Alcohol Consumption :: Can't Stop Drinking

Jul 23, 2014

I've been drinking since I was 14. I'm now 39. For most of that time I've been a binge drinker. Often, like 2 or 3 times a month, drinking till I can't remember how I got home or what I was saying or doing. Now I drink most nights. Not loads every night but I do think about drinking  most days and look forward to the next time I can get melted.

Recently it's been affecting my relationship. My girlfriend has warned me that my drinking could be the end of our relationship. I love her more than anything but still I can't stop drinking. Sometimes I lie about what I've drunk or I hide empty bottles from her. I've  promised myself I'll cut down or I'll just have a couple instead of loads, but it never works.

I think it's now the time to stop all together but I'm not sure I can. I have a lot of good friends but socialising with them usually involves a night in the pub and I don't think I could do that without getting drunk.

I've also been trying to stop smoking for about 10 years and haven't really managed that either! I think I have an addictive personality and not sure what to try next. 

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Alcohol Consumption :: I Need To Stop Binge Drinking

I need help to stop binge drinking before i loose my family and job?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Drinking / Weekly Limit Guidelines Laughable?

In our village, it is recycling collection day this week on Friday. We have to separate, cardboard, papers, plastics, cans and glass bottles into different containers. The cans & bottle containers were moulded plastic with lids.

Over the years, all the lids have been lost, broken (council never replaces them) or they will not fit on with the pyramid of contents.

The amount of beer cans and beer/wine bottles I see in these containers as I walk around to the village shop (before the collection has been), would mean just about every household in the village is occupied by alkies.

I just don't know what real world the people that set these limits live in. A decent pint of lager these days is at least 2.5 units. Therefore having six pints on a Friday, not only puts you over you weekly limit, but means no other drinking whatsoever for the rest of the week. It's not realistic.

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Alcohol :: How To Stop Binge Drinking By Myself?

I really want to stop drinking i drink most days normally between 4-6 cans of cider sometimes i binge up to 12 though normally starting around 12pm . I cant ask for help as have already been warned if i admit to drinking more than 4  (from 7pm) cans i will have to have supervision whilst looking after my children.

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Alcohol :: If You Are Drinking Hard - Try Harder To Stop

What a nightmare alcoholism IS.  I just got out of the hospital AGAIN.

This time 9 days....17 IV bags of vitamins and fluids.  At LEAST 14 shots of Heparin in my stomach (they do this so you don't blood clot cause I could not move).  I could not WALK, TALK, I was Hallucinating....

Heparin causes (at least on my stomach) severe stomach is now purple. from the belly button down and all around. I had a heart monitor AGAIN...and this time oxygen. 

AND this time I was asked to go the the psyche ward after the detox of 5 days. I agreed and stayed in the psyche ward for the 4 days.  WONDERFUL Doctors and Nurses and AIDS....I have never been treated better in my life.

They told me their job was to keep me comfortable.  SO...I was receiving 4 mg of Lorazepam every hour for 5 days....thru the IV....for faster acting relief.  I was suffering so much at 2mg...that the Nurse called the Dr. in and he evaluated me and said to raise it immediately.  Last Monday was HELL on EARTH for me.

AGAIN..I was told I was almost dead. I started drinking Jan 2 and called on Jan 31 for help.  The rescue came and the first 2 days are very blank to me right now.  But I will never forget that Monday....Hallucinating...not knowing where I was...having a "fall risk" band for the first time too.  I didn't even start eating until Day 7....They said I looked like the walking dead. 

Then I was leaving yesterday...I was told 100x how much better I looked and how far I had come. They saved my life once again.  Or I DID by calling in on myself. 

They said my BAC was VERY high...I didn't even have the energy nor the care to ask what it was because I KNEW it was high. How could it not be...again not eating all that time....just straight VODKA. All those days .

I missed the death of a loved one....I missed a court date I promised to attend with my sister....I missed supporting another friend thru a fight to get a child out of foster care....I JUST MISSED my own DEATH DATE this time...maybe by minutes...I don't know if that is true...but that is what it felt like and I was put into ICU (Intensive Care) when I first went in.  Then I was moved to another floor, then another floor, then finally the psyche ward.

Please listen to me...alcohol is progressive....if you are drinking hard....try harder to stop.  It does kill and I can't believe I ever ended up this way again. 

