Abnormal Bright Orange Color Periods

Dec 18, 2006

My period was a week late and now I spotting like a bright orange color. It is like red orange. It isn't all the time though like only when I go to the restroom and wipe myself. I wear a pad just incase I start bleeding but nothing is on the pad. I don't know what is wrong with me I am scared. The one thing I want is a child, but I think that something is wrong with me and I won't be able to have one.

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Abnormal Pink Color Periods After Birth Control Pills

I have started to take birth control pills two months ago. During the first month of taking pills I was bleeding every day, it was like spotting, and it stopped after the period had ended. This month my period lasted less than before, it lasted only 3 days. I’ve noticed abnormal menstrual color, it was light, almost pink. Are these changes caused by pills or something’s wrong with me?

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Menstruation :: Levlen Ed - Orange-brown To Bright Red And Then Sometimes Black

I've been taking Levlen Ed for 4 months now and haven't had a problem with it. I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I was due to start taking the sugar pills the first week of February(from the 1st until the 7th) but had a holiday planned so I skipped it and just started on the next pack of active pills. I started taking the sugar pills of the next pack on the 22nd of February. I got my "period" but it was a lot lighter and ranged from orange-brown to bright red and then sometimes black. I have been taking the pills perfectly and I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy, so the chances of being pregnant are incredibly low. Is there anything else that could be causing this?

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Irregular Periods :: Varied In Color, Thickness, And Smell

I'm 22 years old, normally had heavy menstrual period, often had irregular discharge (varied in color, thickness, and smell depending on weather, amount of stress, and the amount of chemical I interact with - I'm a nail technician).

I began to be involved in sexual activities and birth control pill in February. I also had a pap test in February. Everything was normal. No irregular discharge between periods anymore, but did have brown discharge for days after period.

Two weeks ago, I changed to a new pill (from Reclipsen to Microgestin Fe 1/20) due to rashes side effect. I had intercourse on Friday of the first week of the new pill. On Sunday, I began to have dark brown color discharge (no odor, itch, burn, or discomfort). The heaviest discharge was on Tuesday with watery, dark brown, dark blood color, with some light/bright blood cloth. It is Thursday now (day 5) and I'm still having discharge, although lighter color (orangy-brownish). There are still no odor, burning, or itching feeling except for a small pimple on the labia majora - which might due to the fact I've been wearing mini pads for several days, making it too moist.

I went to see an Ob/Gyn doctor for a test and consultation today. The doctor looked at the color and say it might be infection due to its orangey-cloudy color. She also said it might be completely normal.

I'm very worry but the result won't come in until next week. My questions are:

1/ Is this really vaginitis infection?

2/ If yes, can it spread during intercourse? In other words, will it affect my partner?

3/ Can I rule out STD since the first pap test (in February) returned normal?

4/ I had worse symptoms before (with color and odor) but it was before I have a partner. Most of them last a week or more, but all went away on their own. This time, is the discharge the same - due to my irregular menstrual cycle?

Additional information:

-I'm in my final exams week, with lots of stress recently

-I've been engaging in a diet, which caused me to lose weight drastically (2.5 pounds/week)

--> Can this also be a cause?

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Abnormal Periods Since Stopping Birth Control Pills

I'm 23 and have been trying to conceive for almost a year. I’ve had abnormal menstrual periods ever since I stopped taking birth control pills – since 4 years ago. During first 15-16 months, my periods came every 3 months, but now it got closer to normal - every month or so, and sometimes even after three weeks. Moreover, during my period I experience intense pain and heavy flow. There is a history of endometriosis in my family so I’m worried that I may never be able to conceive. I had all kinds of tests by now and the doctors told me I would become normal again within six months to a year but that did not happen and now they don't know what to do with me. Could anybody here suggest something?

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Abnormal Periods Pain - Ovaries Hurt For Past 2 Months

For the second month I am experiencing abnormal menstrual pain. the area of both my ovaries hurt ... I took some painkiller to stop the pain and it helped, but usually this is not the case with me. Usually I feel pain the first 2 hours when I get period, and the pain is not so strong... I just have to lay down and I feel better. But for the past two months, the pain so strong I had to take painkillers and it is lasting more than 3 days. What does that mean?

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Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding? Heavy And Clots - 2 Periods A Month

In this month of April I had a period that began on April 6th with semi heavy bleeding, and ended April 14th. April 29th I began a second period with heavy bleeding, and now I'm also having blood clots ranging from the size as small as a dime to as big a half dollar coin. What could be the cause of this abnormal menstrual bleeding?

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Topiramate :: Abnormal Mesntrual Cycle - Irregular Periods Taking Topamax

Has anybody had abnormal menstrual cycle while taking topiramate (topamax) I am very worried that there may be something else wrong with me. Sorry to be graphic but I've had a very lightened flow, with dark brown blood and the beginning and the end. I read somewhere that depression can do this to your period and as depression is one of the side effects of this drug is it possible that this is a casual link? Or does this sound more like implantation spotting to you? I haven't had unprotected sex and my period was on time just with these strange goings on. Please help. I have been taking topiramate for around 6 weeks for my migraines but reducing the dose because it isn't working for me.

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Menopause :: Bleeding Bright Red Blood After No Periods For 2 Years

I am 47 years old and haven't had a period for at least 2 years. However, i starting bleeding bright red blood about 3 days ago, and this has been quite heavy as i am normally only very light.It isn't like period blood. This has happened before in this 2 year period and it was bright red then too. i've been on warfarin since last december due to a pulmonary embolism in my lung. Is it necessary to see a doctor, i don't want to feel like i'm making a fuss.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Orange Cum

I'm 15 year old girl and i started to notice orange cum for about a week. My period starts in a week but I've been researching online and I definitely know that I'm not pregnant. I don't feel any itching/burning and other things like that. I need to know if I should go get it checked out because i am worried it will be something fatal.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Bad To Have Orange Juice?

