25 Weeks Pregnant And Exhausted With Panic Attacks

Jul 6, 2015

Is there anyone going / been through this? I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am exhausted! 😔

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Pregnancy :: 20 Weeks Panic/ Anxiety Attacks

Does anyone experience panic/ anxiety attacks? Last night I woke from sleeping and very suddenly I felt intensely cold and shivering.  The temperature in the house was normal. I grabbed a blanket and tried to warm up to no avail.  My teeth were chattering and my extremeties cold and rigid.  I had difficulty catching my breath inbetween shivers. The symptoms lasted 30 minutes before I got warm.  I'm 20 weeks and just starting to show. My stomach felt cold and hard too. I am worried about my expectant little one. I have appt tomorrow with a fetal care specialist. I have had this happen before when my house was broken into. any suggestions on what to do? Can these attacks hurt my baby?

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Cannabis :: Panic Attacks And Bad Anxiety - 5 Weeks Off Weed

Long story short: I smoked weed on and off for 10 years. I however smoked it nearly every day for over a year. I quit 5 weeks ago and the first 3 weeks were horrendous (typical withdrawal symptoms: insomnia (up for 55 hours at one point), throwing up, shaking, chills, digestive problems, no appetite. All of those symptoms have gone but now I am experiencing panic attacks and bad anxiety. I have managed to get my breathing together so I seem to be able to calm myself down, but I am just wondering when the panic attacks will subside? They just come on suddenly. I get this horrible feeling over me, heart races, don't feel like myself. I haven't been out on my own in 5 weeks because I'm too scared.

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Cannabis Withdrawal After 2 Weeks - Severe Anxiety And Panic Attacks

i've stopped smoking for 2 weeks now and the most serious symptom i am facing is anxiety i had two panic attacks so far. Can anxiety be permanent for me now?

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Citalopram :: Decline Of Effects After 4 Weeks - Anxiety, OCD And Panic Attacks

I've been on 20mg of cit for just over 4 weeks now almost 5, and at first it was great. My mood picked up, anxiety went way down, and my OCD drastically went down. But now, I've been on a steady decline for almost 2 weeks and i feel like I'm at square one again. High anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, and no appetite and depression all over again. Obviously I need to something differently but I'm wondering if I just need an increase or just try a whole new med?

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Depression And OCD With Panic Attacks?

I have had extreme trouble breathing lately, i can't take deep breathes and it feels like i have to yawn in order to get my breath. I also have depression and ocd could these just be some form of panic attacks?

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How Do You Overcome Panic Attacks?

How do some of you overcome your panic attacks ? Or at least make them a lot more comfortable to live with?

Any advice apart from deep breathing would be useful as I'm continuing to have them almost every few hours .

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Sertraline :: 100 Mg For Panic Attacks

I first started sertraline in 2012 after getting pnd and fluoxetine not suiting me, then I stopped sertraline gradually in march 2014 as I felt I no longer needed them. First few weeks I was fine, then panic attacks came back awful maybe 7/8 a day for no reason at all :-( In august i went back on sertraline and started on 25mg and it has took Me all of this time to gradually build up to 100 mg due to anxiety. I have been on 100mg for 3 days now and suffering awful headaches, feel as though i'm going to fall over when I walk,(this scares the life out of me) and chest pains, I can deal with these as I have for over 4 years. Its the new symptom of feeling I have excess saliva and swallowing all the time, also upper stomach pains that is worrying me. I have lost weight and have no appetite but the actual panic attacks have subsided almost. Just wondered if anyone is on 100mg for panic and if they feel normal.

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People On Sertraline Still Get Panic Attacks?

I have been on sertraline for about 4 months starting on 50 mg and now on 100 I have started to feel better but today had a panic attack I'm also on propranolol I was just wondering if people on sertraline still get panic attacks it wasn't as bad as others but still scary ...

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Pregnancy :: Anxiety And Panic Attacks

So my hubby took me into the hospital last night. Since Thursday I had been having a hard time breathing and yesterday my chest got really tight and no matter what I did just couldn't catch that breath... so of course I started to panic. It turns out it's just he baby really pushing on my chest diaphragm. Apparently I have serious anxiety. I didn't realize how much I don't sleep and eat until they gave me meds to sleep and I got a full nights rest. I woke up this morning SO HUNGRY and ate like I hadn't eaten in ages. Before I was eating little at a time. So even though this trip to the hospital was pointless... it actually is helping me in the long run!

