Anger Management :: Ya'll Should Look Into Low Dose Lithium

Jan 2, 2015

(assuming you don't have hypothyroid, some types of heart problems, or seizures, or a few other things)

Very affordable and probably safe in low doses. Also looks like it prevents Alzheimer if you take it early enough. Lots of promising studies about lithium, but also a lot of myth orotate being better than carbonate.

Lithium reduces how fast your brain can use epinephrine, the intense fight or flight chemical, so that you have a limit on how excited you get. Reduces those adrenaline surges you can get when very angry. You will still have the same opinions and think about the same things, but just won't feel the extreme stuff as extreme and won't think about the bad stuff as long throughout the day.

Carbonate might be easier on your kidneys than orotate, based on one rat study from 1979. Orotate might not be eliminated as fast, based on the same study. Orotate is not better in anyway other than being OTC in low doses, despite the online hype by people who know nothing about chemistry.

120mg of lithium orotate has 5mg of lithium.
120mg of lithium carbonate has 20mg of lithium.
Bipolar people take 100-160mg of lithium, as 600-1000mg of lithium carbonate and need blood tests to get the right blood concentration without overdosing.

A low dose of 5mg per day may prevent or postpone Alzheimers if taken early enough. More than that may be needed for an adult with anger problems. I read a report about someone overdosing from 18 orotate pills.

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Sertraline :: 50mg Dose To 200mg Dose - Pros And Cons?

I have been on Sertraline 50mg for 6 weeks, I saw my therapist and she asked how I felt, I told her I did not feel any different, she contacted my Dr. and the Dr. upped my dose to 200mg, this has frightened me, a leap from 50mg to 200mg, has anyone had this outcome, and what were the pro's and con's of this sudden higher dose.

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Rabies Vaccine Dose - 6th Dose Is Optional Or Mandatory?

In Ukraine, the dog has bitten me. At the end of treatment, 6 doses of rabies vaccine is recommended in the report. They make 4 dose in Ukraine and I come to my home (Istanbul) and 5. dose is finished. But total five doses of vaccine are made in Turkey. I do not understand why they want to dose 6. I have a healthy body. 6. dose is important? OR optional?

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Depo-Provera? Constant Migraines, Bloating, Irritation And Unexplained Anger

I was on the depo for a year. The first 3 months were fine, no side effects at all. The second month started the pain. Constant migraines, bloating, irritation and unexplained anger, depression, mood swings, panic attacks, and severe hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia so bad that I had to eat ALL THE TIME or I would be close to fainting.

I never got the 4th shot. Coming off of the depo was complete torture. I was more depressed, I was fighting with my fiance so much that we almost broke off a multiple year relationship.. I was suicidal for a long time. But the problem is, the symptoms from coming off of it never got any better.

It's been 2 years, and I"m still depressed. Almost suicidal most days. I"ve been off and on a few different antidepressants and mood stabilizers but they only help until something triggers me into a depressive-bipolar state. I've also gained close to 50 pounds since coming off and that hasn't helped the depression either =/ (no real change in diet or exercise. I exercise the same but honestly eat better than I did when I was on it)

Is it even possible for the depo to be affecting me still? Could it have permanently affected me?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Anxiety, Anger, Reduced Appetite, Restlessness, Irritation And Insomnia

My boyfriend regularly smokes weed, denies the idea that it is an addiction, and is emotionally impacted by his addiction. He has mood swings, especially the day after a few days of smoking, and he experiences loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. I want to know more about this subject. I want to show him that my thoughts are supported by scientific research. Does anyone know where I can go to get reliable scientific support?

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Thyroid :: Hashimoto's - Hair Loss, Depression, Anger, Memory Loss And Weight Gain

I am a 25 year old female and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease probably around 2012 or so. I take 75MCG every morning and I do blood tests about once or twice a year to make sure my levels are stable. What I need help with are symptoms. My boyfriend has been very supportive, he was the reason I went to get the initial blood test because he said my symptoms reminded him of Graves Disease and it worried him. Well, I went to the doctor and got the tests done and he told me I had Hashimotos. Since then, my boyfriend has told me that he hasn't seen any improvement in my symptoms, in fact he thinks they've gotten worse. I have looked at a lot of different lists of symptoms that people with Hashimoto's Disease can experience and I experience a lot of them. I'll list the ones I experience the most and a little bit of a description to each so maybe someone can help me with what I need to do to feel better because honestly it makes me miserable.

