Breast :: Pus Discharge From The Pimple

May 20, 2012

I am 25 yr old unmarried female. I have got a small wound on my breast and it started discharging pus when i pressed it. I applied some antibiotic ointment there thinking that it's a normal pimple but it did not dried up till 2 days and whenever i touch it, puss is coming out.

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Breast :: Green Discharge?

have green discharge from breast

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Breast :: Green Discharge From One Nipple

Since four years i'm having a problem of high level of prolactin. my younger daughter is going to be 5 in oct. I've used the "parlodel 5mg"daily for 6 months or so. The discharge controlled but now one of my right breast is still having a drop of green discharge when i squeeze. since, a week or so i'm feeling slight pain under my breast. i want to ask that what this exactly is? Is this the indication of some cyst or tumor in my breast?

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Abortion :: No Breast Discharge - Normal?

I had an abortion a week ago I was 5weeks pregnant 2 days after the procedure I started bleeding but since then ve not had any milk discharge from my breast..pls is that normal?

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Breast :: Whitish Discharge - On Mirena

I have a whitish discharge from my breast i am on mirena and i know i'm not pregnant i also have inactive thyroid.

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Breast :: Milk Discharge On Squeezing

I recently discovered that when i squeeze my breast it brings out breast milk, and this have been giving me serious concern, the constant stomach ache, head ache, and sometimes breast ache is what is driving me nuts right now, what could be the cause of all this and what could be the possible solution.

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Breast :: Sticky Discharge? Normal?

I'm a 22 year old female and i've always thought i've had problems with my breasts. According to my mom, I developed breast really early. 

I got my period when I was 9 years old. For as long as I can remember, both of my nipples are inverted, I never thought anything of it.

Also, I've always had this WHITE, STICKY, SORT OF CLUMPY discharge caught in between my nipples. It's easy to wash off but it always comes back. 

Recently i've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and for some reason i've been focusing on my breasts too much. I had breast pain on the breast that was slightly larger than the other. No lumps, but doctor gave me an ultrasound anyways to ease my mind. All normal and no cysts, inflammation, or lumps. I had mentioned to my OBGYN about the little sticky discharge and she didn't seem worried about it. All she said was "Oh it's just dead cells from your nipple, its normal"

but is it normal?! 

It's not uncontrollable discharge and its not liquid, its like sticky white clumps. Is this something that happens to women or even men with inverted nipples?

if you know someone or yourself have this, please let me know so i can ease my mind. My anxiety revolves around my health and I'm terrified that i might have some type of disease or even cancer. 

oh and by the way i read that a tumor can cause this? well thats crossed off because i had a brain MRI done last month for horrible headaches, all normal too.

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Breast Pain :: Nipple With Discharge

I am a little concerned about a pain i've been having in my left breast beneath/under my nipple area? ...ive not banged it its not itchy it just hurts (stabbing pain )when touched...iveits not during menstruastion its all the time...the actual look of my boob has changed my 32d bra on the left feels fuller and quite tender...milk seemed to be leaking from them but it was a tiny amount but has happened a few (my daughters nearly 7!)..i feel tired all the time as sleeping is uncomfortable...i also came out in spots/a few weeks ago which are still healing ..not sure if thats related but thought id mention it...any advice or help would be gratefully accepted ...i have 'rang' my male dr who said it sounds like chicke pox/shingles?

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Women's Health :: Blood Discharge From Breast

I had a bloody discharge from my right breast on the left side from one area blood came out of that area first and the discharge along with the blood was thick and sticky. My doctor also found a knot in my right and left breast under my nipple area. I had a mammogram and it was negative as I knew it would be I have fibroid cysts should I be concern I am going to see a surgeon about it and they said he would do a ultrasound I am concern because breast cancer is bad on my mother side she had it and her sister. And on my farther side both of my aunts have it and one of them died from the breast cancer. Can the 2 knots be removed to make sure their is nothing wrong within my breasts.

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Breast :: Discharge (small Brown Dots) In Bra?

I'm 15, had my period for 2 years. I recently noticed some strange, small orangey brown dots inside my bra where my nipple is located on my right breast, this has happened for around two weeks; the discharge was not in the bra before use so it has happened while I have worn it. About 5 months ago I went to hospital for a scan on my right breast as I found a lump, but they said it was just a fibre and not to worry, but now I'm quite worried about it. I haven't had sex and am not pregnant so I don't know what has caused this.

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Breast :: Dark Green Discharge When Squeezed

For the past three weeks my right breast has been leaking a dark greenish thin liquid when squeezed. I first noticed it during my menstrual cycle and thought it was just my hormones going crazy, but it hasn't gone away after my period ended. I don't feel any unusual lumps. But I do feel a slight pain, though I'm not sure if this is jut because I've been thinking about it so much. (Kind of like when you think about your feet and they start to itch.)

I also have bursitis in my right shoulder, which sometimes causes sharp pain in my pec muscle. Could the discharge in my breast be related to my shoulder injury, or is it just a coincidence?

My mother had breast cancer (is healthy now thankfully), so I am very worried. I am only 24 years old.

