Acne :: Face Skin Swollen Red Marks

Sep 24, 2014

I am 29 Years old. I was having problem on my face skin. So i visited a Doctor who prescribed me Adalen and Glycolic 6. After using that, it was better.

Now I had a function to attend so i used tan pack and have done facial.

After that the affected area got swollen and red. I applied ice cubes and Lacto Calamine. Now the swelling up is not there but the red patch mark is still there.

The affected area got very dry and..when i stretch the skin and leave it. The skin gets lines and squeezed type.

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Early Puberty :: Eyes Irritation, Swollen Eyelids - Acne And Face Oil

My 10 year old daughter is in puberty, her pimples and clogged pores on her face is the evidence, lol!  My concern is her eyelids have clogged pores or glands few times this year. One time leads to little irritation (itchiness), but warm compress and cold compress get it over in a couple of day. In 2014, she woke up with a swollen eyelid (eye infection on eyelid)!  Is the hormone at puberty a factor as she is producing more oil? How to prevent that from happening? Should I have her use diluted baby soap to wash her eyelids daily? Or some OTC eyelid wipes? Or warm compress twice a day? She has been taking a potent omega-3 capsules the past half year, is this increasing the oil production as well?  She is moderately myopic, too.

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Skin :: How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Can anyone suggest how to get rid of stretch marks? I recently delivered a baby and want to get rid of stretch marks.

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Acne :: Accutane And Red / Pink Face

Is anyone currently on Accutane, or have taken Accutane, and is experiencing red/pinkish colored skin, mostly on the face? It almost looks sunburned and covers the nose and cheeks areas..not nec. around the eyes.

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Acne :: Face Is Really Itchy Around Edges

My face is really itchy right around the edge of my face from under my ears down to my chin. Usually the right side but sometimes the left as well. It comes on randomly and usually lasts hours to days. It has been happening for a few months now and it gets so bad that I am scratching it like mad without realising it and leaving angry red marks all down the side of my face! Do you have any ideas what it might be?

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Acne Appears On Face With Masturbation

19 years old. I have acne on my skin and small pores/holes on the cheek area which make the skin look old and bad. I wanted to know if masturbation causes acne, because I have noticed, when there is a period of weeks when i do not masturbate, my acne starts curing on its own and ones do not come. But if I masturbate, theirs a new one the very next day. Can someone please help me out on this so i can avoid it completely. And also, what should I do for the scars/pores/holes on my cheek areas in order to cure them, because that doesn't seem to heal no matter what i do. I've been putting tomatoes on my skin and that has helped me skin glow a lot, but these pores/holes/scars do not fill up.

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Skin :: Had Stretch Marks For Years, What Causes Striae?

For some years I've had stretch marks on inner thighs and posterior. I don't do any active exerсises. My weight is 50 kg. What causes striae?

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Acne :: Is It Eczema? Face Is Dry, Red, Flaky, Itchy

My face is dry, red, flaky, itchy, and peeling but only on the right side. I work in a warehouse and was very sweaty this past week so I wiped my face off with a towel during the day, possibly further irritating and drying out my face. I also have purple pimple like bumps on my face but again, only on the right side.

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Acne / Skin :: Red Patch Of Skin Under My Eye

had a red patch of skin under my eye for at least 3 months now.

i think it gradually appeared and has slowly been getting bigger ever since it does not itch and is not sore it goes dry and flaky after a shower and sometimes gets white head spots

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Dental Abscess With Swollen Jaw And Face

My tooth ache started on Tuesday and I contacted and saw my dentist the following day. He had a look about, tapped a few teeth and took an x-ray but couldn't find anything wrong. He suggested I returned the following Friday but I was unable to do so as I was booked on an expensive training day in London. I made an appointment for Monday. Mistake! When I woke up Friday morning, I was in a lot of pain and felt very peculiar. I did attend the training but by the time I got home at 7.30 I didn't know how I would cope with the pain over the weekend and I felt very unwell. I managed to see the emergency NHS dentist at 8 pm on Friday (didn't know such a thing existed before!) Spent an hour having an old filling removed, the cavity cleaned up and then the filling replaced. I was given a prescription for antibiotics (Penicillin 500mg 4 x daily) and was told to use it if I thought I needed to. Couldn't get it made up at 9.30 on Friday night but having had a local anaesthetic wasn't in pain anyway.

