Bacterial Vaginosis :: How To Insert The Boric Acid Capsule High In The Vagina?

Apr 5, 2015

How high do you need to insert the boric acid capsule into the vagina? I try to get it high with my fingers but can't insert more than an inch or two...

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: How To Insert Boric Acid Suppositories? How Long?

I'm looking into the method of inserting boric acid suppositories and then taking probiotics and I am just curious as to how long others have inserted these suppositories for?

A useful source of on here (who thankfully gave me the suggestion!) said for 3 nights she inserted them but I've also read in other places, different amounts of nights.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: WHY / HOW Boric Acid Works To Get Rid Of BV?

Does anyone know WHY boric acid works to get rid of BV?

For example, for some women, VItamin C works because it changes the PH of the vagina to be favourable for good bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide douches work for some women because they oxygenate the vagina which sets a favourable environment for the good bacteria.

Probiotics work for some women by reintroducing the good bacteria.

But what about boric acid. How does that work?

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Negative Effect From The Boric Acid?

I went to a compound pharmacy, made a small capsule myself - followed a couple of hours later with coconut oil capsule and probiotic.

I hope my sleep turns this out. Has anyone had a negative effect from the boric acid? I'm sore now! But no smell.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Relief But Bleeding From Boric Acid Suppositories

I've had a bacterial infection off and on four four years now. I've tried everything. But just recently I was prescribed boric acid suppositories. The second day I noticed an immediate relief in my symptoms. However, with continued use, I've been bleeding vaginally and it doesn't seem like menstrual blood. My doctor said it's normal, but I know it isn't. It gets lighter throughout the day, but when I wake up, it's heavy again after wiping myself. I don't know what to do.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Using Boric Acid Feels Like Water Breaking While Pregnant

I've had bv for about 6 years and tried just about everything with no relief, my dr. Suggested that i try boric acid three times a week i was skeptical but hey doctor knows best right? The first couple of times everything was ok no discharge and no odor now i'm experiencing lots of clear discharge i mean lots, the best thing i can compare it to is my water breaking while pregnant has anyone else had this problem?

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Boric Acid Causing Slight Pink Discharge/blood?

I ordered some boric acid suppositories. Yesterday I used 1/2 suppository in the afternoon, then inserted 1 whole one before bed, then another whole 1 this morning.

By this afternoon a had quite a lot of discharge, but within that discharge on my pantyliner it was pinkish, which is not normal. It looked a bit like blood. Maybe a drop or two of blood, but as a streak.

My period is not due for another 2 weeks so I know this is definitely irritation from using the boric acid. I know that boric acid should come into contact with the blood stream though, so I'm worried about continuing use...

Is this pink discharge/irritation of the vagina normal when using boric acid? Is it safe to continue with the boric acid?

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Blisters On Inner Lips Of My Vagina

I had a blister in my inner lips of my vagina i hurts only when i pee like burn feeling so i had to spray with water whenever i pee. pls help me im in tokyo whee seeking tog professionals are very hard due to language barrier.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Small Red Bumps Around The Opening Of My Vagina

I don't really remember when these symptoms FIRST appeared, all I know is, these past 2 months have been hell...

I am 17 years old, I have had 2 sex partners. Every single time I have had sex, I've ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS used a condom, it has never broken before and there has never been a rip in it to cause a leak.

My symptoms are hard to describe. 

1. I have NO discharge

2. There is NO smell

3. There are NO symptoms including "fevers, headaches." anything that pertains to my body, it is all down in my vag. 

4. I have 3-4, small red bumps around the opening of my Vagina, not on the rim part, but like that in that deep part of your vagina that's hard to look at...

5. It BURNS AND ITCHES SO BAD but really only when touched...

6. It used to burn to pee, but that went away after 24 hours.

7. It is NOT spreading.

8. I tried a 3 day Vagistat yeast infection treatment and it didn't do anything.

9. The bumps DO NOT look anything like Herpes or Genital Warts, they do not bleed, they look like "extra flakes of skin" ??


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Bacterial Vaginosis Odour / Smell ? Rose Hips, Acidophilus, Tea Tree Oil And Folic Acid

I had BV a few years ago but it was very minor and managed w/ antibiotics... So my long time boyfriend and I recently got back together about 2 months ago and we were apart about 2.5 years in that time I had a few initiate relationships but never intimate enough to let them ejaculate inside me which leads me to believe my boyfriend's semen has caused the BV because it was almost instantaneous.. I am not suffering from any other symptoms other than the odor which is causing a severe problem with intimacy. We just got back together after so long and all we want to do is have sex but I feel extremely insecure. I've come to a point in my lifestyle where I would prefer to use natural methods rather than antibiotics which led me this discussion. I have purchased a number of different treatment options such as the vitamin c w/ rose hips, acidophilus, tea tree oil and folic acid. I'm not sure what to try first and how long I should wait to try another treatment if not successful. I'm ready to get my confidence back!

