Backache :: Paralysis After Low Back Steroid Injections?

May 27, 2016

Am wondering if anyone that has had shots in the lower back become numb or paralyzed from the waist down?

Two weeks after getting these shots I became paralyzed from waist down with daily headache and other problems.My pain dr. Put together a team of doctors who were able with strong medications to get my feeling back in my legs.They ran all kinds of tests that showed masse on liver,kidney,lung and large mass on thyroid.Blood sugar was 140 and then 61.Noone told me anything,they just told me I could go home with meds and appointments for tomorrow and the 31st.

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Backache :: Facet Joint Injections, Under X-ray Guidance?

I've been suffering with lower back pain (left side) and an MRI has shown a slight bulge on one disc, an impacted disc below it and degenerative disc disease in the facet joints. None of this is serious and the pain is like toothache when it flares up. I've been referred for physio, third session later, and am due to have facet joint injections, under X-ray guidance, on Monday.  Has anybody had these done? Are they worth it or should I put them off and give the physio a chance first?

I'm not afraid of needles, but had a steroid injection in my wrist some time ago and reacted to the fluid which felt like it was scalding from the inside out right up my arm, this lasted about 10mins or so and then wore off. So I am nervous about this procedure.  

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Disc Prolapse :: Steroid Injections Work ?

steroid injections in spine do they work on prolapsed discs

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Both Feet - Steroid Injections?

I've had PF in one foot for best part of a year, now in both feet for the last 4 weeks. Im in excruciating pain as I'm sure most people who suffer from PF can relate to. Painkillers I have been prescribed up till now are useless but my GP is giving me stronger ones for when I go on holiday in 2 weeks so I can walk around hopefully. He has told me that when I return from hols, I will be having steroid injections. I'm interested to know what other sufferers think regarding this and also if it has helped the people who have had the injection.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - How Long Steroid Injections Take To Work?

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with PMR and just taken my 3rd day of 15mg steroid.  Can anyone tell me how long before they start working? 

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Backache :: Back Pain, Nausea And Fatigue

I've been having back pain it just got really bad today I've been having it for the past 2 days. Now today I've been feeling nauseous and my body is aching like on and off. What could this be? I don't have a fever or any type of sniffles, I've been kinda constipated lately and I haven't had my period for this month yet, I was suppose to get it the first week of 5his month.

Should I be concerned? I just saw my doctor today around 2 and wasn't feeling like this, except for the back pain.

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Backache :: Thoracic Back Pain And Sharp Chest Pain?

quick history:

- I had a minor chest pain for a year where this was investigated via ECG and appeared no cardiac issue.

-In January 2016 went back to my GP regarding chest pain and lower back pain. Referral request to physiotherapy was made.

-early March, I had what I believe to be chest infection coughed up mucus with blood, NHS 111 advising that this is fine.

- In March 2016, still on physio waiting list and went back to my GP again because the chest pain became very sharper accompanied by sharp upper back pain. At this point no paint at the lower back. GP believes there's nothing they can do apart from just to wait for physio. I was told that the pain is likely from structural problem so no point in investigating further.

-now mid April, I'm still waiting for my first physio appointment and I'm concerned that during this waiting period my thoracic back pain got worse as well as chest pain to the extent that it even hurts when I move eg deep breathing. 

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Back Pain :: Sacroiliac And Facet Injections?

I have a L5/S1 disc bulge which is pinching the sciatic nerve (have been suffering for 18 mths)Shown on MRI Last month I was given a caudal epidural injection, I experienced increased pain and brain fog for a couple of weeks but my pain is still persisting. Yesterday I seen another specialist but he says I have sacroiliac pain instead because I had normal ankle reflex. Having read up about it I'm not sure as I don't get hip/groin pain and my pain radiates below the knee into my feet and toes. He suggests I have sacroiliac and facet injections. I don't know what to do for best, I would love nothing more than to be pain free but don't want to put myself through anymore unnecessary extra pain.

