Nissan - Altima :: 2010 - Hood Sheet Metal Making Oil Can Buckle Sound

Feb 16, 2011

When it's cold and the car heats up, you can hear the hood sheetmetal make an 'oil-can' buckle sound. Happens frequently while running in cold weather. It's not the hood itself, but perhaps the metal underneath. It's noticeably loud.

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Nissan - Altima :: 2010 - Tires Making Sound?

I drive a 2010 Nissan Altima and my front tires have been making a kind of roaring sound. More of a "woo-woo-woo-woo" sound. It doesn't get louder the faster I go, but it does make the sound faster when I pick up speed. I used a jack to lift all 4 tires off the ground and shake the wheels, but there was no slack or sound so that would rule out the wheel bearings right? The car doesn't shake or vibrate either and when I let go of the steering wheel, the car stays straight. That would also rule out wheel balance and alignment right?

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Camry 2012+ :: LE - Sheet Metal Popping Sound

My wife calls me tonight freaking out about a sound our 2012 Camry LE is making. When she pulls out or into the driveway (going over the curb and turning), she gets a popping-like sound. She says it sounds like a sheet metal popping sound. It mostly sounds like it's from the roof, but sometimes in the front of the car, sometimes in the back. The car does have a moonroof.

Of course, I'm out of town all week. I told her to take it to the dealer and have them take a listen. Just be sure to describe exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

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Camry :: 2010 - Passenger Side Rear Brakes Making Metal On Metal Sound

At 75K my passenger side rear brakes were making metal on metal sound. I was really surprised as I have always learned that the front brakes take 80% of load and they always go out before the backs. So I took the wheel off and sure enough the pads were metal on metal. Changed everything out. (new rotors). I then went over to the driver side rear brake. Looks brand new. The pistons were barely out. I figured this caliper is bad. (I haven't change yet)

When I drive I can hear a very faint metal on metal sound when I brake. VERY FAINT. So with 75K miles on I figure the front brakes are due. Today I took the wheels off and inspected them. Tons of pad left on both of them. If I didn't know better I would say a brake job had been done very recently. (I've owned the car new so I know they have not had a brake job) However after reading many articles on this site I found a thread where one user said he was changing his front brakes for the first time with 110K on them and the pads still had 10K left in them. So the fact that my front pads are still pristine at 75K may not be a big deal (or not as big as I thought. Also I am not hard on brakes.)

However I'm not sure what is going on. Why would the passenger rear brake be metal on metal at 75K and the three other pads are like new. Is the passenger rear the only one working (or working much harder than the others) meaning the other three are bad? Or is the rear passenger bad and the other three are good? I have a working knowledge of cars but I am by no means a mechanic.

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Nissan - Altima :: 2006 Making Dragging Sound When Brakes Applied

My car sounds like it's dragging something but when I look under it there's nothing there. The sound it makes is comparable to the sound a snow plow makes as its plowing the road. The sound is constant but gets worse when I brake. What could be the cause?

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Nissan - Altima :: 2006 - Making Metallic Sound While Driving - Higher Oil Consumption?

I own a 2006 Nissan Altima with about 90500 miles on it. Recently i took it in for service and to fix a problem where the car was making this metallic sound while driving. The mechanic discovered that the sound was caused by a low engine oil level causing the timing belt tension to lose pressure and make the sound.

The mechanic also found a Nissan Service Recall/Campaign (NTB06-082) related to Engine Oil Consumption where the following occurs: "extremely low engine oil level resulting from higher than normal engine oil consumption due to a manufacturing problem in some engines". NTB06-082 states that the first thing the dealer should do if the recall applies is reprogrammed the ECU followed by doing an engine oil check.

What steps I should follow to get the Nissan Dealership to take a look at this particular issue? I imagine that it's going to be hard convincing them that the NTB06-082 may apply to my vehicle.

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Nissan - Altima :: 1997 - Piece Of Wheel Cover Popping Off With Metal

It's Nissan Altima 97. My friend need to take her road test so I let her borrow my car this weekend to do some road practice (I was in the car with her). Besides all the heavy braking, and sudden acceleration. She did alright. Because she is from VT, so she was practicing this VT Turn Around (I have never heard of it before today). She turn the wheel all the way to the right and back up.

