Anal Herpes Vs. Anal Fissure?

Jan 6, 2016

I'm kinda freaking out and would like some advice before I head to the doctor in a couple days.  Felt a sore on my anus when wiping and looked and saw what looked like a small cut when checking and thought it was from aggressive wiping or from when I was doing squats at gym.  Couple days later cut is still there maybe bigger, but that may be from irritating it every time I have to wipe.  Do also have what appears to be a hemorrhoid, and itches occasionally though that might just be because I can't stop think about it.  I am sexually active but have always been safe and never shown symptoms anywhere else on body before. 

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Fissure In Ano :: Tips / Treatment Options - Chronic Anal Fissure

Anyway, I was at uni and going through a bad time in my life, whenever I get stressed my guts go into turmoil. As a result I was off uni for a week with severe rectal pain and feeling lower than a snake's belly. I booked an appointment with my GP as I had experienced similar symptoms before.

My GP recognised the symptoms immediately, I thought I had piles, she said I was too young so had a look. The digital examination wasn't fun, in fact she said she had never seen anyway change colour so quickly but it was worth it because I was referred to a colorectal surgeon.

I took my sick note back into my tutor and as I was doing a clinical degree, he said straight away that fissures were worsened and sometimes caused by stress. The penny dropped.

As I said I was going through a very very bad time in my life which necessitated me going on antidepressants (Cipralex) for my emotional state. When this was added to wall climbing agony due to fissures I was near breaking point. I remember after one bowel movement almost fainting with the pain, I was lying at the top of the stairs at my mum's house and clawing at the wallpaper with my fingernails - I have had a broken leg and in terms of pain that fissure was far worse, trust me.

I went to see the colo-rectal surgeon a few weeks later, I was terrified, but he was a lovely man, very very considerate. He told me that I had a large fissure that could be helped with an ointment. I told him my background so he talked a bit more openly and said that fissures are an incredibly debilitating condition. He once had a 16 stone rugby player openly weeping on his consulting couch with the pain - I can understand why.

I was prescribed GTN ointment and started using it as directed. I had a slight headache which I could live with, but this was far better than the agony of the fissure and this headache was pretty much gone after the first week. After a week of use the pain from the fissure had also subsided to nothing. After six weeks I went back to the surgeon and I was healed.

I wish that was the end of the story but it isn't, I have probably had four or five bad flare ups since and dozens of other twinges, spasms, bleeds and itches since but I am nowhere near as bad as the first time - I can live with this now. I have seen the surgeon twice since and he has offered surgery but my frame of mind precluded me from that, I was simply terrified.

My GP is very understanding and I can get GTN on prescription whenever I need it. I was prescribed Anoheal by the surgeon as well but this didn't work as well as GTN for me, but I have seen cases in work where this has been incredibly effective.

As I said earlier, I was doing a clinical degree, which I have now passed, so I feel that I am pretty well qualified to offer a bit of advice, so here it is.

1. Go and see your GP. Don't be embarrassed, your doctor has seen dozens of these - they are very very common. If you get fobbed off or feel that you haven't got anywhere, go back and tell him/her that you are not happy and you will go elsewhere i.e. change your GP. Changing your GP hits their bank balance, and as GPs are notoriously greedy, they will do something. Nobody should have to suffer with this.

2. Take something for the pain but NOT codeine. Ibuprofen worked best for me.

3. Drink plenty of fluids and lay off the alcohol while you are healing.

4. Eat lots of fibre and fresh fruit and veg, switch to brown bread and have something like Weetabix for breakfast. This softens stools and makes them easier to pass - less pain and less damage to existing fissures.

5. Use a stool softener, one Movicol sachet daily really really helped me. You can buy these over the counter from your local Pharmacist but tell them what it is for. Alternatively get them on prescription from your GP.

6. Lay off the red meat, there is some science to this as meat increases the residence time in the gut and predisposes to harder stools. This really helped me and I have seen a few accounts here where sufferers also say that.

7. Try to relax, easier said than done, but try simple things like having a hot bath instead of a shower. If anything helps you, no matter how crazy or off the wall it may sound, carry on doing it. Going out for a drive helped me. Staying active also helps constipation and makes you feel better. Don't stay in and stew - stay positive.

