After Using Penis Extender Urinary Flow Issue And Burning On The Tip Of Penis

Apr 23, 2014

I have used Penis extender for 15 days only after using this device i have pain and little burning on all penis and i am feeling Urinary flow issue, again and again i feel like i have to urinate often, but not much urine comes out when i do.

From Last 04 days days i am facing this issue, today i went hospital for check-up , urologist doctor checked up my penis he said it look OK and my urine test also ok he said this time it look ok, Doctor gave me pain killer medicines for pain. But from last four nights i can not sleep properly due to little bit burning and urine flow.

i think penis extender damage my Urine trace it is not visible trace , i am very upset regarding this issue.

Actually in all penis extender websites, they don't mention its harmful results. But i was fool and have bad experience and i will never ever try penis enlargement again.

any one who have already used and feel above problems please share with me what will happen next with me.Please tell me. I will accept answer because you helped me in my worries and gave me much needed advice.

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Penis Friction Burning At Opening Of Penis

2 days ago I had sex with my girl. We are both virgins and I used a condom. Well today my penis burned when i peed and the opening of the urethra is red and a little inflamed could this be a friction burn?

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Viagra :: Not Enough Blood Flow To The Penis - Erections Lasting For Seconds

I have tried viagra but with no success. Can't seem to get enough blood flow to the penis. Can anyone give me some good feedback on my situation. Erection won't last but a few seconds then goes away.

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Urinary Incontinence :: Weak Urine Flow At Night

I am 44. Sometimes at night when I wake up I have  a very weak urine flow. It seems I cannot urinate right away and I have to walk around a bit to get it going. Does anyone else struggle with this and why am I doing this? I am healthy otherwise and this only happens at NIGHT never during the day.   

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Penis Burning Due To Over Masturbation?

Since a week am feeling burning in my penis i used to masturbate once a day for a long time , am 21 years now, would that be caused from the over masturbation? it's a burning that continues most of the time after and before urinating.

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Burning Penis When Urinate After Sex

me and my boyfriend had sex Saturday and yes we used condoms . this morning he told me that he burns when he urinates. and we wanted to know if it was from the condoms we used?

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Burning Penis After Ejaculation

I am 20 years old and have played sports almost my all life. At the age of 15 - 16 I noticed my left testicle felt kind of mushy. I haven’t done anything about it and it fills so even today. But, recently, I’ve noticed another problem - once out of every 5 or 6 ejaculations I experience burning sensation in my penis. This happens regardless of the time of my last ejaculation – it can be from 1 hour to few days. Also, once that happens, when I urinate afterwards, it burns me real badly. Does anybody here know what is wrong?

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Burning Penis Goes Down To My Anus

I have a burning penis and it goes down to my anus. the burn is more of a minty feel. no discharge, no blood. the pain comes and goes, but has been coming more often. it started about 5 days ago.

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Penis :: Painful Burning After Circumcision

I had problem with tight foreskin and on doc's advice have had a circumcision. Just got my dressing off this morning and feeling quite painful (burning feeling). Painkillers are helping, but tip of penis is very sensitive. Also noticed a large blister on penis head. My penis is well below average size, should I be worried about this blister kind of thing?

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Burning At Tip Of Penis - Skin Is Irritated

The top of my Penis is slightly red and burns as if the skin is irritated. Sometimes this will go away but for the last three months it has returned. I have been tested for UTI, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. I had Urine tests and all came back negative. My Doctor said that my Prostate was congested from lack of sex. The problem is I am worried about having sex for fear of passing this on. my first question is about the accuracy of the urine tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I was tested a second time in the Urologists office but I think that was just for a general infection.

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Bumps And Burning Penis During Masturbation

In the past week i have been having this problem where in the middle to near the end of masturbation my penis starts to burn...Afterwards i
look at it and its just a little red with some tiny red spots in the shape of a circle on the shaft. I have never had sex so i know its not a STD but i am really worried about what this could be. Somebody please help...Could it be as little as masturbating to much and be caused from the friction or as big as a health problem?

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Sexual Health :: Burning Pain At The Tip Of My Penis

Today I have been getting burning pain at the tip of my penis and there are around 2 small spots and a large one on the back of my penis, the spots are really sore and the burning is uncomfortable, I don't have a boyfriend, but I do masturbate quite a lot, everyday to be blunt and I also have eczema, so it could be that, I don't know.

