Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Two Birth Control Pills

May 31, 2015

So i've missed two birth control pills due to the fact i went out of town & forgot my pills in a rush. I had unprotected sex the first night & he didn't bother to pull out the second day came & we had unprotected sex again yeah that was stupid of me but I'm also allergic to latex & non latex condoms. Could i be pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Missed Pills

I forgot to take the pill tuesday and wednesday on the third week of my pack, and then took all 3 on thursday. I started spotting on thursday friday and saturday. I am not having sex so i am not at risk of getting pregnant. Should i still finish my packet till sunday and start a completely new pack? or can i just continue on and finish this packet?

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Trinessa :: Missed Birth Control Pills

I am currently taking Trinessa and I missed two pills in my second week (light blue) and I caught up & took two the next day but after that I started spotting then I started my period. I've been taking one pill a day since then. I was wondering when will the bleeding end? And what should I do with the pills now?

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Contraception :: Missed Some Birth Control Pills

Im taking amoxicillin for my tooth and I've missed the whole second row of my birth control blue pill and I've had unprotected sex almost every day! Could I become pregnant or am i?

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Birth Control :: Missed Two Pills In One Month?

I would like some help (Because deciding whether or not I will take Plan B pill) Anyways. I have been on birth control for about almost 2 years now. I have always been good about it, but I have been stressed this month so I messed up a bit. First I missed it on the very first white pill that you start (I didn't double up, I took regularly) then I missed it this week once (the third week pills) which was a few days ago (again I didn't double up, I just took regularly after) then today I had unprotected sex. I have plan b and am contemplating on taking it in order to be safe. My questions are:

If I didn't take the Plan b, would I be okay?

If I do take the plan B, will it make me super sick? and should I take my birth control regular since I have took Plan B?

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Birth Control :: Missed Many Pills This Month

i am sexual active and last time i was active was feb. 14,2014 unprotected and before that it was feb.4,2014 unprotected also and my last period was january 22 ,2014 and i'm on birth control pills but i missed so many this month and my period is late. i took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. could it be me not taking the pills that is causing my period to be late?

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Birth Control :: Missed Taking Two Pills

I delayed taking 2 birth control pills in a row (the first delay was of 11 hours and the second of 7 hours). Worried that the efficacy was compromised, I took a morning after pill 30 hours after unprotected intercourse. I continued taking my pills normally. Now, a week after taking the ECP I had a light bleeding. I know it is common, but I thought I wouldn't have it because I am on the pills. So, can I still bleed from the ECP withdrawal even taking birth-control pills? Or is it an implantation bleeding?

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Birth Control :: Had Sex On The 6th Day Of Taking Pills, Am I Pregnant?

I've been on dinette for my acne and bcp for 5 months now. Although last last week I've only stopped my antibiotic(lymecycline) . I was then on my 7 days break after I had unprotected sex today, which is the 6th day of taking new pack of pills. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

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Birth Control :: You Get Pregnant When Stop Taking Pills?

how true that when you stop taking pills it will get you pregnant? is pills are safe to take even without a married for 5 yrs ..regular period..since then until now no baby.

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Taking Together Birth Control Pills And Whitening Pills Safe?

I would like to know if taking birth control pill and whitening pills is safe.. or make the bcp less effective.

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Birth Control :: Lemon Juice Interfere With Birth Control Pills?

I want to use lemon juice to lose weight,so I was wondering if that will interfere with the birth control pills that I'm currently taking?

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Birth Control :: Cyclafem Birth Control Pills Effective?

I have been taking cyclafem birth control pills. Sunday I started new pack but its by a different name. The name is sprintec. How effective is it?

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Birth Control :: Missed Period Twice

I've been on birth control for about a year now. I missed my period last month and I'm in my inactive week again for this month and still haven't gotten a period, only I had a little blood the other day with some cramps but not much and then it ended. should I be worried?

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Birth Control :: Unprotected Sex And Missed My Pill

So in my first week of BC I missed my 6th pill, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, he did not pull out. When I remembered I took my missed pill and my pill for that day. I then missed another pill and had unprotected sex, he did not pull out. This was during my normal ovulating time, I was in the bathroom today and wiped to find brown spotting. I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or if the spotting is related to missing the pill.

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Missed Period!

I guess I should start at the beginning.  I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC),  I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, my gyn and I wanted to see if it was the cause.  Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it.  I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it).  I had it again the week of Feb 2.  I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then.  I started the ring a few days later.  That sign of my period the ring off week, so I took high doses of vitamin C to start it.  I bled really heavy for 5 days.  In March I had a very light period for 3 days.  And in April, it was so light it barely showed on a panty liner, only when I wiped or peed.  When I was previously on NuvaRing, I always had heavy periods and when not on BC heavy as well.  I have taken 8 tests- all which are negative including one last month.  I was going to test again, but I figure I'd have a positive and symptoms by now as I'd be about 14 weeks.

What could the problem be?  Hormones? Or a I pregnant and not showing on tests?  Should I discontinue the ring until I become regular?

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Birth Control :: Never Missed A Period Until This Month On Nuvaring

I have been a user of the nuvaring for 2 years and 2 months at this point. I have a 2 year old child already, but the Nuvaring is the only method of birth control I've ever used. Never have I had a problem with it until now. I got my last cycle January 24th, 2016. (It usually hits 3 days once taken out.) I have followed all the instructions to a 'T' and am always on time taking the ring out and putting it back in. Never once have I missed or skipped my period while on the nuvaring. Am I pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring - Missed Two Periods In Two Years

I have been on Nuvaring for two years now. I follow the directions and take it out when I need to. I removed it in May of 2014 and I have missed two periods since then. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all of them have been negative. I am not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms, nor have I had unprotected sex since the removal. Any advice as to what is going on? I've been trying to get an appointment set up with my doctor but they won't call back

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Birth Control :: Morning After Pill - Missed Period

so i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend came in me, however i had been on birth control for three months and never missed a pill. However i took the morning after pill the next morning to be safe. Then during my week of taking sugar pills, which was about a week after the unprotected sex when my period was supposed to come it never did. I have taken multiple tests and they all come back negative for pregnancy. is it normal to miss a period or should i get a blood test done at my doctor to check?

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Birth Control :: Missed Pill - Delayed Periods

I recently missed one pill of birth control. I didn't double up the next day I just skipped that pill and went on to my second week of pills. My period was supposed to start today it usually starts right on time. Could it be late because I missed a pill?

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Birth Control :: How To Take Pills?

I was supposed to start my new pack at 6 pm on Sunday. It is now 730 am on Tuesday.

How do I take my pills now? The instructions are unclear to me because I'm freaking out.

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Bleeding Due To Ovulation, Implantation Or Missed Birth Control Pill?

I have not had a period since June of 2013 and i got off the depo shot in December 2013, and I had unprotected sex on the 27th and 28th of June, i took the plan b pill on June 28th two hours before having unprotected sex again! During the week of July 6th I had bad cramping so I got on the pill (do not know the name if it) and was taking it daily, then I forgot to take it during the beginning of the 14th week, because the pill was making me nauseous. On July 16th I had dark red and brown blood in my underwear, this bleeding only last for 5 minutes and that night i took one of my birth control pill and on the 17th when i wiped i had light brown on my tissue. so I took a pregnancy test the same day and it came back negative, so i took another one the next day and it came back negative too!

my question is was this ovulation or implantation bleeding or did i bleed because i missed taking my birth control pills?

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