8. Stick to the doctor's directions of any drugs you are given. If you are told to apply a cream for 6 weeks into the anus, then make sure it goes into the anus for 6 weeks. And into the anus means into the hole - not nice, but a lot nicer than the agony from an untreated fissure.

Remember you are not alone, these things can be cured. You will feel terrible and you will feel like nobody else understands what you are going through but believe me, these things are very very common.

And if all the above doesn't help there is a simple operation that can be done on a day case basis that has a 95% chance of curing it for good.

If you are reading this you are no doubt feeling horrible but believe me, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Anal Fissure Or Hemorrhoids?

So I'm in a spot of bother. But first a brief back story (excuse the pun!):

I live in South Korea and around 3 months ago i had really bad stomach pains, vomiting blood, feeling like death etc. Now, being in a foreign country where English isn't spoken too much i was very scared and went to A&E straight away and pretty much got a whole menagerie of tests including a colon and endoscopy. The doctors had a good look around and found nothing wrong. The vomiting stopped almost as quickly as it began and my stomach pain vanished. 

However, a few weeks later i started passing stool that was very painful and then started seeing a lot of blood. It was everywhere; in my stool, when i wiped and even (and most alarmingly) dripping straight from my anus. This was a very distressing time for me, I couldn't even get intelligible feedback from the doctors (no ones fault i should add!). Anyway, after another round of 'scopys they found I had a Hiatal Hernia! 

- My first question is has anyone else here been diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia??

So this explained the stomach pain and through my own research/assumption/vague doctor explanation this most probably caused constipation, stress, straining and eventually resulted in blood flowing freely from my back side. The doctors previously couldn't see hemorrhoids or anal fissures. But after one particularly bloody episode I returned to AE and they said, without tests being carried out, i had either internal hemorrhoids or an acute anal fissure.

So my questions are;

-How do you know the difference?

-Without another (expensive) colonoscopy will I be able to tell?

-Do Hemorrhoids exaggerate into (or cause) anal fissures? 

-Are the treatments for each condition different?

-Is this a lifetime issue now I've got it?

I know what you're thinking; why don't i ask a doctor. Well its not that easy (or cheap) and i figured someone here probably had the same questions and got decent answers (in english) they might want to share?

Also, happy(ish) ending; I rarely see blood anymore, except after a particularly hard stool, and only then its when i wipe and no dripping. I put this down to a few things.I started eating a LOT more fiber, i was trying to maintain 35g of the stuff a day which equated to 1 banana, 2 large apples (200g) and 300g of sweet potato (skin on). 3 - 4 litres of water a day too. At the height of my pain i would have a spoonful of olive oil first thing in the morning, followed by a sitz bath and the MAIN thing is squatting while passing, i cannot recommend this last point enough!

I'm actually experiencing a bit of pain at the moment but i'm putting this down to having a couple of weeks off my regime. Alcohol and fried/salty food should be avoided for prolonged periods it seems! Also for those of you that work out, avoid lower back exercises, or at least go light on the weights in that area.

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Anal Fissure After Surgery For Hemorrhoids

I have been experiencing some constipation for several years but  last june probleme get aggravated and I start having some blood in my stool  and I thought was just hemorrhoid but one day I tried to use the bathroom I couldn't go easy it took me 2 hours to empty my bowel,I  was in agony then went to my GD who refer me to CRS and confirm that I have a fissure with 3 skin tags , prescribe  for me nifedipine ointment 3 time a day and change my diet( fruit veg fiber...) and drink lot of water, after a month staff get worse then went back to CRS he want me to do colonoscopy to figure out what a heck is going on , but thank God nothing bad beside a fissure and 3 skin tags , at that time I couldn't keep my mind straight cuz I was in so much pain on sep 3 I decided to go  for the other option IS surgery with removal of the skin tag. but unfortunately after 11 days post-op I develop a fistula I don't know why it happened it was the most painful pain I have experienced in my life so went to CRS and immediately admit me for 2nd surgery fistulotomy , so today 3 day so far I still have some pain but not as bad as before, I know it is going to take longer to heal but I'm taking it day by day , and this is my story

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Anal Fissure/hemorrhoids - Low Sex Drive?

My boyfriend was continually turning me down weeks on end until he finally had to tell me why - he had an anal fissure, it was painful, so he never felt in the mood. I completely understood that and no longer nagged him for sex. But that was at least 2 months ago, and I am really in need of some good old sex like we use too!

