Bowel Movements :: Impacted Stools In Your Transverse Colon?

Jan 23, 2016

Is it possible to have regular BM twice daily and still have impacted stools in your transverse colon?

Also is the transverse colon above or below the belly button?

The reason I ask is because I have IBS and suffer terrible bloating in my upper abdomen mainly above my belly button to my sternum. However when I have a BM the bloating and hardness reduces a lot.

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Colon Cancer :: Stools Always Be Thin Or Flat?

I am really nervous. I am having my 1st routine colonoscopy on Tuesday (I'm 50 years old) and I'm really nervous.

Colon cancer does not run in my family.

My stools are in all shapes and sizes. (fat, thin, big, small, flat, round, balls and watery). Sorry to be gross. This morning, my stools were somewhat big but I noticed 1 was semi flat. Twice today after eating, I had diarrhea.

Can nervous make you have diarrhea?

With colon cancer, will the stools always be thin or flat? Sometimes I have healthy stools but other times, my stools are small and thin. Never blood. Sometimes, it's yellow but then it's back to brown.

I don't eat well and I certainly don't get enough fiber in my diet but if (hopefully) my colonoscopy comes back normal, I will eat more fruit and veg and exercise.

I don't have any pain but I know I have a sludge in my gallbladder but for the last few days, I've been having pain which I think is all in my head and my nerves.

Could somebody please let me know what you think. Could it all be my diet and nerves?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Intestinal Noise And Bowel Movements

Hope right forum at end of post its about ibs. So few years ago started having ruq pain, Dr said lung xray clear ultrasound small liver cyst, alt slightly elevated, no doubt drinking, thinks stress, went on, bowel movements from normal, loose, some days 3-5 times, some days none, but never more than a day or two constipated, Er visit a few months ago for stomach virus, full blood panel because of history normal, abdomen palpation normal. Pain persist on daily basis more last two ribs both sides front and back doesn't seem deep, lots of bowel sounds and gas, worse in evening, worse sitting, better standing or laying down.Got nervous went to walk in clinic, nurse practitioner(I'm in USA) said probably cirrhosis with my history, gi appointment in 3 weeks, paniced and went to Er next day, Dr said no way cirrhosis, this muscular or ibs, his blood work said normal alt 52, good to him, but walk in NP said alt 55 other symptoms, no jaundice, no blood anywhere, gassy, occasional bloating and the pains in front sides and back come and go. Have a lot anxiety issues. Lots of intestinal noise and bowel movements, losing my mind. any Thoughts. Ibs?

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Bowel Disorders :: Painful, Odd Bowel Movements

I have had IBS for 20 years, and have been treating it with fiber therapy pretty successfully. In the last few months, i've had some odd bowel movements. the first one i noticed was long and thin and tough, like an elastic. i thought tapeworm, but my stool tested negative for worms. i can't explain it, but after wiping and checking it flings itself off the toilet paper a fair distance. I'm afraid to ask my doctor because he scoffed at me when i told him that i thought i had worms. i had a colonoscopy for my 50th birthday in august and everything checked out. Any idea as to what's happening?

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Bowel Disorder :: Narrow Stools - Cancer Or Hemorrhoids?

I produce narrow stools for a long period of time now (2 months). I did it once few months ago but it came back to normal, but not now it lasts .
I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressful. I've seen a specialist who told me I had internal hemorrhoids (he did an endoscopy). Do I have to do a colonoscopy ?
It's like play doh stools ...

These narrow stools are driving me crazy.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Undigested Food In My Stools

I got diagnosed about 5 years ago although i don't get the typical d or c its just soft... anyway i get pains in my lower left and lower right sort of opposite my hip bone, i got period like pain and the feeling of needing to go alot i feel nauseous alot too... i used to eat very unhealthy since i've changed to a healthy diet about 2 weeks ago i've been suffering more?? i've noticed sorry if tmi but i get undigested food in my stool, seeds leafy greens mushrooms and these black bits probably food too. its really draining i have 2 young children and i'm 27 8 1/2 st i feel like i'm wasting my life i suffer with health anxiety too. i've not been feeling to bad but this last week i've really suffered im sat here at work feeling panicky.

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Bowel Disorders :: Orange And Red Lines, Black Specks In Stools

It all started a few months ago when I noticed blood on my toilet paper. It was just a few spots. Then I started to notice these random red lines and also orange lines on my toilet paper. Then ii also started to notice these black specks and spots on my toilet paper. That was two months ago and these symptoms are still concurrent. Lately though I find that my bowel activities are strange. Ive been having to a lot more lately, Diarrhea, Constipation diarrhea.

