Isuzu - Trooper - Ls :: Sounds Like A Squealing Belt Intermittently

Jan 31, 2011

Know that squealing sound a belt makes when it's loose and needs to be replaced? Well what is it when you hear that sound, but you know it's not a belt? It happens intermittently, usually when the car is cold...and it's been happening more and more whatever the problem is, is getting worse

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1993 Isuzu Trooper - Oil Drain Plug Leakage

I have a 1993 Isuzu Trooper.   I put too much oil in the other day, about half a quart, and wanted to drain it out of the bottom.  I loosened the drain plug like normal and it wouldn't come out at all, just spun in the same place.  Tried retightening the plug and it wouldn't tighten either.  It was tight when I started.  It would get tight for a second and then get loose again, feeling like a stripped thread.  Oil is leaking out from around the plug.  I cannot twist the plug with my fingers, so its not super loose but it's loose enough to leak oil.  Is this a easy fix for an oversized plug or will the entire oil pan have to be replaced?

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Isuzu - Trooper :: 1998 - Overheating - Air In The Cooling System

I have a 1998 isuzu trooper. it is over heating and there is air being put into the cooling system. there is a lost of fluid but only the same amount each each time and i dnt knw where too. i replaced water pump had radiator serviced and it flowing at the right flow for truck. it still over heated. i tried chemical called blue devil it worked for two days then failed it is freezing cold here and no garage but do have all tools.

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Isuzu - Trooper :: 1991 - When Shut Off It Takes About An Hour To Restart

The problem I'm having is it starts fine in the morning but when I shut it off it it takes about an hour to start back up ..

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Isuzu - Trooper :: Overheating - Coolant Is Coming Out Of Exhaust Pipe

I own a 2001 isuzi trooper, the water pipe has been broken a couple times, so the radiator has been leaking so my car overheats. But I fixed it a couple of months ago, yet after I fixed it the car kept going through the water/coolant extremely fast and was overheating unless i put water in it every other day.

Yet, a couple of days ago, I was driving home, and i heard a bubbling noise, ignoring it i kept driving only to have complete loss of my accelerator and had my car rolling along the highway unable to accelerate. (And the last time I put water in the radiator was 10 days ago) now my car won't even turn on, and it sounds like it is having a very difficult time when I try the ignition. plus when I do try to turn the engine on, coolant is coming out of my exhaust pipe.

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Isuzu - Trooper :: 2001 - Hard Loud Ticking - Oil Leaking

Rebuilt engine, installed, started right up but had loud tic and started leaking oil. Pulled engine, fixed leak, inspected heads, re-installed, turns over but doesn't run. Weird thing is, first time I try to start it each evening it runs for about a second and then dies and then won't try to run again till the next day. This has happened 5 days in a row. I sprayed starter fluid in intake, no luck. I borrowed scan tool, no codes set just won't start.

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Isuzu - Trooper :: Occasional Engine Miss And Failure To Start

My old Trooper, which is painted like the Merry Prankster bus, has had a series of electrical/ignition problems. It began earlier this winter with an occasional engine miss and also occasional a failure to start. My mechanic has replaced the distributor, the coil and the ignition control module (twice). Each time it runs fine for a couple of days and then starts acting up again. It is currently sitting in my driveway with zero spark coming out of the coil. The year of my Trooper is 1990.

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Isuzu - Trooper :: 1988 - Dying At High Elevations / Vapor Lock?

Recently, my 1988 Isuzu Trooper began dying at high elevations (above 7,500 feet). I have had the car for ~7years and have never had this problem. That is, in the past, i've been able to drive it up to 9,300 feet with no problem. Could this be vapor lock? If so, why would vapor lock all of sudden start happening? If not vapor lock, what could it be?

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Starting - Isuzu - Trooper :: 1995 - Difficult To Start On First Turn When Cold

I have cleaned the fuel injectors, put in new spark plugs and new spark plug wires. What else I can do. The only time it starts easily is when it's very hot. If I leave it off for just 5 minutes, it will start up quickly. And a few times, when it is dead cold it will start on the first turn. All other times I have to crank it for what seems like minutes. I'm killing batteries and starters on a regular basis.

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Santa FE SM (2001-06) :: AC / Power Steering Belt Squealing Intermittently

The AC/power steering belt in my 2004 Santa Fe, 2.4L has intermittently squealed for some time, but lately the squeal has gotten louder. Initially it only happened when the compressor was on, but now it happens when the compressor is off. I have not experienced a loss in steering power but I did notice that the power steering fluid appears to be discolored. I have replaced the belt and re-tensioned it several times hoping this would solve the issue, but it hasn't. I intend to take the belt off again and see if the pulleys all spin freely. When I replaced the belt initially, everything did spin freely. My guess is that the power steering pump may be shot and is putting excessive load on the belt, however, there is no PS pump "whine" and again, no loss of power steering. It looks like I should also check for separated pulleys.