I heard a small popping noise, and didn't pay too much attention to it at that moment. However, After she finish that VT Turn Around, we started to driving down the hill, and heard this metal-on-metal noise. It lasted for 10 ft, then went away. The noise is coming from my driver side front wheel. When I got off the car, I found the center of the wheel cover pop off.

(see this link for the pictures) [URL] .......

Now here are my questions. What just happened? and do I need to get it look at immediately, or can I wait until the next oil change?

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Nissan - Altima :: Overheating / Smoke Coming From Under The Hood - Radiator Leaking

I have a 2001 nissan altima. About 4 weeks ago it started over heating, smoke coming from under the hood, not the gauge raising. I took it to my mechanic and he replaced the big hose going from the radiator to the engine. I got it back and about 2 days later it started again overheating again, smoke under the hood. Took it back and he said the radiator is leaking it was under a year old so he replaced it, i drove it home on a sunday and monday morning I drove to work 5 miles at 10 am break it had two puddles under it. He said it's the radiator again, replaced it and we went to pick it up and he said it blew again. Sounds odd to me He finally said they thought it was the fans. The gauge never ran hot only the smoke coming from under the hood. If your looking under the hood it was wet on the left side. Needless to say he has had my car for almost 2 weeks and it's still not fixed. My question is should I go get it and take it somewhere else. What damage will it do to drive it somewhere else?

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Prius (2004-09) :: Driver Side Door Repair - Sheet Metal Rattle

I recently fixed a hollow sounding door rattle that was coming from the outer door skin on my driver's side door. It turned out to be a stiffening rib that was not bonded to the door skin anymore, possibly because of an impact or just age of the vehicle.

After removing the door panel and peeling back the plastic dust guard, I used some adhesive caulk and tapered rubber wedges to brace the stiffener and reattach it to the door skin.

The picture shows the approximate location of the stiffener in between the outer skin and the inner panel support.

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Prius (2010-12) :: Metal-on-Metal Whining Sound While Running

I own a 2010 Toyota Prius that recently developed a metal-on-metal whining scraping sound when moving. It does not make sound when the vehicle is stationary, and it's intermittent - which makes me discount the rock-in-disc-rotor idea (not eliminate it, mind you). It's quite loud when it occurs, able to hear it over the stereo. Luckily I was near work at the time, so I went there - but the shop can't even look at it until Monday evening - so I am a bit panicked.

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Nissan - Altima :: Creaking Sound Occasionally When Turning On

I recently started noticing that a creaking sound occasionally (but increasingly) when turning my 2005 Nissan Altima. It seems to happen more after storms, significant temperature changes, and in the morning. It happens when turning in either direction.

It doesn't always happen, and I don't feel any grinding or disturbance in the wheel when turning. I rolled the window down to see if I could hear any more clicking or popping when turning, but I don't really seem to hear it outside of the car. It seems like it's almost emanating from the steering column.

The sound is not a steady popping or clicking sound. It sounds more a slow creak, like you'd think of hearing on a door in an old scary movie. I think I've heard a click here and there, but I can't be certain for sure.

The Guys got it pretty good right here: [URL] .....

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Nissan - Altima :: Fluttering Sound While Pressing Gas Pedal?

When I start the car in the morning & step on the gas there is a fluttering noise which happens each time I accelerate until it warms up. I bought the car with 17,000 miles on it and I didn't notice it happening then, but it was warm weather then.

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Nissan - Versa :: 2013 - Transparent Sheet Underneath Car Rattling Noise

My 2013 Nissan Versa SV has some kinda almost-clear sheet of plastic (I think it is; I don't think it's glass) hanging parallel to the doors underneath the car. I can't tell you if it's part of the car or somehow got hooked up into it. I wouldn't have noticed it had it not been making a noise, typically when I first start it up. After I stick in Drive the noise disappears until I'm at a stop light. So for the most part, it's only when it's in Neutral that I actually hear the problem. It's not a problem if I don't hear it.

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Nissan - Altima :: 2008 - Knocking / Grinding Sound When First Shift Into Drive?

