Bell's Palsy :: Discomfort In My Left Eye - The First Sign

Mar 12, 2010

The first sign that something was not right was a discomfort in my left eye.While trying to put mascara on my left eyelashes I couldn't bring my eyelid down to meet the brush and on looking in the mirror I noticed that my eye appeared more open than the right eye and on blinking my right eye blinked at a faster rate than the left. Of course panic immediately set in, then I noticed that I couldn't blow my left cheek out as much as my right cheek. I then tried to whistle and noticed that the left side of my mouth didn't look the same as the right. Oh no, first thought was I was having a stroke. My husband immediately ran me to the a@e at my local hospital. After undergoing routine tests and describing my symptoms the doctor diagnosed Bells Palsy and advised a course of steroids and antiviral tablets as well as eye drops to moisten the eye, eye cream to put in at night and tape to stick my eye closed when I went to bed.

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Pregnancy 34 Weeks :: Bell's Palsy - Left Side Of My Face Paralyzed

I'm 34 weeks and I woke the other morning to the left side of my face paralyzed. I can't move that side of my mouth or close my eye at all and it's starting to droop as well. Doctor said it's called Bell's Palsy and it usually goes away after days, weeks, or even months. There might also be a risk that it could be permanent due to nerve damage.

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Bell's Palsy :: Musician's Palsy - Play The French Horn

I play the French horn and got the Bell's palsy after an exceptionally day playing 3 weeks ago. It seems to be fading already. I was sent to the stroke unit and found to be A1 in all other respects. My treatment was 7 days x 60mg steroids. If I return to playing, will it happen again?

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Bell's Palsy :: Bad Pains In Jaw And Behind The Ear

I have had Bells Palsy just over a week now, I have just finished my steroids and now I am starting to get bad pains in my jaw and behind the ear! Not constant but coming and going! Is this normal?

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Bell's Palsy Or A Stroke?

My mother was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on Sept 2nd, 1 week ago. She has left sided facial paralysis, but she also has COMPLETE left sided weakness. The left sided weakness started about 2 days after her face. The doctors have done CTs and MRIs with contrast and ruled out a stroke, but they do not know why she has left sided weakness. Has anyone else had complete left/right weakness with Bell's Palsy? Also since the diagnosis of Bell's Palsy my mother has been confused at times, her memory is horrible (can't remember her SSN now), has trouble saying what she is thinking at times, and is just NOT the same. Anyone with similar symptoms please help! The doctors are saying possible early onset of dementia??? My mother is 49. I have just never heard of all these symptoms with Bell's Palsy

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What Is The Best Treatment For Bell's Palsy

what is the best treatment for bell's palsy.

herpes zoster and bell's palsy illnesses

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Bell's Palsy Can Come Back Again?

I had the bell's palsy on the right side of my face a year ago and got recovered in two weeks it's been three days since i started feeling numbness on the same side with little bit of pain on the top of the eye, cheek and under the ear, could it be BP side effect? or is it coming back?

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Bell's Palsy :: Serious Pain From My Neck Up To My Ear

I recently was diagnosed with BP about 10 days ago, I have all the normal symptoms, but the last two days I have had serious pain from my neck up to my ear and onto the left side of my head! Is this normal or should I contact my doctor ASAP. Thanks nick

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Bell's Palsy :: Headaches Normal?

I'm 38 years old and this will be my 12th week that I have been diagnosed with bell's palsy. I started with a headache on friday morning and by sunday, I had woken up with my face messed up. I suffered from headaches for the first couple of weeks, and they were gone, but they started back again. My face is getting better and I have slight move movement on my left side. Are these headaches normal?

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Bell's Palsy :: Will Remain Permanent?

over two years and i still have bells palsy.could this be a sign that it will remain permanent? am scared because most people get well in a matter of months and mine has been so long.

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Bell's Palsy :: Back After 14 Months

I had Bell's Palsy last year and with in 14 months i got it back. First time i think it took around 6 weeks to recover 90%. I still have some signs of it. During First time - i had pain behind my ear for 3 days and on 4th day - I started noticing something wrong and by the end of the day - i had total facial paralysis on my left side.

Now for second time - it is so weird that i had pain for almost 5 days and on 6th day i started noticing changes and by end of the day i am still normal and by end of 7 day it got worse.

I went to Doctor and he kind of confirmed Bells Palsy ( not sure whether he is 100% sure) and gave me Steroids and Antivirals.

Weird part is why is it so slow this time - after 2 complete days of initial symptoms - i am still able to close my eyes ( forcefully and not like the other one) and i am still able to smile little bit ( very slightly). Is it something normal to Bell's Palsy or i have something else.