But...he still hasn't really showed he is keen. We've done it a few times but he has never climaxed. I've seen in the cupboard he has got some creams etc which I can tell he uses every few weeks because the packet moves positions. So I assume from this he has his good and bad days?

He is now also watching a lot of porn (I checked his history because I wanted to know if he still had any sex drive at all) so I assume he is still horny... so that comes to my question.

does an anal fissure lower sex drive or cause a man not to be able to cum?

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Severe Pain - Hemorrhoid Or Anal Fissure?

Let's start with more information. I am a 17 year old male (5 foot and 5 inches tall). I've had many health issues in the past including Bile Reflex (at least I think that was the case). I am 81 pounds overweight. However, I do not eat much but I doubt I have a healthy diet. Honestly, I rarely exercise either. I am a computer coder. Therefore, I don't do many things physically and spend a lot of time on the computer. However, I do plan on exercising in the future hoping it will reduce my health issues.

Now, let's get to the main subject. Whenever I go to the bathroom (passing a stool), I experience major pain. In the past, it used to rarely occur (only if I was passing a very large stool), but now it's every time I pass a stool. I've tried stool softener which did slightly reduce the pain. However, it was still extremely painful. Currently, I have no more stool softener pills left and the pain has worsen. It has been an hour and a half since I last pasted a stool and I am still experiencing a bit of pain whenever I sit down. The other symptoms also occur (bloody stool, itching, etc).

This to me sounds very severe and I will admit, I rarely visit the doctor. The last visit was when I was trying to diagnose another type of condition I kept having in episodes (I think it was Bile Reflux). I visit the doctor probably once a year at the most. However, with the amount of health issues I am experiencing, I should start visiting the doctor much more often.

Overall, I was wondering what you thought about this. I am still trying to figure out if this is Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissure (I surely hope it isn't Colon Cancer). I also think I am very young to be experiencing these type of issues. I do realize my best bet would be to ask a doctor. However, the power of the Internet can be very useful.

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Anal Fissure, Skin Tag And Hemorrhoids, Botox?

I am 25 female and have been suffering with hemorrhoids for years, 8 I think now, they resulted in a nasty skin tag and when I thought it couldn't get worse, I have now had a fissure for over a year.

Anyway, after many GP visits etc, and fainting from pain, I finally got put on the NHS waiting list for botox and skin tag removal. I thought to myself this is great to get this done and will solve all my problems, as I can't continue life as it is now, right? I got a date sent to me last week for the surgery, meant to be today, much quicker than I thought (Surely they would have wanted to review before, the Surgeon hasn't seen me in over 6 months?!) but after reading so many horrible posts about Botox I postponed it, so they will be sending a new date.  But before I go ahead I really hope lots of you can advise me on your experience and give me information.

It is painful for me every day, I almost faint sometimes from the pain.  And for some reason for the past 2 weeks, I have lots of blood during EVERY SINGLE BM - why now??  And is this something I should be worried about if it is every single time?

I am tip top about diet and exercise, I only weigh 54kg, I am healthy and active all the time!

The advice that I really want from you all - should I do this botox?  Or should I accept life as it is now?? [sad] could things get a lot worse if I go for Botox?

Also I don't know if I get 'spasms', what are spasms?  I am in pain for a long while after a BM is that what they are?

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Anal Fissure Cured - Here Is My Treatment Experience

I can tell you how to cure Anal Fissures quickly...

Firstly, my experience was horrible just like everyone else. I have read that it can be more painful than childbirth! Mine started from an overly large bowel movement that ripped me in 3 places. The pain was so bad that i passed out on my bathroom floor with blood and feces hanging out of me when i woke up. The doctor gave me suppositories and anesthetic cream but nothing was working. I have concocted a regime that has cured it in nearly three days. When i read on forums that it can take a few weeks i said to my self 'There is no way i'm living with this pain for that long'! EVERYTHING HURTS.... Sneezing, Laughing, Coughing, Walking, Sitting, Lying down... the list goes on... follow these steps and it cleared up 3 days.

