Anxiety :: Xanax With Marijuana - Had A Seizure

Apr 6, 2016

I have a script for both and have been on both for many years.  Some dr.s say it does, some say it doesn't. I'm confused and scared. I would like to know what caused it and no one will give me a straight answer, or show me studies to prove the argument. Please help.

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Cannabis :: Anxiety With Marijuana Use

I have been on a rollercoaster ride for months now trying to figure out this anxiety i've been dealing with. So i'm going to share the whole thing. For years i've been a constant drug user started with intense drinking to mdma and LSD every weekend then to uppers (Adderall and Dex) which was a daily bases for almost a year then pain pills to the point where i couldn't take them they made me unhappy and agro. Around the end of my get F***ed up days i was taking mad amounts of E and mushrooms which when it came to frying i was A OK on never had a bad time till one day. At the time i thought i was having a bad trip but now i think it was an anxiety attack. After that night when i tried to fry even if i was happy to and totally down i would have the worst panic attack so i quit taking psychedelics then stopped MDMA cause i always had an attack every time i used anything besides marijuana and occasional drinking and felt just fine (btw i was and still am a constant weed smoker) in november i went to portland and had a 3 day anxiety attack very random i went to the doctors when i got back he said besides some slight thyroid imbalance be has no idea why im anxious. I have been taking Paxil and Klonopin since November and at first it helped i felt i had a bit more control then it got worse again i've been dealing with fainting and awful morning anxiety and my doc keeps upping the dose but i'm still waking up panicked and idk why. Ppl have brought this up to me but i doubt a lot of bad things they say about marijuana but i'm starting to wonder. Could marijuana interfere with my medication prevent me from feeling better or even feed my anxiety??

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Cannabis :: Anxiety Attacks After Marijuana

This year, I started to smoke marijuana. I've smoked it a few times until three days ago. I've smoked too much of it and got a horrible panic attack. I've been sitting on the floor more than two hours thinking I'm going to die. The whole world was rotating and twirling around me and my heart was beating so fast that I thought I have a heart attack. I took a deep breath and told myself everything's gonna be alright. My friend told me: Stay calm, it's just a temporary effect of a drug. It's not dying.

Ok, I've survived. But on the next day, I've got anxiety attack three times. I'm 18 and I've never had any anxiety in my life. But marijuana teached me. Last three days, I've had 7 anxiety attacks. My anxiety attack consists of headache and feeling powerless and crazy.

I want to know just one thing. Are those anxiety attacks going to stop? Are they here because of THC still being in my body? Or am I going to experience them for the rest of my life?

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Anxiety :: A Withdrawal Symptom From Marijuana??

Hey everyone, for those of you have seen my last questions that I've been suffering from anxiety for about 7-8 weeks now, it all stemmed from me thinking I was having a heart attack but after many tests, I was ok, but also at the same time I stopped smoking weed cold turkey, just wondering if anxiety could be one of the side effects, I wasn't a heavy smoker but smoke for about 21yrs until about 7-8 weeks ago,

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Marijuana Withdrawals :: Anxiety And Tinnitus Are Through The Roof

I've been smoking for 4 yrs everyday. I quit 2 1/2 weeks ago. My anxiety and tinnitus are through the roof. When will this go away?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Anxiety Caused By Marijuana Abuse