-Hair Loss - Every time I brush or wash my hair there is always tons of hair in the brush or tub. It's everywhere all the time, I shed like the cats.

- Depression - I don't know if it is actually depression, but a lot of the time I feel like I'm just not good enough to be around anyone. I'll find myself crying at ridiculous moments with absolutely no reason for it. I also find myself thinking that people I know (and can acknowledge even when I'm feeling this way) love and care for me, and yet I still think they don't care about me and will abandon me at the drop of the hat, which breaks me down mentally.

- Stress - This is probably one of my worst symptoms. I am always stressed out about something, even ridiculous things that shouldn't be stressing me out. One of the biggest things I stress about is what I mentioned with the depression. I feel like my friends and loved ones are going to abandon me at any minute, which scares me and results in me lashing out at them in ways that if I can't control it soon enough may result in them actually leaving, which terrifies me and just puts me into a never ending loop of stress and depression.

- Anger - I can't seem to rationalize other people's behaviors. Completely normal behaviors that don't normally bother me result in me lashing out and screaming at people and saying things that I don't mean to say.

- Memory Loss - This is a really bad symptom. I forget things very quickly. If I don't actively keep it in my mind, I won't remember it. A perfect example, when I was still in college I was walking through town with some people and when we were going back to the dorms I made a comment about a truck I saw. I used to see it all the time and hadn't seen it in a while so I made the comment. The people I was with looked at me really confused and just flatly stated "You said the exact same thing when we walked by it on the way out" and I honestly don't remember seeing it at any point that day. In fact I didn't remember seeing it for around 5 months, and yet they claimed that I made the exact same comment I just had, earlier that day. It really messes with my head when people tell me that I did or said something and I can't remember doing it to save my life.

- Weight - Before I started taking synthroid I weighed 110 lbs, after I started taking it I gained like 30 lbs and I can't lose it. I'm stuck between 135 and 140 (I'm about 5'6" tall)

- Headaches - I get headaches on a daily basis. Sometimes they're really bad but generally they're just a slight discomfort in my frontal lobe area.

- Sleep - It takes me forever to fall asleep and even when I do I can't stay asleep and then I feel exhausted all day when I wake up, as if I never slept at all.

Another thing I've noticed and that is that sometimes I feel like I can't swallow properly, I always feel like I have to yawn to get a lung full of oxygen, and my nails curl downward along the curve of the tip of my fingers on like 3/5 fingers.

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Lithium And Restless Leg Syndrome?

Has anyone ever had problems with lithium and restless leg syndrome? I can't keep them still. I have been back on lithium about 2 months

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Thyroid Is Underactive Due To Lithium

I have complex PTSD and Bipolar Disorder 1.  I was diagnosed in September 2013 during a manic attack and started medication regime:  Lithium (225+450) and 300 mg Seroquel.  Now, 2 years + later, my Thyroid is underactive due to Lithium and my Psychiatrist wants to change Lithium to something else.

My challenge:  I start a new job next week (after being unemployed for 7 months and really need this job!) and a few weeks ago I went low on my Lithium (skipped a few morning doses and ended up in mixed episodes and had a spider-related psychosis!)

I am really anxious about one day changing my Lithium.  I was wondering how long can I be on it before it will damage my kidneys like it is affecting my thyroid now?

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Kidney Disease :: Lithium Use And CKD

Does anyone have any experience with this topic?  I was told I have stage III kidney disease due to lithium use. Is there a  likelihood  that it can be stopped in this stage because it was caused by a medication, or will it follow the same course of progression as other causes?

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LITHIUM Effects On Depression?

My Psychiatrist wants to prescribe for me as most of the ADs have stopped working.  I would like to know if there is anyone on the Forum who has taken Lithium and what they felt about and how long they were on it.

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Hyperthyroidism After Coming Off Lithium?

Anyone ever developed Hyperthyroidism after coming off lithium?