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Propranolol :: Panic Attacks - Can Have A Drink Or 2 Again?

I've had panic attacks for a year and half now i take 40mg x3 propranolol and 10 mg x2 citalopram a day. Which has touch wood seemed to cease my attacks now for 4 months. 1st 1 was bad an hour and 10 mins of thinking i was dying plus i have 2 set of twins who were following me round watching it all.! However i really really miss having the occasional wine as i quit drinking and quit smoking weed a year and a half ago i wasn't a major pot head i had 1 or 2 j's on the night 2 chill me out. Now any sort of buzz puts me off so i quit everything including caffeine. So my question is is there any way i can have a drink or 2 again?!? i do miss my odd glass of wine but as soon as i try my heart races so i don't bother. Help any advice welcome i think i know what will be said! Just don't drink.

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Sertraline :: Not Working For Panic Attacks

Well I've been suffering with panic attacks for about 2yrs now and I can honestly say it's taken a lot put of me to the point where I can't or don't want to leave my home or I can't watch tv without it being triggered I sometimes tell myself why are you anxious there is notHing to be anxious about. But I've been taking sertraline 50mg for about 5 months now and buspirone 10mg and nothing is happening here sometimes makes me wonder if these meds even help you. Any suggestions on what meds actually help for panic attacks?? I also take lorazepam when needed but sometimes I have to take it everyday

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Anxiety :: Gabapentin For Panic Attacks ?

The doctor prescribed me gabapentin 300mg 3x a day for panic attacks instead of klonopin... there are tapering me off .. does anyone know how this works for anxiety if you have had success. . I have severe anxiety.. heart palps all day constant anxiety.. I'm getting on effexor xr 150mgs now it's been 2 weeks since I've upped from 75mgs. Feels like anxiety is getting worse.. hopefully this ad will kick in soon.. any positive thoughts about this medicine would be great.. I need some support I've been trying everything to get this anxiety under control..

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Anxiety :: Xanax 0.5 For 15 Years - Panic Attacks

i've had panic attacks for 15 years and take xanax 0,5 for 15 years i started at 3 a day now 6 a day but its not better i get up in morning it starts i'm afraid my wife sees me like this so it seems to get worst what to do?

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Anxiety :: Sinus Pressure And Panic Attacks?

i recently had surgery about 8 months ago now and got a severe infection that required emergency surgery to remove the e coli infection.  It took forever to go away and was very sick through this to the point I wondered if i might die.  Then after I was better I was nervous and on edge.  Then now three months ago my aunt that I worked with and have for 21 years was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She had surgery but died from the cancer growing back.  I was devastated.  Since all of this I had my first attack in the middle of sleep one night.  I awoke from a dead sleep with right hand numb , nausea, feeling of death, chest hurt, shaking and crying and went to the ER and heart looked fine and no heart attack.  So they put me on ativans.  I am on wellbutrin also for this time to help me get through my grief.  Since then I have them more and more.  I might skip a night but they will return or in the later day at work when i'm tired and stressed,  Is it normal to have them so much?  Its a feeling of sacredness just to go to bed at night.  I also get sinus pressure during these attacks and dizziness.  Any others with this?

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Anxiety :: LSD Induced Panic Attacks With Weed

I took LSD quite a few times and I was absolutely fine, then one night I drop 2 trips and it turned really bad, I was shivering and cold while inside a warm house, I thought everyone was talking about me and I even imagined my own friends were plotting to kill and bury me, I was freaking out and just kept asking everyone to take me home and apparently I kept asking every couple of minutes. My friend told me to smoke heaps of bongs so I would fall asleep and I smoked a whole bowl of weed completely to myself and it just made me worse, they took me home eventually and just left me there alone, from that night onwards I suffered revisiting that 'bad trip' for a few weeks, and I was a heavy pot smoker before the bad trip, but now everytime I smoke weed I freak out, my heart starts beating so fat and irregularly and I honestly think I'm going to die. I quit smoking weed now, but even still, sometimes in certain situations around new people or big crowds I flip out and have to be alone just like I did on the night of the bad trip.. What is this? I'm too scared to goto the doctors, I refuse to take any medication. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Cured Panic Attacks By Vitamin Supplements

I have never written any sort of review or comment online but I wanted to get this out there because it changed my life and it was something the Dr's hadn't even considered and even now, when I have brought it up with them they find it "unlikely". Yet it has worked, and not just for me.

