Atorvastatin And Amlodipine - Nausea, Muscle Pains, Kidney Pains And Total Lack Of Energy

May 7, 2013

MY GP recently prescribed Atorvastatin to deal with high(ish) cholesterol. I have been taking Amlodipine, Losartan and Bezafibrate without any problems but in the past 3 weeks since starting the statins I feel like crap - Nausea, muscle pains, kidney pains and total lack of energy.

The blurb with the statins indicated there could be problems with Amlodipine but I started taking them.

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Fatty Liver And Gastritis With Stomach Pains Upper And Lower Abdominal Pains

I been having stomach pains to the point for about 3 months which is really scaring me a lot I went to the hospital I thought I was my appendix but it wasn't they did x-Ray and ct scan and blood work everything come out normal but they told me I have fatty liver I also had h.pylori but don't have h.pylori no more took antibiotics and also have gastritis but still they don't find nothing but I'm still in pain it comes and goes to me it feels like it's air in my stomach it goes everywhere around to my left side to my chest but it doesn't goes away. Lately I been feeling nauseous wanna throw up I just wanna feel normal again as I write this. I have discomfort in my stomach right side I can push down with one finger on my stomach and hold it, it hurts and it feels like it's burning I don't know what to do.

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Lipitor (Atorvastatin) :: Causing Diabetes, Ankle Pains, Sleepless Nights And Aching Gums

I am a 43 yr old male, I had a massive heart attack in August 2014. I have always been very active in my work but was a heavy smoker, did not have a good diet and did not exercise.

I had my wake up call in August and stopped smoking instantly I completely changed my diet and I am taking daily exercise, that is until the knee pains hit me.

I had a stent put into my artery and was put on many pills at hospital, I had no information about what pills I was on until I started to research the pains. Upon leaving hospital I was informed that I had to attend the cardiac rehab gym and to follow the booklet to increase my exercise to get to 30 mins per day. I could not wait to start after a very emotional shock like I had. I slowly built up to a good 45 min brisk walk twice a day and have been doing this for a few weeks, well until just over a week ago.

I was walking and suddenly felt pains in one knee cap and around it, I slowed the walk down and headed for home. I ice packed it and elevated it but it would not ease. I did not sleep very well that night through discomfort and in the morning the pain was terrible. I had doctors appointments and mentioned the pains and was told it was due to me being new to exercise. After a week of terrible pains in both knees, one worse than the other, numbness in my shin to foot and aches in my ankle. My partner said she had been told at work about statin side effects. I did a lot of research and found page after page of issues with knee pains due to statins. I spoke to my Doctor who said I had 2 options either start lowering my dose or start in a very low dose and build back up to the 80mg I was on. I got the low dose but I have not taken them for the last few days and the pain is starting to ease so much so that I was able to walk around the block yesterday although I suffered with knee cramps for the rest if the evening.

I also have been sent for many blood tests and a glucose test. The Doctor called me yesterday to inform me that I was now diabetic type 2. Luckily I had the Pill hand out in front of my at the time that states that blood sugars increase on Lipitor. My Doctor looked up in his reference book and said you're right! I now have an appointment to see the diabetic nurse. I am not convinced that I am diabetic and I am going to request a re test in a months time after I have been off statins for a month.

Has anyone else been in this situation as I am a little worried about stopping medication but the pain is unbearable and I only seem to be getting information when I search 

my list of side effects on Lipitor so is severe knee and ankle pains, sleepless nights, aching gums

I have started taking COQ10 as I know this is stopped by statins I am also taking vitamin d and b12 plus omega 3,6 & 9 gel capsules

I am very shocked that more information is not given to patients regarding these drugs also the information in the professional field. I called the out of hours doctor over the weekend to find out what pain killers I could take to help the pain, the doctor did not agree that it was the statins she said she had never heard of pains in the knees etc and to take 2 paracetamol and go to bed!