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Breast :: One Is Smaller Than Other, Discharge, Itching, Lump

I am 16 years old and about 3 or so years ago i noticed what seemed to be a lump on my left breast that is a slightly different color than my skin. I told my mom and we went to the doctor to get it checked out...they did an ultrasound on it and found nothing and said it was most likely a cyst and that a lot of women get these. For the next few years i just let it go...but about a year ago i noticed that my left breast was noticeably smaller than my right breast......I started feeling self-conscious about it and I felt like it kept getting worse over the months....people started noticing and saying stuff about it or making fun of me and its been really hard to deal with....about 3 or 4 months ago the nipple also on my LEFT breast became inverted...this freaked me out so i told my mom and we made another doctor app......when we went this time they did another ultrasound (since Im still too young for a mammogram) and they found nothing that time either....that calmed me down a bit cause i thought for sure I had breast cancer....they said to keep an eye on the lump, invertedness, the size of the breast etc.....

and now RECENTLY like in the past 2 months maybe....I've been having discharge out of...again..the LEFT breast..its only a little bit and its like white or cream colored. I have absolutely NO idea what's going on with my left breast but its extremely embarrassing, scary and just inconvenient...if anyone knows any natural or cheap cures to any of my symptoms or knows what is going on or what it is...

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Breast :: When Pumped Yellow Nipple Discharge Coming Out

Me and my roommate share a room but we have separate beds. She has a 4 month old baby. She adopted her 4 week ago. My roommate stimulated her breast a lot to cause to them to lactate. Sometimes when she done she lets me suck on her nipples because I love the taste of breast milk. Usually when her boyfriend comes to our to go that sweet taste of breast. Sometimes we like to open our mouths and she squirts the milk into our mouths. Sometimes we even play some games like who can make breasts squirt the farthest or who can make her breasts fill the glass fastest. Its a lot of fun but the both of us are having some troubles. My problem is that I want to lactate to but when try using the breast pump I felt this weird sensation.  It felt like when your foot goes asleep. I noticed that there was this yellow fluid in the bottle. I quickly ran to the bathroom, tooked the breast pumps off and squeezed my nipples and this fluid squirted out for ten seconds every time I squeeze it and ever since I pumped them they usually squirt out the fluid 4 times a day without me squeezing them. Staining my all my bras and usually when take my bra off the fluid shoots out all over the mirror. My roommates problem is that her left breast is producing this green stuff instead of milk.  It started when she complaining about her left breast being sore because I don't suck on that one as much because it dose not produce as much as the other one. So sucked on it and this foul taste came in my mouth. This taste unlike sweet taste of breast milk this taste tasted like barf and I almost threw up. I squeezed her nipple and this green stuff came. It was sticky and it had this foul odour.

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Breasts :: Clear Discharge, Pain Travels Between Breast And Arm Pit

I have been having pain in my right breast for about six weeks now. The pain travels between the arm pit and breast, but is mainly a stabbing pain on the top of my right breast. When i just lightly squeeze my nipple it has clear discharge coming from it and can actually decrease the pain in my breast for a short time. I do get a stabbing pain in my left breast now and again but no discharge. Pain in the right breast can last a few hours at a time,or constantly on

certain days. It does feel a bit lumpy but i don't know the difference between a possible cancer lump or normal one. I hope i can get an answer or possibility of what is happening with me. I am 40years old, i had my only child 22years ago, i also had a mammogram and ultrasound and had one lump just outside of my right breast under my armpit taken a sample of, when i was 38 years old but everything was normal. Hope someone can help me.

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Am I Pregnant? :: White Discharge, Tender / Itchy Breast

I started with white discharge for about three days. I have irregular period my last period Feb 4. I had cramping, pain in my lower left side of my back. I also had some nausea for 2 days tender sometime itchy breast and going to the bathroom more often took a test said negative.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge, Tender Breast, Headaches

last week was my period week, but i had brown discharge throughout the week, with tender breast, my emotions were uncontrollable, headaches, backaches. could this be implantation bleeding? also, i bleed somewhat the following week on that monday but stopped. but the next day i woke up and have been barely bleeding throughout the day. i figured it was just my late period but its irregular compared to my usual periods. could i be pregnant? note: i still have sore breasts and everything. (very sore breast) and faint cramps.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubes Tied, But Discharge / Milk On Breast Squeeze

I had my period January 17 ,2015 it lasted 7days then left a week then I started a brown discharge my baby is 11months and my tubes are tied now it's feb 22and the discharge is still leaking I squeeze my breast and milk stuff comes out please help

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Pregnancy :: 24 Weeks Breast Start Leaking Slimy Sticky Discharge

I'm almost 24 weeks and I have noticed my breast have started to make to clear kinda slimy sticky discharge I guess you could call it. Is it normal this early in pregnancy there's no odor and they don't hurt

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sore Breast And Stomach Pain With White Thick Discharge

I was to get pregnant for 2 months, i am in my 2nd on my femara, and now i have some changes like back pain, sore nipple, lower stomach pain, i was still waiting for my period to come.. Am i pregnant?

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Premature Breast Cancer? Small, Painful Lump Found In Right Breast

I'm in my mid teens, and earlier on this evening, i noticed that my right breast slightly ached, so i checked it out myself and found a lump, which is not visible on the surface of the skin. The lump is located on the left hand side of the right breast, directly next to and underneath the nipple. The nipple on my left breast is flat, which i got checked out earlier in the year by my doctor. The lump inside my breast feels unmovable, possibly quite large, and aches even when its not touched.

I am also two weeks late for my period, which hasn't occurred before.

I need to get this checker out, however, beforehand, i would like some advice on whether or not it could be premature breast cancer, and whether or not it can be treated. I have also read up on the possible link between breast cancer and infertility.

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Breast Cancer :: Indentation In My Left Breast - Family History

I have an indention in my left breast,right above my nipple. it's like a hole. I have family history on my mother's side of breast cancer. Besides cancer what else could it be?

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