My car is a 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5L. It has an automatic cvt transmission. Here's the scenario: I turn my car on and shift into drive. I'll drive for maybe 10 feet and I will hear this strange sound that can only be described as a dull knocking followed by a dull scraping sound. The dull scraping sound will last for about 5 seconds. The sound appears to originate from behind the gas pedal, and I'm think I can feel the gas pedal vibrating very slightly as it is happening. The only condition that makes this sound happen is when I shift from park or reverse into drive. If I start my car and put it in drive it happens. If I'm at a red light go to park then drive, it happens. If I turn my car on, go in reverse, then drive, it happens. However it doesn't happen if I just stop and don't change the gear selector. It's been happening since I bought the car at 56k miles, I'm at 69k now. I haven't seen any decrease in performance, the car runs like a champ.

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Nissan - Altima :: 2010 - Slight Miss At 30 To 45 Mph Upon Acceleration

I purchased a 2010 2.5 Altima with 9K miles in 2011. After @ four months I noticed a slight miss at 30-45 mph upon acceleration. I told the dealership and they said it wasn't throwing a code. After two more visits I again complained about the miss. At this time the service person handed me a "Customer Satisfaction Bulletin" that explained that cars (Altimas, 2009- 2011 with my trans. and engine experience this "SURGE" as they called it AND that it is NORMAL.There is no way in hell that a auto maker would produce a car that does what my car does and consider it NORMAL. Buy the way, there is a "FIX" that was done but didn't work, that involved changing motor mounts and computer programming.

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Nissan - Altima :: Creaking Sound Coming From Left Front Wheel When Go Over Speed Bumps

I've noticed a creaking sound coming from the left front wheel when I go over a couple of particularly large speed bumps. I have had a lot of problems with the suspension in this car, and have replaced the front struts, the front right control arm, and the sway bar links and bushings. My best guess is that this noise is coming from the front left control arm, as it has not been replaced, although my current mechanic says that the front left control arm is fine. Also, it has been under 10 F here the past few days, so this could also just be a result of the cold weather.

Video of the noise: [URL] ....

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Nissan - Altima :: Clunk Sound When Coming To A Stop And While Changing From Park To Drive / Reverse

I have a 13 Altima and have been hearing a clunk/pop sound when coming to a stop and sometimes when changing from park to drive and park to reverse. It seems to also be there when accelerating too and the car is also seem to be vibrating when moving at lower speeds. Today i noticed something else. I parked the car and took the key out. I went to the side of the car and slowly rocked it back and forth and started to hear this clunk sound. I have uploaded it to youtube and can be found here [URL].... . After hearing the sound, I decided to take the driver wheel off and noticed it makes the same sound when i move the tires. It seems to be coming from the CV joint, where it connects to the transmission. why would a car make that clunk sound with the car/key off and swayed back and fourth? does this seem like a CV joint issue or something related to the transmission.

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Lexus ES 2013+ :: ES300h Making Sound Like A Groan Or Metal Stretching

I have 2013 es300h with 8500 miles on her, it's almost a year old for about the last two months when I turn off the car it makes a sound like a groan or metal stretching ? I know it sounds funny but heard any strange noises after turning off there car?

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Prius C :: Sound Like Some Metal Dropping On Concrete When Stepped On Brake While Making Turns

I heard some weird sounds, it sounded like some metal dropping on concrete, when I stepped on the brake while making turns. I know in the manual it says "Sounds may be heard due to regenerative braking when the brake pedal is depressed." in P.28, but was the sound normal?

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Nissan - Sentra :: Metal Screech / Squeal / Scrape Sound When Moving From A Stopped Position

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra (manual transmission). I recently started noticing this horrible metal screech/squeal/scraping sound when my car starts moving from a stopped position. It's the worst when the car starts moving after it's been still for a bit. I thought it was due to the cold weather because when it started getting warmer, the noise issue went away. Unfortunately, the weather is warm, and it's back in full force.

The noise almost sounds like the noise that some semi-trucks (or large buses) make when they press on the brake. But my car only makes the noise when it starts moving and it only lasts a few seconds. It also doesn't happen every single time, which makes it even more frustrating.

I've got about 115,000 miles on the car...

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Honda - Cr-v :: 1998 - Making Metal On Metal Ticking Noise

My 98 CR-V is now making a metal on metal ticking noise. The noise only occurs when the car is in motion. The noise seems to occur about every two revolutions of the wheels when moving slowly; I can't determine if the ratio holds true at higher speeds. The noise seems more prevalent when standing on the car's passenger side, but not significantly. The car has 225K miles.

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