Arm/Wrist/hand Pain :: Cortisone Injections? Horror Stories

Feb 2, 2016

My husband has been suffering with a pain in his right arm for a few months now. He saw the doctor and he diagnosed it as tennis elbow, he did do a lot of fence painting in the summer, the doc has suggested a cortisone injection in the elbow, just wondering if anyone has had one and are they of any benefit as I've read some horror stories where the pain has been twice as bad afterwards?

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Vasectomy Done Today - Now Worried After Reading Horror Stories

I've just had my vasectomy done today and I was trying to read about the pain and how to relieve it a little and all I've gotten was these sad long stories now I'm worried that I made the wrong decision are there any good post vasectomy stories out there?

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Sciatica Pain - Bulging Disc And Cortisone Injections

I had bulging disc over two years ago and i was sent for mri scan  a while later i got cortisone injection into L5 disc worked ok and lasted for a few years,two months ago it returned and is very painful the doctors gave painkillers and said to exercise couldn't stand up never mind exercise,,i'm confused on why they are asking me to see a spine specialist  which is taking months and why don't they just do the injection like they did a few years ago  ,anyone any answers?

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Ulnar Sided Hand / Wrist Pain For Over 6 Months?

I've been having pain in my right wrist and hand for over 6 months now. It mostly feels like a dull ache/pain and often tenderness which is on the little finger side (ulnar side) of my hand which comes and goes. Recently (within the last month or 2) the pain has spread up to my little finger knuckle joint which also feels tender when the pain flares up, the ache sometimes extends into my forearm as well still on that one side. I've had routine hand x rays (AP, lateral, oblique) which was said to be normal and also an ultrasound of median nerve and flexor tendons which was normal (will upload x ray image on here). In the past I have fallen off the skateboard a few times, the worst fall caused me to have stabbing pains in my right wrist when it happened and for a few days it hurt to do anything with it, it never swelled, and it settled to a mild pain, I had problems for a few months after that, I couldn't do the pushup position without that wrist hurting a fair bit, and it still is sore when I try now but not as bad, that fall would've been over a year ago though.

When I went to a new Dr about it they did this test which pulled my arm back and stretched my ulnar nerve and I nearly jumped out of my skin, I had severe pain shoot down my arm and into my hand and fingers, so he has ordered me a nerve conduction test because he thinks it might be something to do with the ulnar nerve because of the area of pain and that positive ulnar stretch test. This confuses me because I don't have typical nerve pain or symptoms ( like tingling, numbness or electric shock like pain). My hand just feels achy, sore and tender. I feel like it is most tender when I press around the hamate bone area on the palm and also on the top of the hand where the base of the 4th and 5th metacarpal/hamate bone is, but nothing showed on the x ray so this confuses me. One thing I did notice though was a little black triangular shaped thing near the base and right side of my 5th metacarpal bone on the x ray, now i've only studied a tiny bit of radiography and I know nothing about the hand, but that doesn't look normal to me?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Post Ulnar Shortening Pain

I am 4 months post op after having a standard USO. Doc removed 4 mm of bone and plated on the outside. The good news is the pain I had become so used to as a result of UIS has subsided but as I recover, i note new aches and pains which I don't like. Since the day after the op i have had quite agonising pain in my elbow. At no point did I have any above elbow immobilisation. All short arm casts for about 7 weeks in all. The pain has improved but still there and worsens when I straighten my arm - leaving me in a constant state of holding my elbow at 90.

Has anyone else had this after USO? If not - did you have above elbow casts/splints? If so, what was it like and did it subside???

The other problem I am having is when i try to pronate my arm (to get my palm facing down). It feels like as the ulna and radius cross with the twist, the screw(s) which protrude through the ulna, seems to be catching on the radius. it is very sore and most of the time stops me pronating.

If you have experienced anything like this please let me know whether it got better. i am already getting worried that the op has caused some kind of issue with my elbow and also that I will have to have plate removed. not part of the plan at all.

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening Plate Removal And Pain

I had my ulna shortened in September 2015, and the plate is causing me all kinds of pain. The whole entire ulnar side of my forearm hurts all the time, and any kind of pressure on the plate makes the pain much worse! My next appointment with the surgeon's office is April 14th, and then we'll discuss the removal of the plate and screws. Also, I have a ganglion cyst that appeared under one of my debridement scars that they may need to remove. AND- there is a ligament on the palmar side of my wrist, just below my pisiform bone that is causing a bit of pain. My doctor said that it's not unusual for it to happen, as it can "stretch" too far after the shortening, but it's not exactly common either.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Has Anyone Had Cortisone Injections For CS?