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Balanitis? Stinging, Burning Sensation On Penis

I noticed yesterday that I had a stinging, burning sensation when my penis brushed against my boxers. Ouch!! When I checked it out the entire foreskin was red, inflamed and very sensitive. Not only that, but the glans is also red and sensitive to touch. I have a visible band around the head where the foreskin covers. Any advice fellas? Any OTC medications that work? I did google it and some say Lotrimin, I'm just a little cautious when it comes to my member. Any advice? Also, what say you? Do we soap or not? (BTW sorry if this posted twice.)

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Penis :: Burning At Urination - Adult Circumcision At 63?

I am a 63 year old male. For several years I have had burning in my penis during and after urination. Burning is not severe, just annoying and I am afraid it will turn into something more serious. Burning goes away maybe an hour after I urinate. I have seen several Urologists and none can find cause of problem. I am uncircumcised. Last Urologist I saw suggested that I might want to consider having a circumcision. I was surprised because no other Urologist had ever made this suggestion as a cure for my problem. I'm hoping someone can offer some insight into my problem.

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Penis :: Burning/tingling Discomfort Without Infection

my 17 year old son has been complaining of penis discomfort with a burning/tingling sort of pain for several months. he complains of worsening discomfort after he showers. he is not sexually active so there is not a concern for an STD. he has seen the dr. who did not find an infection but blood tests revealed a high acid count. i had read in a forum that lack of calcium could cause problems in this area. it is possible that he does not get enough calcium. he has so much discomfort that he rarely leaves the house. i am really worried and would like to know what could be causing this problem. he is at the point where he believes he will have this problem always.

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Burning On Penis - Swelling On The Edge Of The Glans

On 26 Jan 2011 night i feel bad burning in my penis urinary tract and swelling on the edge of the glans, i went to doctor he ask me any sex with girl i told him yes only oral sex she performed then he took urine culture test and HIV, VD also all normal so he gave some medicine but not clear my problem. i went to urology he took urine culture test also but normal he gave some medicine also but still my urine yellow colour if not drink water frequently. still burning but not bad swelling also not bad now im taking (cranbe 300mg & Epitril 0.5) medine please what is my problem advice me. but my urology say nothing to worry.

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Slight Burning At The Tip Of My Penis

2 weeks ago I had unprotected oral with a high risk individual. Also fingered her with a superficial cut (from my understanding is zero risk)

2 days later I had slight burning at the tip of my penis and pain with ejaculation.  Went to planned parenthood, they tested me and gave me 1g azithromycin and ceftriaxone injection. The symptoms went away. Weird thing is they said they would call me if the tests came back positive so sex partners could get treated as well, and I haven't got a call back....

Anyways, I started feeling nausea a few days after the medication, could be from not drinking water though (I was in vegas) the nausea is gone now.

My main concern now is my right testicle it pretty tender and I can feel a lymph node on the same side in my groin area (sign of infection?) But shouldn't the antibiotics have killed any infections?

I have read over and over dr. Handsfield and dr. Hook both say very low to zero risk for hiv, and other stds for that matter...

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STDs :: Tingling / Mild Burning Sensation In My Penis Tip

I slept with a girl 5 days ago and for the last couple of days I've noticed a tingle/ mild burning sensation in my penis tip......I have felt this sensation before sometimes after masturbation but it tends to go after a bit....could this be a STI? Does anyone else experience a similar thing?

I've read a couple of things that say it could be down to the nerves in the penis tip, could that be true?

To be on the safe side I am going to get a STI check up, I am thinking of going the end of next week which would make it about 11 days after my sexual encounter, would this be long enough after the event to show things like chlamydia?

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Penis :: Spots Of Blood On My Underwear And Burning Sensation

I was in a local park, and had to urinate badly. I stepped behind a tree, and took my penis out through my zipper(though not all the way) and started to urinate, but clearly my penis was constricted by my underwear as I could not urinate. I adjusted, and then was able to 'finish'. Later, when I got home, I noted spots of blood in my underwear. I urinated later, and though there was no blood in my urine, I have a SLIGHT burning sensation around the tip of my penis. Did I break a blood vessel ?

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STDs :: Slight Discomfort On Penis Head, No Discharge / Burning

I had oral about a week in a half ago. And also protected sex. I have a slight discomfort around my penis head, but no discharge and burning when I urinate. Just the slight discomfort feeling. What would this be?

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Urinary Tract Infection :: Burning In Vagina When I Pee

My vagina has been burning every day sometimes and sometimes when I pee too. Sometimes it's not so bad and other times like now I feel like my vagina is on fire and I have bad odor coming from down there too and I am virgin it gets worst when I am pleasuring myself I need ....

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