Broken 5th Metatarsal Can't Wear Shoe After Surgery

Feb 26, 2016

Last Aug, I fell in a small hole, and snapped a rather large piece off the fifth metatarsal. I went to an ankle/foot surgeon who was leaving for a corporate job rather than private practice. He never showed us the x-ray. Put me in a boot, wrapped the elastic wrap, over my sock, and put my foot in a shoe thing. Before I left, I did ask for copies of the x-rays which I got. I was really surprised at the gap. A good 1/8".

Well, that shoe didn't work, so my husband ordered an air cast. That sort of helped. I would say I didn't sleep for 6 weeks. At the 6 week mark, still in pain, I went to a different ankle/foot surgeon, who, we think because we were going to pay cash, that MAYBE he didn't want to touch my foot for fear of non payment? Or he was an idiot. The x-rays looked exactly the same, big old piece still broken off. We asked about it. He said there was nothing to be done and basically suck it up and start wearing a shoe. We, husband and I, were like, "okay he's the doctor." However, I could not get into a shoe without quite a bit of pain and walking wasn't happening.

At the 12 week mark, I was on the phone to my sister, crying.. and I'm pretty tough. She reminded me I had a podiatrist I liked. I went to see him and had reduction surgery and a 2" PIN put in that bone!! My surgery was Dec 8, 2015 (so 11 weeks ago?)

The bone itself is healing fine. I can feel the pin though. I still have pain, not as bad though. But my foot is still very swollen I would say my foot is a constant annoyance though. I cannot fit into a pair of shoes. I've tried wide shoes, they cramp my toes.. and I've gotten 2 ingrown toenails in the last 2 weeks trying. Those are very painful! I put a pair of slippers on and could feel it cramming my toes, and next day.. my toe was red and swollen again from being cramped.

I don't know what to do. My foots feels pretty good when it is wrapped and in the air cast. The broken one is also about 1/2"- 1" wider than the other right now, than my good foot. I still have no ankle.. very swollen.

Any suggestions?? Is this pretty normal? I really don't want any more ingrown toenails from shoes though.

I can wear flip flops but boy does my foot feel irritated after about an hour. I go back to see my doctor, whom I really like, next week.

When he presses on the broken part, it doesn't hurt. I can move it certain ways. But if he pushes up from the bottom.. that's bad. I can't stand on my tippy toes either. I feel like a mess.


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Broken 5th Metatarsal - Beckham Shoe / Boot

i broke my 5th metatarsal on the 29th April, i was given a postoperative shoe to wear by the hospital, i was given an appointment with the fracture clinic on the friday (1st May) gave me a healing time of 6 weeks, i went back the fracture clinic on 12th June, the Consultant i saw was unhappy i wasn't given a beckham boot, i now have the beckham boot and have to wear this for a further 6 weeks, + it weighs sooo much.

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Broken Tibia - Not Wanting To Wear The Airboot

I broken my tibia in my ankle 5 days ago! It is a small clean break! It hardly hurt at all, didn't cry until they said it was broken! No exciting story i was running up the stairs and went over on my right ankle on the landing!

I hardly had any swelling as I put ice on it straight away and went to a+e straight away. They put me in a temp cast. I found this very uncomfortable and went straight back in the morning as they said the break was very small and in a 'good place'. They said I could have a air boot.

I am due to go to the fracture clinic in just under two weeks! To check the progress!

My biggest problem is that I am going away in just 3 weeks and really not wanting to wear the airboot whilst I'm away! Could anyone advise me if this would possible!

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Broken 5th Metatarsal - Recovery?

Day SIx after falling out of shed and braking 5th metatarsal

day 1 a&e visit for what I thought was a badly sprained ankle but oh no x Ray and1 hour later in shoe cast with 4 visit hospital doctor v quick look at x Ray and placed in removable cast ski boot. struggled with this, really uncomfortable plus I kept fiddling with straps etc phone plaster room and next day fitted with solid lower cast. Much better than boot.

I love walking outdoors and cycling etc so finding life on crutches a bit hard. Also reading to many internet recovery experiences which is making me a bit low. Coming to terms with it no going to be cast off in six weeks then bouncing around again. 

