Honda - Accord :: 2002 - Transmission Slips Intermittently When Start After Stopping At A Red Light

Jul 4, 2016

I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE Sedan. 119K miles. The transmission slips sometimes especially when I start after stopping at a red light. My mechanic recommended not to change the transmission fluid as the transmission can go down and might need a new transmission. He also told me that 2002 Honda Accords are known for this issue.

So my question: Is my mechanic right? Or should I go ahead and flush the transmission fluid and replace it?

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Honda - Accord :: When Accelerate Car Vibrates A Little And It Seems Like Transmission Slips

I have a 2004 Honda Accord with 124,000 miles and automatic transmission. When I accelerate and the car shifts from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th at slow speeds the car vibrates a little and it seems like the transmission slips. When I accelerate quickly, it seems like its okay and when i have it in D3 it is okay also no matter whether i accelerate fast or slowly.

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Honda - Accord :: 2004 - Transmission Slips In Reverse?

I have a 2000 Honda Accord, 4 cylinder, automatic transmission. Transmission slips in reverse when backing up a slight incline. Will changing the transmission fluid solve this problem? The car has 115000 miles on it.

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Honda - Accord :: Transmission Slips / Car Revs But Does Not Power The Wheels

I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE and I observe that the transmission slips, meaning the car revs but does not power the wheels. I have got this checked by a mechanic and he recommended a transmission replacement or live with it until it completely fails and then go for a transmission rebuild/replacement. The car has 115k miles on it and I did not do a transmission flush as per recommendation from the mechanic. He said that if I flush the transmission fluid, there is a high chance that the transmission will fail and will need an immediate replacement. I do not have any issues with the way the car drives now, but I am worried if something happens to the transmission while I am driving.

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 SE - Maintenance Required Light Start Flashing

I have a 2002 Honda accord SE. It has about 194,850ish miles on her. The maintenance required light starts to flash when I turn on the car and then the light stops flashing after a bit. What it means?

I checked for any codes and there's nothing. My oil is a bit low, but not at the marker. My next due for an oil change says 195,300ish. I've never seen it flash before.

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Honda - Accord :: Can't Move Transmission Stick Out Of Park Intermittently?

Seems to work when I rotate the steering wheel somewhat...maybe this jiggers/resets that ignition switch "area" thus allowing me to fully depress the button on the transmission stick. Is it the ignition switch? Should I replace it?

NOTE: Shift Lock Override Button is missing, but I can insert a pencil in the hole which then depresses a spring which then lets me shift out of Park. WIFE says that not good enough...

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Honda - Accord :: 2004 Intermittently Does Not Start

One morning after parking and turning the car off, I tried to restart and it just made a sad attempt. A few minutes later it started, but still seemed to take too long. I took it to the dealer and they said the Alternator needed to be replaced, so they replaced it with a rebuilt alternator (without asking me if i wanted rebuilt or new). Anyway.. when i picked it up it still seems to start a bit slower than normal, but they said that is typical for hondas. A couple of weeks later, I picked up my car from the airport after it sat there for 2 nights. It started slowly but surely. I stopped at store, and then it would not start at all. Barely made any sound at all. no cranking... So i had to have it jump started by a tow truck service.I took it back to Honda and they said everything check out ok, and cannot find any issue.I am afraid to get stranded again. Do I need to buy a new car? This one only has 70k miles !

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Honda - Accord :: 2000 - Won't Start Intermittently?

2000 Honda Accord. Daughters car and she went to start the car leaving a store and it wouldn't start. She tried a few times. Cranks fine but didn't start. Went and got her and she said that it's happened a couple of times before but she would get it started by waiting and trying until it did. It's been there since last night so it's been about 18 hours when I drove over to look at it and it started right up and I drove it home.

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Honda - Accord :: 1999 - Won't Start Intermittently?

I have a 99 Honda Accord 4cyl. I am having a problem with not starting from time to time.some days it is fine and will start every time others it might not. It will turn over, fuel pump is running, replaced main/fuel relay, check engine light does not come on and green key light is not on or blink when it dont start. I can leave it for awhile come back and it starts.

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Honda - Accord :: 1998 - Intermittently Won't Start / Engine Not Turning Off

I have a 1998 Honda Accord that intermittently won't start. When the issue occurs the dashboard lights, radio, etc all work just fine, but the engine won't turn over (no clicking, no noise at all). It's standard vehicle, but I definitely have my foot all the way to the floor to depress the clutch safety switch. The issue only seems to occur when the car is warm (i.e. it never happens on the first start in the morning), although it's been known to happen even after 2hrs of cooling down. The issue used to only occur 1 out of 100 starts, but now it's getting closer to 1 out of 4 times. I'm able to get the car going by jump starting it, but that's getting old.

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Honda - Accord :: 2000 - Rough Engine Start Intermittently?

Own a 2000 Accord EX; 100k...runs great and smooth 99.9% of the time. However every once in a while, like maybe once a month or so it starts, but sounds and feels like its firing on 3 cyl...will die if I try to put in gear, or take foot off accelerator. If I shut it off and try starting it again same thing will happen. However if I let it sit awhile (sometimes one hour sometimes next day) it will start smoothly and run beautifully. Problem seems unrelated to temperature, weather, time since last use, stage of the moon, engine temp, parked on hill or flat road. or who tries to start the car...