And also last week my poop was completely green, and this morning my stool has these weird yellow round things in it. I know it wasn't corn as I haven't eaten that in a few months. The blood is usually bright red and sometimes its more of a dark maroon color. A few months ago I also had a weird a cold that made me have blood in my throat when i would clear my throat but it went away. I have also had shortness of breath and abdominal pains once in awhile.

I went to the doctor and they said that they will send me for a ultrasound but what are chances that this cancer?

I'm going to list all my symptoms.:

Blood on toilet paper once in a while. (Brighjt red and sometimes dark maroon...)

Black Specks/Spots on toilet paper once in a while.

Orange little lines, and also little red lines on toilet paper...

Frequent diarrhea/Runny stool.

Green Stool all day yesterday.

Today = Stool has yellow round things in it, looks like corn.

Abdominal pain sometimes,

Shortness of breath

Fatigue a lot of the time

Blood when clearing throat a few months ago but it never happened again.

I also went for a blood test when i had shortness of breathe a few months ago and they din't find anything.

Is it colon cancer?

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Bowel Disorders :: Stools Were Black And Sticky, They Are Now Dark Brown

A few weeks ago I noticed my stools were black and sticky, they are now dark brown, I also have indigestion after eating and a sore back after a nights sleep, any idea what is the cause ?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Hard / Loose Stools And Mild Cramps

I am 35 years old female and have a daughter just under 2. I have for most of adult life suffered from hard stool and I have a , fissure as a result that comes and goes from time to time. I have also experienced occasional pain in my lower to mid right abdomen that can last a whole day and be gone the next. Now for the past two weeks I have been having a change in bowel movements to looser stools and mild cramps. There are also pains on my right that are localized and come and go. Not sharp but feel like something is in there. And as I said they come and go. I also have lots of gas and extreme intestinal growling. Another thing I experience is bruised like feeling in ascending and transverse colon. Especially after a bowel movement. I usually will have a day or two without cramps and going to the toilet only once to going 3 to 6 times in a row. Never had this problem before. Very afraid this is something really bad. Been to Dr and we have done a complete blood count and all is fine. I suffer usually from severe health anxiety and have been back and forth at Dr and she is sending me for a urgent colonoscopy within two weeks and she thinks it could be ibs or some form of ibd. No blood in stools. So while I am waiting for an appointment my anxiety has been going through the roof.

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Frequent Bowel Movements

I am not constipated as stools are soft and formed but my problem is incomplete bowel movements. I can go at eight o'clock in the morning and then get an urgent desire about one hour later and then again and all this before lunchtime. It causes difficulties for me with keeping appointments and my bowels rarely feel empty for very long.

I am wondering if adhesions could be the cause of this phenomena as I have had four lower abdominal operations over a period of years.

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How Many Bowel Movements Per Day Is Normal?

I have heard anywhere from 3 times a day, to 3 times per week is normal. What is it? I usually have 1 movement right when I wake up in the morning, especially if I snack later in the evening. And I always have a movement while or after I drink my morning coffee. So I have two BM's in the morning close together usually. But I do not go again during the day, unless I eat a huge lunch or dinner, and then it is a very small movement. I am 46 years old now, and have yet to schedule my first colonoscopy. So are my bowel movements normal for a man of my age?

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Irregular Bowel Movements

Okay so I think I've been putting this off for long enough trying to ignore it. So here's the thing -- I never poop. It might be once every 4 days. But even then it's odd occurrence. I say odd for a couple reasons. First of all, I'm into bodybuilding but I'm not an ignorant meathead. Some quick info I'm about 180 pounds not much over 10% body fat at the moment, I'm a nutrition major, so I eat very healthy. No fast food, no sodas, my carb sources are for the most part complex ones, I.e. Vegetables and fruit. So I get plenty of fiber (at least 25-30 grams a day). I also drink a lot of water, 1 1/2 - 2 gallons a day (roughly a liter per hour during my work hours), and I also take a probiotic supplement to help gut flora. So back to why it's odd when I do poop: because even then I feel like I need to but I feel like I'm forcing it when I do. It can also be very gut-wrenching at times. I know common sense tells me I'm obviously very constipated. But I've looked all over the Internet trying to find answers and all I see is... Take more fiber and drink more water. I'd like to think I consume much more water and fiber than the typical American so I'm at a loss. Just wondering if anyone has any answers before I schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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Multiple Bowel Movements - Every 2 Hours

I've been experiencing a ton of crazy symptoms lately and I was hoping someone out there could help advise me while I await my colonoscopy date next thursday. So here it goes...

For years I've always had multiple bowel movements a day - I have always had a high fiber diet - eaten a TON of spice (like ghost chili status) - and have indulged in too many beers on too many occasions. I usually had a bowel movement within an hour or two of waking up - then another 1 or 2 movements throughout the day. Pretty healthy and normal right?

