Breast Cancer :: Hot Flashes After Mastectomy

Feb 3, 2016

My Dx. Was DCIS, grade 3, negative HR.,After having a bilateral mastectomy 8 months ago, I keep having hot flashes and night sweats. My concern is not how to control it but WHY is this happening ? Exactly was is going on in my body to create this reaction.

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Breast Biopsy :: Suspicious Or Pre-cancerous Cells - Mastectomy?

If you have your biopsy come back with suspicious or pre-cancerous cells, should I have a mastectomy?

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Premature Breast Cancer? Small, Painful Lump Found In Right Breast

I'm in my mid teens, and earlier on this evening, i noticed that my right breast slightly ached, so i checked it out myself and found a lump, which is not visible on the surface of the skin. The lump is located on the left hand side of the right breast, directly next to and underneath the nipple. The nipple on my left breast is flat, which i got checked out earlier in the year by my doctor. The lump inside my breast feels unmovable, possibly quite large, and aches even when its not touched.

I am also two weeks late for my period, which hasn't occurred before.

I need to get this checker out, however, beforehand, i would like some advice on whether or not it could be premature breast cancer, and whether or not it can be treated. I have also read up on the possible link between breast cancer and infertility.

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Breast Cancer :: Indentation In My Left Breast - Family History

I have an indention in my left breast,right above my nipple. it's like a hole. I have family history on my mother's side of breast cancer. Besides cancer what else could it be?

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Breast Cancer Family History - Ache In My Left Breast

Hey, so breast cancer runs in my family and so I check myself regularly. Lately tho I keep getting an ache in my left breast and sometimes the right one. I have had children so they have changed a little but when I feel them I keep feeling lumps and can't tell if they are normal or not.. Sometimes it is tender to press.. I have noticed also my nipples go a little crusty almost (I am so sorry for that info :-/).. I know I should see a doc but I suffer anxiety badly to the point I can barely leave the house alone and my husband is about to start a new job so he won't be able to come with me.. I am so scared!! I don't want to tell any friends incase it's nothing but then I'm freaking out about going alone esp with my children .

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Breast Cancer And Intense Tightness Breast

My mother is taking tamoxifen, I want to know more about this breast tightness, she says it's so uncomfortable that she doesn't want to take tamoxifen anymore.

Does anyone know more about this tightness?

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Breast Cancer :: Lump In My Right Breast

I have a weird shaped lump on my right breast on the lower left side. And it feels like I have a big mass besides that. I'm 22, and its causing me a lot of pain in my ribs and back, and is swollen and red.

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Breast Cancer :: Granulomatous Inflammation

Last December I opted to have a core biopsy after finding a small size lump 12 o'clock position just above my nipple. The radiologist was able to take 6 samples. After the dreaded wait it was found to be benign and was diagnosed as granulomatous- inflammation. Has anyone ever heard of this? Also, I am currently 2 and half months post biopsy and I did a self examination yesterday and found the lump in the same place. Is this something that isn't going to go away and am I always going to need to remember that I have it for future exams?

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Breast Cancer :: Chest Tightness With Exercise

I had bilateral mastectomies ten years ago.  I first had reconstruction with implants a year and a half after the mastectomies, and then I had the implants removed (they felt tight and uncomfortable) and DIEP reconstruction (where they used my abdominal tissue and fat for reconstruction) about two years after the initial mastectomies.

Now, ten years later, I experience chest tightness when I run.  It is very uncomfortable, and I have trouble catching my breath.  It feels like the muscles tighten up as I run.  When I slow down and walk, the sensation abates.  I even saw a cardiologist because of this uncomfortable chest tightening sensation with exercise.  

Is this related to the intitial breast implant surgery, where the surgeon placed the implants under the muscle tissue?  

How can I know if I am having cardiac symptoms vs. muscle tightness due to all the chest muscle and tissue manipulation after the mastectomies?

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Breast Cancer? Lump And Sharp Pain

I'm 18 and worried about breast cancer, is it possible? I know it's very unlikely but I can't help worrying.

I do tend to be overly anxious and paranoid about myself, to the point where I feel nauseous and short of breath and perhaps even imagine symptoms. 

A few months ago, back in March, I had sharp pain in my chest on and off but pretty regularly for a few weeks until it gradually went away. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I thought I'd mention it just in case!

About a week ago, I started feeling sharp pains in my chest, on the left side, when I'd sit up or lay down or move a certain way. That night, I noticed a lump under my left breast- pretty hard, and I can't tell if it moves slightly or not. It's a bit sore now, but only because I've been worrying and checking it, it didn't hurt on its own. I'm feeling sharp pain throughout both of my breasts and further below as well. I feel like there's a tightness in my chest, but that could very probably be my anxiety's fault. (I did feel like I noticed the bump a few months ago, but it was much smaller. I brushed it off as my being too nervous, and I could be wrong.) 

Coincidentally, I have a general physical scheduled for Friday, so I'm definitely going to have it checked out, but I'm worrying myself sick because I think it might be breast cancer. I know it's extremely unlikely that someone as young as I am has it, but I'm so paranoid!