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Broken 2nd, 3rd And 4th Metatarsal - Recovery Time

I thought I would write something about this (highly out of character), as when I did it (in an effort to find some comfort and provide my rugby club with information as to when I would be fit again) I searched the internet for all the articles I could, and it was in this minefield that I encountered, from miracle healers to those reoccurring 2 year problems, and as such my mind was boggled. Doctors also provide some guidelines on what is normal to be off crutches but after that recovery rates varied due to ages and previous physical nature of the participants, so whilst this is by no means a complete list, it may offer some help to those who are physically active and still relatively young (sorry).

So to give you my information, I am 25 y/o, male, play rugby to a reasonable standard, cycle 100km plus a week, as well as gyming or some kind of training most days (so needless to say I normally tick the extremely active box).

Previously I had not had any injuries to my feet, and it was just a freak occurrence due to the weight of several men going through it whilst being tackled, the break was fortunate enough to be closed fractures, but still it bloody hurt.

I did this on the 24th January 2016, and was in a soft shell boot for four weeks, at week two I got back in the gym but was very limited on what I could do - machines only (free weights were impossible as I could not lift these without putting pressure through my foot). At the beginning of week 5 I got rid of the boot yet continued using crutches for another 2 weeks. At the start of week 7 I could finally walk again (albeit with a heavy limp), however I did manage to get back on my bike (solid sole - clip in shoes), at the start of week 8 I was squatting with light weight, walking with a slight limp, though many gym exercises were still difficult, at the start of week 9, most gym exercises were becoming easier and getting more weight on them, in week 10 I decided I was close to being able to jog - not the case and got quite a bit of pain going through it, however I am confident my foots resistance will build up over the week.

Anyway I thought I’d write this now, as once I am fit again I will forget all about the injury, and so probably would not write this and be of any help to anyone. So it will get better, just it does take time, finally over the last few days I looked up more information on general bone healing; this states around 3-4months and I believe this to be more accurate for these recoveries than anything I read on forums.

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Broken 5th Metatarsal And 5th Metacarpal - Recovery?

During a taekwondo fight, I broke my right 5th Metacarpal with severe displacement and had 2 pins put in on May 29.  They were taken out 3 weeks later, and I was told to move my fingers as much as possible. Extreme pain, bruising and swelling for 1.5 weeks after pins came out.

I tripped and fell on July 1st, breaking my left 5th Metatarsal, at the base, and have had an aircast for 4 weeks.  First 2 weeks were non-weight bearing, 3rd week I was partial weight bearing, and this week I am walking without crutches, aircast to be on for 2 more weeks.

I unfortunately also rebroke my right 5th metacarpal in my fall, and was splinted and told no surgery this time, but they would do a more conservative approach to healing.  Splint came off last week, and I was again told to move my fingers and had a lot.  I cannot move my pinky except for up and down a little bit.  It will not bend at all at the knuckle.  Physio starts in a week, and I'm super nervous.  It is quite painful right now.

Anyone else with a similar experience?  Especially with the 5th Metacarpal?  I'm mostly wondering what they will do at Physio, what to expect for pain and how long until my hand is more useable.

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Jones Fracture :: Broken 5th Metatarsal - Recovery?

I broke my left foot 5th metatarsal playing soccer. Doctor said i have a jones fracture, so i wore i cast for 6 weeks and then the boot of another 3. I was on crutches the whole time not putting any weight on my foot. After 9 weeks my bone still has not healed. So i had to wait 3 weeks in order to put a request for a bone stimulator. On week 14 of being on crutches i receive the bone stimulator. I have been using the bone stimulator for 32 days 10 hours a day. Wednesday this week is when i am getting my xrays to see if my bone has healed. My question is what should i expect on terms of recovery? My soccer season starts on August 1st, what are my chance on being in full form by then. Just putting out there i'm going to work my self to the bone to do all i can for a good healthy recovery. 

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Hardware Removal? Lisfranc With A Broken 1st And 2nd Metatarsal

Tomorrow makes a week since my Lisfranc injury. Unfortunately I do not have a glorified story of how I broke it but basically got light headed & dizzy as I was walking up a step into my home, my legs gave out and all of my weight dropped on my foot that was on the step. As soon as it happened I knew something in my foot wasn't happy so off to the ER we went. ER was a total nightmare and knowing what I do now I would have just been better off waiting to go to the foot Dr. Went to the foot Dr and he said I have a Lisfranc injury and recommended that I see a specialist so I went. He informed me that I had broken my 1st & 2nd metatarsals and torn the ligaments. He recommended surgery to properly correct and said that I would need two screws to put it back in place. I am scheduled for surgery in two days!

