Achilles Tendon Rupture Or Calf Torn Muscle

Nov 17, 2015

Achilles Tendon rupture or calf torn muscle: Does a Achilles tendon rupture make calf to swell up ?

After a couple days only between the calf and ankle got swell up... I did perform the 'calf squeeze test' and my foot moved a little ( probably because the muscle it's inflamed still??).

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Achilles Tendon Rupture At 86

My mother who is 86 years old but quite fit has suffered an achilles tendon rupture about 7 years ago which has just been diagnosed!! After many visits to doctors and specialists, a podiatrist has just confirmed this. This is incredible, so now after this time my mum struggles to walk. Would an operation be an option? If not, does someone know of any shoes or braces that may give her strength around her heel area to assist in her getting around with her walker?? She is very with it and is suffering not playing her 4 games of regular golf a week and doing much exercise.

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Achilles Tendon Re-rupture?

Would welcome any comments if you've had ATR. I ruptured my AT (partial tear) 20th sept whilst playing basketball. Did not receive surgery saw one consultant who said 8-9 weeks with 3cm heel lifts (plantar flexion) non weight bearing in airboot cast. Wasn't entirely happy with this so got second opinion from an ortho surgeon who's allegedly one of the best in the country. He changed protocol to the more contemporary thinking with physio and weight bearing from week 4 as tolerated.  Week 8 boot came off he was happy with healing, have continued physio am week 10 now am due to return to work next week but since my physio session on Thursday, the area around the tear is in quite a bit of pain. Tender to touch some swelling.  I'm really concerned I've re-ruptured or is this normal after physio.?   

I'm in bad luck with AT, did complete rupture in other leg and had surgery 10 years ago, so needless to say I'm very down in the dumps. 

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Re-rupture Of Achilles Tendon

In 2001, I had surgery for a 90 percent rupture of the Achilles' tendon for the second time, recently I did something to it because it is extremely painful to walk and sore to the touch.  Has anyone ever had this problem?? Do you think even with all the screws that I could have ruptured it again?? I haven't been to a doctor yet.  

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Achilles Tendon Full Rupture Surgery Rehabilitation

Had surgery ten days ago for complete rupture, in a half cast at moment and go to hospital to get stitches out on Monday and new cast. Very worried about the recovery after reading up on rehabilitation.

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Tendon Injuries :: Torn Achilles

I recently hurt my foot which turned out i have torn my Achilles. I have been suffering with the same problem for a while and its painful when i walk and it is very hard and painful for my climbing up & down stairs & walking longer distance.

Last week as i stretched to get something from a shelf i felt and hear a pop at the back of my ankle and have been in severe pain ever since. I have felt it "pop" or "snap" a few times over the years but i have never heard it and this time the pain is worse than ever.

I visited my local A&E who confirmed it was a torn Achilles. They strapped my foot/leg up with a bandage and gave me crutches and told me not to put any weight on it. I was given an emergency appointment for the next morning to visit the trauma clinic. After waiting nearly 3 hours after my appointment time i finally saw a doctor who cut the bandage off and done a few tests on my calf and ankle, i was pulling my foot away as it was extremely painful. He confirmed my Achilles had not completely ruptured but it was torn, Then went on to say it was a sprain?? that i had to keep using the crutches and not put any weight on my foot for a few weeks and to rest it. This is very difficult as i work on the first floor & we don't have a lift.

I do not understand how in the same sentence he told me my Achilles was torn but it is just a sprain.

I am now struggling and in pain constantly i was not given any pain killers, Nothing.

Should i be trying to go back or do something else as it does not seem to be getting any better and it has me completely worn out.

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Torn Calf Muscle (Grade 3) - Stretches And Walking?

2 and a half weeks ago I tore my calf muscle. I went to minor injury unit at local hospital. They didn't need to do a scan. They diagnosed torn calf muscle and gave me crutches and told me to rest it for two weeks. Not sure but I think it must have been a Grade 3 tear as I could not walk on it without intense pain and only now can I actually stand on it. I've walked/hobbled about five yards at a time but it is very sore and tight.

After one week I went to GP to ask about recovery. The only advice was to do some stretches and try walking on it a little. I just wondered if I could find anyone who has been through this to see what steps they took.

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Calf Muscle Stiffness, Sense Of Slight Tearing And Pain Around Achilles

A year ago I got hospitalised for a gunshot wound a couple of centimetres above the knee. I didn't stay long in the hospital, although I've almost lost all my blood. I had excellent care, doctors and nurses were sincere and dedicated.