I'm 19 years old and began smoking weed back when I was 16. It all started for fun and the first 2 years of the weed use were pretty normal, you know smoking a few times per month but no dependency or any abuse from the drug. Within time I began smoking more and more until I got to the point of smoking every single day on every single occasion. I began abusing of weed back in October 2012 and kept increasing my drug usage within time. I smoked every single day.. From monday to thursday I would usually smoke every night and on weekends I would smoke all day long. I kept this habit for around 6 months. (Some days I would smoke in the morning and all day long). Anyway, I began feeling paranoid on my last months of using weed. It all changed back in June. I was in the car on a long road trip together with my brother and my mom. My mom was driving and I was not high at all.. I had smoked a little in the morning from that day but nothing to worry about. Anyway, when we were traveling in the car, I began feeling pretty scared about a thought that came in to mind. The thought was about me punching my mom, although I love my mom with my entire life and would never do anything bad to her. I didn't know what a panic attack was at all, I didn't know what the symptoms of anxiety were and didn't know what the hell was happening to me. Anyway, I began to feel very very scared. We got to the hotel and I tried to forget about that scary thought my smoking later on that day. On the next day, the thought was still in my mind and I kept fighting with it until I researched and knew I suffered from a panic attack. I never in life had experienced anything similar to it and never had any type of anxiety issues. Since that experience, I decided to quit smoking pot so I did cold turkey. I also quit smoking cigarette and reducing my alcohol usage. Later on, I began experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. Extreme anxiety, panic attacks every day, and began to feel weird around my parents since I got that scary thought. I coped with it and the symptoms reduce their intensity one month after. I was feeling pretty good a month ago, coping with a little anxiety but everything seemed ok. But two weeks ago my anxiety was raised and worsened again. Now I'm feeling very scared because I'm not sure if I'm still experiencing withdrawals or if I really developed and anxiety disorder because of my weed use abuse. I get anxious every time I remind myself that I'm anxious, I'm scared of feeling this way my entire life and scared of thinking I screwed my life up. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this and cured from it????? Was my anxiety caused by my drug abuse or am I only experiencing withdrawals? Any recommendations? I pray everyday and try to keep myself positive every day. I'm a normal guy.. Some days I feel well but some days are the hell to me. I don't have social anxiety and I keep living my normal life.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Depersonalisation And Anxiety After Smoking Marijuana

I am 19 years old and have been smoking marijuana for a year.  I have now taken a break from smoking weed for the past 2 weeks and  a month ago I had a severe panic attack. I am still somewhat feeling the effects of depersonalisation but they were much more severe a few weeks ago and I have a doctors appointment on the 25th of April. I have never felt panic in my life but on Wednesday over a month ago. I have always felt great when I smoked weed but for some reason this time I felt awful. I had woke up on a March break morning around 11 am and I smoked this good weed that I had never tried before. I always smoke out of bongs and I had smoked right when I woke up so I probably was dehydrated and my blood sugar was low. I know weed lowers blood sugar and it was on an empty stomach. It took about ten minutes and eventually I had tunnel vision, I couldn't look at my tv because the screen was too bright, felt like a mini seizure, heart was racing, sweating, felt like I was choking and I was going to have a heart attack. I realize that you cannot die from a panic attack but it was very uncomfortable. The weird thing is that I have never felt panic at all after smoking weed. I smoked half a bowl of this good weed I had never tried and shortly after I smoked this good regular weed that I am used to. I went to ER and took some tests but I eventually left as I did not want to wait there all day. The first week back to school was frightening but now a month later, school is almost over and I am starting to feel  somewhat normal. Do you think this will just take time for me to completely get over? I have been feeling depersonalisation because things didn't seem real and everything seemed like a dream. I would have to touch myself to see if I was real it seemed and I had bad anxiety ever since. I feel almost normal now but I am wondering if I just need to wait for the weed to get out of my system in order for me to feel normal again. I smoked weed about a week ago and ever since I think I should quit until I figure out my personal life. I have always felt depression even before I started smoking weed. Growing up as a child my mom was an alcoholic and she would give me suicide notes, my brother died when I was 13 and I was attacked by random people near my street a couple years ago which caused some paranoia and increased anxiety about walking outside at night. It's not like weed caused this, I think that it brought out the real me, it brought out my actual problems and I think the herb is just telling me to fix my issues that I have been having for so long. It's been just over a month and I am starting to feel much better. For the longest time my subconscious mind was paying attention to every breath which was hard and annoying to sleep. I still somewhat feel like this but I am starting to accept it and not care. I have a driving test in a couple weeks and I am scared to be honest. The weird thing is, I have always been scared to do new things like driving or getting a job. Even when I was a kid I was afraid to talk to girls, I know this may sound like I am crazy. I have gotten over the fears of talking to girls now though because I am 19 and not 14 any more.  I am hoping to see a psychologist shortly after my doctors appointment which I am hoping to get some clarification and advice to fix my issues. I was also very bullied as a child during elementary school because I was overweight which I think is the reason why I lost a lot of weight and I am now working out daily, mainly running. But, I am very self concious about my body now, I always look in the mirror at my body because I still worry about looking fat and what others think of me. I have always cared about what others think of me which I hate. I think I am getting better at thinking positive now. Another thing is, even before I started smoking weed, I was a very stressed person from school and my personal life. I get in fights with my mom and it stresses me out. She is no longer an alcoholic but it really bothers me even if she has one drink. What I think is weed is not bad for you and cannot harm in very many ways. It can trigger certain things as it had happened to me, but it is physically impossible to die from marijuana. I have smoked weed after my attack and I was fine for the most part. All marijuana does is relax you and increase the serotonin in your brain. It gives you the ability to think more outside the box and it makes you focus on things more which can create a paranoia. Anxiety and depersonalization are in your head. If you think negatively you will react negatively. I want to become a psychologist and I am going to university next year so I know a lot about the mind. I am just wondering if I will get over it and most people say it takes time which I agree with. I will not permanently stop smoking weed but I will definitely cut back drastically.

