Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Sputter And Have Trouble Accelerating

Feb 4, 2011

1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited, 4.0L, 4WD, I-6, 199,000 Miles Every once in a while, after I start the car and drive maybe 50 feet, the jeep will sputter and have trouble accelerating. I push the gas peddle and it sputters (kind of jerky motion) and doesn?t increase speed. If I remove my foot from the accelerator and press slowly back down (I have to repeat this usually about three times before it works), it ?fixes? itself and drives fine. It only happens shortly after starting and it only occurs occasionally. Nothing in the fuel system has ever been replaced, including the fuel filter (because of its inconvenient location).

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Cherokee :: 1999 Jeep Sputter And Die Out When Put It In Gear

When cranking, i have to give it gas and rev it til it smooths out. Eventually it will run smoothly. When i throw it in gear, it wants to sputter and die out. If I put in D, i have to give it gas or it dies, but I can only barely touch the gas or it dies out. There is a vacuum leak in brake booster, but ive been told the headgasket could be blown.I want to know if the head gasket could be a problem and if its worth replacing the booster.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 Sport V6 Keeps Stalling Out When Driving Or Accelerating

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport v6. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, Battery, cables, alternator, distributor cab, and plugs and my car keeps stalling out on me. It drives and idles just fine but when I am driving or accelerating the vehicle dies, I let up off the gas and it restarts itself. When I hook it up it does not read an error code!! Not sure what to do next.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: Oil Gauge Drops To 0 While Accelerating

For the first ten minutes after my car is started (until it warms up), the oil gauge drops to 0 while accelerating. When I take my foot off the gas, it goes back up. After the car is warm, the gauge works fine and unless the car cools completely down, it gives me no more trouble until the next morning. We have tried:

1. Changing the sending unit (twice);
2. Changing the oil;
3. Working on the electrical contacts;
4. Cleaning all of the parts around it.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: Oil Light Comes On Intermittently And Goes Off When Accelerating

My oil light keeps coming on when slowing down or at a stop light and goes off when accelerating. We changed the sensor and it still does it. We checked the oil pressure and oil pressure is good. We just replaced the heads due to a cracked head. The light was coming on before changing the heads and still comes on. Why this happens and what is wrong with the car. I am afraid to drive it. There is oil in it and it reads full.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1998 Hesitates When Accelerating At All Speeds

I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee with a straight 6. Lately I have been having trouble with hesitation when I accelerate. It happens at all speeds. It is a stick shift, and as I push in the clutch pedal, the engine races a bit and then as a let it out the car hesitates and/or bucks if I don't give it a shit load of gas. Also, if I let off the gas completely and then try to accelerate quickly it will pause and buck unless I do it really gradually. This problem is intermittent, so I am thinking it might be something with a sensor. Also, if it stalls out completely, restarting the car requires me to hold the gas to the floor. I have already replaced the camshaft and throttle position sensors. Not sure what the deal is.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Backfire Every Now And Then

What would cause a 1999 jeep cherokee 4 liter inline 6 to backfire every now and then.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Fuel Smell In Oil - What Is The Cause

1990 Cherokee 4.oL str 6.

I was checking oil and noticed fuel smell in oil. lot of short trips but also driven til hot at least a couple of times every week with long rides weekly or bi weekly.

Also smelling gas on start up and first minute or so. Some fuel smell in exhaust. The jeep runs well.

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Cherokee :: 1999 Jeep Keeps Stalling After About 20 Minutes Of Driving

So i have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.7L v8 , it has been running good until as of lately. It has stalled or died on me 3 times, I can usually drive it for about 20 minutes, or travel short distances before it stalls out on me, the stalling is completely random, any speed/RPM. I have read everything under the sun about what could be wrong here, but where to start, have been hearing a lot about new Crankshaft sensors, TPS's , etc...

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Check Engine Light Came On

My Jeep check engine light comes on man said it was a EVAC this a multiple sensor issue? yes I checked the gas cap

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Airbag Light Staying On

I have a 1999 jeep Cherokee there is no check engine light on. But the air bag light stay on. I scan for a code it gave me a ( p.0.1698). What that is. My code scanner only go up to p.0.900...

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Running Bad When It Gets To Half A Tank Of Gas

about 2 years ago, my 99 cherokee would start acting up at about 1/4 of a tank of gas...i would hit the throttle and it would lose all power like it wasn't getting any gas, it wouldn't stall out, but as soon as i would let off the throttle it would go back to running normal..... i filled the tank and it ran fine again.... i don't drive it much i've only put maybe 3000 miles on it since then, and now it's doing the same thing at half a tank now.... it even stalled out a couple times while idling..... do i need a fuel pump? a coil maybe? it usually runs great in the mornings when it's cold.... but when it gets hot out in the afternoon it starts doing it, or if its been running for a while....