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Bell's Palsy - During Pregnancy - Can't Take Steroids

I am getting desperate I got bells palsy during my pregnancy i was not allowed to take the steroids because i was told it might harm the baby so they said just to wait it out and after i give birth it should fix its self well it hasn't. I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture I'm taking complex vitamin b tablets. Nothing is working im starting to feel really depressed at the possibility that i will never be able to smile again or look normal. I didn't take any photos with my son during his birth and he is now 8 months and i don't have many photos with him i don't want to be remembered as a monster.

Everyone always says oh i cant tell, you look fine , don't worry about it but its hard to believe them when they aren't the ones suffering.

I cant afford to spend 120 a week on acupuncture so i'm thinking i have to stop i have been doing it for 2 months.

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Still Having Trouble With Bell's Palsy After 2 Years?

Anyone still having trouble with Bells Palsy after 2 years? 

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Bell's Palsy :: Can't Move My Face On One Side

i found out i had bell's palsy 2 days ago i can't move my face on one side i was really scared because it came on over night i only realised when i went to eat something and it felt really weird i asked my partner is my mouth working and he said one side of my mouth was frozen and when i went to get it checked out they said it was the condition called bell's palsy could anybody help me and let me know how long it takes to recover.

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Bell's Palsy :: Cannot Talk And Smile (crooked)

I tried Physical Therapy and Acupuncture for awhile and it did help. To date, my friends and family said they barely notice it especially if I don't talk or smile - my smile is still crooked on the left side and still couldn't talk like before. I still have some spasm and numbness on the left side of my face every now and then especially whenever I'm stressed but tugging and doing the facial exercise helps loosen the muscle a bit.

I'm just curious though, a few days before I had bell's palsy I had a full body massage. I know I was experiencing back aches and severe headaches a couple of days before having BP and I asked the masseuse to concentrate on massaging the left side of my neck and shoulder. Is it possible that this might have caused my BP? Should I have my neck/shoulder checked for any nerve damage? Or ask my acupuncture doctor to try his works on these parts since he always do majority of the needle work on my head....

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Bell's Palsy 33 Years Ago - Never Fully Recovered

I had Bell's Palsy in 1983 when I was two weeks off having my first child - it was terrifying, painful but thankfully my facial deformity went back to normal within 3 months.

However, the right side of my face has never fully recovered. Even after all these years I cannot survive cold weather without pain in my ear, cheek and forehead. It fees like  pressure on the bones within my ear and top of jaw. Sounds mad after all this time (and the medical profession thinks so!!) but would love to know if anyone else suffers in this way.

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Bell's Palsy :: How Long Physiotherapy Will Take To Recover?

I have bells palsy since from 25 years  and i have taken lot of treatments for that like ayurvedic medicine but it is not recovered.Now im taking physiotherapy for face its showing some improvement  from 32days but mouth not deviated properly ...

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Bell's Palsy :: Shingles Vaccination? One Year After

If you had Bells Palsy one year ago and have recovered 80%. Would it, now or anytime in the future, be advisable to take the shingles vaccination?

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Bell's Palsy - Physiotherapy- 60% Recovered - Acupuncture?

I got bells palsy worse condition on my face. I was under physiotherapy treatment for 10-15 days.But still i haven't recovered completely from it i can say only 60% has recovered till the date i have same issue .

1. When i smile my eyes sinks it looks like its almost closed but its not.

2. when i speak lower lid of the eye part goes up and down.

3. My  left eye looks little smaller than the other.

4. If i try to pucker my lips the affected part(leftist part of the lips will always move to the righter part) this is not normal

I am planning to go for acupuncture treatment i am confused.

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Recently Diagnosed Bell's Palsy - Pain Behind The Ear

I was diagnosed with Bells palsy 1 week ago, 5 weeks after having a baby! I was on a steroid dose pack and antiviral meds for a week. I've started having excruciating pain behind the ear on the affected side. It's so bad especially at night. Has anyone else experience pain?

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Bell's Palsy :: Started With Numbness On The Right Side Of My Lips

Mine started about a week ago, with a numbness on the right side of my lips. It spread to my right cheek and eye the next day. My right ear is super sensitive to sound, my eye doesn't close, chewing food is difficult, I can't spit (brushing teeth) and my speech is slurred. Terribly stressful and embarrassing.
I'm using straws to drink, eye drops constantly (with a patch when at home) and now carry earplugs. Perhaps there's useful tips you can share on how you deal or dealt with it.

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