Am I Pregnant? :: Period Is Late, Having Something Like Period Cramps, Nausea

Jun 23, 2014

So here is the story, I had sex a week before my period suppose to start. But before I had sex, I've been having lots of stress and been skipping meals sometimes not eating much in a day. So I decided to have sex to relieve the stress, and on the day I had sex, I had finally gotten a good healthy meal.

During sex, I had it a couple of times, twice with condom and thrice without but he pulled out before he ejected.

After a week, or actually a few days. I started feeling giddy. And started to eat a lot and get really hungry often. I'm having body aches and feeling tired.

Sometimes I get cramps coming and going.. Recently it was more cramp than the first few ones I had.

After a meal I feel slightly nauseous.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Intercourse? Late Period? Period Cramps? No Period? Workout?

Feb 15 my boyfriend n I had sex, we were quite into it but I guess I took the condom from him , it got stuck inside me but he got it out, I'm 19 very new to sex so I didn't know what to do. He told me not to worry.

I'm two days late for my period, feb 21 was my date for my period . I've been getting weird cramping it felt like period cramps but no period. I also started to workout 5 days a week started this past Monday (advanced workouts) . I just want to know why my period isn't here. My last period was off too. I just need advice and some help .

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Am I Pregnant? :: 3 Days Late Light Spotting Period Cramps

My last period was 12/12/2015. I have been using period tracker app since August to track my periods and ovulation. I ovulated on 12/26/2015. My fiance and I dtd on the day I was ovulating as well as a few other times. My period was due 1/9/2016 but I missed it. I am 3 days late. On the day my period was due when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a tiny pink dot and a tiny brown dot and that was it. In the following two days there was nothing. At the end of day three of my missed period I had a little more spotting but not enough for a tampon and it wasn't enough to worry about staining my pants or underwear. Early morning of what would be the 4th day of my missed period I am period cramps. But when I went to the bathroom there was a couple of stains on my bed pants but no blood clots and it is pink not red. I took some Midol and the cramps are better now but I am so confused on what is going on. Anyone else experience this or can shed some light.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Cramps Like My Normal Period But No Period

Having cramps Like my normal period but no period 6 days late but recently got rid of a yeast and uti infection .what are my chances of being pregnant

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Am I Pregnant? :: Late Period

So due to medically reasons I stopped the pill at the beginning of October at the end of my cycle. Everything was normal but two days before my expected period I took Next Plan, a form of morning after pill, within in two hours of intercourse. Well my period was then one week late but I expected this. So I started my pill again but my doctor again said. I should wait three months so I stopped after one and half weeks. This messed up my cycle and caused it to be two weeks early. I typically do not have any issues when I stop the pill aside from acne and cramps which was the main reason I was on it. But I had been on it for one week and had unprotected sex. Now I am 4 days late with very sore nipples which I have never experienced. I have had minor cramps and have been much more hungry than usual. I have taken 4 home pregnancy test but all have been negative. I know sometimes it takes a while to regulate but this is very unusual for my body.

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Menstruation :: Period Late 9 Days Feels Like Period But Still No Blood

I'm 25,my last period is on 24august2013,until today 3oct2013,i my period late 9 days,I feels stomach cramp , last few days i thought I will come period but I'm haven't come yet.Yesterday I went to see doctor pregnant test show negative, doctor ask me came back next weeks to check again,she said maybe hormone haven't build up.Today i worry about my stomach still cramp,then I see another doctor again,he ask me to test also shows negative,he give me hormone medicine and Gynaecosid to let my period come,should I taken the medicine or I should wait next weeks test again?

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Birth Control :: Took ECP, Period Is 8 Days Late W/period Symptoms?

My periods are usually regular - 28 days but there are a couple times in a year where I get my period on the 21st day/a few days before or after the 28th. I last got my period on November 2 and it lasted for a week. On November 11, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside of me. I took the Nordette ECP (4 pills at first and then 4 pills 12 hours later) about 5 - 10 minutes after. On the 16th, I started my withdrawal bleeding. I usually get withdrawal bleeding, but this time it was a lot heavier. The first 2 - 3 days, I had to wear a pad and every time I coughed I felt blood coming out. It lasted like a period and eventually died down. It weirded me out a little because my withdrawal bleedings were usually quite light - light enough for me to wear only a pantyliner.