I noticed over the last few months that at night before bed I was SUPER gassy - and in the morning I was noticing my bm was becoming more urgent - I attributed it again to my diet and the 2 cups of black coffee I would drink on my way into work.

Anyways - last month I was diagnosed with early testicular cancer - very early - I had it removed and multiple doctors told me that it was all gone - had a clean lung x ray and a clean ct scan---- what the ct DID show was some possible thickening of my bowel wall. From the time of the discovery of the lump on my testicle - I have had a gurgling stomach bouts of discomfort underneath my ribs - close to my chest - and frequent BM's - like 5-6 a day. The early morning ones are pretty solid and as the day progresses they become looser.

At points I have had no appetite - my weight hasn't dropped dramatically - shifted a few pounds up and down but between 252 and 259 most days.

I had 2 weeks of cipro and flagyl antibiotics and had a bunch of blood tests due to the original t cancer diagnosis. all my blood work was spot on (no signs of anemia). The antibiotics did not help my problems....

over the past week I have noticed that my upper back between the shoulder blades has had a nagging dull ache - as if muscle is tight....

I did see my GP and a GI doctor who told me he was 80% convinced it was IBS - but I have never heard of IBS dramatically becoming this bad. Furthermore - the fact that I had one form of cancer makes me afraid that now I have colon cancer as well that has been brewing in my system for years and is now hitting its final stage - I am 27 years old my wife is 4 months pregnant and I am deathly afraid that I wont be there to hold her and our newborn baby in may.... I cant sleep - I cant think - I cant focus - I can barely get off the couch and its killing my effectiveness at work - I am a teacher in my first year....

Has anyone had similar issues to these? I feel that I am doomed for a colorectal cancer diagnosis next thursday and I cant take it anymore...

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Unusual Urge - Bowel Movements

Well, i have been taking PPI for last 1 year or more, and been having a constant battle with my BM, some days its fine,. some days its not.

Of late, around 30 days back i was super constipated, i had to strain so hard, i started developing chest pains. Lack of appetite, and intake of food is very scanty.

So to overcome constipation i started taking laxative (Himalaya Herbolax) , All well for few days. but things started getting weird , first movement as soon as i wake up is normal, then after an hour i have my cup of tea and breakfast, then urge to move again. I go in , little watery stools.

After 45 mins urge again, watery again. And i have to strain to move the watery stools too.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Loose Bowel Movements

im 36 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of days I've have loose bowel movements multiple times a day. I also have increased vaginal discharge. Does this mean labor is nearing?

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Hemorrhoids :: Very Frequent Bowel Movements

I have on average 7-8 bowel movements per day. Some are very large, some small, some loose, some little pellets. I constantly feel like I have to evacuate. I do have diagnosed hemorrhoids. I have no pain with these bowel movements, just a constant urgency. I have been to numerous doctors; no one has given me a diagnosis, and no one has helped with the problem. I have been taught biofeedback so that when I need to evacuate, I can hold it until I get to a place where there is a bathroom.These exercises don't really work, but I do them anyway. I have had accidents, very embarrassing. I ALWAYS feel like there is something that needs to come out. Everywhere I go I must know where the bathroom is. My problem is there whether I eat a large meal or small meal. It seems to be worse when I eat things that are good for me, like spinach, salads, tomatoes, etc. I am so tired of this. Can anyone give me any suggestions?

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Bowel Disorders :: Small Movements

I sit and try to have BM and while doing so, my legs go numb from sitting too long. The little I do have them is small and ribbon like. 2 or 3 droppings each time. Stomach hurts all the time. Gassy all day and night. My stomach makes the worst sounds.Thought maybe colon is packed tightly or something. I eat a lot more than I use the bathroom. Maybe do a parasite and colon cleanser?

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Bowel Disorder :: Involuntary Movements And Leakage

I've been struggling with involuntary movements and leakage as long as I can remember. I'm currently on medications that may cause constipation and it looks like I can not discontinue them until further notice. It's embarrassing and can't really find a cure for it. I've tried many things such as

1. fibre supplements
2. kegel exercises
3. stool hardeners
4. Stool softeners
5. probiotics
6. natural fibres

I've tried most things under the sun and I am currently on the waiting list to see a bowel specialist. Is there anyone who has or had similar experiences?

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Gastroenterology :: Multiple Bloody Bowel Movements

I am a 37yr old female and have had multiple bloody bowel movements for 2 days now and am kinda concerned. Like the entire toilet water is bright red...thoughts?

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Bowel Movements :: Tummy Swells And Is Very Painful

I do not use the bathroom but maybe twice a week, my tummy swells and is very painful. Is there something wrong with me?

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Kidney Stones Cause Cramping Before Bowel Movements?

Can kidney stones cause cramping before bowel movements? Had cat scan done because of bowel problems. Waiting for results.

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