What should I expect? Will it truly be a 2-4 month process before I can run and actively get back into the gym again? Will the pain after the surgery be far worse than the pain since the break? Did you eventually have your hardware removed and if so, why?

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Moon Boot And Recovery? Broken 5th Metatarsal

I broke my 5th metatarsal about 10 weeks ago, no big deal i thought it's a fairly common injury.

I'm 36 and i keep myself quite fit, i've never smoked, drink moderately so i expected to be up and running again in no time. It hasn't panned out that way. The last x-ray was 3 weeks ago and showed a non-union. I can get around ok with the moon boot on, i can walk small distances without, but my foot clearly still isn't right.

It's crunch time now, i go back to the hospital tomorrow for an x-ray and the bone is still refusing to play ball they're going to open me up and put a screw in.

Now this is where it get's complicated. We'll overlook the fact i'm terrified of being anaesthetised, there is another issue with my foot...

When they first x-rayed the broken metatarsal the doctor was more impressed with my big toe. I hurt it playing football when i was 15 and it appears, or at least the doctor believes, it was dislocated and remained so leaving me with a deformed toe and a right foot that's a full size smaller than the left!

He wants to repair the toe at the same time, should he need to operate on the metatarsal.

Can anyone shed some light on how exactly the toe would be repaired? I know roughly what happens with the metatarsal. How long recovery time would be? Will i need a cast or moonboot?

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Aircast From A Hardcast :: Broken 5th Metatarsal Not Healing

Broke my foot 5th metatarsal. At 4 weeks not healing yet,i'm now in an aircast from a hardcast. This is week 6. Foot at night just burns and burns. I don't get much sleep and now i have a deep aching.along with the burning. I was told no weight on it but i can walk on the heel only if necessary. Why now at 6 weeks is it hurting and burning?.

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When Calf Pain Subsides - Broken 5th Metatarsal

I fractured my 5th metatarsal and sprained my ankle about 5 weeks ago and was given a cam boot walker. I can finally sort of walk on it if i don't put much pressure on the broken part. But man oh man my calf just aches and throbs as if i just ran a marathon, and all i did was some chores around the house. i wonder if i should be walking on it or is the pain in the calf a sign i shouldn't? or is it just cause the muscle atrophied? when does the pain subside?

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Pinky Toe - Broken 5th Metatarsal Bone Itch

I dislocated my fifth toe (pinky) completely - it was shooting at a 90° angle - and I went to the ER. He numbed it, gave me Norco for pain and put it back in place. I had an xray while there and they thought there was no brake and just a dislocated toe. So they sent me home and said buddy tape and rest when I can, no specific instructions given.. Three days later the hosp called and said I did indeed have a fracture in my fifth metatarsal bone. They did not explain further, basically said if I want to come get a post op boot/shoe I could and that was the extent of it. I have continued to go on and work daily, I am a hairdresser and I stand for hours at a time. I still cannot put weight on it and it still has shooting pain from time to time. Recently it had started to itch inside the bone, not from the shoe or buddy tape but a deeper itch, wondering if that meant it was healing? It's been exactly a week ago when I did this. Should I follow up with an orthopedic Dr on my own since the ER didn't think it was necessary to refer me to anyone or quit being a baby and just let it heal on its own?

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Jones Fracture :: Broken 5th Metatarsal - Bone Shift?

