Can't Stay Hard When I Put A Condom On

Oct 9, 2015

As the subject says, I seem to have lost the ability to stay hard when I put on a condom. I can perform perfectly when I'm not wearing one but my wife and I really don't want anymore children!! As soon as I put one on, I loose a good 85% of sensation and lose my "mojo".

I have never liked condoms per se but they were always a necessity - I like to stay healthy!! As a younger man the fact they reduce sensation was a good thing to me, I could last longer etc.

This is frustrating the hell out of me (and my wife even more) as how can I be fine without but loose my steam as soon as I put one on?

I am healthy in general for an overweight dude. The only medicine I take is 100mg of sertraline per day.

I am still attracted to my wife so its not that things have gone off the boil.

I've tried various thicknesses and sizes (I'm above average in girth but nothing massive) but nothing works.

My wife suffers from hemiplegia so can't take the pill and I am ashamed to admit that I got scared at the prospect of a vasectomy and bottled out.

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Sexual Health :: All The Sudden Go Soft, No Orgasm - Can't Stay Hard

I've been with my girlfriend for a while now. Typically, we will have sex 4-6 times a day when we are able to see each other. Around the 3rd or 4th time I get hard and aroused yet after having vaginally sex for about 15 minutes I all the sudden go soft, and I can't seem to orgasm.

Also, when she wants to have anal sex and I am inside her it feels cold compared to her vagina and I was wondering if that was normal? I also cannot orgasm during anal sex, she can, but I cannot.

The first couple times we have sex, everything is fine, I stay hard the entire time and I orgasm and it's great.

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Tramadol :: Stay Away From It

Last Friday (16/Sep/11) I had an op to repair an umbilical hernia (overnight stay). On being discharged the nurse gave me a packet of 50 mg Tramadol capsules to ease the pain, although the pain wasn't that bad. I had been walking to the toilet (in hospital) within 4 hours of recovering from the op.

Anyway, I got home on Saturday and what with the fairly long walk from the hospital to the taxi, plus getting in and out of the car, I was starting to feel some twinges, so I took 2 Tramadol. Much later that evening I started to have really weird side effects. They are so difficult to describe. A combination of panic attack, dizziness, extreme fatigue, and difficulty nodding off to sleep. I'd nod off, like one does, then I'd immediately have these images in my head - people I'd seen on TV that day, cars, animals, all jumbled up.

Then I must have fallen asleep for an hour or two only to come awake with a start after having this veritable nightmare of there being someone in the room and when I opened my eyes (in my sleep just before coming awake) there was this extremely tall guy, 9 feet tall, his head was literally brushing the ceiling. Then "he" walked across the room to another bed (my mind thought it was still in the 4-bed unit in the hospital ward) and disappeared! As if in a puff of smoke. And at that point I awoke feeling hot and sweaty.

So those were the last Tramadol *I* was ever going to take, I can tell you. And then, yesterday, Thursday I had severe itching at the surgical wound site. This had nothing to do with the Tramadol I'd taken on Saturday, which must have been out of my system by then. Anyway, apart from the itching there was still a bit of an ache, so I thought I'd take just a single Tramadol capsule.

The itching went; the dull ache went. But this morning, very early, about 04:00am, I awoke feeling anything but refreshed. I had some numb feelings in my hand and thigh, they kept coming and going. I got up at around 05:45 am, make a cup of tea, then suddenly felt very weak. Jittery, fast pulse, zonked. Since then I have just lain on my bed in between going for a short walk and am drinking glasses of water in an attempt to flush this [b:095f76e716]POISON[/b:095f76e716] out of my system and am starting to feel a little better.

Earlier in the week on doctor's recommendation I booked an appointment with the nurse for this afternoon to have the dressing changed and the incision checked (it's a long, vertical cut about 4 inches long; they found two hernias), and in order to save on taxi fares I booked one of the free pick-up buses to take me and bring me back. However, I've just cancelled them and have ordered a taxi instead as I cannot face the lengthy zig-zag route these buses often take as they have to pick up numerous other people. I'll talk to the nurse about Tramadol and see what she says. I don't need any pain killers now and if I still get one or two twinges in the next few days, I shall take only paracetamol if necessary. (Not allowed to take ibuprofen or similar NSAIDs as I have a tendency to gastritis and duodenal ulcer.)

So, I am never going to touch Tramadol ever again and this time I mean it. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. If some people take it just to get "high" they must be stark, raving mad.

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Depression :: Trying To Stay Positive

After a few days of really really trying to keep positive I'm feeling really bad again this evening. Is this something I will just need to learn to live with now? I can't seem to get any enjoyment out of anything anymore.

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Surboxon Making My Period Stay Away?

I haven't had a period for 3 months could suboxon be to blame ? I've been on Surboxon for 6 months and  haven't had a period for 3 months could suboxon be to blame I took a home pregnancy test that said negative however in the past it took a blood test to determine my past pregnancy.
Also what prescription pain meds,  anti depressant, and sleep  and weight loss medications are safe to take while on Suboxon, if I'm not pregnant of course  my pain management Dr took me off all of these medications I've taken for awhile and I really need them I think she is under educated about suboxon also if I am pregnant is it safe to take Suboxon..