I am due to have cortisone injections on 7th November but am feeling a bit anxious about it.

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Cortisone Injections In Knees Causing Swelling?

I had cortisone injections in both knees 5 days ago and both of my feet are really swollen. Is this a normal side effect of injections in knees?

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Arthritis :: Cortisone Injections - Pros And Cons

I am thinking about having cortisone injections in my feet for arthritis pain and I've heard 1 good and 1 bad report about the success of it. Can anyone who's had it let me know how it went.

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Shoulder Problems :: How Many Cortisone Injections Per Year

I'm just doing some research at present regarding Cortisone/steroid injections into the shoulder joint within a 12 month period. 

How many injections in a year is classed as too many without any noticeable improvement in the symptoms?

Injections both in clinic and in theatre as part of an MUA or EUA. 

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Osteoarthritis :: Cortisone Injections Make You Put Weight

Has anyone found that these injections make you put on weight. I have had a fair few and due for some more next week. In the beginning I had a spine injection and then in the leg -  I am on Pazital and Lyrica but a lose dose.  But looking back, the injections have been the best as I walk quite a bit.

I know the UK have a maximum - but can't remember how many. I last had the injections about 3 years ago, 4 in one thigh and 3 in the other. I suppose it depends on the strength too but I haven't ever been told the strength.

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Acne :: Just Had Cortisone Injections For Cystic Pimples

I went to a dermatologist today and i was told my face had a good deal of acne. I have my acne or my forehead and a lot around my jawline area that are cystlike. I have a few of them and those are cystic pimples. The dermatologist recommended me to do acne surgery ... extraction she mentioned and i kinda did not want to do this b/c i had a bad experience with a an esthetician many years ago plucking my face. The difference was that was in a salon and not a dermatologist. I remembered when i did it, i had holes and my acne was really bad right after it so I said I didn't want to do it.

However i asked if i could get cortisone shots done in my jawline where i have cystic pimples that doesn't seem to go away. Dermatologist did the cortisone injections and it was not painful at all. There were 3 of them done when i checked by bill. Anyways i came back home and then i saw i still had the cystic pimples there... I made the mistake of actually thinking these shots destroyed the cystic pimple on the spot... found out recently it takes a few days or close to 1 week for it to flatten.

Well I got prescribed epiduo for my acne and also solodyn as an antibiotic. I'm told to follow the same regimen i have but use epiduo at night and take solodyn once a day.

My question is should i even start the epiduo cream now after i got the cortisone injections? Should i wait a few days first till it flattens a bit and then use it? I'm worried using it might make it worst. I called the office and one of the reps there said it didn't matter you could start now but im thinking i shouldn't use this product on the area of my face yet right after the injections? Should i put anything on these spots where i got the injections? Because im thinking all i should do is wash my face like normal and put aloe vera gel on it or nothing at all and don't put any acne cream on it till few days later?

How long did it take for the cystic pimple to get smaller after the injection? Does it flatten fully or does it not? How soon can you do it again on the same spot if it didn't work? I assume if it doesn't flatten in 1 week, then it didn't work? I read online that ppl mention 2-3 days it should flatten and the cystic pimple should be gone...

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Costochondritis :: Cortisone Injections Side Effects?

Anyone have experience with cortisone injection for costochondritis - positive or negative - benefits or side effectS?

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Chronic Costochondritis - Cortisone Injections Are Helpful?

I was diagnosed with costochondritis when I was 14 and have had it for five years now.

I can manage the pain when it isn't flaring up but for the last few months it has been very bad to the point where I can't sleep. My job is quite physically demanding sometimes which causes the flare ups.

I recently went to my gp and requested x-rays as I haven't had any taken since I was diagnosed. Last year I had a bone scan but nothing showed up.
Last week the doctor said that I also have mild thoracic scoliosis curving to the left which may give a reason for the costochondritis, finally!
I have decided that the time has come to get cortisone injections as other medications/treatments don't relieve the pain. I will be seeing a specialist in a month's time.

Has anyone else had the injections? Did they help you? What was the whole procedure like for you?

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Flying After Cortisone Injections To Coccyx Under General

Flying after anesthetic for cortisone injections to the coccyx?

I was told by my surgeon that I could have my cortisone injections ( under general anesthetic ) to my coccyx before taking a 8 hour flight in 8 weeks time. He said he would get me in. 4 weeks later no letter. Rang his office and was told he's away until mid April and there was no way I could have it done before I flew in 4 weeks as I was having a general and you CANNOT fly for 6 weeks after a general!! So confused as to why the surgeon would say it's ok but receptionist is adamant I can't have it!

