16 Year Old Female With Dizzy Spells, Nausea And Stomach Pain

Sep 1, 2014

hi, I'm a 16 year old active girl. I'm low on iron but take my iron pills and just had surgery for a right femoral hernia repair . but I still have pain in my stomach on the left side. they said I had a displaced spleen after a X-ray then ordered a ultrasound to show nothing wrong, this was about 2 months ago. I also have been getting dizzy spells when I stand or even when I'm sitting, I usually put my hands in front of my face and they disappear and I get weak and numb. twice now I've went totally blind everything went black and my eyes were wide open and I have to catch myself falling when I get weak. it scares me because this second time I went blind it lasted longer. maybe 6-7 seconds.  I get nauseous throughout the day and I used to have vomit come up but in can never vomit completely. I get really sick and vomit just comes up and sits in my throat it's disgusting.  I don't know what's going on and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of what I could do or any idea of what this could be?

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Vertigo :: 6 Year Old Getting Frequent Dizzy Spells

My son has been having dizzy spells for the last year or so. He has had lots of tests at the hospital but nothing appears to be coming back with anything. He's had thorough eye tested as well. He can have anything from 10 a day to nothing a day. It's all a bit strange. These episodes last for just a few seconds and nothing else much happens. He says he's dizzy but after discussion he described it as blurry eyes and it's like a picture is jumping around. Any ideas what this could be as they are getting more frequent and concerning for me? He can have them whilst sitting and also when walking. Nothing is consistent when they happen.

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Dizzy Spells And Nausea

Lately and at random times I have been experimenting light headedness and dizziness. When I walk during these symptoms I often lean to one side as I feel "unbalanced" then I get a headache and feel nauseous. What could this mean?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having Strange Dizzy / Nausea Spells

I'm on the pill, and my boyfriend and I don't use condoms although he does pull out. We had sex last month while I was finishing up my period (we are long distance so we haven't had sex since).

Maybe a week or two after we had sex, I've been having strange dizzy/nausea spells. They don't seem to be induced by stress or anything in particular. I threw up twice the other day, but this might have to do with a cold that I just got.

Also, I've been having trouble sleeping at night. I've been sleeping long hours during the day as a result, but way more than I ever usually sleep.

No sore boobs though. Occasional headaches.

My period is due in 5 days, and I took a test today that turned out negative. I know it was early to take it, so it might not be accurate. Do these sound like typical pregnancy signs?

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Early Pregnancy :: Constant Nausea And Dizzy Spells

for the last couple of days i have had nausea and dizzy spells and i am wondering if it is a sign of pregnancy. because i never had nausea or dizzy spells during my first pregnancy with my daughter but i have been getting them constantly and i am also tired.

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Anxiety :: Back, Neck And Stomach Pain With Nausea

i have been in so much pain today my back has been sore achy and a heavy feeling felt nauseous all day pains in my stomach and like a burning sensation does anyone else get this 

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Birth Control - Mononessa :: Severe Stomach Pain And Nausea

I have been taking mononessa for almost an entire month. (I have 4 pills left then the reminders). I'm still suffering from severe stomach pain and nausea. Tonight I waited til almost bed time to take it hoping that it will help some. Has anyone else been on this stuff and had similar side effects? I'm to the point where if I am taking it at night and still nauseous all day I will have to stop taking it. Other options?? I need advice. I'm seriously considering tubal ligation but I've battled my weight for the last 3 years. I do not want to put any extra pounds on.

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Alcohol (binge Drinking) - Nausea, Stomach Pain And Blood In Stools

I'm a 26 year old male... I consumed large amounts of alcohol at age 21 (spiced rum) being ignorant at that age I ignored all of the health problems it was causing me. Besides the normal hangover I experienced stomach pain, lots of constipation, and diarrhea. I only stayed on that binge for a few months, but even 5 years later I'm having possibly serious problems.

1. Nausea! It tapered off the last couple years, but it was bad.... really bad. All day everyday. Now it's more manageable. The worst part is early morning. When I start to feel hungry I just feel like vomiting.

2. Blood in stool... Also has been getting better. Only have blood about once a month.

3. Sore eyes and dizziness.. I feel this one the most (everyday most of the day). It's hard to explain but the best way I can put it, it's really hard to focus my eyes on something. If I'm looking at someone talking to be or focusing on the road I start to feel dizzy and almost disoriented.

Treatment: I saw my doctor many times as well as others. I've had scans, endoscopies, and no one has narrowed down much. The scans came back good, blood is good, the first endoscopy showed I had h. Pylori. I took all the antibiotics (helped temporary make me feel better) but back to the same old.

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Frequent Dizzy Spells

Whenever I stand up after sitting for a few hours, I feel extremely dizzy and sometimes my vision just kinda black out and become blur for at least a few seconds. I know this is common if you have been sitting for too long. But I have it very frequently, at least 2-3 times a day. I don't used to have this last time even if I sat down for quite a long period.

I have been eating well and sleeping well. My blood pressure measures 92/62 which I suppose is in the healthy zone. My family and boyfriend said I have lost weight, but I still look the same

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Spells

I was wondering if anyone else suffers from dizzy spells? I was sat down in work yesterday (I work in a bank so I stare at a screen all day) and I just couldn't look at the screen for long periods of time it made me feel quite dizzy but when I walked I was okay, was wondering if anyone else also feels like their anxiety never goes away like it feels as though there is something always there, whether it's feeling sick having a panic attack or just a feeling of unease 

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Perimenopause :: Dizzy Spells

I am perimenopause I am 54 and still not into full menopause yet, so many weird things that happen but the latest was a dizzy feeling for like 30 seconds is this another symptom of peri?

