Arthritis :: Treatment For Painful Fingers / Hands?

Dec 25, 2015

so this has been going on since I was about 13 till now at 17, my ANA goes up and down, I go from normal range and the highest I've gotten was 1/640.

At the moment I'm at 1/360, my symptoms include hot flashes, cold flashes, nausea, cramps, headaches, dizziness, weakness, shaking, knee pain, and gas. I get these episodes where I feel so weak, dizzy, hungery, and shaky that can last a few minutes to days. All my tests came back normal besides connective tissue disease with high ANA and it was speckled, and low vitamin d.

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Arthritis :: Can't Bend Ring Fingers All The Way, Very Painful, Still Waiting On RA Diagnosis

About 10 months ago, my ring fingers started getting bumps/nodules on the knuckles closest to my hand. Around the same time I noticed that bending my ring fingers was pretty uncomfortable, and soon it progressed into much more than what I'd consider to be mild discomfort. Basically, if my fingers bend too far on accident, it is some of the most excruciating pain I have ever had. It's this splintering, splitting pain followed by what feels like a strain/sprain. It's the one symptom that has not gone dormant and as of this week, it's getting worse.

I'm becoming much more limited as to how far I can close my hand, mainly because with the ring finger, it's not like you can just keep it straightened like you can with the rest of the fingers if you pick something up or grab onto something- it just doesn't move that way.

Anyway, out of the 3 Rheumatologists I've seen, none of them have been helpful. I told one of them how much it hurt and that I couldn't even believe how much pain it was capable of causing, and she took my hand and bent that finger closed, or at least as closed as it would go. Needless to say, I let out a small yipe and yanked my hand away. She looked at me like I was crazy or overreacting. Ha, I wish I was. Ugh. I wanted to slap her...

So, since none of the doctors have any idea what to tell me, which is very frustrating, and now it's getting worse, I thought I'd ask you guys- have any of you had this happen? Do you know if I should be trying to bend it as far as it goes it or if that does further harm? [It sure as hell doesn't FEEL like it would be helping, haha...] Do you know what exactly causes this? Tendon damage? Other damage?

I'd ask if there was any way to relieve the pain, but I'm guessing that's a big fat "no." Aspirin and Ibuprofen don't help much. Is there some kind of surgery that I should be thinking about in the future? I know you guys aren't doctors, but the ones I've been to are giving me a complete run around. One of them even told me that maybe everything would just go away. Ha, yeah....a list of 25+ ongoing symptoms will instantly vanish.

Okay, well thanks so much for any input you guys have. I'm 28 and this is all kind of hard to swallow, especially since I work with my hands a lot.

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Pregnancy :: Precum On Hands And Fingers

This morning me and my boyfriend were messing around and we were both naked and I was rubbing his penis and it had precum on it and some might have touched my vagina. I'm really worried about pregnancy and mind you he never entered me. He also fingered me after touching his penis I'm not sure if it was the same hand.

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Getting Pregnant :: Mastrubating With Precum On Hands And Fingers

I'm really worried of being pregnant and need an expert's opinion. So me and my boyfriend were making out. We never got naked, thus leaving us with no skin to skin or genital to genital contact. I did, however, rub his penis through his pants and felt some fluid (precum) on the fabric. He did not have an orgasm it really was merely precum. And it wasn't soaking either, just a small area of the pants. It dried within a few seconds of being exposed to the air, being only on my fingers. 5-10 minutes later I went to the bathroom to masturbate. Now, I know precum contains almost no sperm. I also know that it was dry on my fingers and I definitely rubbed whatever could have remained, off on my pants as I pulled it down. But I'm really worried. I know it might sound silly. But I'm really stressing here.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Tingling And Numbness In Fingers And Hands

Diagnosed with PMR & GCA in December, 2015, I am down to 40 mg prednisone together with 20 mg methotrexate.  Have only been on the methotrexate for 3 weeks and down to 40mg of prednisone for 2 days from 42.5mg so far so good.  Apart from the normal side effects of prednisone, I am experiencing numbness in the tips of my fingers which spreads down into my hands.  Mostly on the left side which is where my GCA is worse. 

However, sometimes I have it on my right side as well.  I have no strength in my hands and am dropping things.  I have spoken to both my GP & Rheumy and they have not any answers.  One would presume it is to do with blood/oxygen flow.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Painful / Locking Fingers

I've had flares off and on but didn't get dx til May. Woke up around 3am and one of the fingers on my right hand is incredibly painful and can't move it. It's been locking up for past few months and I have to use the other hand to open it up. Is this a part of this disease?

