4 Mm Kidney Stones Won't Pass

Dec 17, 2013

I have a kidney stone lodged at the bottom of the right ureter pole near my bladder that won't pass into my bladder. I have been dealing with the pain of this stone moving for several weeks. My urologist say it is small enough to pass (4mm). Meanwhile I'm on pain meds and anti nausea medication. My health insurance kicks in January 1st and if it hasn't passed by the my doctor will remove it. I understand that process is as uncomfortable as the stone's movement. I have esophageal lesions and a gastric ulcer so drinking anything with lemon juice to help the stone pass is unheard of. (I read some people do that). My worst pain is in my back at the area my doctor calls the right flank; and also lower. I am also having pain in the front of my left side but I'm not sure if that's related. Has anyone had to deal with waiting for a stone to pass for this length of time. I'm miserable.

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Kidney Stones That Won't Pass

I'm a 17 year old male and about 3-4 months ago I had a lot of pain in my lower back. My fathers side of the family has a long history of kidney stones ( he just had a 14mm stone that had to be broken up). Anyways the doctors said that I have a kidney stone in my left kidney that is less than 1mm. That's not the side that bothers me, they also found a 2mm stone in my right kidney. They say this isn't causing the pain but yet I'm at a constant 7/10 on the pain scale off meds. On the meds it reduces to a 4/10 and the severe pain episodes are less frequent. I've been on and off the meds now for the last couple months but I dislike laying around like a vegetable... My pain episodes start with severe sweating and slightly higher pain levels. Then it moves on to excruciating pain that causes screaming or tearing up. Then I feel the need to use the restroom and the pain will then max out at a 10/10 on several occasions this pain has been so severe that it has caused vomiting to the point of dry heaves. I am considering having my parents take me to the hospital and demand that I have the stone removed upon my next episode of severe pain. I've never felt the testicular discomfort and I have been keeping up with about a gallon of water a day but my urine is still yellow and smes awful.. Does anyone have a recommendation on my next course of action? I'm ready to get this over with. I've had to cancel several meetings with my army recruiter due to severe pain that has prevented me from driving or the use of narcotics ( Tylenol codeine #3, percocet, endocet,hydrocodone) and alternative pain medications and antiinflammatories (Tramadol, mobic). I feel like my life is on hold.

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Can Kidney Stones Pass Without Your Knowing?

In June of 2011 I went to the Doctor for upper right back pain. I had an x-ray done and it showed a 1 cm stone in the right kidney. Last year in August I went to the ER for some stomach pain not related to kidney stones but a 3 cm stone showed in the right kidney....I was having a lot of upper back pain a few months ago and the DR figured it was a kidney stone because I had blood in my urine...the X Ray showed no stone. I was surprised because 5 years ago I had a 4 cm stone get stuck and was in the hospital for a few days until they retrieved it. I have had no major pain other than what I had here recently since that ct. Is it possible for it to have passed with no discomfort?

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How Long Would It Take Kidney Stones To Pass?

6 days ago I was having some weird pain in my lower back and side and my urine was really dark.

I went to go see our doctor and they got me to go take a urinalysis, I had some blood in my urine and with the pain they decided I have kidney stones.

I've been in a bit of pain for the last 4 days(nothing that'll interrupt my day), and I've been taking percocets to help it, It feels like whatever is in there is dissolving or whatever(I've been drinking a ton of water) and the pain is starting to go away.

Usually how long would it take to pass? I'm thinking of seeing my doctor tomorrow and asking for a couple more days off.

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Kidney Stones :: How Painful Is To Pass?

I have been having pain since December 14, 2015 I thought it was the normal menstrual cramps but menstrual is over and still have pain went to the doctors today they are pretty positive I have a kidney stone I'm drinking lots of lemon water some cranberry juice trying to flush it out. I have a female friend who told me that every time she's had a kidney stone the pain got less and less right before it passed, and that the passing of the stone wasn't that bad. I just wanted to know if there is any other females who had this experience or was it painful actually passing the stone I know how painful it is in the process of waiting for it to come out I've been dealing with that for 6 days just nervous for it to actually pass.

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Kidney Stones :: How Long It Will Take To Pass (3 Mm)?

I'm a perfectly healthy 24 year old female and last Monday I started feeling what I had assumed was cramps for my period, despite the fact that I had already went through this months cycle. I just figured I'd cramp the last bit of the month and then start sometime after the first. Thanksgiving hit and the cramping had only gotten a little worse.

Then Friday came and I was having some pretty bad cramping in my back. that does happen from time to time. Then on Saturday I had several "attacks" where i puked twice from the pain. At this point I was thinking it was the "stomach bug everyone keeps talking about. By sunday evening i pretty much had decided there was something even more wrong after having pukled 3 times earlier that day and having pain so bad i curled up in bed and slept through it. went to the er, puked 3 more times, was told i had a 3mm kidney stone on my right side that had just entered the part between my uriter and kidney. i was given 15 5-325mg percocet 0.4mg flomax, and 4mg ondansetron for nausea. When I am awake I have been drinking nothing but cranberry juice and water.

