BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans) - White Area On Penis

Dec 7, 2015

Basically I think I have BXO, because there is this white area on my penis. Its underneath the head and also partially on my the inside of my foreskin. however, there are no hard lumps or skin like most of the articles that i read said. It looks more like its the skin itself, rather than something on the skin. I had this for a long time, and it has never bothered me. I did some research and quite frankly I'm kind of scared. Almost all the articles had the same information. and it listed symptoms like itching, pain, or being unable to retract foreskin of the penis. I can confirm that I have none of these symptoms. It doesn't itch, there's no pain, no irritation or anything whatsoever, this is why it has never really bothered my. however, it does look very much like what is described to be BXO, accept for the pain and itching etc. From what I have read, depending of the severeness of the disease, the only treatment that seems to be definitive is Circumcision, and I really don't want to resort to that. So my question is, how severe would my case be?, what are the possible treatments?

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Balanitis - Pain Down Below White Skin

Just been in a little pain down below and was telling me dad about the symptoms like notice that underneath my penis round on the foreskin its all white and stinks when i itch. Now i have notice like red cut or red sore and its very agony for me just need to know if its balanitis i am using Dakota Cream last few days the itching has stopped but tonight i masturbated and the agony sensation i got it felt like my penis had come apart and was yelping in agony.

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Penis :: White Lump / Or White Clot Along The Lines Of My Penile Raphe

I'm a 24 year old guy. Not a virgin (not sure if relevant) and I have a white lump / or white clot along the lines of my penile raphe. I've had it since I was a teen and I've noticed that it's getting bigger over the years. I'm worried and fear that it might endanger my health in the future.

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Balanitis? Penis Tip Is Red And Sensitive For Years

Ever since I could remember the tip of my penis has been very sensitive to touch, even if I realize that uncircumcised mens' penises are somewhat sensitive to the touch, mine is like borderline impossible to feel without getting extreme discomfort. It's also quite reddish almost all the time. For quite a few years I know I wasn't cleaning it properly, and up until a couple years ago I know I had some smegma under the foreskin that I was too hesitant to peel off due to the pain. A couple years ago I finally decided to do it and got all of it off, and now I can pull the foreskin all the way back, but the discomfort is still there. I started using a balanitis cream thinking it would help, but it hasn't really done much. Do you have any idea as to what may be going on?

I'm 21 years old right now, if that matters.

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Penis :: Peeing A Lot After Antibiotics For Balanitis

Recently had balanitis and have just finished my antibiotics i've found myself peeing alot. Maybe twice an hour, and then when i sit down i feel like there is pee about to Come out. Is it just my body getting rid of the antibiotics

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Balanitis? Foreskin Clinging To The Penis Head

I recently had a episode of Balanitis. Doctors prescribed Canesten cream which was extremely effective within the first 2 days, after which my symptoms had slowly returned. I've had this on-going for some time to the point where I can't determine what is normal and what isn't however I do know that I'm still having the itching sensation and soreness. The redness is there occasionally but this is hard to identify sometimes as it looks perfectly normal sometimes and other times it does not..

I have also noticed a few other things too whether its related or not I don't know but I have noticed that my foreskin (even after getting out the shower) will have this "clinging to the penis head" issue. It's not "stuck" it simply peels back...like it was moist even though it's dry. This isn't there permanently but is there more often than not.

The only other issue i've noticed since having this balanitis is that my foreskin seems to cover the entire penis head (it never used to) it would normally sit around the top half of of the penis head with the tip visible. Now the foreskin will cover it completely and either need to be peeled back (as described above) or will simply be extending outwards of about 1 cm. Again i don't know how abnormal this is as i've seen picture on google and it is apparently normal but its just not how mine used to be so for me its abnormal.

I have been to the doctors and they seem to think im perfectly fine but will consider referring me but is there anyone here that has experienced this or knows how to treat it?

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Balanitis? Stinging, Burning Sensation On Penis

I noticed yesterday that I had a stinging, burning sensation when my penis brushed against my boxers. Ouch!! When I checked it out the entire foreskin was red, inflamed and very sensitive. Not only that, but the glans is also red and sensitive to touch. I have a visible band around the head where the foreskin covers. Any advice fellas? Any OTC medications that work? I did google it and some say Lotrimin, I'm just a little cautious when it comes to my member. Any advice? Also, what say you? Do we soap or not? (BTW sorry if this posted twice.)

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Penis Glans Infection - Balanitis, Candida Or Yeast?

I think I have balanitis - I have had a sore and red penis for over a year. It gets worse after sex because the thin skin covering the glans has bonded to the foreskin due to the infection and during sex it tears, causing an open split or wound. Some days it is very smooth and normal looking. It's like the thin skin of the glans has continued to grow over the ridge so I no longer have a ridge around the bottom of my penis - it's covered over. I feel like tearing it all around so I can expose the ridge but it is raw flesh underneath and would be a nightmare.

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Penis Disorders :: Balanitis And C-Reactive Protein Test

I have what seems to be classic Balanitis.  It seems to come and go.  The glands of my penis look puffy and shiny when I am erect.  This condition has been with me for about 5 years now and nobody seems to be able help me.  One of the many doctors I have seen gave me a C-Reactive Protein test to test for infection in my body and nothing came up.  Is this normal for Balanitis?  Unfortunately I have to have an erection to show the puffiness of my penis glans and that is difficult when you're standing in front of a doctor. 

