Birth Control - Men :: Is It Best To Use Unwanted 72

Mar 7, 2016

Last nt i had un protectedsex with my gf and she is before 3 days of her periods is it best to use unwanted 72 and she was 20 years old

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Birth Control :: Took Unwanted 72 - Can Get Pregnant?

i took unwanted 72 pill after sex, but again after 24 hours we had sex. he used 2 condoms for protection. but he touched my anus with his fingers. the problem is that .. now i am suffering from headache and body pain. my periods are also not coming. my last starting date was 7th feb 2014 . but now its 8th of march.please tell me is there any chances of getting pregnant???

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Birth Control - Men :: Unwanted 72 Within 4 Hours After Sex

unprotected sex with my g.f now i am worried about her pregnancy,,we had sex on 20 sep and her dates are from 4 -10 every month, now there is delay in her period,,after having sex she had tablet unwanted 72, within 4 hrs of sex

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 Within 16 Hours And Having Sex Again

I have sex and take unwanted 72 within 16 hours and having sex again then can chance for pregnancy

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Birth Control :: Bleeding After Having Unwanted 72

Me and my bf had unprotected sex during 5th and 6th day of period after that i have taken unwanted 72 within 72 hours but after taking unwanted 72 on 9th day i got dark bleeding which looks like period as it last for 3-4 days as but it was unlike normal periods flow.Initially it was dark color discharge which turned into red(like periods) but flow was lighter then normal.very light pain in back was also there like i generally had during my periods.this happened 14-15 days before my normal periods date.the pill i have taken is 4th time in last 7month but in initial 3 pills i didn't faced any prob and side effect.what is this??is this period or something else??when can i expect my next period??what should i do?

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 During Periods?

Sir can i take unwanted 72 during periods?

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Birth Control :: Another Dose Of Unwanted 72?

i had sex with my gf but it was not intercourse as i had not ejaculated in her. we did it on 18th sept. and it was the 6th and last day of her menstrual cycle. her periods had stopped the previous day. it was unprotected though nothing was ejaculated and we did it for maybe 5 mins or less. she also took unwanted 72 within 3 hours. is there any chance of pregnancy? and is there any need to take pregnancy test? and also is another dose of unwanted 72 required?

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Birth Control :: Unprotected Sex - Took Unwanted 72 Within 5 Hours

I had unprotected sex on 25th feb n I took unwanted 72 within 5 hours of act. last month I got my periods on 14th feb but its 17th march now. I had not got my periods yet. am I pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Side Effects Of Unwanted 72

I had unprotected sex on 3rd day of my period and my bf ejaculated inside there any chance of I need to take unwanted 72.will there be any side cycle is of 25 to 30 days

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Loette Birth Control Pill And Unwanted 72

I use Loette Birth Control Pill, my last tablet was on 20th April and I was expecting my period around 26-27th April like every month. Meanwhile I had sex on 25th April. To be on safer side I took unwanted 72 with 72 hours. After 3 hours of taking tablet I had sex again but did not take any tablet this time. However I have not got my period till today and there are no signs of getting my periods or pregnancy. The Home Pregnancy Test says negative. What should be my next step now. Could I be pregnant? My first anniversary is coming in 2 weeks and I want to be safe around that time.

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Birth Control :: Periods Just Started - Should Take Unwanted 72?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the same night just after 2-3 hours my period started. Should i take her unwanted 72, as i don`t want to get pregnant? Is it safe during periods? Or is there no reason of worry?

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Birth Control :: How Long Are Periods After Unwanted 72

after the use of unwanted kit , how may long a girl have her period.......

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 Bleeding Since 7 Days

We had protected sex and still to be on a safer side i had unwanted 72 pill within 24 hrs. Next day i experienced heavy bleeding and my periods were due that day too. I m bleeding since 7 days now. What to do?

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 - 1 Week Passed And Scared

i had sex for the first time with b/f 7 days after my period and took unwanted 72 now after 1week i am getting scared that i am pregnant. How do i confirm that i am not pregnant

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 - Is It Safe And I'll Get My Periods On Time?

it was my 1st time,and an unprotected dates are near in 2-3 days but i took unwanted-72 to prevent any chances of pregnancy. is it safe and i'll get my periods on time or it may be delayed?

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Birth Control :: No Periods After 7 Days Of Taking Unwanted 72

I had sex with my gf and she had taken unwanted 72 within 48 hours.but after 7 days still not getting periods.

So can it take more time or is she pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Missing Periods - Took Unwanted 72 Within 24 Hours

I had sex with my gf on 14th of this month and within 24hrs she took unwanted 72. Her usual date of periods was on 18th, but still till date she is not getting her periods?

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Birth Control :: Huge Blood Discharge After Unwanted 72 Pills

i have an intercourse with my girlfriend last week when her periods were going on.immediately i have given her unwanted 72 pills .now after 2 days she has large blood discharge from vagina and also burning is there.

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Birth Control :: Started Taking Viorele Birth Control 2 Days After Checkup

it's been 1 month and 1 weeks since i had my baby i went Dr on my 1 month check up for birth control started taking Viorele birth control 2 days after Dr checkup and I took 2 pills on tuesday afternoon since I missed Monday continued taking 1 pill at 7am for Wednesday ,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday had unprotected sex Sunday afternoon and took the pill in the morning at 7 am can it protected me from being pregnant or not.

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Birth Control :: Lemon Juice Interfere With Birth Control Pills?

I want to use lemon juice to lose weight,so I was wondering if that will interfere with the birth control pills that I'm currently taking?

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Birth Control :: Cyclafem Birth Control Pills Effective?

I have been taking cyclafem birth control pills. Sunday I started new pack but its by a different name. The name is sprintec. How effective is it?

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