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Back Issues :: 8 Diagnostic Facet Joint Injections?

I had a series of 8 facet joint injections into lumbar and sacral joints two days ago. This was supposed to be a test to see if the doc was in the correct area. So, no steroids yet, just anesthesia. However, after 2 days, my pain has not returned. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, just puzzled. How could this be? Has anyone had this test done and how long did it take the pain to return?

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Neurology :: Like Paralysis Arms Going Numb And Heavy

This has been happening to me for several months.  It doesn't matter if I am up and active or sitting down doing nothing.  It starts at my shoulders and goes all the way down both of my arms.  They are numb. No pain or tingling but I cannot use them or move them until this passes. Usually 1 to 2 minutes.  Any Ideas?

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Shoulder Rotator Cuff :: Diaphragm Paralysis

On October 24, 2013 I had rotator cuff surgery. 3 weeks later I was in the ER with shortness of breath. I have right hemidiaphragm paralysis from the interscalene block. Has anyone else had this happen? I am now seeing a pulmonologist.

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Exercises To Strengthen Bilateral Diaphragm Paralysis

are there any exercises i can do to strengthen muscles? breathing now getting shallower and very frightened. I try weights to no avail

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Right Side Facial Paralysis (after Pregnancy) - Bell's Palsy Or Blood Pressure?

So a quick back story - I got BP when I was 33 weeks pregnant - they took my daughter early at 37 weeks hoping it would help with recovery... I'm now 4 weeks out from having my daughter... totaling BP to 8 weeks.

I have paralysis on the right side - no smile, taste, nose, eye, eyebrow movement.. but lately, my mouth (when I'm not smiling) seems to have less droop.. and my eye isn't quite as big as it was. So it looks like I have improvement... but still have total paralysis... is this normal>? Has anyone had this? I feel like if my mouth is starting to have less droop that my smile would start to return too.. but it hasn't at all.

I've also been told that I can't start counting how many weeks I've had BP until after the baby... does anyone know if this has any truth to it?

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Vitamin D Deficiency :: Pain, Numbness, Paralysis, Loss Of Mobility, Fatigue, Bladder And Collapse

I've been ill for over 12 months, with chronic pain, numbness, paralysis, loss of mobility, fatigue, bladder, bowel problems, Total collapse falling to floor, shaking, tremors, head nodding, slurring, drooling, speech problems sleep problems

Had ct, Mri, evoked potentials, numerous blood tests, all clear , now it appears according to neurologist that this is all down to vit d deficiency? It's 12 have got 40000 iu to take once a week and been told to go to gp as he no longer needs to see me ?

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Backache :: Symptoms For Herniated Disc?

First time on these boards and hoping to find some answers. I had really bad backache start suddenly 7 months ago. Visited an osteopath who diagnosed herniated disc (result of a very bad car accident 35 years ago - I was shocked to say the least). Osteo told me to go to GP incase surgery is needed in future, GP said even consultant would not have diagnosed HD without a scan so referred me to physio. Physio said it's degenerative something or other, possibly result of car crash and/or being 55. I was terrified it was cancer or similar so was relieved. Anyway, exercises don't help but walking and stretching does. Once I get comfortable in bed or sitting down the pain goes. My back does crack a lot now as I stand up after bending down (feeding the cat, picking up clothes etc). I am on Naproxen 500 (can I only take it twice a day?) and co-codamol which helps but I am in constant pain. I have had a lot of time off work due to a bereavement and back appointments and don't want to go back to GP without a better idea of what's wrong - does anyone share my symptoms? Thanks for reading this.

Poppi x

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Backache :: Severe Pain Only When Lying Down

Whenever i lay on my back in bed i get severe pain in the lower right side of my back and i have to take shallow breathes because it hurts too much to take full breaths. Depending on how i lie in bed depends on whereabouts it's hurts and how painful it is. For example, if i lay on flat on my back or my left side, my lower left side of my back is extremely painful, if i lay on my right side the pain is not as bad but also moves in the right side of my abdomen and if i lay on my front the pain eases a small amount.

