Arthritis :: Does Osteoarthritis Generally Cause Elevated Sed Rate

Jul 23, 2010

Does osteoarthritis generally cause an elevated Sed Rate and and elevated C-Reactive Protein?  Anyone have these tests elevated with your condition?

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Shortness Of Breath And An Elevated Heart Rate

I am a 27 year old male. I have a resting heart rate around 70 and healthy blood pressure. I am about 5'8" 150 pounds, I eat healthy and exercise 3-4 times per week.

Despite this, I often find myself short of breath despite not doing any strenuous activity (climbing a single flight of stairs). In addition, when I exercise my heart rate becomes elevated very quickly, even when I go at a moderate/slow pace (if I'm running 3 miles, it gets up to 130~ after 1 mile and is near 180 after 3 miles). My heart rate won't return to normal for several hours. 5-6 hours after I'm done exercising my heart rate will still be 15~ beats per minute above normal.

Does anyone know if these symptoms are all normal to have as you get older or should I go see a doctor? I mentioned these symptoms to a friend of mine who has a thyroid condition and she said it sounds like what used to happen to her before she was diagnosed and prescribed medicine.

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Osteoarthritis :: Hip Bursitis And Osteoarthritis Pain

I have been suffering from hip bursitis, both sides, for about a year now.  Two steroid injections into the worst hip haven't helped.  I've been following a physiotherapy course for a month, but am still in pain.  Added to this, I have osteoarthritis in my knees, top of my right foot and both thumbs, all of which are painful at the moment.  I also am feeling very tired and under the weather.  I will be seeing my Orthopaedic Consultant on Wednesday and am wondering what to ask him.  He'll be checking on the hip bursitis, but will he be able to do anything about the arthritis?  More steroid injections?  Should I ask to see a Rheumatologist?  My legs and hips feel very heavy and I'm so tired of feeling like this, with little energy.

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Arthritis :: Mild Arthritis - Skin Feels Sore

After MRI my diagnosis was "Lots of mileage left, another 10 years, at least!" (I am 75)! Good to hear but still have to be careful going DOWN stairs! Not too bad going up! Some pain now and again. BUT I sometimes get a strange feeling on upper left thigh, (the worst knee), as if it is wet but when I touch the skin it is totally dry! Happens after I have been standing for a couple of hours.Also, sometimes the skin feels sore, but there is no evidence to show. Has anyone had similar feelings?.

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How Many Co-Codamol For Osteoarthritis In One Day?

How many dare you take in one day?

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Osteoarthritis :: Anyone Tried Kinesiology Tape?

I was just wondering if any of you have tried Kinesiology tape?

My OA is so severe now, and I am living in constant agony, with my life basically on hold until my next TKR (49 YO and feel like i'm on the scrapheap!) Anyway, I've been reading a bit about K Taping, and thought I'd give it a go. I can't BELIEVE how effective it is! The pain is all but gone, the grating bone-on-bone has reduced, and I can get in and out of my house without a crutch/stick! Which I haven't been able to do for about 12  month.

I only tried it today for the first time, but by golly I'm hooked! The relief is instant, and constant (so far). 

Id be interested to hear if anyone else has tried it, and if the relief is long-lasting or a flash in the pan.

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Both Knee Replacement Due To Osteoarthritis - Any Advice?

I have been told today that i need both knees replaced has anybody got some advice for me?

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Neck Pain :: Osteoarthritis In My Spine

The thing is my neck makes a grinding noise all day and every day , is this normal ? And my lower back is so unbelievably in chronic pain , I can't do anything without it hurting , it gets to the point where my back locks itself and I can't move and every now and then my back goes into a spasm and I end up in hospital because I go into shock and my lips turn blue , but all they do is inject me with some relaxant and send me home , I've asked my dr to get me an X-ray but all they give me is more and more morphine .