The main points I have been told by every Doctor is to exercise but how can you when you can't bend you legs to even go upstairs due to pain from drugs supposed to help you

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Muscle Aches And Pains - Do Not Want To Be On Statins

My cholesterol has been high recently and my doctor keeps putting me on was 300 and I went on Lipitor.. some time after started to have muscle aches so I stopped taking it myself and the pains went away...went to doctor and he put me on pravastatin 20 mg and I tried it for a while but again had muscle aches and pains..i stopped the pravastatin and the pain has been totally gone..i feel great...I need to go to the dr again in about a month but my problem is my doctor won't listen that I don't want a statin..he says a non statin drug won't help..told the dr I don't want to be on statins but he is not listening to me...I have now tried to modify my diet..i weigh about 150..cut out all pasta and sweets...can I really lower my numbers without statins.?

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Nortriptyline Causing My Muscle Weakness And Pains?

I've been on nortriptyline for daily headache prevention for over 20 years. Has done an excellent job in headache prevention and just helping me feel normal. Just in the last year as I'm at the door of menopause, I've been experiencing pain and tightness in my hips, perineum, and sit-bones. Also a lot of stiffness and weakness in surrounding muscles. I attributed it to my sit-down job, but I now have a standing desk and am still experiencing a lot of pain. Wondering if nortriptyline is the cause of it, and am thinking of weaning of it. Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain as side affects of nortriptyline.

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Refusing Statins Due To Pains And Nausea

Though I suffer from many complications from liver disease, including diabetes2 (insulin) , my cholesterol is 5.6, with 4.0 and under being the preferred target, by doctors, in diabetics. Few years ago I was prescribed 20mg simvastatin, as the doctor said to me "they are the best thing since sliced bread" !

As I was frightened of the effect of this variety (heard horror stories) I asked for pravastatin instead, I was one them a week, when due to stomach pain etc,  I stopped, never was concerned by what my doctor advised...I'd had enough of feeling bad. Nobody has the right to pressurise/frighten you into taking any drug, ultimately the choice is yours. Medics make mistakes! 

now that I have diabetes, my diabetic nurse has asked me to try them again, I done this and still got pains and nausea.

she asked my liver specialist at hospital for advice, even he said it would be good to try a smaller dose.  I have great respect for my liver specialist and tried (other day)  new prescription for 10mg simvastatin, on second day, I got the stomach pains back, worse than before and instead of shoulder pains from them I past. I had bad aching all down my right leg, yes, I have stopped them again already.

I to, like others here, have spent days and hours studying all the evidence on statins, which amounts to real bad news, am now terrified of what long term, let alone short term damage they are capable of! I can't fathom why our doctors keep pushing these dangerous drugs on us, as I cannot believe they could PREVENT heart trouble. As one of the posts here says...your going to die one way or another, so why risk getting there sooner and in pain or great


Not enough medical research has gone into the effects, benefit or otherwise of statins.  I feel sure doctors, especially for diabetics, create alarm for patients in for what is normal, good cholesterol, even with slightly raised readings, each patient's reading cannot be the standard ideal, with so many different factors, ie other medication one has to take that maybe conflicts, we cannot modify as in diet, so there answer seems to be force the numbers down by these badly researched drugs.

Because the nature of my particular situation, I doubt this post will be of any help, but it is another's view of this over prescribed disaster.

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Trimethoprim :: Weak, Muscle Pains All Over My Body, No Appetite

I had a 8 day course of these antibiotics and after taking them I have felt 100% worse. I feel weak, muscle pains all over my body, no appetite, back pains, my anxiety has gone really high I have headaches and not able to do day to day things. I'm scared that this isn't going to pass. I have been off the antibiotics nearly 3 weeks and these symptoms are not getting any better. Can anyone help me and tell me when this will pass or start getting better?

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Statins / Lipid Lowering :: Side Effects - Muscle Pains (ezetrol)

i have been taken ezetrol for a long time now and have complained about muscle pains especially in my legs and as a runner it has restricted the amount of exercise i can do. I have had blood test and the enzymes seem to be ok. I have stopped taking them and the symptoms get better and i can run for longer but have restarted taking them. Also i have been told and am in the process of trying it out that the most effective amount to take is the first 10-20 mg after that the reduction is very limited and is not worth taking any higher dose. I was on 40mg and level was 4.6 am now on 20mg and level is 4.9 but the side effects have got slightly better. Overall i feel that these drugs have had a detrimental effect on my fitness

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Lipid Lowering :: GD-amlodipine Atorvastatin And Cough

my Dr has prescribed me the GD-amlodipine atorvastatin Medicine and I have been taking this for more than a year now but I have noticed that whenever I skip it or wait for the refills, I have cough developed.

