take a look and they don't look like anything mass-produced; some are larger than others, some are round and some are oval-shaped but when I dropped one on the glass advisor desk, it made a very clear 'Clink!'.

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Ford F-150 (2009-2014) :: Grinding / Rustling Noise Coming From Front Driver Side

2011 F150 Limited 4wd 6.2 liter. I just bought the truck a few weeks ago with 26,000 miles. Late last week I began hearing a mild grind/rustling noise that appears to come from the driver's front. It's not terribly loud (loud enough to hear), but it's annoying. It happens when I slow down (on and off the brake and below 25-30 mph) as well as let off and begin to speed up. It doesn't last but a second after I let off the brake and speed up though. The kicker is it does not happen all of the time. I drove it home from work last night and it did not do it one time, but driving to work this morning it happened every time I did what I described above. I have taken it to our local tire/suspension shop and they claim they could not reproduce the sound which does not surprise me. They did a full inspection and found nothing.

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Lexus GS 2013+ :: 2015 - Passenger Side Front Left Wheel Making Grinding Noise

My 2015 Gs 350 F sport started making grinding noise from the front passanger side wheel. The noise comes from driving and not braking so im assuming its not the brake pads and its not squeaking noises as a worn out brake will sound.

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Corolla / Matrix 2009-13 :: Toyota Making A Loud Grinding Metallic Noise On Front Left Side

I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla and it's making a loud grinding metallic noise on the front left side. It does it while I drive the faster I go the louder it gets. When I turn to the left it makes it louder, when I turn right the noise decreases. PG&E have been breaking the roads by where I live and there's a lot of little rocks I drive thru. I'm wondering if that's the problem?? What do I do?

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Golf V R32 :: Occasional Metal Grinding Noise Coming From Front Driver Side

A year ago I heard occasional metal grinding noise coming from the front, sounding like front driver side. Sounded like CV joints that I heard before. The mechanic said it's transfer case/transmission problem, so I replaced the transmission but the noise came back a few days later. The mechanic said to drive it for a while and the noise may go away, if getting worse he can fix it since it has 2-year warranty.

Now a year later the noise becomes predicable and easily reproducible, I went back and asked them to check. They said it may be passenger side axle. I am feeling being manipulated.

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Camry :: 2004 - Popping Noise Coming From Front Left Side

I have a stick shift Camry 2004 with 160K miles on it and I hear a popping noise (not clicking cv joint noise) coming from the front left side . I hear the noise when I drive off from a stop regardless of whether I am turning or not but mostly when I release the clutch after changing gears on second and sometimes third gear. I was told by a mechanic and a ntb tires and a former toyota mechanic it had to be the struts.

I figured what the heck ordered new mounts and struts had and I installed them and had the car aligned. That did not solve the problem. My next guess was the engine mount by the transmission so i changed that and still no success. The former toyota mechanic told me he now thinks it's the transmission but I am skeptical. How to diagnose this? BTW 95 % sure the problem started when my wife hit the sidewalk really hard (so hard I had to change the rim).

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Malibu - Chevrolet :: Noise Coming From Front Left Side While Driving

My car is making a noise (video attached)It sounds like it's coming from the front left side while I'm driving.

Video link....

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Ford Excursion :: Pop Noise In Front End / Left Front Wheel Grinding

Driving at hwy speeds and head a pop noise in front end. Stopped and couldn't find anything, heard it a couple of more times, still nothing found, now I have a grinding noise left front wheel. What the issue may be. 2001 Ford EX 4X4.

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Kia - Rondo :: 2009 - Unusual Amount Of Noise Coming From Front Left Side

I have a 2009 KIA rondo with 64k miles. There is an unusual amount of noise coming from the front left side. At first I thought it may have been road noise. But the sound eventually became louder at higher speeds 60-70 mph. So I inspected all the fluids and motor mounts all are clean, not burnt odors and or bubbles. The motor mounts are not damaged. All belts are in excellent condition. There is alot of brake dust on the outside rim of the tire. Pulled the front right tire to inspect the caliper and brake pads. There is plenty of pad left and has normal wear, the rotor also has wear consistent with that of the pads. Pulled left front tire to inspect caliper and pads, thinking because of noise that the harmonics might be on the driver side. Normal wear on caliper and pads. So rotated the tires back to front, hoping maybe it was tire noise. No such luck there is still alot of noise coming from front end....its not a whining sound more a muffled tone that sounds like road noise. I don't want to replace the calipers if I don't have too since they are 332.00 each.

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Elantra HD (2006-10) :: Humming Noise Coming From Front Left Wheel

Ok at 40 mph and above I have a loud humming noise coming from my left front wheel. I replaced my rotor and pads due to normal wear. I also replaced the bearing. No fix. Tires were rotated a month ago. Could it be my CV joint? The boots are fine.

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