The good news...I had wonderful support and care where I was, I was not treated like I was a loser...I was cared for and catered to every minute of everyday until I could function.  When I finally could shower...Day 6...I was helped....I was brought my meals....I was covered in warm blankets.  I felt like I was 100 years old....I could do NOTHING for myself....NOTHING until Day 6.   I am doing better....Came home to my car (got rear ended) and a broken furnace....but ya know WHAT?  I DIDN'T care.  I am so GRATEFUL to be alive....for real. 

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Viagra Can Be Taken After Alcohol Consumption?

I am interested if Viagra can be taken after an alcohol consumption. Do you think it is dangerous?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Withdrawal - Day One

After many tries at stopping, today I decided enough is enough.  I've felt very alone dealing with this issue, but obviously trying to stop on my own hasn't worked.  I also don't want to go to my doctor because I don't want it on my health record.  I'm hoping talking about it with other people will help this time stick.  So, here's my story.  This is my first time being totally honest and telling it. I'm a 42 year old woman. I've worked up to drinking about 4-5 shots of vodka almost every day. My liver hurts, my face is getting an overall red tone and I've almost really messed up my marriage by picking nasty fights with my husband while drunk and flirting with a friend of his once also while drunk which thank God the friend never told my husband.  I drink when making dinner or when doing art (I"m an artist).  The buzz puts me in a good mood to face the doldrums of housework and gets my creativity flowing, so I'm going to have to figure out how to not do that.  The reason today is hopefully the day is that last night I woke up to find my husband not in the bed.  I thought he was up playing video games.  But in the morning he came back into the bedroom with his pillow and blanket.  I'd forgotten that I got so drunk the previous night that I'd picked a fight with him so bad that he went and slept on the couch.  On so many levels, that about sums up the things that terrify me about what alcohol does.  So, today I'm doing two things I've never done - talking to others about my problem and making a contract with myself.  Here's what my contract says:  

" I, __________, have decided to stop drinking alcohol as of today, July 1, 2015.  I have chosen this goal because, today, I am afraid of alcohol. I am afraid of the damage it has already caused to my body, marriage, friendships and life, of my inability to stop, and of the potential it has to make things much worse. 

If I don’t stop drinking, I WILL lose the things that I treasure most - the love, admiration and friendship of my husband, the roof over my head and the food that he provides, my memory and ability to think clearly, the healthy functioning of my body, my physical beauty, and the ability and motivation to live life to the fullest.

If I stop drinking, I will be vibrantly strong, beautiful and active! I will be proud of myself and able to fulfill my life’s purpose.  Not one more drink.

My husband wants me to be able to drink like a normal person like he does (a few on the weekends) but he doesn't understand that what I really need is to not be around alcohol.  He loves me (well, not so much after last night) but isn't supportive in that way, so that's something else I have to deal with. He thinks I should be able to just decide not to drink and refuses to not have his bottle of Scotch in the kitchen when I've asked repeatedly not to have any alcohol in the house.  In order not to drink his Scotch and to hide how much I drink, I've been keeping a bottle of vodka in my art studio.  Both sides of my family are full of alcoholics.  My mother has turned into the family pariah and my dad hates her because of her drinking.  I don't want to turn into her or their dead marriage!

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Alcohol Consumption :: Day 1 Of My Recovery

Today is day 1 one of my recovery. I have tried to give up alcohol a few times before but hopefully this time will be different. I'm 28 years old and have drank almost every day for 13 years. There are times when i think i'm controlling it and other periods where it's controlling me. I'm getting to the age now though where I need to accept that drink isn't a good fit for me and needs to be left behind. Whilst almost all my happiest memories are of good drinking/drug taking sessions so are all my worst and i can't be bothered with the shame, sickness and anxiety and having no food in the house anymore (as well as all the other problems it brings that we all know them intimately). I no longer want to be defined by alcohol. I want to pursue my other interests and be healthy and happy.

I have been to AA but like so many other on this forum the higher power element it doesn't sit well so if anyone has any tips for me I would be extremely grateful.

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Cutting Down Alcohol Consumption And Bad Dreams

Although I'm trying to cut down etc and make my life better which I am , I'm suffering the most terrible nightmares!

Since I moved to my new house last August I've had the most terrible dreams ! Has anybody experienced sleep paralysis ?? I've researched this as have experienced this before but recently in this house I have periods where its terrible ! Last night was awful but I coped better because I knew what was happening , although awful ! . I don't want to explain exactly what happens because I don't want people thinking of this before they sleep . Just wondered if this was linked to drinking ?? I think this is perhaps linked to psychosis ?? I'm worried . I drink a bottle of wine a night , sometimes more but not normally and have done for 15 years . There is a family history of alcohol addiction plus mental health in my family!  