By 11.30 I was in so much pain, I was crying. I had been taking co-codamol, prescription strength, (paracetamol 500mg and codeine 30mg) which I'd been prescribed a few months ago for gallstones, but after a couple of hours the effect was wearing off. 9.30 Saturday morning I was back at the emergency dentist and by now my face was swelling and I could hardly open my mouth. Prescribed a second antibiotic to take along side the first, (Metronidazole 200mg 3 x daily) but was told there was nothing she could do at present because the infection had flared up and that needed to be controlled first. Got all the prescriptions made up and asked the chemist if there was another pain killer I could take alongside co-codamol. Was recommended Ibuprofen to take at intervals between the other one. I took 27 tablets yesterday ( 11 antibiotics and 16 painkillers) and felt quite spaced out all day! My ear, throat and neck all still hurt this morning along with my jaw which is very swollen but feel better in myself so hope the antibiotics have kicked in. Am seeing the dentist tomorrow and hope that the infection will have cleared up enough to have the tooth pulled. The dentist on Friday discovered that I have a crack under the filling running vertically to the root and said that it is very unlikely that costly root treatment and a crown would prevent further flare-ups. I don't want to take that chance of feeling like this again!

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Dental Health :: Right Side Of My Face Is Swollen

The right side of my face is swollen maybe from my teeth but my teeth don't hurt. It hurts to touch my face.. Dis is dad third day I've had dis n everybody keeps telling me to go emergency. N botn my hands r really itchy I scratch it so hard it hurts. My hands look like dares bumps on it now.

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Chronic Sinusitis :: For 2 Years The Side Of My Face Has Been Swollen

The left side of my face has been swollen EVERY single day for almost 2 years now. I went to an ENT specialist who diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and a bit deviated septum. I did a skin prick test but results were negative. I also did a CT scan. It showed i have a turbinate hypertrophy (left) and slightly deviated septum (no mention about sinusitis). I have difficulty to breath from the left side on my nose especially during night, during day is quite ok. I have no other symptoms (besides the swelling). Could it be chronic sinusitis?

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Acne :: Under Skin Lumps

I am now 30 years old. I did not have serious acne problem on my face until the age of 27. Since the age of 27, my face started to have acne as shown in the images as attached. They usually start with little lumps under the skin. If I apply pressure to it, luckily there will be some grease in white color coming out from the pore, but more often the grease fails to come out, and the area becomes darker and darker, water starts to diffuse out of the area. Then the area starts to become painful ....

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Peeling Skin On Face

I am 12 weeks pregnant and my skin on my bridge of nose/eyebrows, are immediately to the left/right of nose, and on the sides of my mouth down to my chin won't stop peeling.  I have tried olive oil, coconut oil and nothing works.  I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy nor is my skin ever like this.  

I have to exfoliate in the mornings (use baking soda) and gently scrub those areas so it doesn't look so awful but within a few hours, cracked peeling skin.  I have tried not exfoliating, nothing works.

Any ideas on what I can use? do? Should I go see a dermatologist?

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Acne :: Under The Skin Pimples - Can Only Be Seen Under Certain Light

I'm having trouble with one side of my face. I have these tiny pimples underneath the skin and there's a lot of them. They don't pop and nothing I'm doing is working. Is there any facial treatment that can get rid of them? They're on my left cheek bone area and can only be seen in certain light but it's gross and I don't know what to do for it! HELP!

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Acne :: Aloe Vera Gel For Dry Skin?

Hi, I have read that really dry skin actually helps acne get worse. I used this cream to exfoliate and the next day my face was real dry, so i applied aloe vera gel to my face to stop my skin from being so dry. Does aloe vera gel help the skin on your face from being so dry and does that in result help acne from breaking out?

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Menopause :: Skin Acne Worsened

I have had persistent acne on my chin for over a year now, but has worsened in last 6 months since my periods stopped, and all my other menopausal symptoms have flared up - all the typical ones.

It's driving me crazy and I am desperate for a cure! My diet is very good, and the rest of my skin is clear. I have tried every over the counter product, 2 courses of prescription antibiotics, and lots of different natural supplements.

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Best Make Up For Acne Prone Skin?

I know most make-up clogs your pores and it makes your acne worst. But what happens to me is: I get a bad spot breakout, it goes away after a week or so and I'm left with red/purple scars. So I cover these up with make-up. But I think that makes me breakout all over again, so what types/brands have make-up that is slightly better for skin?

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Acne :: Oily Skin Treatment?

What's the easiest and most affordable way to treat acne and oily skin? I wash my face all the time, but it's so hard to prevent this acne.

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Skin Test For Acne Foods?

I have heard that there is a test that dermatologists can perform on your skin, and let you know what food is not good for you.

Has anyone try that?

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Skin :: Eczema Face Flare Up / Patches

I've gotten eczema rashes for the past few years in very small patches on my upper arms and back. While annoying, it was not a big deal. But last week I washed my face and it felt irritated on my forehead. The next day when I looked in the mirror, the entire left side of my forehead had become a rough leathery patch. I was able to get it to go away by softly rubbing away the thickened skin in the shower, but over the course of the week, I have started to develop the same irritated, flaking and thickened skin on my eyelid, below both my eyes, under my bottom lip and on one of my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a ketoconazole and to start washing/moisturizing with cetaphil.

But I'm pretty embarrassed about these patches on my face and the dryness is super uncomfortable so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it to go away faster.

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