Start - Honda - Pilot :: Won't Turn Over / Just A Single Click When Key Turned

Jan 17, 2011

Our Pilot has started having an intermittent problem where it won't turn over, just a single click when you turn the key. The rest of the electrical things work. We recently had all of the sparkplug cables replaced 'cause of rats chewing. We had it towed to the dealer; they kept it overnight but it started for them.

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Honda - Pilot :: 2005 - When Turn The Key Can Hear A Click But Car Would Not Start

So here it is. My car wouldn't start, when i turn the key i hear a click, but the engine wont even turn over. Knee-jerk reaction was the battery, so i hooked up the battery to a charger. tried the quick jump setting, nothing. So i trickle charged it all night, nothing. I had the battery checked by O'Reilly Auto Parts, they said it was fine and fully charged (it better be after a night long charge!) Next i thought the starter, so i replaced the starter and still, when i turn the key the car wont even turn over. I heard it could be the solenoid, would this make sense? I also heard (or read rather in an answer to a similar question on this forum) that if it is the solenoid that you can tap the starter with a hammer while you try to start the car- still, it makes a single click when i turn the key and wont turn over.

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Saturn - SL1 :: 2001 - Intermittent No Crank Or Start / Single Audible Click Occurred When Key Turned

2001 Saturn SL1, 143,000 miles; well maintained. For about a week, I had intermittent no crank/no start. Lights and radio worked. A single, audible click occurred when I turned the key. When I was able to start the car, it ran fine. I suspected a failing starter.

The next time I tried to start the car, however, it roared to life only to run like an asthmatic locomotive. It idled low, at about 500 rpm, and shook badly. When I stepped on the gas, the engine smoothed a bit and the headlights flickered. There was no CEL or battery light, except for one brief moment when I revved the engine to about 2000 rpm.

Now, when I try to start the car, it starts just fine, but runs for about 2 seconds before stalling out. I installed a new battery in September 2012 and I changed the plugs in early 2013 – both routine, preventative measures.

Any chance I flooded the engine while trying to start it, even though it's a fuel-injected engine? If so, how do I "unflood" it?

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Camry :: 2002 - When Turn The Key It Makes Single Click But Won't Start

My camry suddenly won't start. when i turn the key it makes this single click but won't start. Battery seems to be good. bad starter?

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Civic - Honda :: Click When Turn The Key / Whirring But Car Would Not Start

I have a 97 Civic. I ran errands all day today, my last stop was the grocery store. When I came out, my car wouldn't start. When I turned the key, I didn't hear a "click" like a dead battery, it whirred until I turned the key completely in the ignition then it died. I turned on the radio and it was reset to 87 and the clock said 1:00. So obviously, something completely died in the car to reset my radio. I got a jump but that didn't work. My car still wouldn't start even though my headlights and radio turn on. I'm taking a mechanic with me. The gentleman that gave me the jump said it's probably my alternator or starter, do you think it could be something easy like a little blown fuse?

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Honda - Accord :: 2004 V6 - No Start But Click When Turn The Key

My 2004 Honda Accord V6 got a new Diehard in 10/2010. AAA says it is not the battery or the starter. When I turn the key there is a click and all the electrical components turn on. What it could be?

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Honda - Pilot :: 2005 - Sound Of Liquid Moving / Overheating / Fan Running After Car Turned Off

I have an '05 Honda Pilot that is experiencing the following symptoms:

1 - sound of liquid moving (coming from under the hood) when the vehicle is idle or in motion.
2 - temperature gauge on dash reading high when vehicle has been in idle for a while.
3 - sound of fans running (I think) under the hood after the vehicle has been turned off.

I will take it in to a mechanic....

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Prius (2004-09) :: Single Metallic Click Sound When Turn Steering Wheel A Little Over 90 Degrees

I've been noticing this one single "metallic" click sound a few months ago, it happens whenever I turn the steering wheel a little over 90 degrees.

The steering intermediate shaft recall has been done summer of last year. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this sound I'm hearing.

This is a video I made

If you watch this video, you need to turn it up really loud to hear the faint click sound every time I turn the steering wheel past 90 degrees.