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Runs Bad Until Stop Then Fine

My 1999 Jeep Cherokee, 4L inline 6, has a very weird problem. Usually, after starting, it runs well for around 10 seconds, during which time I back up and get ready to leave. Then when I switch to drive, it starts to run poorly, having no acceleration in speed or and very little in engine rpm, until I stop using the brakes. Exactly when the suspension relaxes, the idle returns to normal and it runs perfectly after that.

Sometimes the rough running starts while I'm backing up too. So I don't think it related to the transmission. But all I have to do is completely stop, and then it runs great from then on.

This doesn't happen every time, but probably 60-80% of the time. It's been happening for about 2 months now.

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Cherokee :: 1999 Jeep Grand 4.0 - Check Engine Light?

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0. Check engine light will not go out. Took to Autozone , Orileys ,and Jeep Dealer. No codes found. Replaced cooling fan relay, when light first came on. Everything works fine now. Have tried myself to shut light off, disconnect batt. cables 10 min, 30 min. and other methods, no luck , still, on ? I have even traced the cooling fan relay wire to PCM, all OK.

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Cherokee :: 1999 Jeep Won't Crank Or Make A Noise When Trying To Start

My husbands jeep is driving him crazy. He drove it to work and started fine. Then went to start to come home. Nothing. No crank, no click, nothing. Towed home. Battery OK. Anyway, he put new starter on. Started up. I drove it to station. Got in to come home. Nothing. Same darn thing. We jumped it. Pushed it out of way. Started. It's done this many times. Let me say, though, he went through a huge amount of water before this happened. Gauges went nuts for a while. Don't know if this could've messed up a sensor. He's losing sleep over this.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Losing Antifreeze Out Of Coolant Over Flow

Why am I losing coolant out of overflow on a 1999 jeep Cherokee classic for ?

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Intermittent Airbag Warning Light

A year ago I replaced radiator, long job in the winter in an unheated garage. After radiator was successfully replaced Air bag warning light started to come on intermittently. More so in cold weather, less so as it warms up. I know you have to be very careful working on air bag system, disconnect the battery and wait 10 minutes. I have heard that this is a known problem on Jeeps, this is a 1999 Grand Cherokee with 150,000 miles. I think ti ha something to do with connector in a dash, what can I do, a car is on its last legs, will not spend money on a dealer to fix, ripped off too often during life of car. I am afraid it will not pass an Ill environmental test (not related to pollution control) I suspect it is setting a trouble code but have not checked as of yet, hasn't warmed up in Illinois yet this year.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Lurching And Stalling 1 To 3 Times Per Week?

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0L (6 cylinder) that has 128,000 miles on it. Within the last two months it has started lurching 1 to 3 times per week. It only lurches once but always when the engine is hot and when accelerating. The engine light does not come on. It also loses power for several seconds at other times. Lastly, it has stalled two times in three weeks when I am coming to a stop. The spark plugs and air filter were changed last week. The injectors were also cleaned.

I do not have the skills to fix it and am taking it to the dealership which is very expensive - thus the money drain. Any thoughts on what might be going on? Or is it better to just cut my losses and look for another car. I would really like to keep this car for another year because I am in graduate school but am not willing to continue with the money drain.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Airbag Light Stay On At All Times In Dashboard

What would cause the air bag light to stay on at all times in dash board.1999 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter inline 6 I have a code scanner there is not any codes. and the jeep has not been work on.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Oil Gauge On Instrument Panel Is Pegged Fully To The Right When Stopped

The Oil Gauge on the Instrument panel of my '99 Jeep Cherokee Classic is pegged fully to the right (TWICE the normal reading) when the vehicle is Stopped at a Light or stop sign. As I accelerate the needle drops down to NEARLY normal but pegs again as I decelerate to a stop. The engine sounds normal, operates like normal, no smells, oil level on dipstick is OK. What's up with this?

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Jeep - Cherokee :: 1999 - Hesitates After Start And AC Stops Blowing After Hour Driving

My jeep is having two issues. First, almost every time I start the vehicle it idles fine, but then when I start to accelerate it bogs down for 1 to 2 seconds. I will accelerate through it and after that it runs fine and doesn't do it again until the next time I start the vehicle. My second issue is that after driving for a couple of hours with the AC on, the flow of air out of the vents drops. The air is still cold to the touch just barely blowing. Once I cut the motor off for about 30 minutes it works fine again for a couple more hours. Also, when the intensity of the air coming out of the vents dies down the blower motor sounds like it is working harder to put out the little bit of air pressure.

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