Am I being crazy? Every time I feel that stabbing pain I feel like I might have a heart attack. Is there anything else it could be? 

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Breast Cancer :: Tubal And Ovary Removal

I have had breast cancer and have been on lupron shots. I can't be on these shots forever so my doctor and I Have talked about tubal and ovary removal. I have had terrible joint pain in my knees from the shots which prevent me from walking and doing the active sports I love to do. Has anyone who has had this surgery experienced the same joint pain and have long term problems?

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Breast Cancer :: Lumpectomy, No Sentinel Nodes/next Step?

I just had lumpectomy and "attempted" SLND, but surgeon could find no sentinel nodes (both radioactive tracer and blue dye were used). What would the next logical step be?  I'm scheduled for full course of rads in a few weeks.

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Breast Cancer :: Itchy Flesh Colored Bump?

I had a lump on my left breast. I had it evaluated by my doctor who said it was a sebaceous cyst. Since the appointment, the lump has gotten smaller so I put my mind at ease and left it alone. Now, out of nowhere I start itching on the same breast with the lump. I looked at where I was itching and found a perfectly round, flesh colored bump on the skin of my breast. I don't think it could be a bug bite, and no irritation from my bra since I haven't worn a bra in a while . I am scared this is breast cancer because the flesh colored bump is kind of close to where the lump is. Could this be breast cancer?

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Breasts :: Throbbing Pain - No Breast Cancer History

I have been having throbbing pain left side of my breast for almost 2 days. I'm only 22 no history of breast cancer in my bloodlines before .

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Breast Cancer :: Chemo - How To Manage Mouth Sores?

My best friend is going through this ordeal of BC, you all are very brave and I admire you very much.

Would any of you have any suggestions about how you manage mouth sores?


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Hypochondria / Health Anxiety Of Having Breast Cancer After Pregnancy

I have developed quite extreme health anxiety after having my baby four months ago and I feel as though I am making my husband's life, and my own, a living hell. We are currently on holiday where, there days ago I had a sharp pain in my breast and I am convinced I have breast cancer. My Grandmother had this and since. I got the thought in my head. I have been self examined almost continually to the point that I, and my family, have not left the house for three days and I have found lots of lumps and bumps that have only further convinced me. I have made an appointment for Thursday to see a private specialist when we get back. I am also having back pain near my epidural site which I am convinced is a cancer spread. Even as I write I can see how ridiculous this all is. A few weeks ago I had a melanoma scare and didn't leave the house for a week. It took three dermatologist reviews to convince me it was okay. I have seen my GP about my issues and I am due to start CBT next week but I am now worrying it won't be enough to help me. I am determined to get rid of this as I feel I am wasting so much precious time with my new family, but the irony is that this is all driven by a fear of leaving my baby to grow up without a Mummy. I cry every day about that thought and then I feel like such a bad person because I am healthy and there are people out there with genuinely life threatening conditions and I feel so pathetic. My husband is very supportive but doesn't seem to understand that I can't just 'talk myself out of it'. I don't know how to explain?

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Eyes :: Could Breast Cancer And Fast Growing Cataracts Be Connected

I was told by the eye doctor this week that I have a rare fast growing cataract in both eyes. He told me that it can be caused by taking steroids, but I haven't taken them or breast cancer. Just interested in knowing if I should schedule an appointment for a mammogram right away. I did have a mammogram in 12-07 and they felt I should have a ultrasound to look closer at a spot. They thought it was probably just breast tissue after that and I haven't gone back. How important would it be to have the mammogram soon. Thank you, Jacqueline

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Cosmetic Treatments :: Laser Removal (armpit) Can Cause Breast Cancer?

I'd like to get laser hair removal on my armpits, but I've heard several scary stories that this procedure may cause breast cancer because it uses a light form of radiation and because it blocks lymph nodes. Is this true?

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Breast Cancer :: How Long For Radiation Treatment After Lumpectomy (stage 0)

How long after a stage 0 lumpectomy , can you wait befor you receive Radiation treatments !! mine is held up due to my HMO Ins. I didnt need Chemotherapy!

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Breast Cancer :: Benign Biopsy And Lumpectomy - Experience / Feedback?

So after my discordant biopsy that showed only benign fibrocystic changes, surgeon scheduled me for a lumpectomy! I have never been more scared or confused, and she seemed to dodge all my questions about why I need a lumpectomy. So my question is to the people on this board- what is your lumpectomy experience was and why you need it also, is lumpectomy same as excisional biopsy. I read different things on the internet , and frankly it all doesn't make sense to me.

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Exercise After Double Mastectomy For Flatter Belly

I'm 42. Weight is 133. Mother of 4. Recovering from double mastectomy. My problem is now that I do not have any breasts my ribs really bulge out just below where a bra would sit. It really looks like the top of a beer gut. My movement is still limited. Please advise on exercise and number of reps to give a flatter belly and more curvy sides. Also to strengthen the collar bone area. I've looked online but I'm not sure of the reps because I do not want to bulk up- just tone

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