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Honda - Accord :: 1996 Won't Start / Makes A Click Noise When Turn The Key?

So i have a 1996 honda accord, i recently just got a new motor put in it. Its a used motor but a good one. I picked the car up from the shop yesterday, i drove it all day yesterday and today. It drives and sounds so much better than it did before. My husband goes to leave for work this evening and it wont start, it just makes a click noise when you turn the key, it wont even crank over. The battery is brand new and not used, the starter is brand new and not used, we just got both this year. It sounds like the clicking noise is coming from where the starter is, somewhere in that area. Could the starter have went bad on us? He checked all the cables and wires to see maybe if something is loose, everything seems to be in tact and tight.

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IS F (2008-2014) :: Fails To Start - Single Click From Starter

So when I try to start the F there is a single click heard. Battery is tested good and is only 6 months old.

Been trying to locate the starter. From what I believe is it in the V install Valley? Meaning the entire cover needs to come off?

How to find / get to the starter. I will continue to see if the connection of cables are good.

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: 2001 Suddenly Died / Single Click When Try To Start It

My fiance was driving my 2001 Accent, 1.6 manual trans, when it suddenly died. Now when I try to start it, I only get a single click. I also tried popping the clutch and nothing.

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Toyota - Camry :: Won't Start - Getting A Single Click Or Strange Electric Stutter / Gurgle

So my 1991 Toyota Camry won't start.

Symptoms: I get a single click and sometimes a very strange electric stutter/gurgle (think I should call in just the try it on air...). Dash lights come on, dome light too. Windshield wipers work, but slowly as do the automatic seat belts that come back and choke you when your not ready for them (also slower than they should be). No radio, no driver or rear power windows, but the passenger side works as does the sun roof. The battery looks pretty new and the connections are spotless and firm.

Priors: Had the battery run down once before about a month ago... Jumped it and all was well for a while. We don't drive it much, not even daily. Also has temporarily failed to start maybe 5 times in the past 8 months. In those instances I get the rapid clicking and the power in the car seems normal. After a couple of tries it starts right up. Not sure how old the starter is, but I doubt it's recent.

I've checked the boards and found some stuff (power drain, solenoid, starter, clutch switch or something), but the power windows thing is pretty weird....

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Honda - Pilot :: 2006 4WD - Rear Differential Noise On Hard Turn

At 120K mi, had ALL the service work done. Changing the trans fluid as well as the 4WD differential was due. A noise in the rear diff began. So the mech said a Honda bulletin stated that this happens sometimes when changing the fluid. Ok. Changed it again. ANYWAY, the noise is still slightly there when going from a stopped position .... steering wheel all the way to one side or the other ... and giving the gas. IS THE REAR DIFF BEING DAMAGED?

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Honda - Lights - Pilot - Noises :: Volume Will Turn All The Way Down And Dashboard Warning Lights Will Turn On

I have a 2003 Honda Pilot with about 152,000 miles on it. Recently while driving if i have the radio on or have my ipod hooked up, the volume will turn all the way down and the dashboard warning lights will turn on. It only lasts for a few seconds at a time but it happens very randomly. Sometimes it won't happen at all and other times it will occur every few minutes or so.After the few seconds the volume turns back up to its previous set level and the dashboard lights go back to normal. The way the lights come on seems pretty random as well. Sometimes it will just be the "parking break" light and other times it will be all of the warning lights. I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe a fuse is shorting out?

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Jeep - Grandcherokee :: One Click Noise When Key Turned But No Start

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6. I am ready to sell it but I have a problem and the problem only happens when I'm driving it. Every once in awhile..about 7 times a week, when I turn the key it will make a one click noise but not start. It then starts after the 2nd or 3rd try. I have now taken my Jeep to 3 car repair shops. It has never happened with any of them. They have checked the usual suspects: battery, alternator, and starter (I even had a new starter installed just in case) and everything checks out. My latest car repair guy has had it for 3 days and it starts every time. The last time I brought it home 10 minutes after I had cut my car off and got back in to go somewhere, it did it again. There is no consistency when this happens whatsoever.