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Honda - Accord :: 2003 - Engine Cranking Slow / Hard To Start Intermittently

On cold and/or wet days weak engine cranking. After a couple of attempts to start, I only hear a click about the 3rd attempt. If I wait about a minute or two, it still cranks slow but starts. Battery was replaced about 6 months ago. Electrical systems test good indicating no problem with battery, altenator, or starter. I don't seem to have any problem on warm days. My car is 4-cyl with about 85,000 miles and is kept in an unheated garage. Mechanic thinks trouble is likely the starter. Problem is intermittent, I'm not sure replacing the starter will fix the problem.

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 - Transmission Not Working Properly

2002 Honda Accord V6 230,000+ miles----The engine is good (well good for having been driven over 230,00miles) a/c is cold, interior is good, exterior is good. Transmission, not so good. Big question is do I (well, not me personally)put in a re-built trans. and keep driving or buy a newer car. This is one of three cars I own, but it gets driven a lot

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 LE With Automatic Transmission Shakes When It Idles

We took our car in for a regular oil change and to get the 60K belt work done. While in the car they discovered that the transmission was slipping and that we were missing one of the motor mounts. They did the belt work and the oil change and then put some fluid in our car hoping that would buy us some time with our transmission. To save us time and money they said we could wait a little while on the motor mount. When I drove it home the whole car shifted and shook whenever we would come to a stop and then it would shake while idling. I called our mechanic back and they said to bring it in and that fixing the rear motor mount should take care of the problem. While back at the mechanic for the motor mount they discovered that the transmission additive had not worked and we needed a new one.

We bought a rebuilt one and now we are still left with a car that shakes when we are idling. We have had the car in two or three times after the transmission was put in for them to try and fix the issue. They have done everything short of removing the engine without any luck. Just to be sure they covered every possible angle, they just gave us new spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor rotor, distributor cap and PCV valve, but it didn't seem to do anything. The car shakes the most while idling in Drive, somewhat less in Park, somewhat less than that in Neutral and not at all in Reverse. The shaking gets even stronger if the A/C or defroster is turned on. It seems to be even worse when stopped on a downward slope. It has been several months of this and the shaking is incredibly annoying. Is there anything else our mechanic could look into?

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 - Transmission Slow From 1st To 2nd And Sticks When Dropping Down From 2nd To 1st

I have an 02 Honda Accord V6 LX with a bit over 142k miles and an automatic transmission. She runs fine (as far as I know). No major transmission problems, just a little slow going from 1st to 2nd and sticks just a tad when dropping down from 2nd to 1st.

Here's the question: To Flush or not to flush?

Mechanic #1 told me to never flush a transmission after 130k miles; instead, he said, I should take it to a specialist.
Mechanic #2 said a flush would be fine.

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Honda - Accord :: Sports Light Come On And Off Intermittently And Shift Drives Automatically While Driving

I recently purchase a 1991 Honda Accord. When I test drove it the sports light was not on. However when I did the final drive home the sports light was on and would not go off with the switch button. I was reading online and from several responses this seems to be a TCU concern and not the transmission. I gather some info from the internet and it explains how to change the resistor and capacitor in the TCU for under $5 bucks. I did not do this but I did unhook the battery and the sports light was off and came on and off with the button. This only lasted a week. Now the sports light come on and off intermittently and shift drives automatically while driving. Is this a electrical or transmission issue??????. Should I just get brave and refer to the under $5 bucks TCU repair and do it myself or take it to a mechanic.

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 Would Not Start

My 2002 Honda Accord (225000 miles) would not start this morning. It rained all night so I am going to remove plugs, wires, and cap to dry out. The car was not choking or stalling yesterday, so I don't think it is a fuel issue i.e., fuel pump.

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 - Cranks But Won't Start

Cranks, but won't start. I spark tested 2 of the 6 cylinders and saw only 2 sparks and no more each time I attempted cranking. They were strong, good looking sparks. I spark tested with an Autocraft Ignition Tester, Part No. AC657, from Advance Auto.

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Honda - Accord :: 1993 - Transmission Light On Dash Does Not Light Up When Car Shifted Into D4

I just bought this '93 Accord. Nice car, well-maintained and clean. Issue is the D4 transmission light on the dash does not light up when car is shifted into D4. The car takes off well, shifts through the gears well; however, the overdrive never kicks in. D4 is running the same as D3. What is my best route to remedy?

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Honda - Accord :: 2002 - Won't Start Every Time Whilst Pump Gas?

I have an 02 accord SE. The last few times that I have pumped gas the engine would not start until 10 minutes later. First time I turned the key in the ignition there would be no sound, I tried again 2 minutes later and there would be a little sound, next time I tried there would be a little rumble. I'd wait and try 10 min later and it would start again... It has happened the last 3 times I've pumped gas and only when I pump...

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Honda - Accord :: Transmission Slipping / Tends To Lurch When Start Going Again From Stopped Position

I have a 99 Honda Accord with 172K miles on it. In the last couple months it's started slipping more often than when the problem first started about 4-5ish months ago. It tends to lurch when I start going again from a stopped position and I'm also now noticing it lurching a bit when I go from a slower speed to a faster one while's more noticeable going from a faster to slower speed when driving. So it tends to lurch most from a stopping position and also when slowing down while going moderate speeds like 40 or 50 mph.

I took it to a shop and they said it's in the begging stages of failure and that I can either rebuild the tranny or drive it until it dies, but that it will die eventually. My question is since it's slipping, is it still ok to drive on longer drives? I was considering driving about 7 hours to see my family in a month or so and I'm not sure if it's worth the risk of driving it that far. I want to buy a new car, but there's more Hondas around where I'm from originally and I just want to get a decent used one since it will cost more to fix the transmission than the car is worth. Thoughts about driving long distances with a slipping transmission????

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