Should balanitis show up in a C-Reactive protein test and how on earth can I get rid of this problem.  I've used every anti fungal cream in the world as well as a myriad of other creams and nothing will cure it.  It's starting to take a psychological effect on me.  Please help.  

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Penis :: Anyone Cured Of Plasma Cell Or Zoon's Balanitis?

Has anyone been cured of this condition?

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Penis Disorders :: Male Yeast Infection - Turned Into Balanitis

 I had unprotected sex with my Ex GF years ago. Well she happen to have a yeast infection.

Well as you know i got a male yeast infection. My symptoms were typical.I had itching, pain, redness, and hurt to pee. Well I was given one pill, a powder, a cream and sent on my way.

Well I had a rash at the tip of the penis. I still cannot get rid of the rash. I have tried TONS of different creams with no luck. Some actually cause more inflammation.

Well i have tried many home remedies with no luck as well.

My next plan is to go to a Dermatologist. 

Just on a side note. At the time i was not circumcised. Then i went to a Urologist who suggested to get cut. So i did. But the rash did not go away. 

From the research i have done I'm sure it is Balanitis.

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Penis Disorders :: Large White Stone Ball On Penis Can't Pop Get Rid Of?

For a few months now I've had this hard white ball or stone in the middle area of my penis. I have been trying for weeks now to pop it and it just grows larger. I am 19 and have never had sex so it cant be an std. It just stays in place and no matter how hard I squeeze nothing happens. The stone like object doesnt even look like a pimple its just a white ball I cant see a doctor for a few more weeks ....

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STD :: Penis - White Spot / Dots Under My Penis

I am 13 year old male and I just started masterbating a few weeks ago I never checked my penis before I started masterbating and now I seem to find a large white spot under my penis I am hoping its a birth mark and I also have little white spots at the edge of the spot. I asked my mom if this is from I was a baby and she said yes. I need help and I started masterbating after my first couple of pubbes.

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Penis :: White Spot On Penis From Last 2 Years

2,3 white spot on penis from last 2 year , i used skinazole and some other antibiotics cream....

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Kidney Stones? Weird Sensation In My Penis Area

About 24 hours ago, I noticed that after I urinated, I would feel a weird sensation in my penis area. I thought I had an infection of some sort, but later through the day, my left kidney started to feel a bit weird.

This prompted me to believe that I might have some sort of kidney stone. I'm not sure what to do, or how to approach this, but figured I should see a urologist? I have thought about going to the ER as well.

The pain isn't unbearable, but I can feel a slight discomfort; something telling me, something is not right. There's no blood in the urine though.

I've been trying to drink lots of water tonight to see how it'll go.

Will it flush out on its own? What should I do?

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Penis :: Swollen Shaft Including The Groin Area, Painful

I have a swollen penis shaft including the groin area,it's painful and very uncomfortable in walking and urinating.l had unprotected sexy for two days and the third day I felt this discomfort and pain.we usually have unprotected sexy every time with my fiancé .what goes wrong then.what is it? I'm afraid to tell her

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Penis :: Pain In Coccyx Area (Prostate) - Erectile Dysfunction - Loss Of Libido

I am having some troubles since a while and I don't know what's happening, I am a 35 year old male and these are the symptoms I got:

- Loss of sex drive/desire and erectile dysfunctioning(I tried some pills like Cialis or viagra, it does help but the sex drive is not there all the time)

- Pain in my left lower back when sitting which irradiates in the thigh, testicles and groin

- Kind of throbbing pain around the coccyx (Prostate?)

- Last week and while defecating, I pushed a bit and I got a severe pain in my lower abdomen. I was sweating and felt very bad for about 10mn

- Numbness or slight loss of sensation in my hands and feet (More in the right side)

- Strange sensation in the rear of my neck or the low back of my skull

- Kind of lost interest in everything in life and I feel depressed and tired all the time also with a permanent slight headache.

I checked my PSA and got a cystoscopy 2 or three years ago but nothing was revealed. I also got a Varicocele embolization because we thought that was the reason of this uncomfort but it is even worst now.

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Penis :: White Gel Like Spot

I have an almost clear spot on the underside of my penis, it's on the foreskin near the top.

It isn't painful and doesn't hurt when I squeeze it, should I try and pop it?

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STDs :: White Spot On Penis

in my penis there is an white spot, when its dry it appears white spot and when i put some water it goes away and it appears to be shiny..but now it appears to be normal...what is it? and i found now a black stick(too small and hard ) its coming from my penis skin and there is a small hole now . 

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Penis :: White Spot Under Foreskin

I have lots of little spots on my penis but at the top in the middle the is one big about a mm in size. It sticks up like a bump compared to the others which I know are something normal. I am a virgin by the way and I just want to get it sorted, oh yeah I'm 15. It doesn't hurt I can just feel a bump on my foreskin and it moves with foreskin so I think it's on the underside.

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STD :: White Rashes / Spots On Penis After Masturbation

when i masturbate... after few hours....my skin top .....white rashes or some white spot

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