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Alcohol Consumption :: Find Myself Way OUT Of Control

i have had an alcohol problem for years. I've had a gp controlled year and a half being able to " keep control"  Now I find myself way OUT of control.  Has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this ?

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Alcohol Consumption :: First Steps Towards Abstinence

Today is my 9th Day alcohol free. I have successfully detoxed at home with the support of my local alcohol recovery Centre and my excellent GP.

I have to say this is my that was my third detox, The 1st two being in a secure unit.

I have agreed with my alcohol support worker that I will visit one group session a week for at least six weeks. I also have to see my MH Key worker every week and my doctor every month.

I'm not too sure what the expect with the Campral but hope it will help to ease the cravings. I'm pleased that the weather is okay at the moment as I'm trying to distract myself with gardening. I've got so many little projects on the go I'm flitting around just trying to do something different in the afternoons when I would normally be starting drinking.

First steps towards abstinence.

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Alcohol Consumption :: Sober For 90 Days

I've been sober 90 days. I just wanted to share it somewhere, to mark it somehow... I hope it doesn't sound (too) self-congratulating.

I was never sure that counting days was a good idea - I try not to dwell on how long it's been but I can't help it really!

It feels like a big moment (a quarter of a year!) but as ever I'm taking each day as it comes, being careful not to get complacent. Sometimes I go days on end without temptation, some days the temptation is like a fly buzzing in front of my face. Only last night, when I was feeling quite down in the dumps, the temptation to have a drink was suddenly very strong indeed. I just kept thinking 'oh go on, you've done so well - a couple of cans of lager would really take the edge off and you've earned it'. 

For me, exercise has really helped. Booking an early morning exercise class for when I'm a bit stressed creates the impetus to have an early night. A couple of friends have said 'you're getting addicted to exercise' - maybe true but as I now know there are worse things to get addicted to!

I've been having treatment for anxiety for a few years, and I've been surprised at how going sober has lessened my overall anxiety. My old notion that alcohol de-stressed me was a myth I had come to believe. Last month I overcame my fear of flying and got on a plane for the first time in 10 years. I can't link this *directly* to sobriety but maybe it isn't a coincidence. 

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Alcohol Consumption While On Selincro / Nalmefene

Oh well... here we go again.  Miserable as can be.  I am taking my medication, like a good angel... BUT... why am I still having "BLIPS"?  I have just "lost it".   Units, Schumitz !!  Mega... lost it.  I had wine today... and more and more and more.   I am trying to beat the demon drink, but I think it may be a lost cause.  

How can I still drink to excess, while taking Selincro/Nalmefene?  I thought things were improving ... when... glug, glug, glug, NOT IMPROVING.  Has anyone else been on this "roller coaster"?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Tapering Off Wine Using Beer

Okay. So the last time I posted on here I was tapering off wine using beer. That doesn't work. I had one day when I had one beer, was really proud of myself, then had three bottles of my favourite wine to celebrate the next day.

I've tried reducing my intake, as recommended by some lovely people on here. I have come down from three bottles to two. I actually had less than a bottle one day last week and felt really good the next day. Well, as you all know, the next day I celebrated my less than one bottle of wine day by drinking a hell of a lot more.

I have been to my doctor. I was told that what I was drinking wasn't enough to worry about. The fact that I have stomach problems, palpitations, night sweats must be due to my age. He prescribed me with peppermint oil!

Yes, I might be on the perimenopause, I'm 45. But I can't get any help from my GP. I have PTSD. All my GP did was double my dose of my usual medication, prescribe me peppermint oil and send me home. Is it always this difficult to get help?

Are there any other methods I can try to get off this damn demon alcohol?

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Heavy Alcohol Consumption Can Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

Heavy alcohol consumption can cause lack of Vitamin D.

​I know we talk about vitamins to take during recovery...folic acid...Vitamin B...Vitamin C...B12...Thiamine....but I haven't seen vitamin D.

​My Vit D reading was very low...18ng/mL...the low range shouldn't be lower than 30 ng/mL.  My Dr. has called in a supplement.

​A lack of this vitamin can cause various of them Gastrointestinal..which I have been struggling with since November of last year.

​Vitamin D (lack) can also cause soreness in our bodies...bones and joints...which I also have.  Indicated for health of heart and bones.

