Birth Control :: Period A Week Early On Yasmin / Skipping Period?

Aug 25, 2013

I started Yasmin a year ago (21 active pills and a week break. Always start the pack on a Sunday) to help with my PMS symptoms. I've been quite happy with them with the only exception that my period always starts about a week before my last active pill (I don't stop taking them when this happens, just take them as usual until the 21 days are over). My doctor said this can happen and that it's nothing to worry about.

Now I am going to visit my boyfriend from the 17th to the 25th september and would hate to be on my period then . I got my period today and i still have 7 pills left, so again, it's a week early. Looking at the calendar if my next cycle goes like this i'd start my period in the midst of my visit. If i wanted to postpone/skip my next period should i continue taking my next 21 pills without a break after i finish this pack? And then a third pack after which i'd have a weeks break? Or could this cause my period to come even earlier because my body is not used to this?

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Birth Control :: Skipping Period And Getting Period Early

I take the 21 pill pack of tri cyclen lo and am usually good with taking the pills on time. Last month I skipped my period by going straight into the next pack. I then stopped after the first week of the next pack so that my period could come then. (AKA I used birth control to delay my period by a week). Then I resumed with the second week of the pack after 7 days.

I was sexually active without protection during that second week that I resumed my pills and I am now afraid that I made a big mistake and could be pregnant.

Has anyone done this? Is it really bad?

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Birth Control :: Skipping Period On Nuvaring?

I have absolutely horrific periods, my cramps are so bad I have to curl up in bed all day and take a muscle relaxant so I can make it through them. My doctor put me on Nuvaring and it's been giving me really intense headaches and nausea. I'm not a fan of being on medication of any sort but I can't live with my periods the way they are. I was wondering if putting Nuvaring in the week of my period (a few days before it starts) and keeping it in for a week (7-9 days) would prevent me from having a period. I realize this is not the intended use for it, but I would like to try it. Would this work to prevent me getting my period if I did it every month or would it start after I removed the ring after a week of use?

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Junel Fe Birth Control :: Period A Week Before Scheduled Period

I've been on Junel birth control for a few years, I originally went on the pill at 14 due to heavy prolonged periods. My pap was normal last year. I've started dieting last week and lost 5 pounds so far, however, I skipped a pill, and now I'm cramping and bleeding heavily. It's still a week before my scheduled period with the pill, and I've been bleeding 5 days. It's still kinda heavy. It's South beach diet I'm on and I'm 22 by the way.

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MonoNessa Birth Control Pills :: Period Early By 4 Days

I have been taking the brand MonoNessa of birth control combined pills for almost 2 years now, at the same time every night (I have an alarm on my phone set to ring at the time to take it). I started taking them because my periods were so irregular.

I'm not supposed to start my period until next Tuesday/Wednesday, but this morning i woke up and as i was in the bathroom noticed some watery blood on my underwear, the same kind i get the day before my period usually begins. I put a pad on and just now I went back and noticed dark brown discharge on the pad. Is this what is called spotting/breakthrough bleeding on the pill?

My boyfriend and I are sexually active, but we don't always have sex, preferring to do other things. However when we do have sex we always use condoms. This month we have not had any sex at all, again preferring other things.

I can honestly say I have never experienced this before on the birth control pills. BUT I have experienced this before I started taking the pills. I have had perfect "periods" every month that start on the same day and have the same symptoms. Currently I have 0 symptoms of what my pill period is usually like.

Like any young adult who is startled by something appearing for the first time I immediately googled my symptoms and found that a lot of other people seemed to have dealt with this before. But now I would like a professional on here to give me some much needed advice; is this normal? I am pretty sure I am not pregnant, since we didn't have sex this month and the times we did do stuff the semen was no where near my vagina. Is any birth control pill supposed to do this? This has never happened to me before. Will it happen again? And can I expect my normal period to still happen even though I'm having this stuff today?

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Birth Control :: Took ECP, Period Is 8 Days Late W/period Symptoms?