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Pregnancy :: Dizzy Spells

It's very random but I had just eaten and drank water, and right before we were about to leave, I got super lightheaded and dizzy. I felt hot and had to stop thinking. Anybody familiar with this. I'm 22 weeks

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Ramipril :: Dizzy Spells And Tiredness

I have been taking ramipril for about a year and I have started getting dizzy spells and tiredness. I feel I don't need them anymore and want to stop

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Spells / Sensations

I've been trying to control my anxiety and doing well but I keep getting weird dizzy sensations not where the room is spinning more like I'm moving when I'm not and it's scaring me I feel like I'm going to faint because of it I don't know whether it's pregnancy related or anxiety or something serious it's making me worry and causing me to have anxiety when I'm trying to get on with things but I have a lot going on at the moment and my heads a bit all all over I don't know where that is it as well? Like stress related anyone else experience it I'm eating and drinking fine etc I don't take no medication I'm 27 weeks pregnant

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Pregnancy :: Dizzy Spells At 15 Weeks

Im 15 weeks and im constantly getting dizzy spells to the point where i cant stand and cook dinner for long:( i can't walk anywhere but im constantly eating and all the right foods meat and veggies every night besides a friday and we have easy night and during day a salad sandwich.

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Mirtazapine :: Suffering With Dizzy Spells

I have just started taking mirtazapine 15mg to help with stress and anxiety at work. The first few days were spent feeling very tired and spaced out but then not much of a side effect. However I have tried to work out a few times to help with the stress and each time have become very dizzy, headaches and nearly to the point of passing out (I'm not exactly a gym bunny but am used to working out and running 5k relatively easily- today I could only manage 3k!)

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Hyperthyroidism :: Dizzy Spells And Lightheaded

I first posted on here 3/4 weeks ago after blood tests showed I had an overactive thyroid.The doctor think it`s Graves as I have some eye problems too. These forums have been a great source of information and helped me get through those 1st weeks.

However I`m a bit concerned because for the past 3 days I've been lightheaded.  This comes in spells, so maybe a better description is `dizzy spells.` I saw the duty GP yesterday who told me to stop the beta blockers (bisoprolol) and that helped as I wasn't too bad last evening (after I usually take the bisoprolol), but today the dizziness has come back, but not as bad as its been over the weekend.  I`m wondering are dizzy spells another hyperthyroid symptom.

I still haven`t gotten my blood levels from my doctor - all he told me is that I was extremely hyperthyroid- and yesterdays GP  told me that my levels are getting better.  At one point the GP looked my symptoms up in a handbook - so as you can see this doesn`t give me much confidence with my local doctors. I`m due to see the endo team in 2 weeks time and hoping to get more answers then.

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Vertigo :: Dizzy Spells - When To Worry?

I have been suffering with dizziness for quite a while now, it all started with headaches then I'd get really dizzy, I had a ct scan and all was well however after the birth of my second son in April this year I was laying on the sofa I went to get up and I couldn't focus on anything, I was so dizzy it was unreal, I went to emergency docs who said it was labyrinthitis and prescribed some tablets which didn't really work! Ever since then I have been so dizzy, I have seen ent and they said all is good nothing to worry about but why do I keep feeling like this? I could be sat at home doing nothing and it just comes over me I go all lightheaded and then I start to sweat and panic that I'm going to pass out its horrible, just walking around sometimes I go dizzy and feel all funny I don't know what to do anymore, I've had bloods etc and all normal I just want to know why I feel so terrible all the time.

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Undiagnosed :: What Could Be Causing My Dizzy Spells

For the past few years I have been suffering with dizzy spells, but It only happens when I am in a car, driving in a straight line, it feels like everything is moving a lot faster that it is and I can't focus on anything!

My blood pressure if fine!

I have been to a neurologist and had a MRI scan, conclusion was, everything was fine.

I was then sent to audiology that ran every test in the book, they told me my ears are ok

I went to my opticians who ran a peripheral vision test about 5 time and said everything was fine!

My GP said there is nothing else that can be done!

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Spells Related?

I've had anxiety for maybe 8 years now and Health Anxiety since last year (probably longer but that's when I was diagnosed). I don't tend to get severe panic attacks anymore in the sense where I can't breathe and in a full state of panic etc, but I do seem to be in a constant anxiety attack. I keep getting a lot of dizziness, sometimes just generally lightheaded, but I also get random bouts of feeling like the floor or chair has been taken from beneath me, almost like I'm falling, but only for a second. I then go into a bit of a panic. Does anyone else get these sensations?

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Dizzy Spells - Also Get Tingling On One Side

I have been having vertigo for 6 months.. On my 4th dr and seems I know more than they do.. I have no life anymore as I can't drive, scared to go anywhere and have given up seeing friends because the vertigo is getting worse.. Has gone from less than a minute with moving to 3 minutes and I can just be laying here. I have researched for months and can't seem to find my exact symptoms.. When my vertigo starts I also get tingling on one side. Does anyone know what this could be so I can help my dr find a diagnosis.. Not knowing adds to the anxiety and I am about ready to cry just typing this.

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