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Osteoarthritis :: Hip And Spine Wear And Tear

I have Osteoarthritis I think, although the doctor didn't really do any tests to confirm it.  Perhaps there's nothing they can do, I don't know.  Anyway, it started out when I had a frozen shoulder when I was sixty from fracturing a small bone without realizing it.  Because of the strain on the other shoulder that subsequently froze up as well.  I had to sleep on my back for nearly a year, but after two lots of cortisone injections into the joints and lots of active dancing in my bedroom whilst in agony, they finally freed themselves and got back to normal.  After that episode I found that my lower back was painful when I got out of bed in the mornings, and my right knee would collapse with pain up and down the stairs. My right hip now gives me a lot of pain too, and sometimes all of these joints play up together, leaving me in lots of pain. I do find that paracetamol helps, and I do use voltarol etc. I have tried using flexiseq also, which is a topical treatment that is supposed to lubricate the joint, but it is very expensive at £18 a tube and I'm not really sure whether it works or not. It seems to work sometimes, but not others.

Also, I find that I can wake up occasionally with more or less no pain at all for no reason that I can make out.  I wish I knew what it was! Perhaps something I ate, or just didn't do the previous day??  who knows??

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Osteoarthritis :: Cortisone Injections Make You Put Weight

Has anyone found that these injections make you put on weight. I have had a fair few and due for some more next week. In the beginning I had a spine injection and then in the leg -  I am on Pazital and Lyrica but a lose dose.  But looking back, the injections have been the best as I walk quite a bit.

I know the UK have a maximum - but can't remember how many. I last had the injections about 3 years ago, 4 in one thigh and 3 in the other. I suppose it depends on the strength too but I haven't ever been told the strength.

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Osteoarthritis :: Broccoli - A Possible Cure For The Long Term Disease

everyone that suffer from osteoarthritis! I had to post a message about the recent news about a possible cure for the long term disease that's osteoarthritis. Recent research suggests that a compound ( sulforaphane) found in broccoli if used in the form of a pill ( you would have to eat vast amounts of broccoli to get equal benefits to one dose of the drug) blocks the inflammation and damage to the cartilage. SFX-01 it's called. Science is amazing I hope it will not take too long to have it available and help millions of people  

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Osteoarthritis :: Numbness And Tingling In Legs - Can't Stand For Few Seconds

I was diagnosed with oa in 2012 via x ray of my left knee since then its got a lot worse over the last year my foot goes numb and tingly only after standing a few seconds to the point i nearly fall over ! my hips and back also ache ! ive been to the doctors so many times with this ! all they do is give me pain relief and exercise which is just 1 big circle cant excersise because of the numbness ! im 51 and the doctor says im too young for a knee replacement and that they only last 10 years ! ive also had the knee injections ! now all my limbs seem achey and the back of my neck now as slight pain and i feel like im drunk all the time my next appointment is not for another 2 weeks and i feel like the doctor is fed up with me !

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Osteoarthritis / Menopause :: Gabapentin For Pain And Night Sweats

I have had osteoarthritis for the last two years have it in most joints quite bad in hands managed on just two codydramol a day but recently started going through the menopause and suffering from bad night sweats, saw my gp yesterday and has put me on Gabapentin for pain and night sweats they are 300mg took one last night and felt completely out of it and today feel really tired and irritable is anyone else on this drug that could tell me if drug is any good and if side effects settle down have to build up to  two a day but don't feel I would be able function normally during the day.

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Elevated Right Diaphragm And Liver

A C/T of the thorax, done because of shortness of breath, showed the right diaphragm and liver situated in the chest cavity. Other tests of the thorax and abdomen, including a PET SCAN, have not shown any reason for this.

What can be the reason for the elevation of the diaphragm and liver?

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Kidney :: Elevated Creatinine And Urea

I was urinating very frequently, usually small amounts. Did a home urine dip test and found white and red blood cells (no nitrate) so went to Dr. who took blood. Blood results = slightly raised creatinine, urea and potassium. What could this mean?