I am 27yrs old and started having what seemed like panic attacks just under a year ago. The first one was unbelievable, I had no idea what was happening to me and thought I was going to die. It lasted for hours and I felt like I couldn't breath and that my chest was tight, I felt dizzy and a bit sick and had a tremendous pain deep into my neck and skull base. Adrenalin seemed to be pumping round my body consistently and it was all I could do to make a concerted conscious effort to breathe in and out - as if my body wasn't going to do it on its own. After it finally subsided I was tired and relieved it was gone but was left feeling not quite normal but thought this would pass. I had had a small cold at the time and attributed the experience to breathing difficulties and a tight chest and throat. However, from that time onwards I was aware that I didn't feel quite right but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I started getting these "attacks". It would suddenly hit, seemingly out of nowhere and I would get a sudden hot sweat followed by dizziness and then the breathing thing would start again. Sometimes they were milder, other times they would become severe and I would be totally chair bound and in fear I would stop being able to breathe. All the physical symptoms that you see listed under "panic attacks" were there and I realised I had to see a Dr.

When I saw my Dr he confirmed what I had suspected from my own web findings and he felt that antidepressants would be the way to go. However, I should note here that I was not or am not depressed, I felt no worry or anxiety except about these attacks that were happening. So when my Dr thought that it could be depression or general anxiety disorder (GAD) it didn't seem right as I had no mood problems. I was happy in my life and content with what I was doing - so these attacks had literally come from nowhere.

I was on antidepressants for 5 weeks when I realised these were not helping me, the attacks were fewer, but I still felt weird and on top of that I felt a bit spacey. So then the Dr put me on beta blockers and I felt as though I was always walking on sponge and that my stomach was turning all the time.

This problem started to cause me to avoid situations, not want to go out, not do too much, not do too little - it was the fear of oncoming attacks that started to live with me all the time. I stopped enjoying the things I had enjoyed and was starting to get very down about why I felt all wrong.

So I started to research panic disorders and causes and alternative ways of treating them. I had always known that it was very psychological and had felt guilty and ashamed of having some sort of "neurosis", but had not really tried any of the psychological or relaxation exercises that are suggested. It was hard to think straight at the time of an attack and I would find it difficult to try and "relax", even though I had found out that this is a very important part of the panic attack syndrome.

Anyway, I've put this history in of my experience so that you can see what was happening to me personally.

I started finding references to various deficiencies in the body as having direct links to panic attacks and the very same symptoms, so I started to investigate this.

I came across lots of personal references and people's experiences of being deficient in various vitamins and minerals and discovering that this was the cause of their GAD. I also found some medical references to such findings when I dug a little deeper.

What I found out was that not enough of the B-vitamins in the body can cause lots of the same symptoms of panic disorders, there were ones in particular but I found that the best way was to get a good b-complex as they all help each other to be absorbed into the body etc. I also found that magnesium deficiency brings about the same symptoms and iron and folic acid.

So I ordered a range of supplements willing to give it a go, mainly the b-complex vitamins (but for good measure I got multi vits, vit c and zinc, iron and chelated magnesium - NOT magnesium oxide)

I have been taking them now for about 2 months and I feel normal again, NO panic attacks and no feeling of being "not quite right". I feel great! Better than normal and I can enjoy the things I had enjoyed again!

It has really worked, and the evidence after I started taking the supplements is, for me, indisputable - I feel as though my body is saying yes, this is it, this is what we wanted. An undoubtable feeling of normalcy and health. I KNOW that this is what was causing me panic attacks and to never feel quite right. Any day at any time I was aware that I didn't feel myself - this has completely gone.

There has been a noticeable difference in my energy, skin, ability to function well, my mood and so many other things it would be too long to list.

I feel like I did not have GAD or panic disorder, I was not suffering from a neurosis and I did not need medical treatment and drugs. I simply was deficient in some things.

So I wanted to put this out there for anyone going through those awful symptoms - try these vitamins, suppliment your diet, it can do no harm and if it IS a deficiency then my god, you'll know it and feel better!

The relief is so massive I can't tell you.