I have broken my 5th metatarsal bone in 2 spots close together, it was not displaced but if it shifts its a whole chunk of bone. In emergency i had xrays and was told its a bad break that does not usually heal properly and that i need surgery. I went 4 days later to fracture clinic and they said th3y want to call it a "jones fracture" but that because its broke completely in 2 places its tricky. The previous x ray showed luckily it was not displaced and i kept the air cast and told to go back for x ray in 4 weeks. One dr said to basically not to move and non weight bearing and another said i can use my heal. The goal is to not let the bone shift and hopefully avoid surgery. They left me very confused. Its been almost 2 weeks and i get pain off and on. When i elevate my foot the pain stops and as soon as i would begin to lower it i get very sharp burning like pressure on top of my foot around the break. It gets swollen after i crutch around for even just going across the street to corner store but it relaxes when i lay down and elevate. Since this pa8n has been happening its now swelling more on top at the break but its hard and very tender..sometimes hot and red but it calms down. I do not do much but i have 2 kids, one which has a lot of medical issues and actually was ambulanced to children's hospital the day after i broke it. I'm completely on my own and my son has a ton of upcoming appointments which is travelling an hour away on a cpl busses and through a busy train station..just a lot of walking and all i have are crutches. I guess my questions I doing too much and making it more likely for the bone to shift..has anyone experienced a non displaced break and then have it shift and need surgery? Is there a way to tell myself if i've shifted the bone? Has anyone experienced the same kind of pain?? I read this is one of the hardest and longest fractures to heal but all the info is sooo different from everyone i'm confused.

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Hammertoe Surgery - Walking In Shoe-limp?

So next week will be 4 months since i had my flat foot surgery and hammertoe surgery.

i went to CMA fest here in Nashville last week and didn't go very well. walking in shoes now got ruined after one day of walking with heel supports i got at walmart ended with holes through through the heel of it so i had to buy new shoes.

I have this limp since the surgery was on my right foot. I still can't "officially"do things i use to be able to do .. like run,get on my tippy toes to reach something w/o where my scar is from the achilles lengthening,etc.

is these things still normal in the healing process .. the limp i have,and the what i just mentioned?

i had hard times getting up off the floor cause i had to sit a lot waiting in lines,etc.

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Foot / Ankle :: PTTD Surgery - Transition To Shoe Concerns

I am now about 11 weeks post op ... in a CAM boot and using a walker and sometimes a cane at home or where ground is flat and smooth.

I have just started to go to outpatient PT and my dr. suggested I use an ankle brace in a shoe for extra support ... while I build up my muscle and make the transition out of the CAM walker into the shoe .

What type of Ankle brace has anyone out there used? There is a Malleoloc Brace my PT therapist likes; and I have an Air Cast PTTD one with an air bladder under the arch . I have custom arch supports from before surgery that are still ok to use also.What type of shoes are best? My Surgeon seems to prefer a shoe that laces up and is not too flexible. I have a pair of Ziera lace up shoes I wear with my arch supports...

I am weight bearing and with very little pain...more stiff and slightly achy at times.

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: No Shoe Fits - 6 Weeks Post Surgery

I am six weeks post surgery,  the specialist visit and the X Ray is scheduled on Wednesday and I expect to be out of the boot and allowed to weight bear on the whole foot which is all great news.  But there is a little problem, at present no shoes of mine would fit on my still slightly swallen and pretty tender around my big toe foot. I went through few shoe shops today and absolutely nothing was suitable (even tried men thongs/flip flops but they also hurt me too much) so now I am considering buying a flat post-op shoe (with flat bottom) as they are adjustable and padded so comfortable for me at the moment  but I am wondering if anyone else had better idea as the post op shoes have quite thick soles and for that reason would not be the best for my spine as I would have uneven leg length.  My Ugg boots would be probably ok but it is Summer here so hot weather and warm shoes would most likely increase the swelling.

I expect swelling to go on for a while (in my experience 6-8 weeks) but I don't want it to stop me from exercising and being able to drive.  I am also about to start a new art course and no way I would give that up.

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Transitioning To A Shoe (11 Year-old Daughter - Post Flat Foot Surgery)

It's been awhile since I've posted. My daughter had flat-foot surgery on her left foot on Dec 17, 2014 (subtalar arthroereisis and gastroc recession). Had this same surgery on the right foot and calf a year to the day in 2013 as well, with excellent results. As an aside, prior to surgery in 2013, her right foot was more troublesome than the left, but the left was an issue as well. Last time, she was at about 80% healed by April. We were very happy about that.

On the one hand, she's coming along nicely with this recent surgery. She goes to PT twice a week, doesn't mention any pain during the day in the walking boot, is in good spirits, and takes the boot off at home and meanders around without it, barefoot. I would think that this would hurt (I kinda cringe when I see her doing it) but she insists she's okay. She has a slight limp, but I figure technically, it's still kind of early yet.