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Arthritis :: Cracking Joints And Knuckles In Fingers

For about 7 or 8 months I have been cracking the joints and knuckles in my fingers. Now when I lower my middle finger on my left hand there is a little pop and the finger moves down a bit. And since i had also been cracking my toes the toes on my right foot make a pop too. I am kinda worried because I am only 13.

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Benign Essential Tremor Causing Muscle Twitches Involuntary Jumps And Cramp In Hands And Fingers?

Does anyone that suffers from Benign Essential Tremor suffer from muscle twitching involuntary jumps and cramp in hands and fingers?

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Arthritis :: Burning Sensation In Both Palms - More Painful At Night

I’m a 49 year old male in good health --- not diabetic and clean blood work including negative for RA Factor, very low CRP and Sed Rate.   Rest of bloodwork (CBC) all looks normal as well.

I’ve been experiencing a pain in both of my palms (more like a burning sensation) that comes and goes during the day but is generally more painful at night. The pain is located below my thumbs in the fleshy area of the palm called the Abductor Pollicis Brevis area.  (I’ve obviously been researching this too much to know all these terms!!)

I’m assuming I must have Osteoarthritis as I have Herberden Nodes on the DIP joints of both little fingers. I also feel stiffness in the PIP joints of the middle fingers of both hands.  

I was concerned this might be rheumatoid arthritis but with my blood work all being normal and I feel great I think it’s likely something else.  

What could be causing this pain in what looks to be the Thenar Eminence area of my palms.   Could this be due to Osteoarthritis or I’ve read about something called Tenosyvitis?

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Low Fat Diet - Treatment Of Reactive Arthritis

I am a woman of 56 and have never been overweight and up to these eleven years ago enjoyed good health.

My first symptoms started eleven years ago whilst on holiday in France. My elbow and knee joints became difficult to move and painful, particularly when carrying shopping. A fortnight later on my return to England the pain had increased, my ankles had started to swell and I felt generally very unwell, not unlike an onset of influenza. My doctor thought it may have been an insect bite and prescribed a course of antibiotics which had no effect. He then tested me for Lyme's Disease and put me on a further two courses of antibiotics, none of which made any difference. The Lyme's Disease test was negative.

By this time, six weeks from the first symptoms I was almost bed-ridden. The joint pains were almost unbearable, I felt itchy all over and isolated little bumps that were extremely painful to touch appeared under my skin, two on my hand and one on my rib bone. After a couple of days they disappeared and I was left with bruises. Some of my knuckle and finger joints were swollen and started to become slightly deformed. I found that I was passing water about every 30 minutes and had pronounced anxieties, insomnia and depression....I had never suffered from depression before. I also started to experience heart flutters and eczema in my ears.

In desperation I began searching (pre-Google days) for clues in some home medical dictionaries. I came across gout and one of the recommendations for managing this affliction was to cut out all rich and fatty food. Although I knew I did not have gout I thought my problem may have been related, particularly with my swollen ankles which by then had turned a rather nasty brown colour. I decided to experiment and immediately cut out cheese, butter, mayonnaise, oils and fatty meats to achieve a very low fat diet.

Within two days I was feeling much better and over the course of the next month I continued with my experiment and found that within about 24 hours of starting on a higher fat diet again my symptoms would begin to return. Over the next four years and after spending a lot of money on private consultations with no diagnosis being given my doctor eventually referred me to the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath. The consultant diagnosed Poly-Reactive Arthritis. I told him about my very low fat diet (under 20 grams a day) which I had been trying. He said if that worked for me I should keep doing it. Subsequently I developed lactose intolerance. Symptoms from this appear two hours after eating any dairy but I have not found any known connection between this and Reactive Arthritis. I also developed problems in my lower back and X-Rays confirmed that this was caused by arthritis. I am unable to lift even fairly light weights and cannot operate a vacuum cleaner without getting severe back pains for a couple of days.

The diagnosis of Reactive Arthritis was six years ago and if I keep to my very low fat diet I am able to lead an almost normal life. However, I now find that in the past year I have had an increasing amount of urological problems such as cystitis and what were though to be bladder infections, although all the urine tests proved negative. I have also been investigated for possible kidney stones but again this has been negative although on one occasion there was blood in the sample. I have found out in the past few days through Google that symptoms like this are often associated with Reactive Arthritis and called Interstitial Cystitis.

Recently I found the web site for the Arthritis Research Campaign which has a very good information booklet on Reactive Arthritis and in an answer to my questions advised me that cutting down on fat can make a difference in most types of arthritis including inflammatory arthritis, particularly saturated fats which can increase pain and inflammation in the body.

They directed me to their information booklet Diet and Arthritis on their web site at In this publication they recommend concentrating on oils such as olive oil, walnut oil and oil from fatty fish. I thought I would again experiment and only eat the fats they recommended even though I felt sure that too many olives and olive oil dressing would cause a reaction. Twenty four hours after crossing my 20 gram threshold my symptoms reappeared then slowly subsided after I returned to my strict diet.