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Bipolar Disorder :: Coming Off Lithium

First apologise for spelling and grammar I'm dyslexic.

I first decided to come off lithium because of wanting a child . I was now with a man I'm crazy In Love with and about to be married this summer .
Also found out though blood test the lithium was causing low kidney function to my one kidney.

Coming off was a breeze until a week after my last dose. My chest is so tight with anxiety I feel like I murdered someone and I'm running for life .
Massive sense of guilt & fear and panic. I'm not dealing well with anything.

The only thing that makes me happy and at ease is Richards unconditional love . And planning my wedding . Started a new job and may get fired due to my anxiety and hecticness . I'm all over the place racing thought . Clumsy can't remember anything . I was a fashion designer for many years now I've gone into teaching . And it's my first real course I'll be teaching .

Waiting to see my therapist again in a few weeks but this has had such a domino effect on me . I'm also not sleeping ! Two three hours if I'm lucky .

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Bipolar Disorder :: Seeing A Difference With Lithium

Lately I've been taking lithium (this will be week 3) I finally feel I am sort of seeing a difference. I can actually think now, understand things a little better, and overall I'm feeling good. But I need to know is lithium supposed to make your moods go up and down while you are still getting used to the meds? For examp. last week (which was wk 2) I was completely manic in front of my stupid coworkers. I had no idea until I was sitting on the bus to go home. Also I've been switching moods. Like from depression to mania....

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Lithium Overdose - Various Mental And Physical Conditions

I took a large lithium and valium (not my own medication) overdose about 30 years ago, I suffer from various mental and physical conditions and wondered if any of them could be attributed to that? Any insight greatly appreciated.

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Lithium - 600 Mg In The Hope Of Hitting That Sweet Spot

Have been on lithium now for nearly 1 month. I have now been put up to 600 mg in the hope of hitting that sweet spot. At the moment i am feeling no effect from the medication bar bloating. just wondering what you experiences are when you do hit that sweet spot ie the optimum amount.

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How To Stop Trembling On Lithium As A Side Effect?

Can someone tell me how to stop trembling on lithium as a side effect? My whole body shakes. I can stop

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Started Taking Lithium And Want To Stop Mirtazapine

Hi is any1 taking lithium with an antidepressant? I want to stay on the lithium bt desperately need to stop the mirtazapine.

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Depression :: Lithium - How Long Does It Takes To Kick In

4 weeks ago I've begun taking lithium but still not feeling any difference- actually, my depression has been very bad lastly. How long did it take for lithium to work for you (in case anyone has actually taken it)?

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Olanzapine And Lithium For Six Months - Cravings For Food

My son has been on this drug and lithium for six months after a manic episode and diagnosis of BP. I do not feel it has helped him at all. In some ways it has caused further problems as he developed cravings for foods with high fat and sugar content, he began to smoke which he hadn't previously, and then progressed to some cannabis. He has no willpower to resist these cravings and has put on loads of weight. He has also lost all spark and been very depressed despite antidepressant medication.

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Bipolar Disorder :: Lithium Level - Therapeutic??

Is a low level (0.5) useful although it's not quite in the therapeutic range? Thoughts?

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Bipolar Disorder :: Lithium And Lamictal SO Sleepy

At first I was on 200 mg of Lamictal and (not sure the dose) of Seroquel. Seroquel made me gain weight. Worked like a charm though! Would also make me feel like I had a major hangover the next day. I said, no more, to that med. Had a really bad Mania episode during the weekend (few weekends ago) seen my doctor two days ago. He put me on 600mg of Lithium and 200mg of Lamictal. I don't have any side effects except I am so tired all day long. I take 100mg of Lamictal and 300 Lithium BUT here is the kicker. For some odd reason, mainly because I think my body hates me, if I take 200mg of Lamictal at night, to lighten up the load of my mornings, I can't sleep.... It makes no sense to me. SO I have to drink lots of water with Lithium, I can barely take a 5 hour energy because the Lithium makes my tummy hurt. I was told the side effects are short lasting. Also, I was told I will need blood work. Do you have to have blood work every so often or just that one time?? I still have Xanax for those moments when I have a really bad bout of anxiety.

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