My periods are usually regular - 28 days but there are a couple times in a year where I get my period on the 21st day/a few days before or after the 28th. I last got my period on November 2 and it lasted for a week. On November 11, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside of me. I took the Nordette ECP (4 pills at first and then 4 pills 12 hours later) about 5 - 10 minutes after. On the 16th, I started my withdrawal bleeding. I usually get withdrawal bleeding, but this time it was a lot heavier. The first 2 - 3 days, I had to wear a pad and every time I coughed I felt blood coming out. It lasted like a period and eventually died down. It weirded me out a little because my withdrawal bleedings were usually quite light - light enough for me to wear only a pantyliner.

Last week, I got my usual PMS symptoms (slight sore breasts, a bit of cramping, and acne breakout). It has been 36 days and my breasts are back to normal, my cramping is very mild, but my acne breakout is CRAZY. Usually I only get maybe a pimple or two on my forehead but I have them on my forehead, cheeks, and chin! I've had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and no implantation bleeding as well. However, a few days ago my boyfriend and I had sex and my vaginal discharge was brown. I'm quite positive it can't be implantation bleeding because if it were, I should have bled a week before that.

Every time I've taken the ECP, my period is always on time. It's never been this late. I'm getting very anxious even if I have no pregnancy symptoms. My acne breakouts are usually my #1 indicator that I'm about to get on my period but it's been 8 days and still no luck! I've read around that some women really do miss a period and some can come as late as 70+ days. There's a high chance I'm not pregnant since I took the ECP in the window time and I wasn't ovulating that day, but any advice would do me well!

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Birth Control :: Light Period On Depo, Never Had A Natural Period

I have never had a regular period so I got in the pill then I stopped taking that and got on the depo shot, now I'm having a light period, it makes me nervous because I have never had a natural period. Never. What's going on.

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Birth Control :: Took Plan B, Got Period, Then Missed Period

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex around July 25th, 2013 and i went to planned parenthood two days later and took plan b. I got my period about a week late in the beginning of August when I usually get it around the 28th, then in September I got it around the 14th, and I haven't gotten my period yet, could it just be late, or could there be a chance I'm pregnant. I really need some help because I'm freaking out here. And I knew I got my period because it was heavy like it usually is and I had severe cramps too, so is it normal to miss my period after taking it? Or is my period going to be late?

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Early Pregnancy :: Period Like Cramps But I Just Stopped My Period

I am 15 . 6 days ago I had unprotected sex while I was on my period . My period ended 2 days ago . I am having period like cramps but I just stopped my period . I have never had this before . Could I be pregnant ?

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Menstruation :: Period Like Cramps And Clear Discharge 2 Week After Period?

period like cramps and clear discharge 2 week after period?

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Birth Control :: Late Period? Because Of BC?

I usually get my periods on the 21st of every month and so now I'm a week late. Last month was normal however I got my period again two weeks after. I assume it was because I stopped taking BC. Would this mean that my cycle will begin again starting from the last time I got it? Or should it have been back to my usual timing? I'm just curious and worried .

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And No Period

I am on Nexplanon and it was administered to me last April 2015. since then, i haven't had my period. is this normal? or should i be alarmed?

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Birth Control :: Missed Period Twice

I've been on birth control for about a year now. I missed my period last month and I'm in my inactive week again for this month and still haven't gotten a period, only I had a little blood the other day with some cramps but not much and then it ended. should I be worried?

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No Period First Month Of Yasmin And Yaz

This was my first month taking the pill Yaz. I was on Yasmin before where you take your seven day break and within that break i would have normally got my period. I have been taking my pill everyday between 11 and 12 and I have NOT miss any. I have also been using condoms as well so I am double protected.

Today is my 3rd day of the sugar pills (pill with no hormone) and i still haven't gotten my period. I did however get a slight and I mean the SLIGHTEST bit of brown discharge.

Is there a reason I didn't get a full period? Would the slight bit of brown count as a period? Could it be my body adjusting to the new pill.

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Birth Control :: When Will You Get Your First Real Period On The Pill?

So I started the pill on May 29th. And I got my implanon out on the 1st. And I'm on the 5th sugar pill and I'm just now bleeding but it's just spotting. I was just wondering when will I have an actual period and not just spotting?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Missed Period!