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Abdominal Pain :: Elevated Diaphragm?

My doctor says I have this but it's nothing to worry about. What causes this?

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Thyroid :: Thyroglobulin Ab Is Elevated At 1074.0

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid about 6 months ago and put on synthroid which has started to to bring the number down. I just got back my recent lab tests and my thyroglobulin ab is very elevated at 1074.0 and my thyroglobulin is low at 0.62. I am very confused as to hat this means. I would so appreciate any help understanding this I am so nervous.

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Kidney Disease :: Elevated Sugar /AST / ALT

I have uric acid kidney stones and recently I had Ureteroscopy to remove one. Actually when they got in there they couldn't find it in the ureter as the CT scan had shown so we don't know what happened to it.

I'm disappointed that I had the stone as I had been on a low purine diet which includes very little meat (6oz a day).

After this bout, I tripled my efforts, stopped all sugar intake unless it was natural in foods, no added salt and meat 6oz or less 2 times a week only.

Several weeks followed since the Ureteroscopy and the extreme diet change and my eyesight changed where I could not see out of my contacts or glasses. In fact, my eyesight changed 3 steps for the better and had to get new eyeglasses and contacts.

I'm also now taking twice a day Urocit-K (potassium citrate).

I wanted to know a baseline for my sugar and potassium so they did bloodwork and sugar was 145 which doesn't sound right, it should be lower and in the 65-100 range. My eye doctor said my vision shift was consistent with lower blood sugar.

My AST was 64, should be 13-40 and my ALT was 70 which should be 7-52.

For one thing I'm wondering if having the blood tests about 4 weeks after the Ureteroscopy may have skewed the results of the blood test but also what caused the drastic eye change, it was quite an extreme diet change for sure and the eyesight has stabilized and I continue to stay on the diet. I've also lost about 25 pounds in the last few months on the low purine diet. I also drink lots of water, no soft drinks, only unsweat tea on occasion.

The last CT scan before starting the Urocit-K still showed kidney stones in my kidneys which I had been on the low purine diet and I have more than before I was on the diet which doesn't make sense.

All these changes doesn't add up. Why more kidney stones? Am I starving for no reason as I can't eat hardly anything on this extreme low purine diet? What's up with the vision change and elevated blood levels?

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Eye Care :: Elevated Optic Nerves

I am a sixty year old female and went for my annual eye exam.  I was told by my optometrist my left eye optic nerves were elevated - OS>OD.  Also has irregular Mac. OS.  She had her nurse call and make an appointment for me to see an Ophthalmologist tomorrow.  I had a Brian MRI in December and the report reads.  "There is nonspecific mild focal areas of bilateral supratentorial which is commonly secondary to chronic microvascular ischemia.  MS seems less likely, but cannot be excluded".

I have intermittent headaches only on the left side and at times feel nauseous.   Should I be concerned?

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Kidney Disease :: Elevated Creatinine Level (1.15) And GFR 57

I had some blood work done last week any my Creatinine was 1.15 and my GFR was 57. I know these aren't alarming numbers necessarily, but 6 months ago my Cr was .72 and my GFR was 100 so it's a huge change. Everything else (BUN, BUN/CR ratio) were normal. Doctor was unconcerned and wanted to check in 3 months. Anybody have any thoughts on this?  I do take lots of supplements but have taken them for years with normal kidney function. Also have taken a lot of Benadryl lately. I'm stumped at this big change. Also I am not diabetic and do not have high blood pressure.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Normal T4, Free But Elevated TSH

Last week I found that my my TSH was 5.73 mIu/L and shortly after that, that my Thyroid Peroxidase AB was 393 Iu/mL.  My T4, Free came back at 1.3 ng/dI which I believe is in the normal range.  I am currently waiting on my Thyroglobulin AB.  Has anyone has an elevated TSH and Thyroid Peroxidase AB but a normal range T4 and still been diagnosed with a Thyroid problem?

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