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Anxiety :: How Long Mirtazapine Stay In System

Hey was taking mirtazapine 30 mg for weeks then went on the drink and missed it for 2 and a half days how long does it stay in system anyone know or am a back to start.

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Weight Loss :: How You Manage To Stay On Diet?

I am maintaining my diet plan, do exercise everyday to make my body and mind strong, also loosing weight. Eating healthy and exercise is the best way of reducing weight. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, also healthy fats, proteins are essential for our body and mind such as salmon, olive oil, nuts, eggs etc.I use to take Regenon diet pills to stay on diet, they are appetite suppressants that help me to stay on diet plan by controlling hunger. I have lost 12lbs in 2 months and successfully reducing weight..

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: 3cm Dilated At 36 Weeks? How Long Did U Stay At 3cm?

I'm sure it's different for everyone but just curious how long everyone stayed at 3cm? Did you go early, normal, late? I knew her head has dropped bc I started peeing more than ever and sometimes only a few drops. Dr said my bags should be packed (they are!) And that my water probably won't gush when and if it breaks bc her head will be blocking. It will be more of a slow trickle.

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Orgasm :: Woman's Sex-drive/libido In Her 40's - Does It Go Down Or Can It Stay Up?

I'm a woman who normally has a healthy, strong sex-drive.  But I couldn't help from noticing that my sex-drive/lustiness/libido seems to have substantially diminished in the last month or two.  On some occasions, instead of enjoying a sexual moment and being completely excited and consumed, I've actually found my mind wandering, feeling a bit bored and not excited.  I used to get very aroused when my nipples were touched, but in the past month my nipples now don't seem to have any sensitivity.  When they're touched, I no longer feel feelings of arousal.  Sex used to be something I used to really look forward to, but now I don't seem to get very lusty and excited.  It bothers me that these feelings and sex which used to bring me so much enjoyment and pleasure in my life seems to be gone.

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Substance Abuse :: Cannabis - How Long You Can Stay Away?

Although I have never tried cannabis and don't intend to, my partner of 2 years has a bit of a problem. The problem being he doesn't seem to be able to stop smoking the stuff even though I am very against drugs and have threatened to leave him. We both know the drug is not physically addictive, yet he seems to try and convince me he can't resist it. He stopped for 2 weeks but the minute he was away from me he did it again. My partner knows all the long term side effects the drug can have so I can't understand why he keeps going back to it. He also knows I plan on starting a family in 2 years and because of his addiction, it could leave him not able to have children which is another reason I can't understand why he continues. I have no problem with drug users as long as they're not a loved one or friend so i'm not making judgement on anyone else. My partner has "tried" and "promised" not to smoke it plenty of times in the past and he keeps breaking these promises. It's got to the point where I don't trust him anymore and hate him going out incase he does it again. I've threatened him too many times with me leaving if he does it again, that it goes right over his head. If anyone has any advice, any at all, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Fertility :: Novasure Ablation - Rebuilding The Lining Of Uterus To Stay Pregnant?

I had an novasure ablation done in 2010 and have not had a menstrual cycle since however I have had a chemical pregnancy. I would like to know how to rebuild the lining in my uterus to stay pregnant.

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HIV Infection - Even Though We Used A Condom?

Last year I had sex for the first time with a guy and even though we used a condom, there was much blood since I was a virgin so it got me worried that I might have got it through the exposed blood. We used the condom from the beginning and he didn't *** in the end.

I took the test today because I couldn't get it out of my head. Do you think there is a good chance the results will be positive for HIV?

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Am I Pregnant? Had Sex Twice Without A Condom

Me and my boyfriend had sex twice without a condom and he ejaculated inside me twice and it was two days before I was suppose to ovulate but the very next day I had a bad pain beside my hip like a ovulating pain and when I say down I would feel like something was push up inside me I have no clue what it is can I be pregnant

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HIV :: Can I Have Risk With Condom

I had oral & vaginal sex with sex worker both with condom.

After 4 weeks I started with armpit pain with lump for two days exactly on top of my right nipple. I was continued having cough for some time, after 6 weeks I had bad sore throat with pain in neck, I have checked many times but I can't see or feel any swollen lymph nodes, after 7 weeks I started having pain in my groin on upper side but I can't find any lump nor any swelling. No fever for entire period but lost around 2kgs of weight.

I had a done tri-dot test now on 63rd day of my last exposure which came negative.

1.what are the chances at 90 days

2. how can I have risk with condom

3. Currently I'm still having the neck, armpit & public are & groin fleeting pain, the pubic area pain is bothering me lot. There's no visible swollen lymphs that I can see or feel, what could be the reason..

4. I also have fleeting pain in my stomach.

I'm worried that I had sex with my wife & she had flu like symptoms after 3 weeks, severe fatigue.