Last week, I got my usual PMS symptoms (slight sore breasts, a bit of cramping, and acne breakout). It has been 36 days and my breasts are back to normal, my cramping is very mild, but my acne breakout is CRAZY. Usually I only get maybe a pimple or two on my forehead but I have them on my forehead, cheeks, and chin! I've had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and no implantation bleeding as well. However, a few days ago my boyfriend and I had sex and my vaginal discharge was brown. I'm quite positive it can't be implantation bleeding because if it were, I should have bled a week before that.

Every time I've taken the ECP, my period is always on time. It's never been this late. I'm getting very anxious even if I have no pregnancy symptoms. My acne breakouts are usually my #1 indicator that I'm about to get on my period but it's been 8 days and still no luck! I've read around that some women really do miss a period and some can come as late as 70+ days. There's a high chance I'm not pregnant since I took the ECP in the window time and I wasn't ovulating that day, but any advice would do me well!

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: No Period / Late Period After Fibroid Surgery?

I had surgery on the 21st August to remove 3 fibroids in my womb. The surgeon entered through the vagina and burnt them out so I was told?

I started my last period on the 20th August which was late as the first day of my last period prior to this was the 11th July. My period usually lasts around 5/6 days. I used to regularly have a period every 28 days but following a miscarriage at 3 months in December 2011 and a miscarriage in July 2010 at 7 weeks my periods have been a little irregular. This year I had a cycle of 32 days in Feb, 28 days March, 31 days April, 28 days May, 33 days June, and 40 days in July?

On the 21st August I informed the doctor that my period had started the night before. They said dont worry we will be able to wash out the period to do the surgery. I should have been out of hospital same day but I felt really rough, and after 2 days they sent me home. The following day I was taken back in as I felt soooo ill, with lack of energy, temperature, high & low blood pressure and shallow breath. After a further 3 days in hospital they found protein in my urine and told me I had a urinary tract infection and gave me a course of antibiotics. Today is the 29th September and I still haven't had a period. Is this normal?

I am 39 and would like to try for a baby again next year. I am concerned something has gone wrong. I even thought I could be pregnant due to the late period last month. Plus, I currently have tender heavy breasts, and I feel nausea every morning, and my stomach feels bloated. It was very unlikely I would be pregnant though, as my period started last month on the 20th? I did a pregnancy test anyway and it was negative. I am still waiting for my period

Any clues as to what could be going on? Post surgery, I had a light bead for around 2 weeks, and the bleeding stopped on 10th September, im not sure if this was a period or post surgery bleeding as my periods were soooo heavy prior to surgery I am due to have a follow-up appointment on 21st November 2012.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ipill After Intercourse But Period Is Late - No Bleeding

Ihad sex with my partner for first time ..she immeditwly had a i-pill emergency contraceptive pill within 3hours of sex on jan 28 ...her regular period should occur on feb14....its been 1week still no periods have occured...she is asusual bleeding or any pain.

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Menstruation :: My Period Not Flowing Well And Late Period

I saw my period late on 28/11/2015 and still seeing it till 5/12/2015 first it wasn't flowing well but now flowing a little bit better than before..

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Menstruation :: Period Like Cramps And Clear Discharge 2 Week After Period?

period like cramps and clear discharge 2 week after period?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Cramps Similar To Period

me and my gf had sex on 15th july her period started on 5th july We used a condom but from last one two days she is having severe legs pain and cramps similar to period. could she be pregnant?

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Early Pregnancy :: Period Like Cramps But I Just Stopped My Period

I am 15 . 6 days ago I had unprotected sex while I was on my period . My period ended 2 days ago . I am having period like cramps but I just stopped my period . I have never had this before . Could I be pregnant ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: No Period, Cramps, Brown Discharge, Bleeding After Sex

I haven't had a period in 7 months, last month i guess you can say spotted, because it was a spot of blood on the pad then had brown discharge for 3 days. this month i had brown discharge for almost 2 weeks and last night after sex i started bleeding and has cramps and 3 blood clots in the toilet, i'm not bleeding now but have cramps. any idea what is wrong? also i don't have and stds

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Period, Cramps, Sore Nipples, Some Blood Clots