I don't get pain during the day when moving around and my general breathing is not affected, sometimes i do feel a 'twinge' if i yawn or take a deep breathe. I also go to the gym 3 times a week and its doesnt hurt during the workout. It literally only hurts when i lie in bed. It also doesn't hurt to the touch.

I know it's not a pulled muscle from the gym as that would hurt constantly, but i feel my doctor would try and fob it off as that.

My current job is office based so i do spend many hours sat down during the day, but i exercise regularly throughout the week.

I have used anti-inflammatories and deep heat sprays and creams, which seem to ease it when i first go to bed but by half way through the night, i move in bed and its as painful as before.

What could be causing this pain?

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Backache :: 3 Weeks Post Double ALIF

Had this op performed by Mr Reece at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow just over 3 weeks ago. I have 8 screws and two cages in my disc space packed with synthetic bone grafts and injected with bone marrow taken from my vertebrae.

I was up walking the same day, baby steps buy nonetheless, walking. I was in hospital for 4 days (I would have been out earlier if my bowels had moved sooner).

The first 2 weeks were pretty uncomfortable. Very sore to move as the front stomach wound was very swollen and tight. Once this initial period passed things became easier.

I can now get up from lying in bed or on the couch without much pain, it's still there in the background but not all controlling.

I'm walking everyday, not far but doing this a number of times.

I'm taking this recovery very slowly as this is last go at resolving my back pain after having two previous surgeries on the same site (S1-L4).

Only sitting for very brief spells, not driving yet due to wound, plus sitting does bring on the pain. I have had some nerve pain down my left leg, probably every few days or so but it settles after some meds.

I am still on my nerve pain meds as the damage from previous surgeries won't be fixed by the op. Also still on Dihydrocodeine 60mg X 4 daily but I'll try and reduce these over the coming months.

Would I say that it's been successful? Yes! I have greatly reduced back pain which was my dominant pain source.

It is a major decision to have this op but I had been through all conservative methods previously which didn't assist at all.

Hopefully things will continue to improve over the coming weeks and months. I'll report back over this timescale.

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Backache :: Spondylolisthesis - Grade 2 And Degenerated Disks

I have a Grade 2 Spondylolisthesis at L4 plus two severely degenerated disks, I have suffered with it for almost 30 years. I have got used to the back pain ,but since 2010 I have been experiencing numbness at first but now a deep gnawing pain in my right leg if I stand for more than 30 minutes , or walk more than half a mile. I have been taking DHC Continus for the past 3 years , it helps a little,but a few months ago the pain started in my left leg so I had another MRI done , the scan shows severe compression of the right hand side nerve root at L3 , and compression of the left hand side nerve root at L4.....

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Backache :: Right Side Neck Pain - Asthma Patient

My son is eleven years he is suffering with neck and back shoulder pain...he is asthma patient

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Backache :: Arm Tenderness, Abdominal Pain, Loss Of Appetite?

I been having pain on my ribs and under my ribs, specially under the ribs. It feels like a pulled muscle all over my right side body from my shoulder to the back of my leg. I have had a loss of appetite and usually get bloated and get a lot of gas after eating. Once my stomach started hurting so badly I had to lay in bed and my hands got all cold.

I am not sure what any of this could be but I am not able to see a doctor till september. Before this happened I had come from traveling. I went on a 2 day bike ride which left me very sore because of hours of riding in a very uncomfortable bike. 

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Pregnancy :: 8 Weeks - Throwing Up, Backache, Neck Pains, Stomach Pain

I was wondering am I the only who gets sick constantly. Such as throwing up, back ache, neck pains, stomach pains, and always feeling like I can't do anything. I feel so helpless

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