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Bacterial Vaginosis Cured

I cured my BV by drinking LOADS of water. Maybe 4/5 litres a day.

I tried everything I could afford to try as a broke student. So from garlics to yoghurt to antibiotics to overpriced creams. I visited 4 doctors and none of them helped me much. I burnt the inside of my vagina with all the nonsense I did. My vagina got so bad that I couldn't want for longer than 5 minutes because I would be in so much pain and desperately need to scratch. I used to spend all day in my room with my legs wide open because my genitals wore swollen and they hurt so much. I even remember crying and not being able to sleep. LOL! It was horrible!!

Anyway I started noticing the only time my vagina felt half decent was when I was weeing. So I started drinking more water so I could wee more and the more I weed the less I itched. I drunk 4/5 litres of water for 3 days and really tried to flush out my system and then it just stopped. No more itch. No more discharge, no more stink.

The sad news is I have it again. It's quite mild at the moment but I'm going to start drinking water like crazy again. Hopefully it works again.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Cured My BV

I have suffered for years with bv and tried just about everything! Here's what worked for me, it kinda happened by accident but I've been bv free for almost two months, I have been sexually active and even after my period it has not returned. There is no douching of any kind in my cure. Hopefully this helps all or some of you as I take into account that every body can react differently. Best wishes and relief to you all!

Upon waking (before eating) have large glass of water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon. Take a femdophilus pill with water.

After breakfast take an Alive Once Daily women's ultra potency multivitamin.

Drink water with fresh lemon throughout the day at least 3 large glasses.

That's it! Also, Try not to eat tons of sweets or too much red meat.

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STD :: Bacterial Vaginosis And Yeast Infections - Can't Get Rid

So I wanted to give an update on my post I made a few months back, on the "i can't get rid of BV!

All those remedies never worked for me. I tried the apple cider vinegar douche and the H2O2 douche. I even tried the diet thing,(candida diet) where you can't eat anything basically. Needless to say that didn't last very long, I think I did that for about 3 days because it was just waaay to hard for me. But anyways as I was trying that out I also stopped taking my birth control pills. I had been taking Lutera for about 3 years. (Which is around the time all my symptoms started to happen)

Long story boyfriend told me to do one or the other. And since I had already stopped taking my BC (and that candida diet sucks!) I decided to just eat what I want and see what happens with everything going on down south. Well A LOT of my symptoms went away!! I've even had sex about 5 times with no bad reactions afterword(which before when I had sex with my bf, almost immediately after or the next morning the symptoms would be so bad sometimes I would cry).

I'm not saying I don't have this anymore because I think I still do, I still have a white milky discharge, that dries on my panty-liners a sort of yellow-brown color, and it smells a little, not fishy but I don't think it's good lol. But i no longer have that severe itching that i use to get, which was the absolute worst!!!!!! TMI but i could probably sit there and scratch for like literally 5mins straight with out any relief, just a flared up vagina! ugh its sucked sooo bad!

But I'm just nervous to go to the doctor to get tested positive a for BV or yeast infection and have her put me on an antibiotic that might just make my symptoms worse all over again. Should I go to the doctor or try an OTC for a yeast infection??

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Bacterial Vaginosis Finally Cured

I've had BV for 20 years, but have found that it's got worse over the last 5 years. Balance activ controls it until I next have sex, or have my period, then it inevitably returns with a vengeance. I've tried folic acid, fem dophilus (which worked but is too expensive for me long term)salt water douching etc. 

However, on this occasion, I douched with salt water for 2 nights before bed to kill the bad bacteria and followed with a balance activ pessary to nurture the good, the next 5 nights I only used the pessary. I only wash with plain water, have taken folic acid and vitamins c and d and I'm eating a fage Greek yogurt with honey (from asda) every day as it contains L.Acidophilus probiotics. I've also reduced my sugar intake. 