I use to have irregular periods, but they have become regular over time. I normally have light the first day or two then it becomes heavy and lasts a week. Last month my period was due April 26th, and I ended up getting it on April 30th, I woke up and my stomach was VERY tight, I had hardness under my belly button for a few weeks before period, it was VERY light at first, light pink, and in some mucus. The next day I did not have normal clots like I get which are darker red and heavy. I got these very small light pink clots that lasted a day, and only showed up when I wiped. I had normal clots show up in toilet twice and that is it. The next few days it got lighter, and it stopped on May 4th, I stopped wearing pads on the 3rd day it was so light. I never have periods that light and that short. My nipples are still sore, my stomach still hurts and is a little tight still, have horrible acid reflux, and gas. What could this be? My friend and boyfriend both think I am pregnant, but I don't think I am. I took a test over a week ago and it was a BFN.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Discharge, Lower Back Pain, Mild Cramping, Late Period - Negative Pregnancy Test

I keep track of my period using a tracker, and it hasn't failed me yet- I'm always right on time, but last month that changed. My husband has been overseas for a year and just got back last month, the day my period was due, but it ended up being 5 days late. I put that into my tracker and it updated my "schedule" for this month.. But again, I'm almost 4 days late. We only use the pull out method, so I'm worried I might be pregnant. I've been experiencing lower back pain, and mild cramping like I have when my period is coming.. Also, there's a white discharge but I haven't noticed any spotting or anything like that. I'm wondering if it's the stress of having my husband home again after so long, or could my hormones possibly be messing up due to having sex regularly after not having it for a year? I've taken 4 home pregnancy tests and they've all been negative. They were all "early detection" tests and I took 2 before my period was due, one the day it was due, and one after I was 2 days late. Clear negatives. I really don't want to be pregnant right now and was planning on getting on birth control after this period.

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Am I Pregnant? :: A Brownish Period Wasn't Normal To A Regular Period

I had unprotected sex almost everyday starting about a week or 2 before I was to get my period. After I got my period ive had sex almost everyday but just started taking birth control today. Last night I noticed that I had a brownish period that wasn't normal to a regular period. I have normal periods. But its very very light and it is darker in color. I just ended me period between a week and a week and a half ago. I can't get in to see my gyno for another month. Could I be pregnant? Or what could it possibly be? I'm 20.

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Contraception :: No Period? Late Period? Taking Pill Back To Back

I have been taking "Femodette" since around beginning of June 2015 and been taking it back to back once because i was on vacation. I only took 2 packs of femodette. After i finished the second one towards the end of july, i completely stopped taking birth control. I only took it because i'm in a long distance relationship and i was spending some time with my boyfriend so i thought might as well get protected during this time (and i always do this when we get a chance to be together, which is twice a year). We never use condoms but we also never had any problems (he never finished inside). I always took my pills on time, never missed a pill. My period would always be late when i stop taking the birth control and it always gets me worried and stressed out that i could be pregnant. But i was starting to think its because of the stress and maybe because i always travel during that time. Now, this time same thing is happening again. Today, 13th August and still no period even though i stopped taking the pill for weeks and weeks. I did have some bleeding once shortly after finishing the pill. It was more than spotting because i had to wear a pad and it was a bit dark redish and then turned lighter to be brown as the days went by but wasn't a real period flow. I'm not very worried if i could be pregnant right now because i have no symptoms at all except that my period hasnt come yet. I do have mild cramps from time to time and bloating but its gone now. I'm just wondering if there is a chance i could be pregnant or is it because of taking the pill back to back and traveling + stress?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Period Cramps From Mid Cycle To Period?

about 11 days into my cycle I get slight pink discharge for one day and then camping till my period comes I'm only cramp free about ten days does anyone else get this I'm not on the pill or anything I have two kids and all my smears are fine had scans for ovary cyst etc, could this just be ovulation problems that go on till I take my period? 

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Menstruation :: How Late Can My Period Be?

How late can my period be?

I had sex(unprotected) a day before my period was due. My period has been late before but I always worry about what could be. It's been 3 days since my period was due. How much longer should I wait ?

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Menstruation :: Late Period ...causes ?

I seem to be having an extra long cycle , I am currently on day 33(my average is 28-29). My last period was on November 21st and I was supposed to ovulate on Saturday December 5th (I had red spotting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ) and then more red spotting on Monday the 14th... I have been under some stress as December was finals month. I have also had pain on my left side where my ovary would be. ...what do you all think is causing the delay in my period ? Is this hormonal? Is it a cyst ? Stress? BTW I didn't have vaginal sex during ovulation only oral and minimal fingering.

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