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HIV Possibility :: Fluids On The Condom

last wednesday i have sex with a sex worker. we have unprotected oral sex and protected intercourse. im very regret i did that, is the worst thing i have ever done in my life. now the problem is, i'm so scare i will get std or even hiv. during the intercourse, it seems that my condom get loose after a while and i have touch my hand on the condom (there's fluid on it) and change a new condom. i'm not sure if i have touched my penis after removing it and before wearing a new one. if i have touched my penis before wearing a new one with the fluid. how high is the probability of getting std and hiv from fluid? the sex worker also give me a handj*b before changing a new one.

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HIV Possibility :: With Polyisoprene Condom?

I had sex with a person that is HIV positive unknowingly till after the fact but did use protection such as a polyisoprene condom. My concern is it possible that my condom failed and I would have not seen it as I really didn't pay too close of attention to it when I removed the condom? Also does polyisoprene (Skyn) condoms give good enough protection against STD's since it is a non latex product?

I have had a few ailments such as rashes and throat concerns but not together and each time something happens I try to link it too the fact I had sex with someone that had HIV. I am like most on here I am frightened that I have exposed myself to a risk even though I took a precaution and used a condom the thought that lies in the back of my mind is was there somehow a failure that I overlooked?

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HIV Prevention :: What If Condom Had Tear - Sex With CSW

Drunk - was propositioned outside bar downtown on way home. Lady offered me oral sex for $. I stupidly agreed. We had condom on - it was her condom, she put it on me.

After 30 seconds or so, I stupidly slid my condom covered penis into her vagina. About 10 seconds later I came to my senses, pulled out with condom. She took condom off me and I left.

Paranoid about:

1. What if condom had tear (I didn't see it at end to verify).
2. B/C lady was a professional, and working by a bar, I assume her risk of HIV is higher (Canada is location).
3. I am married. I worry about having sex with wife until I can be confident I won't give her anything.

For context - have been married for about a dozen yrs, and have never been unfaithful - never kissed, oral, vaginal, anal with any other person. I was very intoxicated resulting in my atypical behavior.This is my first risk experience.

Please let me know your thoughts. Should I get tested for HIV, STI?

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HIV Prevention :: Air In The Tip Of Condom Can Break It?

i am 23 years old heterosexual guy. i first time had sex (vaginal) with worker woman about 4 and half months ago. i made huge mistake. in condom tip was air during the intercourse. sex duration was approximately 10 minutes. i did not ejaculate.  when we finished, air in the condom was still there. i am suspicious about that could condom tip tear and air go through there, that i couldn't notice? condom was intact as i saw. i didn't see wide open and holes. should i need to get hiv test?

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HIV Prevention :: Precum On Outside Of Condom

I had recently had sexual intercourse with a man of unknown status. I have become very concerned because he had mentioned that he has been with over 60 women and has never been checked; however, he said he never has sex without a condom so I am starting to have doubts. I have reason to believe he is telling the truth because he didn’t hesitate to grab a condom, but I cannot be sure that he uses condoms properly every time. I am almost certain the condom did not break. As he went to put on the condom he noticed that he was putting it on the wrong way and turned it over and continued to roll on the condom. At this point precum was present on the outside of the condom. About 10 seconds later we proceeded to have intercourse. We had penetrative sex for about 3 minutes until it stopped. There was no full ejaculation and as stated before, I am almost certain the condom did not break. I have recently read that precum can contain amounts of HIV and although it is said that HIV cannot live outside of the body, I read that it takes a few minutes for the virus to die. It was only about 10 seconds before the precum entered my body. I need to know if an act like this was potential risk of HIV. If someone could give me their input that would be great. Also, I will be getting tested I just would like to know if this was a risk or how much of a risk this was because different doctor sites are saying it could be a risk.

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HIV Prevention :: Condom Break With English CSW

3 weeks ago I paid for an encounter with an English female escort. We had vaginal sex for 5 minutes, changed position for the final few minutes (condom still intact at this point) when i realised the condom had broke! Didn't have any further sex after this.

This completely freaked me out and have since taken 3 HIV 1&2 tests after 7, 14 and 20 days. They have all come up negative so far and i know this is too soon after exposure but was done to slightly lower my anxiety.

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HIV Prevention :: Oral And Sex With Condom - Still Risk?

I met a csw at a Vegas hotel bar and took her to room. Asked her twice if she was clean and she said she gets tested regularly.

- she cleaned her genitals with wet towel and soap and asked me to do same.

- she asked me to put condom and performed oral for 5-10 minutes

- she asked me to get on top and have sex. At this point I was nervous: penetrated once for 5 seconds and again for 5-10 seconds and then stopped. Lost erection and asked her to leave

- after she left I jerked off with same condom, there was no leak and i put water to make sure and no leak

Question: she gave me condom from her car. So I am not sure for how long it was sitting in her car but it wasn't expired. It was latex lubricated condom. Is there any risk with using a condom that was in her car. It was sealed

I used same condom for oral and brief vaginal. Is there a risk?

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