Now heres my issues.

How long is it gonna take for me to pass this thing?

reason I ask is because

1) its so close to the holidays and I NEED to be working my CDL with my permit so i can actually take my drivers test and I cant do that while on the Percocet (however the percocet is the only thing keeping me from screaming in agony)

2) Percocet is an adictive drug, and i dont want to devolope a dependancy on it. Monday I took one pretty much every 4-6 hours. Ever since then I've been trying to go 8 but then I start to feel an "eppisode" coming on and I take one and fall asleep.

3) the nausea.... i have been consistantly nauseas since this begen and the pills under the tongue arenkt helping... in fact if it doesnkt make it worse, they do absoluetly nothing!! Please, gimmie an estimated time this is supposed to last. i take the flomax once a day before bed, every night so far. I know no one knows for sure, but I just don't know how much longer I can take this and need a rough estimate....

also i have not had a bm since thursday... not sure if thats normal iwth kidney stones or not.

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Gallbladder :: Can Gallstones Pass Like Kidney Stones?

I don't want to sound stupid but how do gallstones pass? Compared to kidney stones. Or do they pass?

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Kidney Stones :: Needing To Pass Urine All The Time

Hello have posted on here a couple of days ago about waiting for results on my ct scan which I had on Thursday morning and was told about a week for results , but rang my doctors on Friday morning because I wanted to ask them about the best pain killers to take while waiting for results because I was having stinging pains which were coming and going but still needing to urinate a lot , but was told my ct scan was back and yes it's a kidney stone that near my kidney and bladder join but she said the symptoms that I was having on Friday sounds like it may have moved to my bladder now , but since then no more movement on same symptoms as needing to pass urine all the time. What I want to know from anyone on here that been through this can trying to pass the stone go on like this for a long time stopping and starting again.

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Kidney Disease :: Prep For Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones) - Magnesium Citrate

Is it me or is this stuff a waste of time?

I've had obout 20 lithotripsy's in 15 years of having continuous stones. They've never gotten my kidney completely empty of stones ever. I've had lithos, ureterscopy, PCNL. On meds but they can't seem to stop them from growing. I avoid alot of the things that cause stones or limit them. Got to have the 1 cup of coffee in the morning

On the day before litho, your suppose to eat light ( nothing that leaves residue in bowl) but they say you can have white bread or boiled chicken. (Why bother?) I usually only eat jello, gatorade, and just broth. Plus tons of water. The instructions say to drink the magnesium of citrate after dinner. Well to me dinner is after 6/7. But I thought this time I would take earlier since last time didn't start to move the bowels until i was in the hospital. Plus this stuff is awful- taste bad- even refrigeration like they suggest doesn't really help. Twice in past I threw it up.

So I took at 5 pm thinking it would work earlier. Nope. Nothing. Just stomach cramping and it finally started around 5 am after me getting up every hour during night. Still was working again while in hospital.

There has to be something better (tasting) and work faster. Plus less side effects. Or they should change instructions & say take a noon. Next litho (in 2-3 months) I'm taking a 1/2 day off day before and taking at noon. Maybe then can get a little sleep the night before procedure.

Sorry- felt like ranting as frustrated as its been two full days since litho and nothing passing yet. Plus I have a bad back (2 surgeries) which makes it hard to do the exercises where you drink 2 cups water, wait 30 minutes, then elevate kidney @ 45 degrees and stay like that for 30 minutes to try and get the pieces to move.

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Kidney Stones :: Staghorn - Filled My Right Kidney

Thursday morning I spent the night in the ER with a kidney stone in the left kidney -- when they did a CT Scan - they came and told me that they made an "incidental finding" in the right kidney that is a problem -- they have discovered that I have a "Staghorn" kidney stone that has attached itself and almost completely filled the right kidney. He said that I will not pass it and now my GP has made me an appt. with a Nurse Practitioner at the urologist's office for Tuesday morning to discuss my options. What are my options going to be?

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Kidney Stones :: Calcium Deposits In My Kidney

A while ago I had kidney stones, I was sent for a scan after, upon returning to my GP for the results of my test, he told me there were calcium deposits in my kidney that could mean I have another on the way, I've been trying to keep well hydrated and doing all I can to prevent a recurrence, because they're damn right evil, I've got away with it for quite a while now, last night I was woke up with the same pain I had when I had kidney stones, I sat on the toilet and waited for the pain so subside, it seems to have gone again for now, I was just wondering if I'm supposed to avoid eating foods rich in calcium, I'm also lactose intolerant and with all this I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to en up deficient in calcium.