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Ford - Explorer :: 1996 - Won't Start - Loud Click When Key Turned?

I have a 1996 4.0L Sport - 2 weeks ago, stranded wifey at food store, had it towed home, and replaced the starter solenoid - it started and ran for about 4 days, and then stalled once but started back up (it was cold out)

Another day, I went out to start it, and the same thing... loud click when you turn the key to start position, seems to be coming from solenoid again...

so, I thought, ok, the parts a week old, but sometimes they do fail...

So, I bought the best one around: standard "blue" which had brass on the back to best couple to ground, etc...

Put it in, and reconnected everything - and the SAME THING... clicks every time I turn the key. (single click for each time I try to start it....

questions is - how can I check these to see if I had 2 bad ones in a row, or would there be something else wrong?

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Honda - Odyssey :: 1997 - No Noise Or Click When Turn The Key In Ignition

I own a 1997 Honda Odyssey-a couple of weeks ago when I turned the key it wouldn't noise,no clicking however the battery was working. I called Road service for a tow home and while waiting,I kept putting in the key.After 20 min.the car started and I drove home. Since then it's gotten worse. It's a gamble to go any where, never knowing if it will start or not. My husband replaced the ignition switch-that didn't work and now says he'll replace the starter ( if that doesn't work he plans on replacing the entire ignition cylinder). My alarm system hooks into the ignition...

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Lexus SC430 :: 1992 - Won't Start And Make Click Noise When Key Is Turned?

My sc400 won't start it make a little click noise when I turn key the lights work but it don't crank how to fix for cheap??

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Golf/GTI VI :: Single Click On Front When Turning Right

Last year I had a bad accident and my front passenger side tire completely ripped off. State Farm fixed it and all was fine. But About 2 months ago I've been hearing this single click on the right front when I was turning right and on the left front when I was turning left. Took the car to different dealerships, one barely looked at it and tried to charge me $300 for jacking up the car and tightening 10 bolts, the other said that my axle is cracked and leaking and recommended replacing my strut mount and sway bar links. So after those were done I drove it home and on the way back I heard the same noise but somewhere underneath my seat a couple of times when I accelerate and decelerate. The dealer took my car away for a week and a half to figure this whole thing out with state farm and forced me to pay for part of the rental car.

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Single Click From Front Of Car When Turning

My click sound is inconsistent, but typically, it's when I make a hard right or left turn. This being said, there are times I've was making a slow turn and my car still made the click noise. The turn can be a small one while in the lane for the off ramp of the freeway or a sharper turn around the corner. My impression is that when there is more force towards one side of the car, my steering wheel shaft is clicking. I also notice there's a click sound when I turn into a dip like when I drive out of a driveway onto a street that's lower than the driveway. The sound is also typically paired with moderate braking and turning. Someone who was in the car and heard the click and mentioned that it might happen when I make a sudden turn.

The single click is coming from the exterior of my car (I can hear it clearly when my windows are down) and around the engine area. I don't physically feel anything when I hear the click but I'm afraid that something may become an issue in the future. The click is also slowly driving me insane!!!

I've already gone back to my dealership and I bought this car brand new. It started happening almost immediately after I bought the car. When I took it in, they said they tightened a bolt (didn't specify which).

I've asked so many individuals and they can't think of anything. It's definitely not a CV issue because the car is brand new and the sound is a single click rather than a continuous knocking.

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Car Making Single Click Instead Of Starting While Turning The Key

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my car making a single click instead of starting while turning the key. The dealer finally got the car in the other day and initially called to tell me that the positive cable was loose on the battery. Then called back a while later to say after trying the start the car after it was sitting for a while it again made the single click and didn't start. I never bought the battery cable story since I knew it couldn't be that loose, I checked. But instead they found the starter itself was the issue. I was thinking it may be a loose cable on the starter itself and was surprised to see the starter had burned out already. A new starter was ordered and will be installed on Tuesday. I am not sure who makes the starters for these cars but a 2012 starter should last years. In comparison, my 96 honda civic is still sporting the original starter after 17 years and a couple hundred thousand miles.

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