I have since discovered quite a lot of online content with others experiencing this very thing - being "cured" of an "anxiety disorder" (that had sometimes been lived with for years!) simply by supplementing their diets with the right vitamins.

Of course, this may not always be the case, obviously, but it is certainly worth a try - especially if you have that feeling I had of ALWAYS feeling like you were not feeling "right" in yourself. I found out afterwards that GAD sufferers feel normal and ok until an attack happens.

Good luck and I hope this helps some people to get back to a normal life!

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Anxiety :: GAD - Panic Attacks, Frustrated With Headaches

I've been diagnosed with General anxiety disorder a few months back. I've always been a little nervous nelly. in the past year its hit a peak. i had my first panic attack in november 2012. sent me to the hospital. and i've been in and out of the hospital ever since. at least once a month. i've had tons of blood work, ct scans. all negative. i wake every day in fear. that something is going to happen to me while im alone with my children. i feel like a bad mom, a bad wife.. i cry every day. because i want to know what the deal is and i have no answers. im very frustrated. i've tried many techniques to stay calm and collected. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. i wake every day almost sick to my stomach, constant headaches, short of breath, dry heaving.. and now its getting to the point where i just don't want to get out of bed in the morning for fear of physical symptoms starting.. anyone else go thru this?

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Cerazette (for 18 Years) - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I have taken cerazette for about 18 years now. I was 17 when I started. I never really thought about it but having read all your stories I am now wondering if this pill is the reason I have been so scared and anxious for that long! I started having bad anxiety/panic attacks that same year. It lasted for a year back then and then kind of stopped. Never knew what caused it but doctors were kind of like 'your mum is very anxious and you are her daughter so it's in the genes' kind of thing. Just the thing I did not want to hear but never mind. I was so stressed out i lost loads of weight that year, I wouldn't go out anymore as I would be terrified of everything... very irrational, i became withdrawn it was awful. At 22 i fell pregnant despite being on cerazette and i remember being all over the place, my anxiety was back with a vengeance! Unfortunately at the time I had to have an abortion. Since then my anxiety has never properly left. It can disappear for a year or a few months but it always comes back!! Furthermore, i have put on weight too, i have lost my libido big time which is obviously causing issues in my relationship, very tired, feeling really low at times for no particular reason, have become mega sensitive to noise... it's literally ruining my life. I have been on citalopram for 15 years for my anxiety but when it's properly there the medication won't help at all. Could this all be due to cerazette and I just never realised?! I've stopped it last night after reading so many stories about it. I do need help as this is stopping me from doing so many things. I now associate my parents house with the bad memories of my 17th year and I rarely go back there or see them because of it. I love them dearly but this is how bad this anxiety disorder is affecting me. What do you think? Could it be the reason or just pure coincidence? I guess I'll see how I feel in the next few weeks, I guess only time will tell but if you have a similar story or any advice please let me know.

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Early Puberty Anxiety And Panic Attacks At 13

Until I was about 13, I was mentally fine. One day, I had a massive panic attack for literally no reason and for a few years afterwards I did nothing but have random, bad panic attacks and I had very bad OCD. I saw a variety of councillors who all basically told me I have to deal with this for the rest of my life and it will never really improve. I turned 21 a few weeks ago and in recent years, my panic attacks have improved but I still have anxiety, depression and OCD. I recently had a nexplanon implant fitted and it was a nightmare, my anxiety and depression increased dramatically. I had it removed 5 days ago and am seeing slight improvements. This has lead me to wonder if hormones are a possible cause of my anxiety? Maybe I am being naive and stupid but part of me hopes that there is something I can do because even though I am much better than when I was 13/14, I cannot bear the idea of living the next 50-60 years like this.

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Contraception :: Depo-Provera Cause Panic Attacks?

Can Depo-Provera cause panic attacks, generalized daily anxiety, depression, loss of labido, hair loss, agoraphobia(where i can barely leave my house) and feeling of off-balance. I was great except for headaches i have had my tubes tied but the dr. said this shot would stop my headaches all she told me was that i may gain or lose 5 pounds. She didn't tell me i would lose my mind and all passion in my life! Is there a way out- i have been suffering for 16+ months and tried so many things nothing works. I feel stuck and scared. Also any links you can send me to would be greatly appreciated. I used to love my life now i don't have one!

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