​I posted this for anyone recovering...or consider a Vitamin D discussion with your Dr. Because taking too much can be harmful and not having enough can also be the point of causing cancer (if you don't have enough).

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Alcohol Consumption :: Disappointed - Damaged Liver

I am so disappointed in myself I detoxed as a inpatient in the middle of June it was a two week detox which I was really ill I fitted and was taken in a serious Condition to a general hospital I was in intensive care and my organs were shutting down as my liver is seriously damaged but I am still here Thank god telling you guys my story I have posted in the past on this forum so some of you might know my story but after all of what I have gone through and even been told not to drink alcohol ever in my life I slipped up on sat and been on a bender for three days it was the anniversary of my father's death and now I can't stay of it I drink a couple litres of cider and a bottle wine a day I don't know what to do I know I should not drink but I just can't stop.

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Alcohol Consumption / Tolerance Is Genetic / Heritage?

I'm aware that, genetically, we inherit traits that include the ability to process alcohol differently depending on heritage. My question is this; Do these variations of tolerance make any difference to the physiological/psychological damage?  My gut feeling is that they don't, it's just that I rarely see or hear much about this aspect.

I'm 65, drink 150-200 units weekly and, unsurprisingly, have alcohol-related peripheral neuropathy. 

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Alcohol Consumption :: Home Detox - Antabuse

i went to my GP this week armed with all the info on Nalmefene and asked her to prescribe it to me. Explained that I had been in touch with SMC and the NHS but all this fell on deaf ears. She admitted she was clueless about the medicine and stated that she would need to have a conversation with my Alcohol Support worker. They have since both agreed that it will not be something they are willing to prescribe as the feel I need complete abstinence and doing this gradually is not helpful.

So the idea of dropping two units daily did not go well. Within one week I came full circle. Got down to 10 units and couldn't bear the withdrawal. Stayed at that for a few days before increasing once again. My alcohol worker stated that this was a test, to see if I was able to reduce on my own, which I clearly am not at this present time.

Now I have a home detox booked for two weeks time. Still clueless on who will be my support over the first three days as all my friends have young children and family members aren't real an option due to their locality and jobs. The plan is to start Antabuse after the detox, I'm done telling them how I feel about Antabuse.

Feeling hopeful, excited at the prospect of being alcohol free, whilst very fearful and grieving at the upcoming loss of my best friend and reliant. 

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Alcohol Consumption :: Detox Success At First Attempt?

I have just got through a one week detox using Chlordiazepoxide prescribed by the doctor after 6 months in counselling. I've drunk or misused substances for 15 years. The problem is as I can't sleep I'm still drinking. I'm not sure what to do next, another detox..? Bern keeping distracted so only drink in evenings after 7pm. Has anyone else struggled or succeeded at detox first attempt? 

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Alcohol Consumption :: 2-4 Beers At Night Is Abuse?

I went to my Doctor last night about my anxiety and admitted I drink around 2-4 beers every night and about 6-10 beers on weekends and all of a sudden she said that's abuse. Now I have to see a anxiety and drugs and alcohol counsellor. She also said I shouldn't be drinking at all with this medication i take called Olanzapine 5mg.

In your opinion is that abuse? I don't feel bad from drinking that much really.

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Alcohol Consumption :: Tapering Off And Withdrawal Symptoms?

I've been drinking every night for about 3-4 years (not great with dates). It started off as a bottle of wine a night, then a load of beer, then not so much, then more, then not so much and... You know how it goes.

Recently (in the last week) I've cut it down to 4 little bottles of beer per night (330ml, 5% stuff). I've tried to taper off before, with little success, but this time after seeing a counsellor and really exploring why I drink I feel better equipped mentally to follow through with this idea. 

My problem is this... Obviously the thought of the potential withdrawal is paralysingly frightening (as it has been for most of you, I'm guessing), and because of my severe anxiety I am super aware of every little thing my body feels. It's hard for me to distinguish between anxiety symptoms, and withdrawal symptoms. For example: shakiness, headaches, confusion and general 'out of it' feelings... 

I don't want to just say to myself 'oh it's just anxiety, I have nothing to worry about' (WHICH IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRAINING MY MIND TO DO) if the symptoms COULD be signs of severe withdrawal. Has anyone on here ever dealt with this combination of things? 

I don't really know what I was hoping to accomplish from this post (my minds a little scrambled right now). I think I just need this forum as a distraction and for some hope right now. 

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