Now I don't have any medical history. He just prescribed me to prevent any future incidents looking at my family history.

I am not kind of a guy to depend on medicines on a daily basis but the DR suggests I will have to take this for the rest of my life.

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Depression :: Lack Of Energy

I don't know if it's anything to do with my depression, but I have absolutely no energy.  I move so slowly that I look like a 70 year old.  I feel wooly headed and don't fall asleep till at least 4 am every morning.  I'm wasting my life sleeping all day.  My doctor seems really disinterested in things and puts it down to my getting older.  It feels hopeless that I'm doomed to feel like this for the rest of my life.  Has anyone else had this feeling of living in slow motion?

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Cystocele And Hysterocele Surgery - Depressed / Lack Of Energy And Sex

Three months ago I had a Cystocele and hysterocele surgery, It was done by a good dr here in Spain, he promised everything was going to be fine and the sick leave was of 40 days. The surgery was through the vagina, he removed the uterus, left the ovaries and lifted the bladder with a "net". I was happy the following day: no pain, no feeling something was dropping out from my vagina... I had repose for one month and a half, then I Started to have stings inside, I came back to dr and told me I refused the stitches, he had to cauterize. Now the stings have gone but for one month I have felt the same sensations I had before the surgery! It's like someone were pulling from my top of the deep vagina, I feel again something dropping and feel as if I had something inside the vagina. My dr said everything is ok, nothing out of normal. Then I started to visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist last week and said that everything is ok the net is being absorbed by my vaginal tissues, but I'm still healing, the scars inside are tight and my pelvic floor is too weak. Besides she has found out that I have a little rectocele! And my gyne didn't tell me anything about that! I am so sad, I can't stop crying, too worried... I have not tried sex yet... I feel sad about my kid and my husband cos I am all day obsessed with this and I don't feel like going out... I used to be a sportive person but I am not anymore... By the way, I began work three weeks ago and feel too weak and depressed, Very hard for me get up in the morning, I went yesterday to the social security dr who is the dr that gives you the sick leaves and she prescribed tranquilizer and told me I can work. I feel I can't go on with my life... I feel that I'm starting depression, I know that if I felt a bit better I would cheer up but I feel worse. Please anyone can help me with any piece of advice? Will I ever be happy?

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Cannabis Use - Lack Of Memory And Energy - Loss Of Motivation In Life

I'm 19 years old . First time I ever smoked hash was when i was 17 years old i didn't like it very much as my life was perfect and enjoyed and absolutely loved being normal . i did not smoke again the rest of the year and then started smoking with m cousins occasionally for 2 -  3 months usually once in a week or once in 2 weeks then we all decided not to smoke and we all  quit but this year had been a complete mess i smoked a joint when it was my best friends birthday 23rd january this year and from that moment on wards is smoked alot started from once a week and ended up smoking every day in summers for about 2 months with some unexpected gaps such as on a family vacation any ways for a month or so i have successfully cut back on the use by noting down the frequency of the use and now i take 3 to 4 puffs a week i have noticed that it did not cause any major problems for me besides i fell my memory is slightly of and the attention is a little weak but the most prominent problem is i'm not as energized as i used to be . i want hash to be completely gone from my life and how long it takes to my brain be completely back to normal and secondly it affected my skin badly its pale now and the youth seemed to be succked out of it with dark circles around my eyes and its making me depressed please just give me a timeline or just an idea of how long it will take me to recover from this so i can keep my self motivated.

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Bell's Palsy :: Bad Pains In Jaw And Behind The Ear

I have had Bells Palsy just over a week now, I have just finished my steroids and now I am starting to get bad pains in my jaw and behind the ear! Not constant but coming and going! Is this normal?

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Hysterectomy :: Pricking Pains

I had my hysterectomy in March, still not back at work after having lots of pain in abdomen. Been to see consultant on a few occasions since. She's quite dismissive of the pain.

I have got new pains now lower abdomen pricking/ shooting pains above my scar.

I am on gabapentin now which has not started working yet.