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Anxiety :: Xanax 0.25+0.25 = 0.5 Mg?

I take Xanax 0.25 three times a day as needed for anxiety but my question is if I take 2 of these at once does it still work the same as if u are taking a 0.5 mg pill? Cause the reason for asking is that I need to start taking these before I hit the bed for sleep so I can relax myself down which at night it gets worse?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft And Xanax Together?

I take Zoloft daily and use Xanax as needed. Usually every three months or so I have heightened anxiety and use approximately 6-8 Xanax to help me function. Does anyone else need both?

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Xanax For Anxiety - What For Sleep?

I am an insomniac, but want to sleep till afternoon. I've taken xanax for 20+ years and it helps with my anxiety, but it seems I'm needing more for sleep. I am overweight and wonder if it takes more to get any results.

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Anxiety :: Xanax Or Stress? What's Better?

Quite simply, what's better for a persons physical and mental health? Stress or Xanax?

I can make it through most days without Xanax. Note "make it through". It's work... Allot of work. Everybody deals with stress differently. Mine is usually, headaches, high BP/BPM, dizziness, and an inability to relax and enjoy the present. I have been dealing with anxiety for about 2 years now. Tried SSRI's. Not for me, to say the least.

Xanax works quite well for me. But I HATE that I take it. I want to be free from any pharmaceutical drug as long as I can. But sometimes I just don't want to put up with the struggle of the day.

What do you guys think? Is it better on the mind and body to struggle by with stress, or to use Xanax. I should state that I understand it doesn't have to be a "all or nothing" situation. But I guess I'm just curiouse about what's actually worse for a person in the long run.

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Anxiety :: Xanax Has No Effect On Me?

I hear that Xanax is such a good pll for anxiety. I am currently on klonopin for anxiety, but Xanax was prescribed for me and it does NOTHING for me. One time I took two of my 1 mg pills bc it was a really bad day with my anxiety and that worked a little. What's wrong with me? Am I the only person with this issue?

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Anxiety :: Xanax XR Is Less Dangerous?

My dr prescribed 0.5mg Xanax XR twice a day (or as needed) to keep my anxiety more level throughout the day. Does the XR keep the equivalent of 0.5 mg of instant release (regular) Xanax in your system constantly, or is it just .5mg spread out over 12 hours instead of maybe 1-2 hours compared to the instant release?

Also, why would anyone take Xanax XR instead of Klonopin? Aren't they basically the same? My dr said Xanax XR is less "dangerous" but is it? If I stop taking it for more than 1 day (so max dose of 1mg over a 24 hours period, then nothing for the following 24 hours) I start feeling some withdrawal symptoms. Scary. Is this normal? I thought withdraw was only a problem when you started getting into the 2,3,4mg daily range.

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Anxiety :: Xanax And Fatigue?

