Anemia :: Feet Going Numb And Tingly When Sitting

Jun 17, 2013

Also have a dull pain on right side of abdomen. And, get tired easy. I would say this is a bit of low iron symptom would you?

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Anxiety :: Tingly Left Arm And Leg Numb

I am after some reassurance (aren't we all!) For the last 24hrs I have been suffering with numbness in my left arm/hand and leg, aching, tingly and cold hand. I also get a weird sensation of like bubbles popping in my leg (best way I can describe it) -anyone else had this? I suffer with anxiety but it seems to of gone up another level recently, more to do with my health. I went to the doctors about it today and he checked me over, said he was not worried about it being anything serious and that 'some people get it'.  I said what about anxiety and he said that could be a possibility- and that was it! I came away feeling no more the wiser and frustrated that my anxiety does not seem to be being picked up on as I have mentioned it a couple of times previously. It seems to be one thing after another at the mo and i am really struggling with the way my anxiety is taking over me - I hate it and I do not want to be like this.  Does anyone have any recommendations of books, Youtube, on anxiety?

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Neurology :: Half Of My Hand Is Tingly And Numb

I frequently wake up with an arm asleep because I tend to fall asleep on my arms with my elbows bent. This always goes away quickly.

This afternoon, about 3 hours ago, my right hand started feeling like it is asleep. It's mostly the last 2 fingers and the palm/back of the hand below them so the ulnar nerve but the index finger also has the same pins and needles feeling. I was not asleep at the time; I think I was petting the dog.

It has full ROM and the strength seems fine. I have no stroke symptoms (aside from this of course but I'm pretty certain it's not a stroke). Both of my hands are equally cold. I haven't done anything that would cause an overuse injury. I have no other symptoms of anything I don't normally have.

I'm not diabetic and have no conditions that would explain this.

I do have a large port wine stain birthmark on this hand although it is mostly on the thumb, index and middle fingers which are the less affected area. This shouldn't cause nerve issues anyway.

Nothing seems to be helping it. It is annoying rather than a big deal. If it continues I'll go to the dr Monday. But I just wondered if anyone has any ideas? I had something a little similar 15 years ago when I was typing my master's thesis but I'm not on the computer anything like that now.

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Cauda Equina Syndrome :: Legs Are Cold Numb And Tingly

I am 34 year old NZ mum and I had CES about 3 years ago, after 3 operations and lots of physio and exercise I returned back to work, bit by bit, slowly working my way up to full time over the period of 8 months. I actually feel pretty fortunate and feel that Iv made a pretty amazing recovery, I got the mobility of my right leg back (it was dragging) although this is still very numb and weak, it appears normal to those around me, and I no longer walk funny, and my bladder only seems to play badly up certain times of the month (by play up I mean weakness and high frequency) the pain is pretty good too....compared to what it use to be like. The night before my first urgent operation I had hot cold sensations filling my legs,it felt like they were being dipped in warm or cold water, it was one of the strangest things I have ever felt, I hadn't realised that going to the bathroom every few min was a warning sign (I actually thought I must of been pregnant). Anyway recently I'm getting cold patches (large patches) and weird almost pleasant cold tingling around the butt and the back of the legs and wondered if anyone else gets similar sensations?, I hate rushing back to the docs and don't want to live in fear that the CES will raise its ugly head again, I also want to avoid too many more MRIs as I have already been exposed to far to much radiation from these. Was really just hoping that another CES patient could tell me their ongoing symptoms and issues that they have just managed to live with.

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Neurology :: Top Of Feet Tingle And Numb

at night difficult to be relaxed...also have bursitis in hips....tingling and numbness on both feet, the right one is much worse and even goes into my hands a little. feeling off balance This discussion is related to Right Leg & foot pain and numbness.

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Raynaud's Phenomenon With Numb Feet

i have Raynauds. I am not taking any meds so far. It is more related to anxiety then cold. But cold affects as well. It started in my hands but now seems to be in my feet. They get white and blue. And when I wear shoes my feet get numb. I've had all the tests for diabetes and nerve damage and that's all negative. I'm healthy. I run outside for 38 years. I don't drink or smoke. Drs don't believe this is from Raynauds but I do. 

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Duloxetine :: Numb Feet - Burning And Chilblains?

I've been taking duloxetine 30mg for 2 weeks for anxiety. I've been noticing my feet - mainly my toes will go numb for no reason. Also, if I'm cycling to work and it's cold they will get very cold and stay numb for a long time afterwards (very unusual - the weather's much better now than it was a month ago). I've also got chilblains on my toes. Also I get burning feet at night time which drives me crazy! It keeps me awake and I have to sleep with my feet out of the duvet.

These side effects aren't as bad as sickness and insomnia etc (which I got with citalopram) but I'm worried as they are not on the side effects list I was given. I noticed that duloxetine is actually supposed to treat numb and burning feet in diabetics with nerve damage. So I'm slightly worried that this drug is having adverse effects on me and actually giving me nerve damage!

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Wegener's Granulomatosis :: Nervous System Attacked - Feet Swollen Feet, Dead Fingers

I have been diagnosed with WG and am on the usual medication.

WG attacked my nervous system. My feet are swollen and movement is painful. At night the swellings subsided but the moment I get up and move around the swelling flares up.

My hands have also been affected. The fingers are dead, no feeling and no muscle movement possible - cannot use the left hand at all. The right hand I can still use but the skin feels numb.

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Anemia :: Bruising With Anemia?

I noticed that I bruise very easily lately. I was told back in February I had very low iron so was taking 325 mg of iron (ferrous sulfate) 3x a day! I took this for 3 months, had my iron levels checked AGAIN and my iron went DOWN MORE instead of up!