After I got out my calf was swollen, and painful, I had a splint to support my leg because a major vain in my leg was ruptured and the doctors "fixed it" :) . Of course there were a couple of openings in my calf for the drain, and I got these wounds cleaned and checked regularly. After four weeks I removed the splint, the wounds had crust over them and every thing was relatively ok, and the pain remained.

Over the following weeks the pain decreased gradually, only one spot caused me slight pain, and that is just around the achilles tendon just above the bulging bone above the foot. An area of 15 X 5 cm in the superficial flesh, the pain isn't deep that's why I wrote around the tendon not in it or the like. This area felt very stiff, not swollen, but stiff and painful when pressed.

Also for the calf in general, there was slight stiffness without pain except in the area I aforementioned, this stiffness worsened with walking or effort, and in my hip just right under the bullet wound - behind my knee - there is still a slight sense of tear.

During my time in the hospital, I had antibiotics added to the IV solutions, I still don't know what were these antibiotics until now. But I had augmentin and ceftriaxone prescribed for four weeks, I developed allergy and re-prescribed for ciprofloxacin 500mg triple a day for the rest of the period.

Sorry for the lengthy intro, now to the question matter.

I had the flu a couple of weeks ago, it was bad, I began taking nigella "black seed" oil capsules 400mg triple a day, as I read it kills the virus, and I took vitamin c effervescent tablets. But It didn't work so I took ciprofloxacin 500mg twice a day with it, the flu began to feel better, BUT also the pain in my leg, the sense of tear began to feel better. This got me really alarmed, cause if the pain felt better with antibiotic supported with immune booster  supplement, this means there is a resistant infection there. And this is causing me horror actually.

I'm going to see skeletal muscle specialist - don't know what's the word for it - tomorrow, but also I need another opinion.

What could be the pathogen that causes these mild symptoms? Why is it resistive? and is it dangerous/fatal?

also after the flu symptoms cleared, I stopped the antibiotic for a couple of days. The pain and the stiffness in the area I aforementioned came back, but weaker and the slight tear just under the gunshot wound - behind my knee - began to travel upwards my hip, so I continued both nigella oil capsules and ciprofloxacine back immediately.

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Achilles Tendon Debridement And FHL Tendon Transfer

I am one week post op after having achilles debridement & FHL tendon transfer. It all started following having my haglund's deformity removed last November, the pain in my ankle never got better following the original surgery infact it got worse. 4 months down the line I was still only able to mobilise for no more than 2 hours.

Following physio (which made things worse) & MRI scan my surgeon still thought it was a nerve problem. I had a constant battle with the surgeons for 6 months before they would do anything. I kept telling them it was my achilles!

Anyhow, last week they operated again & said my achilles was like "mush", they then debrided it & grafted the FHL tendon & muscle. Im now in a backslab, non weight bearing & still in a considerable amount of pain. I have been told that it is going to be a long recovery!

Would be most interested in hearing how people are recovering, what your mobility is & was post op & anything else that may help. Including recovery times as my job requires me to be on my feet for a minimum of 8 hours at a time!

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Tendon Rupture? Delayed Reaction To A Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic

If you have ruptured a tendon, particularly a large one ie., Rotator Cuff or Achilles and you aren't sure why, then consider whether or not you have taken an antibiotic in the Fluoroquinolone/Quinolone group, in the previous year. If so, then please refer to discussions on Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin or Fluoroquinolones, as you may be suffering a delayed adverse reaction. This can happen long after you have stopped taking these antibiotics - there are others in this class too.

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Muscle Disorders :: Generalised Stiffness And Right Calf Muscle Wasting

When in bed at night I struggle to turn over or move as I feel so stiff and sore. Once out of bed and moving I am much better. I initially find it hard to become upright after sitting for any length of time. About 2 years ago my daughter noticed my right calf was much smaller than my left one. I cannot raise my self onto my toes on my right leg due to loss of muscle/strength in the affected leg. 

I have had blood tests, nerve stimulation tests and a muscle biopsy. My CK level from my blood tests was slightly raised, my nerve study tests were abnormal and my biopsy only showed minimal change. 

I now cannot raise my arms above shoulder level to the front and if I walk at a quicker pace my lower back feels like I have no support and I get pain around my lumbar region. 

I go spinning 4/5 times a week and cope with this very well. It's as though once I'm warmed up my stiffness diminishes. I am 51 and have only one period every 3/4 months , I have been to the dr's re the menopause but have been told all my blood tests are normal.

i have been referred to a neurosurgeon and neurologist  with ? A form of muscular dystrophy but now my muscle biopsy result has not shown the expected result. 

i struggle going up and down stairs often. I feel so fed up with my inability to do what I want to do as I have always been an active person. I have put weight on and cannot motivate myself to control my diet.