1. You're going to need a few things from the shop - The first is Anusol Cream (despite people saying its not as good as preparation H and other stuff its has worked wonders for this regime and is designed for anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The second is COCONUT OIL (MAGIC STUFF).... Ancient chinese cultures still use this to heal wounds of all kinds and this really was the turnaround stuff for me. Thirdly... Ibuprofen for temporary pain relief and lastly Dulcolax tablets... I will show you how to use all these products for a quick repair in a minute...

2. Psychology ... DO NOT sit at home and wallow in pain and sadness. Go to work, see your friends, live a normal life but be careful. Positive mentality keeps you relaxed and promotes healing. When i was at work i barely felt any pain because i was so distracted, but when i was at home it was constant pain. Make sure you do this, i'm certain this has really helped. Also do not be afraid to tell people exactly whats wrong with you, i have found great amusement talking to people about it and 6/7 of the people i spoke to had been sufferers too, it's nice to know your not the only one and you can see them well and happy!

Here is my regime that saved me:

1. The night before take 1-2 of the Dulcolax, it doesn't kick in until the morning but you need this so you don't damage yourself further. It is not a laxative it makes it all soft and squidgy and it just falls outta you. Minimal pain.

2. In the morning you're gonna need to have a bowel movement, before you do. Run a bath and put a few tablespoons of coconut oil in it. (hot bath), then have your bowel movement. Mine was too painful to wipe so as soon as i finished i hopped in the bath and the water IMMEDIATELY relives the pain (BLISS).. and the coconut oil moisturises and heals. Stay in there for a good 10-20 minutes and then i promise you it wont be hurting as much now so now you can apply the anusol cream. 

3. Before you head off to work or start your day, take 2 ibuprofen. After all this, it will sting a little but by day 3 you can barely feel anything. 

4. Make sure you take your ibuprofen after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had high fibre cereal for breakfast, water all day normal lunch and whatever for dinner. 

5. Make sure you re-apply cream if you have a bowel movement during the day. I tried to just have one in the morning so i could not aggravate my anus too much. 

6. After dinner, take your ibuprofen, run a bath with coconut oil and just sit and relax for as long as you can (make sure you put NOTHING in your bath except the coconut oil as soaps and stuff can dry you out and make it worse).

7. Before bed, take your dulcolax again drink plenty of water and get good nights sleep.

This regime has fixed me in 2 1/2 days pretty much which i found amazing (i think it was the coconut oil, which stings like a bitch but is AMAZING, i doesn't numb pain but it promotes healing). I am so pleased to be living a normal life again so quickly as i thought i would never be the same again. It is really important you don't fester at home doing nothing as it will only make it worse, go out, see the world and forget that it's there.

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Pregnancy :: Blood In Stools - Piles? Anal Fissure?

This is my Second pregnancy and since i was 11 weeks i noticed some bleeding after passing a stool so went to see the nurse who did an examination down there and confirmed it was piles, i suffer with health anxiety so i wasn't settled with the diagnosis, anyway i relaxed and only had a couple of bleeding episodes, i'm now 24 weeks pregnant and recently have been have some bleeding when i wipe after a bowel movement, it also feels quite sharp when i poop like i'm tearing the skin and a small amount of bright red blood is seen on the paper ( there is none mixed in with the stool) i've had a look down there and i can see what i think is a pile, and also a tear i think, it feels sore now has anyone had any experience with this problem and should i be worried? All i think about is what if its cancer ...

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Skin :: Annoying Anus Tingling After Anal Fissure

About a month ago i had an anal fissure but it is heald. But weeks after it healed there is a tingling feeling. It does not hurt but it is annoying. i was wondering what could be causing this and how to get rid of that feeling for good.

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Bumpy Pimple Like Rim On Anus After Anal Fissure Healing

I noticed while I was taking care of myself to get rid of my anal fissure (fancy word for anal rip, which healed) that I have a bumpy pimple like thing on the rim of my anal. I also noticed it because it bleed a little, but stop after I went without having a bowel for a few days. I just want to know what it is and if it is harmful. 

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Sexual Health Men :: Anal Sex After Anal Wart Removal?

I had surgery for HPV/anal warts in March 2012, and have since been unable to engage in anal sex. I've seen my doctor several times (another appointment next week) and he says that it's fine for me to have sex, and that I should do some dilation on my own at home. Well, I've been trying to do the dilation, but I can't even get a small anal plug to fully go in. It's as if there's a restriction up there--which can be felt, it's similar to a ring, and it feels like a scar tissue of some sort...

