Gmc - Sonoma :: 1999 - Headlights And Dashboard Display Have Been Flickering At All RPMs

Feb 21, 2012

I've got a '99 GMC Sonoma that I purchased last summer. Great little rig, runs well and the previous owner took care of it. In the last couple of days the headlights and dashboard display have been flickering at all RPMs. I am guessing a bad battery or alternator, but previous related posts indicate it could be all sorts of stuff electrical.

From what I can tell from previous posts, the easier tests are

1) Voltage across the battery poles with engine off to test for a bad cell,
2) AC voltage at battery with engine running to test for alternator diode problems (should be no AC voltage, correct?), or
3) Something called the A.I.R. pump, which I've never heard of and wouldn't know how to test.

The last time I had this happen was on a 2000 Caravan, and it was the battery.

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Touareg :: Compass Display Backlight Flickering?

I complained about this 8 months ago and they replaced the compass display module. Then my battery died about 6 months ago and they replaced the compass control module. Now it's flickering--worse than the first time where the backlight was turning on and off. It's just the backlight that appears to be flickering.

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Phaeton :: HID Flickering On Both Headlights

Can I just replace the bulb to fix the flickering problem with the HID headlights? Before it was once in a while but not it's more then I would like. I think the problem might be the bulbs vs the auto leveling (I don't see it moving in a park position).

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2011 - Dim Odometer - Radio Display With Headlights On?

They problem I have is when I am driving and the headlights are on my odometer and radio display is extremely dim. When this first happened I thought the displays were completely off until it got darker outside. It only happens when it is dark enough for the auto headlight feature to function.

When it is bright outside I can turn the between off, headlights on and auto and the displays are still bright. When it darkens outside the only way I can have the displays lit up to where I can read them is to turn my lights to off.

I have tried adjusting the dash dimmer switch, checked fuses and looked over the wiring but cannot find the fault.

It is a 2011 6.7L F250.

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3000GT/Stealth :: Dashboard Light Flickering When Turning Into Freeway

While driving home from work tonight a light on my dashboard began flickering when I was turning into the freeway. It is the far right set of lights, the third light from the bottom (or top as I believe there are only 5 lights/slots there)...

I have a 94 SL.

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Venture :: Headlights Flickering While Driving

Why are my headlights flickering while van is running?

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Golf V R32 :: Xenon Headlights Flickering

I just lowered my car with H&R springs and I did the flash to pass vagcom change. When the car is still and I turn on the high beams or flash it, everything is fine. Is when I start moving, and then put the highbeams or flash it when the xenons starts flickering mimicking a strobe light and is giving me an error message on the display, right or left beam dipped error.

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Ford - Focus :: 2005 - Dashboard Lights Flickering Faintly With Car Off And Key Out Of Ignition

2005 Ford Focus : About 10 months ago noticed my battery light was faintly visible with car off and key out of ignition. It was faint and erratically pulsing, it also did this when car was running. This issue would last a week or so, then go away for a while...then come back.

Then it spread to include the ABS light too, and eventually became permanent. But six weeks ago, after driving from CA to WI, it went away...for a few weeks, but came back.

A few days ago I went to my car, and it spread to include the checkfuel cap, oil, and door ajar lights. Also a loud beep occurs at erratic intervals. The lights all flash and pulse individually. Most are faint, but the oil light and door ajar light seem full strength. When I turn the key to second position, all the lights light up full strength and solid, like they're supposed to (for the testing phase).

Then once car is on, they go back to flickering faintly...but the loud beep goes away. I'm concerned about the beeping running down the battery with car off-so I pulled out fuse #36, which is for "a/c swith, instrument cluster". This stops the beeping and flickering, cuz the lights no longer have power to them.

The battery voltage is 12.3 volts, and while running it's a steady 14.35 volts.

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Bonneville :: Headlights Flickering / AMP Meter Fluctuating

I noticed last night on my way home from work that my headlights were flickering. I looked and also noticed my amp meter was also fluxuating. The car seemed to be running fine asside from the lights kept flickering. It did not make a difference what RPMs I was running, or even if the car was moving. My 2000 Bonneville has the original alternator and 181k on her...

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Prius (2004-09) :: 2006 - Headlights Flickering And Going Out?

I just recently had the hybrid battery replaced in the my 06 Prius. Probably about 2 years ago I had my right headlight replaced because it kept going out. Well now my headlight is back to going out again. However no it's no longer just the right headlight. It can be either. It doesn't seem to matter if it's smooth road or bumpy. Seems to do it alittle worse on really cold days but it's also done it on a couple 40 degree days we had recently.

The left headlight has a habit of flickering alot. Some times it'll stop and stay on, other time's it'll flicker and then go out. When the right headlight goes out, it doesn't flicker, it just goes out. If I turn the lights off and right back on, both headlights come on. They may stay on rest of way to work after that or they may stay on 5 minutes. It is something I can check via navigation console? Is my only option to take it to a Toyota dealer?

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Chrysler - 300 :: Headlights Flickering Off For A Few Seconds While Driving

2006 ~ Noticed the car lights (head lights only) flickering off for a few seconds while driving at night, took it in and they re-set the computer, still is flickering. Without spending 4 hours in labor for them to check every wire?