In all of my research I have not come across any suggestion for treatment of Reactive Arthritis by a low fat diet. I only know that it has worked for me so far.

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Arthritis :: 1st Knuckle On Index Finger Is Pretty Swollen / Stiff And Fairly Painful

I have had this for over a week, and it seems to be getting worse.  I am 33 and in very good health.

The 1st knuckle on my index finger is pretty swollen, stiff and has a fair amount of pain when I bend or touch it.  I have already been to urgent care, and was told it was not infected due to no heat or redness.  I was given Ibuprofen and a splint, told to follow up tomorrow if no improvement.  They sugest bloodwork to test for uric acid or arthritis.  he said possibly gout, but that is usually more painful.  I do eat a high red meat diet, with higher purine foods- ie aspargus and beans.

I do not recall injuring it enough to cause anything like this.  i do crick my knuckles- old habit I am slowly breaking- but that has never given me problems either.  I have started cold compress today and occasional war, Ill see what that does.

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Arthritis :: Mild Arthritis - Skin Feels Sore

After MRI my diagnosis was "Lots of mileage left, another 10 years, at least!" (I am 75)! Good to hear but still have to be careful going DOWN stairs! Not too bad going up! Some pain now and again. BUT I sometimes get a strange feeling on upper left thigh, (the worst knee), as if it is wet but when I touch the skin it is totally dry! Happens after I have been standing for a couple of hours.Also, sometimes the skin feels sore, but there is no evidence to show. Has anyone had similar feelings?.

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Hepatitis C: Post Treatment :: Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir Treatment Relapse

I'm looking for advice. My 60 year old father (who has had HCV for more than 10 years; previously treated with Interferon but bad side effects) finished his 12 week Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir (considered same as Harvoni) treatment a month ago. Already first tests after 2 weeks showed virus was Undetected, but yesterday he received his most recent results and he has a relapse of the virus. He is genotype 1, fibroscan result 4 (close to final stage). He is based in Poland and I'm not sure if our doctors are fully informed of the new generation medications and HCV itself.

Is anyone able to give us any advice? We are pretty desperate and my dad is just so depressed as he thought he finally got rid of the virus (he got infected while on an operation in a public hospital) and now it is back...

Are there any specialists that you are aware of I could possibly get in contact with?

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Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment :: Acid Treatment - Cryotherapy

A few weeks ago my bf noticed some bumps in his pubic area.  He went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, which is thankfully not that big of a deal!  He got his treated with cryotherapy.  Around this time I noticed a few bumps and because of the area they were in, went to an OBGYN for treatment so my bf and I don't keep spreading it to each other.  The OB GYN agreed that they were also MC bumps and lightly scraped each one, then applied an acid treatment.  That was a few days ago and while the bumps are mostly gone, the skin surrounding each one is dark and almost looks like a scab in color.  Is this normal post acid treatment? 

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Hepatitis C Post Treatment :: Relapse After Harvoni Treatment?

Does anyone here relapse after harvoni treatment?

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Getting Pregnant :: Precum On Fingers

Two weeks ago my bf and I were doing stuff. He rubbed my vagina but did not finger me. He didn't put his finger inside me but he did touch me when I was wet. He might have had precum in his finger but I'm not so sure about it. After he did that there were little drops of blood in my underwear. It happened only on that day. Could I be pregnant? I've been really very tensed and my period is late. I repeat, I've been very very tensed. could I be pregnant?

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Getting Pregnant :: Dry Precum On His Fingers

If my boyfriend fingered me and there was dry precum on his finger, and if i am ovulating, what is the chance of pregnancy?

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Eczema :: Between My Fingers And The Wrist

how to remove this disgusting eczema on my hands i have it between on my fingers and the wrist

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Am I Pregnant? :: Precum On Fingers

Last night, my boyfriend and I got close. He was completely naked and I had my thong on. and I sat on top of him for a little while. I was wet, and I think he was to, so if he was could I possibly be pregnant? I mean all girls know that a thong doesn't cover THAT much down there, so Im kinda nervous. He did touch his precum earlier that night and about an hour after that his fingers went a little into my vagina.

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Skin :: Blisters On Palms And Fingers

I have very small blisters that appear on my palms. Sometimes on my fingers.

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Skin :: Getting Air Bubbles On The Palms And Fingers

For some reasons I am getting little air bubbles in my hands, on the palms. My skin is not dry and sometimes it peels off. No matter what I've tried, I can't get rid of the bubbles. I`ve tried cream and different soaps, but nothing is working. And just recently it`s starting on my fingers. What`s going on, and how can I get rid of it?

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