What has me a little concerned is that she isn't tolerating a shoe. When we last saw the surgeon about three weeks ago, he said it was fine for her to start transitioning to a shoe. Yet here we are three weeks later, and she still prefers to wear the walking boot. Says that her heel hurts when it's in a shoe (how it doesn't hurt when she walks barefoot at home: I have no idea.

She is required to wear tennis shoes at school, and she's been wearing New Balance for years now. When I look at last year's calendar and reflect on the surgery for her other foot, I recall that she was further along in the process. She was already wearing shoes at this point. Walking slowly yes, but was wearing shoes.

I wondered...should I maybe go up 1/2 a size? Maybe her old shoe is too snug in the heel now, or there may still be some swelling? Should I got up 1/2 size AND go wider?

She's having an orthotic made for the left foot, and maybe that will help. She has some school events (field trips) coming up at the end of April and also in May and I was hoping she'd be easily walking on her own before then, and able to participate.

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Can You Wear Bra / Underwear During Surgery / General Anaesthetics

UNLESS your surgery is ON your breasts / genitals / bum ...

you CAN wear underwear during surgery

i've had surgery on my groin (bikini line) and still wore undergarments!

ladies: NO metal, non wired, sports bra / crop top / bikini top  ugly knicks (they may get stained) No metal lads: ugliest pair of boxers (they may get stained).

crappy arguments to ignore:

"they need to stick ecg stickers on your chest for monitoring" - ok cool go on then. easily done with a bra on (i am proof)

"its easier to not have them in case of an emergency and we have to waste time cutting them off" - plz tell me what kind of emergency involves my genitals and breasts?

"they are professionals they are focusing on the task" - ok how does that involve my genitals and breasts?

"they operate on all different types, shapes, sizes of people everyday they've seen it all" - so? my body. i don't need or want them to see anything they don't need to that's my right.

"you'll be asleep you won't even know or care" - i'm not okay with them seeing these areas of my body even when i'm awake! why the heck should i be ok with it whilst i'm unconscious!

"your underwear will get stained/dirty especially if you need a catheter" - ok cool'll bin them. how long is my surgery? do i REALLY NEED a catheter? no. you do not have my permission to use one.

let me know if you've been given or found some more reasons against this. i wrote this because i am a big boobed (that means lying down in surgery with a flat chest because my boobs are besides my armpits), self conscious, overweight female suffering with anxiety whose anxiety levels went through the roof before my surgery as i was panicking about not being able to wear my underwear

the nurses told me i couldn't but i insisted. if you are someone who's too not happy with the idea of being comando under your gown whilst being unconscious with a bunch of people surrounding you. insist to. just wear them.

worst case scenario they "cut them off during an emergency" which they need to document. so it really will be an emergency or you can sue them.

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Told To Wear Shoes After Surgery- Pain

I am two weeks two days post surgery. I have been told to wear my trainers most of the day by the hospital. That was hard but u could cope. Now the pain is awful. I know it is to reduce swelling but I couldn't continue today so I've taken them off and gone for the frozen peas instead.

I couldn't find any info about this problem so decided to post myself. (The saver here is obscuring my writing so sorry if there are any errors). Has any one had any experience with this? Or any advice please?

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What Type Of Boot? 5th Metatarsal Surgery

Does anyone know what type of boot you should be in once you are able to bear weight? tall or short?

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Surgery For Delayed Union 5th Metatarsal?

Seen consultant today, an actual genuine foot and ankle one as opposed to the spinal one I was apparently seeing (go figure..but it's the UK and you see who you see..)  Anyway, I fractured my metatarsal, midshaft, spiral, minimal displacement on 17 Dec 2014.  Done all I should, rested (no boot offered), on crutches etc, off work for 6 weeks.  STILL not showing any callus although bone is closer together than it was.  Consultant today says he thinks I ought to have pins and plate in.  Q scared at not over painful now, although can't walk for miles, painful, and couldn't run (I was a big walker and used to run a bit too)  Officially a delayed union...should I have op or will it cause more problems.  If I have it it's back to square one..and worse as foot was never very painful when I did it, and I imagine will be painful having pins and plates in.

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