I guess I should start at the beginning.  I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC),  I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, my gyn and I wanted to see if it was the cause.  Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it.  I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it).  I had it again the week of Feb 2.  I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then.  I started the ring a few days later.  That sign of my period the ring off week, so I took high doses of vitamin C to start it.  I bled really heavy for 5 days.  In March I had a very light period for 3 days.  And in April, it was so light it barely showed on a panty liner, only when I wiped or peed.  When I was previously on NuvaRing, I always had heavy periods and when not on BC heavy as well.  I have taken 8 tests- all which are negative including one last month.  I was going to test again, but I figure I'd have a positive and symptoms by now as I'd be about 14 weeks.

What could the problem be?  Hormones? Or a I pregnant and not showing on tests?  Should I discontinue the ring until I become regular?

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Birth Control :: Tried To Skip Period With Nuvaring

I use the nuvaring, and I read that you can safely skip your period by putting your next ring in right when you take the old one out instead of waiting a week. I tried this, and it pushed back my period for about two weeks, but now I'm on day 10 of my period. I've always had problems with my period like horrible cramps, heavy bleeding, and stopping and starting, so skipping it sounded awesome but of course it made it twice as bad instead. I put my current ring in last Thursday, and I'm wondering if I should discard this one and wait until my body calms down to put the next one in and just accept the fact that my cooch hates me. any suggestions?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing While Not On Period: Effective Or Not?

I'm 15 years old, and have been prescribed NuvaRing as birth control. I have been on the ring since June 2013. My usage has been perfectly consistent, until last month when I took the ring out during sex and never put it back in. Unfortunately I didn't remember until almost a week later, when I got my period.

I would have immediately put a new ring in during my period, and used backup protection for the following seven days, per the NuvaRing pamphlet, but I couldn't get my prescription refill until today, and my period is long gone.

Obviously the only option is to restart my whole cycle with the ring, like i'm using it again for the first* time. The issue with that is my period. It is extremely irregular-- one time I didn't get my period for six whole months! (That was before I was sexually active, so I knew I wasn't pregnant).

So since my period just ended a couple weeks ago, it could be months until I get my next one and am able to put the ring in on the first day like the pamphlet says to. And that whole time, I'd be unprotected.

Would it be okay to just put the ring in now, and not expect it to be effective for a certain period of time?

Because waiting two weeks for it to be effective since I didn't put it in during my period would beat waiting possibly months until my period for it to be immediately effective.

Sorry for the long explanation.. I guess you deserve a summary. I more than likely won't get my period for a while. The ring has been out for a month or so. Can I insert a new ring while I am not on my period? Would that be at all effective?

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Birth Control :: Insert Nuvaring On The First Day Of My Period?

I was just prescribed the Nuvaring. The directions indicate that I should insert it on the first day of my period. Do I have to wait until then? Or can I insert it today? I am on day 16 of my 29-day cycle.

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Women's Health :: 16 And After Birth Control No Period For 1 Year

My name is Marielle and I am a sixteen year old female. I started birth control about two years ago due to severe cramps and stopped after about one year when they ended. Since that year, I have not had cramps or my period. I cannot remember if I stopped menstruating while weaning off of my daily birth control pill (or forgetting to take more like), but I have become somewhat worried. I have not consulted a doctor about this yet, but plan to soon. However, if anyone could help me to see if I should be more worried or stop worrying, that would be great. I am very nervous about there being something wrong and a possibility of me becoming sterile. Although this may seem a bit out of proportion, it is still a very present and scary nagging thought in my head.

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Birth Control :: Did Taking PlanB Stop My Period?

Can Plan B stop my period? I had unprotected sex Thursday night (3 days ago) and I started my period Saturday. I had purchased planB that morning and decided to go ahead and take it anyways just in case because I was bleeding abnormally little (my first/second day of bleeding has always been the heaviest). I continued to lightly bleed throughout Saturday, but now (Monday) my period has been completely stopped for over 24 hours. My period is always 5-7 days, heavy at the beginning, and has never stopped this early on or stopped and then started back up. I'm concerned it has stopped because I am pregnant and am freaking out a bit

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