Anyway, I'm just looking to find some people who have had similar experiences, and am looking to hear from people who have had this problem and maybe have had some better results in terms of having sex again. It's really bumming me out. I'm 23 and I feel like this problem is going to linger with me forever.

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Intercourse / Orgasm :: Anal Sex Linked With Anal Cancer

anal sex has been implicated in the development of Non-Cancerous anal HPV and anal warts, which will result in a increased incidence of anal cancer.Treatment of anal HPV-associated disease depends on the diagnosis, location, and size or amount of disease.

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Hemorrhoids Removal :: Will I Be Able To Do Anal Sex Afterwards?

I've been trying to cure my piles pharmacologically for two weeks, but it didn't help. Now, my doctor said that I should remove them using some of non-surgical procedures like rubber banding ligation or photocoagulation. My problem is that I'm a gay bottom and I'm afraid if I will be able to have anal sex after these procedures (how long will I have to wait), and which procedure would be the best for me in my case (I thought about rubber banding ligation). I would appreciate the most answers from people who had one of these kinds procedures and then normally had anal intercourses.

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HIV In Precum Anal Transmission

I recently engaged in risky behavior that I completely regret and am ashamed of. I met with a complete stranger, never asked his status, and was on the receiving end of anal sex. He was only penetrating for maybe a minute before we stopped and I asked him about his status. He told me he was undetectable. While he was inside, he had a lot of precum. After realizing how the mood had changed, he provided me with Truvada which I took and he gave me two additional pills for the next two days. The very next day, I was at the clinic and started PEP. One of the doctors/nurses I saw suggested that although it was a very high risk situation, the threat of infection was low. However, I can't stop obsessing over this and waiting two weeks to be tested again seems like forever, and waiting for 28 days to be up seems like waiting an eternity. So my questions are (and I know there's little research with precum, but) is there a high infection rate through just precum? Again, he wasn't in there long but there was a lot of precum. Additionally, how effective is Truvada and Isentress as taken for PEP. Truvada was started immediately and Isentress was started about 14 hours afterwards. Both will be taken for the 28 day PEP period.

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Hemorrhoids :: Lump After Anal Sex?

I had anal sex for the first time 2 days ago. We used a condom but we skipped the lube part. I'm not sure how far he got as it was painful and we stopped.

The morning after I went to the bathroom for #2 (been a little constipated for the past few days) and there a small amount of blood when I wiped. I also just noticed a pea sized lump just outside the anus. It's pink/purple/skin colored and sensitive to touch. I also feel discomfort when I sit or go to the toilet but it's bearable.

Is this consistent with hemorrhoids?

What can I do about it and when should I see a doctor (I don't have an insurance yet)?

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids After Anal Sex

i am a bisexual boy and i have hemorrhoids and when i have sex with my boyfriend it's so painful(i am a but) and after or during the sex may anus bleeds after sex i usually wash my anus with betadine and after that with shower gel and then i use an anti hemorrhoids suppository i wanna know if it helps and i f i'm doing the right thing after having anal sex?

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STDs :: Anal Gonorrhea?

I had unprotected anal sex (giving and receiving) and caught gonorrhea over a month ago. Had burning on urination and penis discharge especially in the morning. I received treatment and symptoms subsided from the urinary tract. However, I'm suspecting a persistent rectal problem. There is discomfort with bowel movements, and faeces are greenish brown and not solid (abit leafy almost). I live in an extremely homophobic country, so theres no way I can get checked for a possible anal STD without the risk or persecution. Please advise. Should I repeat the treatment for a 3rd time? Is the bacteria becoming resistant?

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Pruritus Ani :: Anal Itching For A While Now

I have been suffering from anal itching for a while now, and have noticed some abnormalities, and i'm really worried. However i am a teen and unable to get to the doctors without asking my parent, which would then mean i'd have to inform them of the reason, and im too embarrassed to do so, further more im unsure whether there are female doctors at my clinic, so i haven't said anything.

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Men :: Can I Orgasm From Anal Stimulation?

How can I orgasim from anal masturbation only. I'm a male

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Yeast Infection In The Anal Area?

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced or is there even such a thing of having a yeast infection in the anal area?

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