Can I have a general anesthetic and fly 4 weeks later? Any info would be much appreciated. I have googled it but I'm finding that I should be able too!

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Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis - Cortisone Injections Every Six Months

I've had this nasty problem for almost 5 years now. I was in a severe vehicle collision where I fractured my L1 vertebrae, and then about 6 months later, I started getting this nagging pain in my left sit bone and down my leg.

I was misdiagnosed for the first 3 years of it. At first they thought I had piriformis syndrome ( which is most doctor's first diagnosis since it sends pain down the sciatic nerve. I did 6 months of rigorous physio/chiro/needling to attempt to fix the pain, but nothing helped.

Then they thought it was a bulging disc radiating pain down my back from the injury.

All the while, my pain was getting worse and worse. Taking more and more pain medication. Getting heavy into the opiates. Then after losing my career in the military, and after a year of wasting time. I finally got in to see a spinal specialist. one who teaches around the world and after 5 minutes of asking questions and a couple of manipulations, he diagnosed my with Ischial Tuberosity bursitis.

While I was happy to finally KNOW what it was. It hasn't been fixed. I get cortisone injections every six months, and unfortunately the relief is is not the best. I am taking a Fentanyl patch for consistent pain relief.

It sucks that a pain in my butt is a constant in my daily life. It's depressing and it makes it so i can't live like a normal person....doing normal things....movies, dinners, socializing, driving... etc.

All I do, is try to keep on moving......moving....trying to stay flexible...doing my stretches....trying to keep in decent shape and health.

If anyone wants to chat about their issues with Ischial Bursitis, I'd be glad to. Or if anyone wants to know about treatments etc....ask away.

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening Experience - Anyone?

My surgeon is suggesting that I get the ulnar shortening surgery to relieve pressure the ulnar side of the wrist as I've torn several ligaments in the wrist. I had a wrist arthroscopy last month so he could see the extent of damage and so he can plan for future surgery if needed. The damage turned out far more extensive than the MRI/arthrogram showed. I have a partial tear of the scapholunate ligament, complete tear of the lunotriquetral ligament and I've worn through the TFCC. I have the typical ulnar sided pain, and pain around the lunate bone but lately, I'm experiencing more and more problems on the thumb side of the wrist.

Has the ulnar shortening surgery helped relieve or reduce symptoms for anyone who also tore ligaments?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening - Thoughts?

I also have Ulnar Shortening Surgery scheduled for September 23rd and am having second thoughts about going through with it. It's my left arm and isn't THAT painful so I'm thinking that I should leave it alone. There are obviously complications with this surgery and I just don't know if it's worth it. I'd like to ask everyone if they had a chance to go back to before the surgery would they have gone through with it?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening After Two TFCC

I am 22 years old, and have just been informed that I need to have a Ulnar Shortening done on my wrist. I have had two previous surgeries done to repair my TFCC. I am a little annoyed this is the first their coming across this, and that I now have to have a third surgery. Can anyone tell me their experience with this surgery?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening - Feedback Anyone?

Honestly, how bad is this thing? I've watched video's of it, prior posts about it.

I've read up about as much as i think possible, would just like to get some live feedback on it. For the most part I've got full function of my hand/wrists, its just somewhat painful sometimes, and when washing my hands, the wrist can feel loose and unstable.

I've had to reschedule my appointment a few times because of work so it's been about two months since I've spoken to my doc(George White, Orlando), I think his plan was 4 weeks cast, 4 weeks sling, 4 weeks PT. is that about the norm?

I "broke" my wrist..i think? when i was around 10, all i remember is when i fell off the monkey bars my ulna/radius was pushed up against my wrist(never broke skin). I'm relatively thin, 5'9 150, and my ulna's have always been slightly pronounced, never thought much of it until in august at the gym. I picked up a heavier dumbbell than i should have and i think my ulna slipped from the set position it's been in all these years and it throbs constantly/causes pain working out now. Its quite a bit longer than it should be so we're getting this done.

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Physio Process After Ulnar Shortening?

Hi I had ulnar shortening on my right arm on 11/9/13 and have been placed in a full arm cast until I have it taken off on 30/10/13, can anyone advise me on the physio process after the opp and what I'm likely to be able to achieve after periods of time, I'm currently off work as my job needs me to be able to use my arms/ hands at all times, I'm also right handed.

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