(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Pumping Every 2-3 Hours?

Dec 1, 2014

I'm 35 weeks today so my little boys Ganna be here very soon. And I plan to breast pump cause of work and stuff so do u guys have any tips? I've never had to do any of this or really know anything about it all ik is ur supose to pump every 2-3 hours. Any helpful tips

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Breast And Pelvic Pain With Fatigue Hours After Hysterectomy

Say shouldnt have menapose due to keeping half an ovary? And pelvic pain due to adhesions from bladder being attached to cavity wall and mesh needed to help femoral hernia procedure needed afterwards. I know I'm a mess but really feeling uninformed and getting the run around...

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Breastfeeding :: Oversupply After Pumping - How To Slow It Down?

I was told to start pumping to help my milk supply come in and I guess I over did it and now I have an oversupply idk how to slow it down anyone know?

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Pregnancy :: Getting Induced In Few Hours

I'm getting induced in a some hours I'm worried and very nervous I don't know what to expect. My first child and induced ..... I am not ready I'm going early in the morning

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Pregnancy :: Get Up 2 Or 3 Hours Later To Pee And Never Get Back To Sleep

I really need something to help me sleep. After finally getting to sleep I get up 2 or 3 hours later to pee and never get back to sleep. I feel so uncomfortable and achy. I'm only 6 weeks though. Any suggestions?

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia - Can't Ever Sleep More Than 3 Hours

I can't ever sleep more than 3 hours at a time at night. I don't take naps.  

Either i have to pee or my ribs or breast hurt.

is this normal?

I am 12 weeks.

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Pregnancy :: Took Unwanted 72 Pill Within 2 Hours

I had unprotected sex with bf. As soon as he ejaculate we stopped. I don't know the precum has went in or not. I took unwanted 72 pill within 2 hours. Will I get pregnant?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - How Many Hours To Fast

How many hours are you supposed to fast beforehand?

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Pregnancy:: Having Contractions 10 Minutes Apart For The Past Few Hours

I've been having contractions 10 minutes apart for the past few hours....

Can this go on all night?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - How Many Hours Ahead Are You Supposed To Eat

How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show 2 Hours Ago - How Long To Wait?

I had my bloody show about 2 hrs ago i guess it's just a waiting game now. How long after did you gals go in after ...

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Contraception :: Chances Of Pregnancy If I Forget My Pill For 15 Hours?

I've been on birth control pill (Yasminelle to be exact) for more than a year. A few days ago I started a new pack. I took the first pill like normal. The same day I had sex with someone, without a condom but he didn't ejaculate. The next day I forgot to take my pill for a little longer than 12 hours and I took it as soon as I remembered and had access to it. The following day I took the pill at the normal time.

Reading the instructions for the pill, about forgetting to take it for longer than 12 hours during the first week of the new pack, it said that if there was sexual intercourse a few days before forgetting to take the pill, there's still a chance of pregnancy. I suppose that is, if there is ejaculation, which in my case, didn't happen. I know I probably shouldn't worry but I still wanted a second opinion.

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Meth And Sex - Hours And Hours Of Nonstop Sex

Sex and meth.

My wife and I have been doing meth off and on for about 5 years.

It really took our sex lives to a whole new level.

We had been laying off of it the last couple years.. but have started to get it once in awhile again. It's not the same as it was. We would have some WILD and CRAZY sex on it...just a few years ago. Hours and hours of nonstop sex.

But it isn't causing us to do that anymore. Is it the meth that we are now getting? Is it just not a good quality?

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Abortion :: Cytotec For 2 Weeks Pregnancy And Bleeding / Pain After 4 Hours

I used cytotec for a 2weeks pregnancy and after 4hrs I started having pains and later saw blood. I had little bleeding and later a little clotted blood too. after the clotted blood I felt relieved of the pain. then sometimes I will see stains of blood in my pant for some days. After some weeks I started feeling cold in my feet, feel irritated and also feeling as if something is standing in my throat but not painful but am inconvenient with it. could it be that am still pregnant or what could be happening please. And now I started having slight light brown virginal discharge. I want to know what's happening please.

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Pregnancy :: Breast Not Grown Much Since Pre Pregnancy (6 Months)

I'm six months and my breast have not grown much since pre pregnancy. I also don't have any colostrum or milk.  Does anyone know natural remedies?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 22 Weeks And Breast Already Leaking

Is it normal to leak already I'm only 22 weeks!

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks - Rib Pain Under Right Breast

Its like a bunch of bees stinging me , I've been told by my ob the only relief is delivery.  Anyone found any remedies?? Im 32 weeks and going insane

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Pregnancy :: Recommendations On Breast Pumps?

Any recommendations on breast pumps? My son never latched on and I didn't have much milk I want to have one in hand just in case this baby doesn't latch on.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Breast Feeding My 2nd Baby

I am  currently pregnant with my second child and I used formula with my first, but I would like to try breast feeding with this one. No one in my family has breast fed and I haven't had any friends who have either so I'm wondering if there is a great book or anything I can get information from on the topic.

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Pregnancy :: 24 Weeks - One Breast Leaking And Other Not

Im 24 weeks and 3 days along and my left breast has been leaking off and on since I hit 19 weeks but still the right breast has not at all. The left areola is much darker brown and the right one is still just kinda redish brownish. The left nipple is swelled up and getting bigger, it also has a strange lump that's grown under the nipple and idk what it is, but the right nipple is still normal.

Is there something wrong with my right breast that its not developing?

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Pregnancy :: Breast Leaking At 20 Weeks?

Is it normal to start leaking from my breasts at 20 weeks? My mom was worried and doesn't think that is normal.

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