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Steroids :: Leg Pains And Prednisolone

I'm not sure if it's related, I'm on prednisolone - gradually reducing from 40mg per day, now on 30 and reducing by 5mg every week. However in the last few days I get very sore legs when walking relatively short distances - mainly in my shins then spreading up my legs. Feels like cramp. It dies down quite quickly but as soon as I walk any sort of distance the pain comes back - has anyone else had this?

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Penis Pains From Stimulation

I'm masturbating 3 times a day. I masturbate after 4 hours of my first masturbation. It makes pain to my penis. was it leads to any problem?

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Atorvastatin - Causing Muscle Cramps - Alternatives?

I was diagnosed with blocked arteries with up to 90% blockage in LAD, last year. Have a stent and need to take clopidogrel 75mg, this has given me endless problem, but this is must for one year.

at the time I ticked all the boxes on healthy side.

1) No smoking ever

2) No Alcohol at all

3) I am 5ft 5inch my weight 54kg

4) was going to gym everyday for 1hr every morning.

5) very fit no tiredness very active with walking and gardening and extensive diy work in the house.

6) my cholesterol at that time was 3.6

Recent test same level without any statin use.

I was prescribed atorvastatin 40 mg.

Started having very bad muscle cramps

they reduced to 10 mg. still gives same problem. I do not take them

My question is how much a person's cholesterol need to be/ Or is it an automatic requirement to have statin because you had blockage?

My diet is as healthy as it should be.

Will welcome information for alternative to statin or something that can effectively reverse the blockage,in arteries.

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Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Causing Severe Muscle Pain?

I had a heart attack in June 2012 and was put on many medications one of them being Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 40mg per day. After a couple of months I was in absolute agony with muscle pain which started in my left arm and shoulder, even had some numbness in fingers. The pain over the last 18 months or so has worsened going into my left shoulder and left side of my neck and now is in the whole of both my shoulders and all the back of my neck. The doctor has constantly denied it is any of the meds that I am taking and has sent me to physiotherapy many times, needless to say none of the various therapists have helped. I have been to see an osteopath, this didn't help either. I have had steroid injections into one of my shoulders, no help from that.

My pain gets worse by the week and is seriously affecting my daily life from work (I am a secretary) to driving to doing any of my enjoyed sports of fishing and golf.

I have spoken to many friends on this statin and they all complain of similar muscle pain. Why won't the doctors listen to me when I tell them this.

I have today stopped taking the Lipitor as I cannot take this pain any more. I have previously stopped this on two separate occasions and found the pain almost went away until the Doctors got quite stroppy with me and told me I was going against medical advice doing what I was doing in stopping the medication.

Is there others out there that have suffered this and have found what to do to get GP's to listen to their patient?

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Angina ? Chest Pains During Swimming

I have chest pain after recently swimming, it's not too painful but i have some symptoms of angina, except for the tightness/squeezing feelings in my arms or legs, I only have it in my chest. I only notice it when i take deep breaths or when I'm standing.

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Carpal Tunnel :: Growing Pains

Anyone having a feeling of growing pains in the arm, like the kind you perhaps had when you were a little kid growing up? I have had it for the last couple of days for some reason. I wouldn't call it muscle soreness after doing physical activities. The arm feel a bit weak.

I have intensified the massage of the forearm and upper arm, since I've found I still have some very tender points on the arms around the elbow, especially the right one then. My shoulder is crunching a lot and not as moveable as I first thought, so I've discovered.

Background history is herniated disc in the neck, broken shoulder, tennis elbow, broken wrist, broken long finger and now then carpal tunnel syndrome and then release in March 2014.  All on my right and dominated side. Maybe this history background facts can affect you when you grow and get older?

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Orthopedics :: Having Growing Pains In Leg And Calve

I have moderate growing pains in my left leg (front of the calve) and I'm 16. Ever since I can remember myself I've had growing pains just in my legs at the front of my calves but it's mostly in my left leg every now and then, and it usually happens when I stay up late at night. Sometimes it's so bad it wakes me up and I'm crying all night and can't sleep and sometimes i can just wait for an hour or so until it's gone. I checked online and I think I'm too old to be having growing pains and I wanted to check of everything is normal.

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