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Suzuki - Vitara :: Headlights And Dash Lights Keeps Flickering

the flickering stopped after 10 mins and hasnt come back. is this an alternator problem or loose battery cables/ground strap?

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Headlights / Interior Lighting Flickering

Past week I have noticed a flicker on all lighting (head/taillights, interior lights) on my '06 Sonata (4cyl). Seems to be an intermittent problem, as one time in three there is no flicker, and everything seems to be fine.

Yesterday, when pulling into my driveway, I momentarily lost all lighting/radio/fan for what seemed to me a full second and a half before everything "came back on".

I've checked fuses, battery cables (batty is new, 6mos)... Is this alternator related? What else should I be looking at? My Sonata has been bulletproof. No mechanical issues whatsoever....

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Sonata I45 (YF - 2011+) :: Flickering Headlights And Interior Lights Occasionally

I recently purchased a 2011 Sonata GLS and I love it. However, I'm having a slight electrical issue.

While driving at night with the headlights on occasionally they'll dim and flicker and often cut off completely while driving or parked. The interior and dash lights will also switch off with the headlights, however the radio will still continue to play. The lights only stay off for a second and then come back on. Sometimes I can make them flicker and go off by turning on my blinker or switching between high and low beams.

I'm trying to figure out if it's a problem with the alternator, the battery, or the fuses and if this is a known issue.

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Kia - Optima :: Headlights Flickering - All Lights Fades Out On Pressing Brakes

I have a 2002 Kia Optima. The headlights have been flickering as well as every light inside the car. When they're doing this, if I press on the brakes, everything fades out. Such as the radio, headlights get very dim, air conditioner fades out. The car almost comes to the point of stalling. I've had the alternator replaced but the problem continued. I have asked several mechanics but they are baffled.

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GTI 337/20th Anniversary :: Headlights Flickering With Turn Signals And Windows Down

My headlights flicker everytime I hit the turn signals and bring my windows down, what might be causing this?

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Ford Aerostar :: 2001 - Headlights Flickering Every Now And Then / Car Randomly Stalling Out

Anyways, My 2001 Windstar has been acting up recently mainly the headlights flickering every now and then, car randomly stalling out on me - after it dies, I pull over and start it up right away and the ABS light came on.

Check engine light is on (presumably due to the car stalling out) but I do not seem to be able to read the codes, the code reader is working fine on my 2001 Expedition but on the Windstar it just sites there at 'connecting to vehicle'. I've tried disconnecting the battery for 10-15 mins and this made no difference, I also checked the fuse for the port was good so now I'm not sure what to check next.

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Elantra HD (2006-10) :: Headlights Flickering When Idling / Inadequate Power Supply

My friend has a 2008 Elantra, and she had me jump start the car the other day. The car jump started just fine, but then when it was idling, the headlights would flicker, as if there was an uneven of inadequate power supply. Then, when driving the car, turning the wheel and taxing the power steering would cause the headlights to almost turn off momentarily. After driving for 30 or more minutes, the car did not improve at all. I turned the car off, then went to start it, and immediately it was too dead to turn over again. I'm lost with the electrical, I don't think its the alternator.

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Toyota - Corolla :: 2004 - Loss Of Power / Dim Headlights And Radio Flickering

Recently purchased a 2004 Toyota Corolla in August. Last night coming home from a show (I'm a musician), the airbag light came on, my headlights seemed to be very dim.Eventually my car radio started to flicker and the mph and rxp meters as well as the odometer started to go up and back down and up while no juice from the gas peddle seemed to go to acceleration. Pulled over, car kinda sputtered like it was a dying battery. Turned it off. Waited tuned it back on and it tried to roll over but sounded like a dead battery again. The interior lights worked fine, all the of symbols (oil, battery engine) flashed but no ignition, radio or lighter charge .

After a long while tried again and it started with some coaxing, made it two more miles down the road and same thing happened, radio lights flicker, dim headlights, airbag light comes on, meters go crazy, lose acceleration. Waited a while, tried it, turned on, it turned on and we sat with it idling and same process happened while sitting there after just a short time. Dim headlights, Radio flicker, airbag light, meters crazy, slow lose of juice.

It has a brand new battery, it's a used car, I've been driving it with the check engine light on but have gotten it looked previously to disclose it was a sensor thing. Recently took it to the Toyota dealership for three recallsOne had to do with the airbags. After it was worked on the second time by them for two other recalls (one had to do with the door and I can't recall the other but am looking for the paper) my battery light came on. And has come off and on for about a week or two but with no trouble. Mostly in town driving. This trip I took was about at 40mi trip back and forth, it did fine up but coming home not so good. I'm not sure if it's any relation but that's the only "repairs" I've had done since purchasing the vehicle

Alternator? Bad battery? Electrical stuff?

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Camry :: Battery Light Started Coming On And Off On Dash / Headlights Flickering

2003 - Just recently my battery light started coming on and off on the dash, and occasionally my headlights would turn off and come back on. Now the ABS and BRAKE lights flash and the headlights are still on and off. I have already scraped (not cleaned) most of the corrosion off of the terminals on the battery and tightened the connections...

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Ford - Explorer :: 1993 - Headlights Started Flickering And Quit Working

Headlights won't come on. They used to work but started flickering and quit working. (1993 Explorer).

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