Is orange juice bad to have? Bc I really want some but I have read in some articles that it's not good and others say the complete opposite, I'm so confused!

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Orange Juice And Whole Milk

Just did it! 1/2 cup of each one. Although I didn't mix it, I just chugged one after another, I was scared to drink it if I mixed it.. I drank the milk first then the oj . let's see what it does.

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Hemorrhoids :: Suppositories, And Orange Oily Farts

I am 31 female and have IBS with constipation. This plus childbirth has given me some nasty hemorrhoids. This is the first really painful ones I have ever had so I went to urgent care and was sent home with Lidocaine ointment and hydrocortisone suppositories. Last night in a nice soaking bath I farted. I thought "wow that didn't hurt. This stuff works wonders". Then I smelt an awful smell and looked to see orange oil floating in the tub. My whole body smelt awful. It was so greasy and hard to wash off in the shower I took.

Today it. Happened again. Can it be the suppository? I don't eat fish or cashews (allergic to cashew) all that is all the internet had to offer.

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COPD :: Agent Orange (vietnam) / Blood Clots

Is anyone else "out there" suffering with blood clots in/on your lungs and you served in VietNam during the years that they were spraying Agent Orange on the foliage?  I served in VietNam during those years, have been diagnosed with COPD and am having a lot of trouble with blood clots in/on my lungs.  My VA representative has told me if I can find other Veterans who are suffering as I am I might be able to help my loving and very patient wife after I leave this earth through VA survivor benefits.  I am hoping a lot of people will answer quickly because I don't feel that I have much time left.

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Orlistat :: Water Can Be Replaced With Diluted Orange Juice?

I'm struggling with drinking enough water wud it be the same if i add dilute orange juice ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dark Brown Spotting Followed By Orange/pale Pink

I am currently taking the Rigevidon combined pill on its own and have been for over a year now. I am in a very sexually active relationship and we don't use protection due to me being allergic to the latex and also the fact im on the pill. I am unfortunately one of those very unreliable people when it comes to the pill... I don't take it at the same time every day and I have also missed a day every now and then and as I was rather uneducated on the pill I never set correct times I was meant to come on my period. My boyfriend first came in me the day I was due off my period (1st november), then again on the 6th november, 7th november (by accident) and then on the 17th of november. I know that I forgot to take my pill on the last time he came in me. Anyways, because of being slightly worried I decided to do a pregnancy test late at night on friday the 13 november (negative results ( was very happy) but I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms lately like slight stomach cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination and feeling like im going to be sick in the morning but I haven't actually thrown up yet. So I decided to research and learnt that i had done the test a bit too early and decided to do another test again on the 20th november (in the afternoon) again a negative result. I was happy again that I had a negative result but on the saturday 21st november I went to the toilet around 9pm ish and noticed 3 dark brown spots in my knickers but there wasn't anything coming out when I wiped... Despite being confused I decided to ignore it but then today on the 23rd november when I wiped I found some orange/pale pinkish discharge when I wiped so I had a shower and now there's nothing there...

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Bowel Disorders :: Orange And Red Lines, Black Specks In Stools

It all started a few months ago when I noticed blood on my toilet paper. It was just a few spots. Then I started to notice these random red lines and also orange lines on my toilet paper. Then ii also started to notice these black specks and spots on my toilet paper. That was two months ago and these symptoms are still concurrent. Lately though I find that my bowel activities are strange. Ive been having to a lot more lately, Diarrhea, Constipation diarrhea.

And also last week my poop was completely green, and this morning my stool has these weird yellow round things in it. I know it wasn't corn as I haven't eaten that in a few months. The blood is usually bright red and sometimes its more of a dark maroon color. A few months ago I also had a weird a cold that made me have blood in my throat when i would clear my throat but it went away. I have also had shortness of breath and abdominal pains once in awhile.

I went to the doctor and they said that they will send me for a ultrasound but what are chances that this cancer?

I'm going to list all my symptoms.:

Blood on toilet paper once in a while. (Brighjt red and sometimes dark maroon...)

Black Specks/Spots on toilet paper once in a while.

Orange little lines, and also little red lines on toilet paper...

Frequent diarrhea/Runny stool.

Green Stool all day yesterday.

Today = Stool has yellow round things in it, looks like corn.

Abdominal pain sometimes,

Shortness of breath

Fatigue a lot of the time

Blood when clearing throat a few months ago but it never happened again.

I also went for a blood test when i had shortness of breathe a few months ago and they din't find anything.

Is it colon cancer?

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Breast :: Yellow Color Liquid From My Nipple?

I'm 13 year old girl and when I squeeze my nipple a yellow colored liquid comes out. It also has a small lump at the end of it too. Is this normal? (I haven't got my period yet)

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STD :: Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding After Fingering

when my boyfriend fingered me last week , it bled , and i thought it's cuz it was pretty hard that my cherry popped, but this week, he did it again ,
and it bled again, and im really scared, i know it's abnormal but is there any advice or anyone who has gone through this that knows that it is or knows how to help me?

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Menstruation :: YAZ - Abnormal Menstrual Cycle And Sex

I am 19 years old and was taking yaz (which worked very well in regulating my period). I happened to loose the pack of pills with two weeks remaining. Since then, I have had sex with him ejaculating and my menstrual cycle has not come in 6 weeks? Is there a possibility that i may be pregnant?

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Skin :: Lump In My Arm Size Of A Dime And Has A Little Purple Color

I have a bump in my arm size of a dime and has a little purple color. When i touch it the pain is like a bruise but if i press down it goes away and rises slowly. I've had it for over a year.

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