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Isuzu - Axiom :: Screeching Serpentine Belt When Turned On

2002 Isuzu Axiom screeches when turned on. If AC on, AC works fine but car screeches almost all the time. Can hear me coming a mile away. If AC is off, car stops screeching once running a moment. My mechanic said more torque on serpentine belt when AC on so he changed serpentine belt a few months ago and currently belt appears to be moving fine. He says compressor operates fine. Started about 6 months ago right after new transmission put in at dealership under Isuzu warranty. Mechanic stumped and waiting for something to break.

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Camry :: Belt Squealing Really Loud When AC Starts?

For a few months now every time I start the car with AC on the belt squeals really loud. It's been getting worse so I need to fix it now. I just don't know if it's just a belt change or something bigger like the actual AC unit. I got the car certified pre owned in 07 and have never changed an engine belt on it so it's probably due. Here is a video of the noise, first part of video is without AC then I turn it on to here the squeal. Is this simple belt change or a deeper issue with the AC? [URL] .....

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Cavalier :: 96 Squealing Noise From Serpentine Belt

My daughters 96 cav has a bad squeal coming from serpintine belt. I tried belt dressing and it threw the belt. I didn't notice any cracks/dry rotting on belt. I put the belt back on but it is still squealing.

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Hyundai - Accent :: Squealing Fan Belt At Start Up

I thought it was the power steering pump & replaced it and still get the noise. A friend did squirt belt dressing on the belt while running and the sound disappeared for a short period of time, so now my guess is its the belt which is not loose, I went and loosened the four bolts on the power steering pump trying to move it thinking there was a crooked connection between the two pulleys maybe, but no. I start up my car and get a squeal that wiould wake the dead for a minute or two, then all is fine driving. If I drive to the store shut it off for 10 minutes usually starts w/ no noise, looks like I made a charitable donation on the new pump,...also the the power steering fluid is correct

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Accent RB (2012+) :: Serpentine Belt Squealing Under Low RPM Load

New to the hyundai world. My belt is squealing under low rpm load. I want to change it out but I don't see how to? I am mechanical I just don't see a tensioner. How would i go about changing it?

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Elantra XD (2001-06) :: 2003 - Belt Squealing On Startup

2003 elantra when I start the car the belts squeal for about a minute, then whatever I do they start squealing again- turn on headlights, roll down windows, steer the car, turn on ac, anything starts the squealing again. I have had all new belts including timing belt, water pump, etc and it is only getting worse by the day.

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Prius (2010-12) :: Fan Belt Squealing On Cold Days

You know what I will never miss by have a Gen III Prius? I will never have to listen to my fan belt squealing on cold day after almost killing the battery hoping my car will start.

After our recent cold snap I was surprised how many cars were in my parking lot at work with people grinding away trying to get them to start and the nasty sounds the cars made once they did start. Everything from rough running, not firing on all cylinders, and/or belts squealing.

Now I will admit the Prius did act a little different that day. When the ICE started it did sound like it was working a little harder than it usually does when I first start it. But in all reality at -20degF the ICE started the same as it ever did.

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Golf IV / Jetta IV :: Belt Squealing On Cold Start Up

I have a mkiv and before I got to work in the morning, I warm up my car for about 10 min. When I start it up the belt squeals. I do believe that it only does it in the morning. Should I have it checked out? i put belt dressing on it last night but it squealed when i started it up this morning so I don't think that worked......

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Corolla / Matrix 2009-13 :: Squealing At Startup - Timing Belt?

So I just traded my old car in for this one and I've had it maybe a little over a month. Anyways, when I go to start it now, even if I just turn on the main power and let the radio start up and the computer and then turn the engine. When it turns, majority of the time it will "squeal" like there something might be going wrong with a belt in there. I know that the timing belt should be changed once every so many miles, just not so sure on my vehicle. Also, if it could be anything else besides that.

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Yaris/Scion & Vitz :: New Fan Belt Squealing During Cold Start

I installed a new Goodyear alternator belt on our 07 Yaris couple months back and it started squealing after the first day and only during a cold start. My past experience has taught me that it's normally due to a loose belt (when belt is new) so I tightened it just a bit. After 3 days it started squealing again. I've increased the tension on the belt three times now and the squealing has not gone away. It's only on cold starts and only for about 1 minute. If memory serves me right there is no tensioner for the alternator belt. It would appear that it doesn't matter how tight the belt is, it still squeals on cold starts.

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Sonata I45 (YF - 2011+) :: Belt Squealing Noise When Start Driving

I have a 2014 2.0T and have noticed that my car is making a noise that sounds like a belt squealing. I thought the sound was being produced by the brakes. I only notice when I drive the car from a cold start.

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