I was having major leg cramping at night-- that has gone down since I've been taking a muscle relaxer EVERY night due to my TMJ acting up at the same time. I am still taking iron supplements and trying to eat more iron but due to TMJ it is hard at times. I drink TONS of water.

I have had itchy legs in the evening so I scratch them and I noticed the other day my thigh, the outside of my right thigh (quadricep really) is BRUISED, like bad! I also notice small bruises on my ankle bones which I have NO clue where I get them from. I see my doc again next week and will bring this up. Anyone else have this going on? I also black out a lot when I stand up, but that has been going on for years. Usually if I get up too fast.

p.s. my thyroid and kidney function came back normal. I had a whole panel done, with blood work. I think my vitamin D was a little low but I take extra of that with calcium at night.

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Vagina Gets Tingly Out Of Nowhere?

My vagina gets tingly out of nowhere. I gather this is only supposed to happen when looking at, or thinking about someone attractive. But it happens to me at random times. Recently I was writing an essay and I happened. Please explain if this is normal and what could be causing it.

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Anxiety :: Panicky And Tingly

I keep getting panicky and feeling very unreal, and also my outer 2 fingers on each hand get really tingly and can't feel them so well, and I think my heart is racing and about to just stop. even though I know these are irrational fears how can I go about dealing with them? also should i get my heart checked out by the doctor just to put my mind at ease?

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Fluoxetine :: Shakey And Tingly

Does anyone else feel shaky and tingly all over. Can hardly function i feel so weak and shaky. Any ideas on how i can help myself until flu gets in my system.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Tingly Left Index Finger

So for a few days on and off my left index finger has been tingly. It's just the tip of my finger and it is on and off. I work as a server and use my hands a lot. I've been wondering if it's just a burn. It feels like there is a string around the first joint of my finger. Not to tight but just annoying. I can still move it and feel things so it's not completely numb just a little tingly. Thanks for any help you can give

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Herpes , Prostatitis Or Fungal Infection? Tingly Penis

im a 25 year old male and for nearly a year now I've had itchy tingly genitals ranging from the tip of my penis, foreskin, penis shaft, scrotum, perineum, anus, down my urethra and deep inside my anus. I've been treated for fungal infection which didn't do anything and now my doctor is treating me for prostration. vie checked the symptoms of this condition on the internet and itchy tingly genitals isn't a listed symptom. my symptoms seem to match those of genital herpes - only thing is I've never had any kind of rash at all! these symptoms first started when i had a cold sore on my nose and think i may have somehow spread it to my genitals. am i just being very paranoid? I've been on sites which says that herpes doesn't always produce outward signs - should i be asking my doctor to treat me for herpes instead?

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Someone Sitting On My Chest

I'm a 15 year old female and every other day I get sharp pains in my back and chest ear my heart area and after I run it feels like someone is sitting on my chest, any idea of what it is?

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Vaginal Health :: Cum Without Sex - Sitting In Class

I'm a 15, almost 16 year old girl and have only been sexually active for about 7 months. But this has been going on for quite some time. I tend to cum, all the time. Whether I'm having some sort of intercorse or not. If I'm just doing homework or sitting in class, I can feel myself cumming without even being turned on. And when I do have intercorse then the cum really comes out. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable and my boyfriend complains about it a lot. Is there something wrong? I don't think I should be coming this much?

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Pregnancy :: My Son's Head Is Sitting In Front Of My Cervix

At 38 weeks and 6 days I was checked yesterday for the first time. My doctor seemed so amazed at the fact that my son's head is all the way down but I wasn't too amazed at the horrible pain I had to endure for him to get to my cervix :( Basically my son's head is sitting in front of my cervix. I read stories on women having their cervix pulled to the front during labor and it sounds like it hurts worse than how I felt getting checked and childbirth put together.

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Sitting, Standing, And Walking - Sudden Dizziness

I don't know exactly where to start or how to describe my issue, but I know something isn't right. 2 days ago I woke up as I normally do from a good night's sleep and immediately knew something wasn't right. I was feeling faint and dizzy, but it wasn't a constant feeling that wouldn't go away. I would have these episodes about every 5 or 6 seconds apart from one another. 2 days later (today) it hasn't gone away and it's actually getting worse. It feels like I'm getting hit with a hammer and that's when everything starts to go faint and an instant dose of dizziness smacks me in the head. I honestly feel like I'm going to just kill over and pass out, but I don't. after a few seconds it stops, but then after I take a few more steps it does it all over again. This happens whether I'm standing up, walking, sitting down or even laying down. It just won't stop. Prior to this, there was a week where I got about 5 or 6 major migraines in one week. Not sure if this is related or not? I have no ins.

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Sexual Health Women :: Always Wet After Sex - Even Sitting At Work

I've been dating my boyfriend for a month. A few days ago, we had sex. The sex was amazing! Ever since then, I've been wet and I came while I was sitting at work. I was embarrassed and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I don't understand why is this happening?

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Is It Dangerous To Masturbate Sitting Upright And Forward?

Sounds like a strange question but I wanted to check whether you thought this was a normal thing to do and also whether it could damage the muscles in the perineum at orgasm?

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Hip Replacement :: Pain From Sitting To Standing And Walking

I'm 27, I got ejected out of a car at 17. I broke my hip and shattered my pelvis. My first surgery was to reconstruct my pelvis than a year later I had a total hip replacement. I hurt every single day, the worst pain is from sitting to standing and walking that initial step on my bad hip is excruciating. I don't take pain meds anymore if anyone has any tip for pain relief.

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