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Shoulder Problems :: Torn Tendon

about two months ago I was lifting a heavy article and received a lot of pain which seemed to come from my bicep, the pain gradually got worse and worse so I was advised by my Doc to have a ultra scan and it showed I have a partially torn tendon in my shoulder, the pain is quite bad and I have a hell of a job finding a comfort spot in bed so I'm not getting the sleep I need and the next day I feel tired and weary all the time, the only thing  my doc advised was physio and home exercises but so far it's no better, I.m 76 years old so not as fit as I used to be and this problem has made impossible for me to do things like gardening which I love, How long do these shoulder last, will I ever get rid of it.

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Abscesses Achilles Tendon

8 wks post op for heel spur / tendon repair, just learned I have an abscess on tendon, with ulcer of the heel post op. What will surgeon do to fix it.

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Being Patient With Your Achilles Tendon

After a period of much indulgence at the end of 2015 I am pleased to say I can touch my toes.  Having suffered a ruptured soleus on one foot followed by achilles tendonitis on the other, the biggest problem I faced was not being able to run; ironic considering this is how I caused the injuries.  Now in the recovery period I have clocked up some distance walking, but have learnt some valuable lessons. Before doing any walking, stretch thoroughly the affected area.   On days that you don't walk, stretch as if you were going to walk anyway.  Finally, rest.  Muscle-tendon units are essentially springs.  They work better when they have warmed up, so bouncing or ballistic stretching is counterproductive.  Whilst a common problem found during recovery is underestimating the amount of static stretching that is required before exercise, the long period of recovery also leads to side effects of under- and over-using other muscles leading to compensation problems.  Stretching therefore needs to be comprehensive and include all muscles in the legs to ensure the recovery process is not a step backwards.  Happy New Year to all.

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Reconstructive Achilles Tendon

I was 8 months post-op from an Achilles debridement. Had a huge set back. I got cellulitis pretty bad I formed an abscess.  I am the 3rd person my podiatrist has ever see this happen to.  My Achilles tendon died and detached it got very infected.  I had to have emergency surgery to cut the Achilles tendon out and clean up the abscess.  Due to the cellulitis my Dr was limited to what he could do.  So I am going to have a 3rd surgery next month to have reconstructive surgery he will take the tendon from my big toe and rebuild me an Achilles. I will be non weight baring for 2 months. A year recovery. Three surgeries in less than a year this has set me back a year own my recovery. 

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Achilles Tendon Surgery Tomorrow

Ruptured my AT two weeks ago playing squash. All the usual symptoms although not as painful as my previous calf tear - although now I'm starting to realise it's much more serious. And not a quick return to sport.

I'm in for surgery tomorrow morning and having read loads over the last fortnight, still not sure what the immediate post op advice is. It seems everyone has a slightly different experience.

I'm a self employed graphic designer and eager to know when I can sit at a desk again and do some work to keep the wheels turning.

Should I be lying down with foot elevated above heart for first few days or much longer?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Achilles Tendon

Just wondered if anyone on here has trouble with their Achilles Tendon? First thing after resting a while and if I've walked far too much they get very very stiff and painful! There doesn't seem much flexibility in either ankles. I didn't have problems with them when I was first diagnosed with PMR, only now 10 months into the condition and in 7 mg of pred!

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Tendon Injuries :: Ruptured Achilles

I ruptured my achilles tendon 5 weeks ago. I was advised not to have it operated on. I have been in plaster since I did it. The cast has been put on so my foot is pointing down. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's going to heal ok. I have read all the stories about re-ruptures so i'm abit worried I should have gone for the op now?

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Achilles Tendon - How To Sleep After Surgery?

Background: completely ruptured my achilles tendon about a week and a half ago and just diagnosed last fri. Had surgery last night and now have an air boot. 

Told to stay non- weight bearing for 2 weeks, then stitches to come out, then 4 weeks with instep thing to be lowered slighted each week, followed by 4 weeks with flat foot still in the boot. So total of 10 weeks in the boot. 

Firstly, anyone else going through a similar treatment?

Secondly, how on earth do you sleep in this boot? Have it high on a couple of pillows and am on meds, but still v painful. I know it's only day 1, but any advice for sleeping?

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Awaiting My Achilles Tendon Surgery Next Week

I injured this tendon at work. So this is a work comp case. Looking for discussion with others that have been through this.

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Achilles Tendon Ruptured - Surgery Or Plaster?

While playing Cricket i ruptured my right foot achilles tendon,i had x-ray and ultrasound, doc advised me its not into two pieces but broken more than 50%. They gave me two options Surgery or Plaster.I opted for plaster.

So what you guys think how much time will it take to heel and would i be able to play Cricket in next 2 months?

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