So yesterday I took a .5mg xanax (along with my prozac) at around 1:00 and within 30 minutes I felt like myself! Today I had bad morning anxiety so I decided to try a xanax again at 10:45 and all day i have had zero energy! I am completely fatigued Any suggestions?

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Anxiety :: Xanax - How Addictive This Can Get?

I had a problem about 13 days ago with my thyroid meds. Well my endo put me on .25 xanax twice a day. I know how addictive this can get. So I wan to get off it now. My PCP scared me to death when he said oh you've been on it for 9 days so your probably addicted. This just sent me over the edge. I can't stop thinking about it. So i started to taper some, i took a 1/2 for the past 2 nights and 1/2 today. I want to know, is this amount for 13 days going to cause seizures and all this bad stuff.

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Anxiety :: Xanax Withdrawl

I took 3-4 mg of Xanax everyday for 8 days. Higher dose I know, but only 8 days. Will I run into major wd symptoms?

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Anxiety :: Lorazepam Better Than Xanax?

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for several years now, but I was officially diagnosed with anxiety disorder about six months ago. The first medication my psychiatrist gave me was lorazepam, and even though I felt it did help at first, I’ve been getting anxiety attacks again.

I’ve already scheduled my next appointment and I’m wondering if anyone who is in similar situation could share their opinion on whether Xanax works better in preventing anxiety attacks and controlling anxiety disorder, or should I consider some third treatment option.

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Anxiety :: How Bad Will Be Withdrawals From 0.5 Xanax For Less Than A Month?

My doctor prescribed me to take Xanax 0,5 mg as needed for bad panic attacks.

The thing is that I've been having bad panic attacks almost every night.

My bottle consists of 30 pills and I still have a lot left.

I don't take it everyday, only when really needed. So more like every other day?

I didn't take it last night and I felt like I couldn't sleep and I feel more anxious.

Is this a Xanax withdrawal or me just being anxious? (I am nervous about an upcoming appointment)

I just wanted to know if 0.5 Xanax is enough to become dependent on it and suffer bad withdrawals like seizures or something.

I only take it once a day and it's at night only. I never abused it

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Anxiety :: Getting Off Xanax After A Year - Elavil Will Help?

I hate this crap. I've been on it for a year. I started taking it to help me sleep after being at school til 10pm. I never realized my brain was getting used to it being there and became reliant on it.

I'm on 1mg now. I take it around 7-8pm. My doctor suggested Elavil to help. Is this another pill I will have to "wean" from?

I really hate that I am physiologically addicted to this?

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Anxiety :: Getting Addicted To Xanax After Few Days Of Use

I had a medical issue that created anxiety and panic for me, my doctor prescribed 0.5 mg 2 or 3 times a day. I did that for about a week to get me through the crisis. For a 2 day period during this week I probably took 4 of the 0.5 mg tablets but then cut it back to 2 a day. Fortunately after a week, my health issues were resolved and I stopped taking the Xanax. Not sure if it was my imagination or not but after 3 or 4 days of not taking I get very nervous and started again. I have been taking for the past 7 days a 0.25 tablet and as little as one at night but a max of 2, I also split the tablet so sometimes I take 1 and 1/2. I want to stop completely, I assume my usage would be considered low but I am scared and tend to let things bother me. Any advise as to how to proceed so I stop as quickly as possible. I do not want to get addicted, that is a great fear, plus my wife does not know and would probably leave me if she knew I was taking

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Anxiety :: Xanax 0.5mg + Alcohol (Beer)?

I'm 19 years old.

My doctor prescribed me Xanax 0.25 mg, only for stressful situations, but I feel that 0.25mg it's having no effect at all.

This Sunday I'm going to camp with my friends and I feel very anxious when I'm waiting on lines and my legs shake because of that. So I want to try 0.5mg of Xanax to help my anxiety. But we use to drink beer all day, but not in an way to get severely drunk. Like 8 or 9 beers. So, If I take Xanax 0.5 mg in the morning, and during the day drink beer, will it be a bad interaction?

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