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Kidney Stones In Men - Can't Cum After Sex

I know this is probably a place for guys but I cannot find anywhere else to post this ...here it is Last Monday me and my boyfriend went to the ER and they diagnosed him with having kidney stones... he got a cat scan and all that and they said the stone was almost in his bladder... they put him on loratab and flomax i think.... Well Tuesday or Wednesday we did "our" thing and everything was fine well here these past 2 or 3 days if he attempts to get his self off or if I try he cannot cum at all we have tried everything too make him cum and it will not work...

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Kidney Stones - Sex Helps To Get Them Out?

I have a kidney stone and I seen on a site where it said sex helped so I tried but when I got off nothing came out everything feels normal but nothing came out ...

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Pain While Stones Still In Kidney?

Is it possible to have kidney stone pain while the stones are still in the kidney? I have about seven stones in my right kidney and five in my left... I've had lower back pain for almost a month straight and nothing makes the pain go away. I'm trying to get my urologist to call me back, but that is next to impossible if I'm not in the emergency room doubled over in pain. Any suggestions/comments are welcome here

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Kidney Stones

Had anyone had kidney stones? This is my 3rd child I'm 12+1 weeks. I'm healthy.but in the last 2 weeks I have had 4 kidney stones(on top of being really sick with"morning sickness"). Not kidding it IS worse than having a baby. MY ob said they don't effect the baby at all and pregnant women are more prone to getting them.

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Kidney Removal Due To Stones

I have had kidney stones for about 20 years and have had a number of treatments. My right kidney now works at 21% due to scarring and infections. My left is fine, working at 98% with one stone. I do not suffer many symptoms but do get an infection 1-2 times a year (I am experiencing my normal infection pain at the moment). My consultant has discussed removing my right kidney, obviously I have my concerns - will my other kidney be strong enough as I am susceptible to stones etc.

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Pregnancy :: Possible Kidney Stones?

I'm a 29 year old female 36 weeks pregnant. Back in January I had a large amount of blood in my urine and some flank pain ( nothing like what most describe with stones) happened again two weeks later so my OB requested a urology work up. I had a full ultrasound which showed mild fluid in my right kidney which is normal in pregnancy. Then sent me off to a urologist for a cystoscopy and two cytologies to look for bladder tumors and Cancer cells. All which were negative. Fast forward to April and again some flank pain with blood in my urine. Urologist wants a CT scan but can't due to pregnancy. So it became a waiting game. May comes along and im having blood every few days with a little more Intense pain lower along my hip and into my pelvis. No back or 'flank' pain per say but now I am urinating large clots and tissue and blood. Went to the hospital they pumped me full of fluids did an ultrasound and saw absolutely nothing and said probably a kidney stone we'll look closer after you have the baby.... Does any of this sound like a kidney stone? They feel it would be a small one since it can't be seen on ultrasound and I am not in excruciating pain. But I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around a 'small' stone causing so much trouble, blood and clots and taking MONTHS to pass... Any thoughts?

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Kidney Stones And Stents

As a frequent  maker of kidney  stones  (20+yrs) I have for the last 4 years have been  operated  on  approximately  every 6 months  for stone removal  the last 3 times I have been fitted with jj stents which cause me absolutely  agony  ,I am unable to work with these stents  inside  me  and have now lost my job .am I unusual  in having  this agony  ?the specialists  all seem to think  I should be able to cope. How long do people  put up with the agony  before  going to a&e?

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Kidney :: Two Different Types Of Stones - Possible?

Is it possible to have 2 different types of kidney stones? I had a cat scan and it showed only a stone in the kidney. Is it possible I could have more and they didn't show up?

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Kidney :: 30 Stones In Each - Hyperparathyroid

I have had hyperparathyroid surgery. Had 3 of 4 removed. I also have had 3 lithotripsy (sorry about spelling) surgeries. About 2 weeks ago I had kidney scope surgery and blasted 30 stones on each side. Uro said he had never seen so many in one person. I have high oxalates, and slightly elevated sodium. My PTH is 77-106 off and on and my calcium levels are both normal. Uro and Endo are perplexed. I am wondering if it is because I have a malabsorption and a bad digestive system. They just don't know. I am watching my diet and trying to learn how to eat, but I have many food issues so hard to keep a perfect diet. I am scared to death the stones are going to come back. Doing lab and x-ray in 3 months. I want to find a specialist who can tell me why this is happening. I live in Ks but am willing to travel to find a doc who can tell me what is going on. I have also had gallstones. I am just a stone maker. Hate it. I also drink around 3 liters of water a day.

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Kidney Stones :: Psychiatric Changes?

I have been passing kidney stones recently. I have had them for a decade or more but only recently started to pass them. I have an appointment next week with my urologist. I also follow up with a psychiatrist whom I have an appointment with next week but overall I am stable. However,  every time a kidney stone starts to pass I encounter extreme psychosis and depression. Once they pass and are eliminated this settles.

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