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Cured My BV Finally

i recently just became sexually active in September. since September me and my partner has had sex each month until December. I've only been with one guy. i noticed bv started a few weeks after i lost my virginity but it would always disappear before i thought it was problem. January came and i noticed my bv was really bad, this was just a few days after me and my partner had relations. it was a watery discharge and i had a horrible fish odor. it was getting so bad that i became embarrassed to sit next to panties would become really wet from the discharge and stunk so bad. i am a very clean person. i take showers everyday and night and right after sex too. i wash with summers eve and that usually helps with any odor, but not this time. i went to the obgyn and she said it would clear up on it own in a few days but it didn't. i started using baby powder down there. it did help the discharge and the odor but it wasn't helping get rid of my problem.i then switch to anti fungal powder which did help but i always had to reapply it.  so i began to look for home remedies online. i created a mixture of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil and put it in a spray bottle. every other night i would spray the mixture between the lips of vagina, i would then put a hot towel on my vagina for five minutes then hop in the shower. this did bring relief to me but i had to do it every week, butt hat's not healthy for your vagina. i am 18 years old but my mothers does not know i am sexually active so i told her i was having a real bad yeast infection. she then told me to take a tampon and soak it in coconut oil, the kind in the squirt bottle (liquid), and after my shower, insert the tampon and go to bed. after  THREE DAYS i went back to normal THIS WORKED PERFECTLY. i no longer feel shame to sit next to people nor do i smell anything !!!! i do not do this every night but for the first week i did. ihaven't had sex in two months andunfortunatelyy me and my partner  have taken a break so idon't know if my bv would flare up after sex but it doese flare up after my period. i do the coconut oil thing and after three days the discharge and odor is gone. everyone is different so don't know how others will react to this but i encourage you ladies to try this method. when it flares up i take a hot shower with summer's eve then after getting out the shower i wipe my vagina with a regular baby wipe, im a clean freak lol, i then take my tampon and put it in the oil and while its soaking i take a q-tip and dip it in the coconut oil and then trace the inside of my vagina with it and in my hole as well. this stops the smell and discharge, do this before bed that way to the oils can really cheap in and help your vagina.

quick tip * before sex I recommend you take a shower but don't insert the coconut oil soaked tampon, of course, trace the inside of your vagina with a q- tip and coconut oil. make sure you get inside your hole too, the coconut oil works immediately and mask the smell very well that way your partner wont be able to smell the odor you'll be comfortable, at the most your partner would think you smell like coconuts lol and they smell pretty damn good! 

quick tip* i do spray my mixture still once a month just because it makes me feel even more fresh. Like i said ive only been with one guy, my hole is still tight but i do know that vinegar and masturbation can help strengthen your vagina muscles and get it back tight if the vagina has became loose.

my mixture

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup white vinegar

2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil

directions: spray inside of vagina then put a hot towel on it for five minutes then take a shower. i would do this while the shower is running or in the shower  DO NOT DO MIXTURE METHOD EVERY NIGHT YOU CAN HURT YOUR VAGINA DOING TOO MUCH

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Bacterial Vaginosis? Smells Fishy Down There

I'm 13 and I think I have BV. I'm scared to tell my mom because its embarrassing and I don't know what to do but I wanna tell her very bad! It smells fishy down there and I hate the smell! I don't want to go to the doctor because its embarrassing too...

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Bacterial Vaginosis Or Yeast Infection?

If I go through 2 rounds of antibiotics for BV, what are the chances that I still have it? I still have similar symptoms...but my only symptoms have only ever been vaginal burning. Or do I have a yeast infection?

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Yeast Infection Or Bacterial Vaginosis?

This started about a few days to a week ago, I began to get this itchiness at the opening of my vagina. I of course thinking its nothing at first, however over a few minutes it became a problem. It began to get worse over the course of time, the irritation and itchiness began to bother me constantly. I would go to the restroom often to clean myself and still feel dirty. I noticed that I've been having more discharge than usual and it was a little different as well. The color wasn't the usual clearish white range I'm use to. It was a light yellowish cream color and was a bit thicker. I began to worry and eventually started looking up a few things. I want to believe its just a yeast infection but you know how the internet is, a lot of things but never enough information to get an idea.

I want to get a clear idea if anyone has been through this and what they were told it was.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: What Typical Symptoms Did You Have?

Just wondering what symptoms have others experienced while having BV?  My symptoms are smelly vaginal discharge which normally smells fishy.  Recently and I have noticed in the past some achy abdominal pains and also swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. Does anyone have any similar symptoms caused by BV.  I have had the infection for since September.  

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Antivirals :: Can Daily Acyclovir Cause Bacterial Vaginosis?

I'm currently taking acyclovir daily as part of suppressive therapy.  Shortly after taking medication, I ended up with a yeast infection (confirmed by the doctor), and she prescribed me medicine.  Those symptoms started feeling better, and I was feeling back to my normal self, but now I'm more reddish again than my normal color and feel a bit inflamed.  My symptoms seem consistent with how I normally get with bacterial vaginosis (BV).  Does anyone know if taking antivirals can cause BV? (similar to how antibiotics cause yeast infections?).   I tried looking it up online but couldn't really find a straightforward answer, and I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with this.

I'm getting really frustrated, since my initial OB was pretty bad with swollen lymph nodes and other discomfort.  Was getting over a yeast infection, and now I'm feeling like something else is going on!  If this ends up being BV, and if taking acyclovir can potentially cause BV as a side effect, I'll have to take flagyl for that, which always ends up giving me a yeast infection. I feel like this is a never ending circle of discomfort.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Lower Back Pain With BV?

Does anyone ever have lower back pain with BV?

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