Cannabis Addiction :: Trying To Quit Smoking Pot - Cold Turkey?

Aug 25, 2011

I have been smoking non stop for 6 years. Heavy heavy smoker. I'm going to college and am getting drug tested so i had to quit smoking. I am having problems with eating, anxiety, horrible stomach pains, hot flashes, food doesn't even sound good EVER! Yogurt has been my best friend. But it gives me the sh**s. I really just need some helpful tips to get me through this. . Just quitting cold turkey is so hard but i know i have to do it. Its been 3 days sober. Will my appetite ever return or am i stuck like this. I am sure i have lost a lot of weight. I don't really experience insomnia but i do everything else. My body seems to hate me for doing this. Feeling super dehydrated and i have been trying a protein powder that i mix with milk, could that be causing....

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Cannabis Addiction :: Why Should A Successful Person Quit Smoking Pot?

I'm a 30 year old single guy. According to social criteria I'm a successful person. I have a PhD degree in engineering from a university which is always in top 30 in the world. I started my professional job 20 months ago and during this period I have got two promotions and now I'm a manager. I have lots of friends and people enjoy being around me. I have a very good relationship with my parent and sister. I speak 3 languages and now working on the 4th one. I have traveled a lot and can socialize with anyone from any country on any subject. Financially I'm doing OK but not amazing. I work out 3 times a week and have a athletic body. I'm very energetic and I have told that I'm hyperactive.

I started smoking pot when I was 26 and since then I've been smoking from once to 4 times a week. The weed has really changed my life because since I have been a smoker, my brains works much better and I'm much more concentrated. I can solve more complicated problems and understand engineering facts much better. When I'm high, I always come up with brilliant ideas which motivates me and drives me in life. I'm more artistic when I'm high and enjoy the music to the end.

The only down part of my life is that I haven't had a girlfriend past 3 years. I have dated lots lots of girls but find them either ugly or not bright.
Since 6 months ago I came up with the idea of quitting smoking weed but I'm unable to do that. I have no good reason or no motivation of doing it. I think maybe by being high in past 4 years I have built a fantasy world that not most of the people can understand and enter and that's why I don't have a girlfriend.

Today I came up with the idea of going to a rehab center but then I though if I don't convince myself that I have to quick, if I don't have enough reasons then I will never quit. So I thought to share my story with people and see if they can give me some reasons to quit.

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Day 31 - No Smoking Without Any Products - Instead Go Cold Turkey

I can't believe I have made it 31 days! After smoking heavily for 40 years! I still am having an extremely difficult time with cravings. I chose not to use any product, but instead go cold turkey. I have tried hard candies, suckers etc.-nothing works! It is sometimes moment by moment! Can not & will not fail this time. Boy, I wish I never would have started!

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Pregnancy :: Stop Smoking Without Being Cold Turkey?

I have been smoking for 6 years and it's so hard to just stop cold turkey.. Can someone please help me with a way to quit.. I am 9 weeks pregnant and life has already been so hard. I know I need to quit I just don't know how...

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Cannabis Withdrawal :: Cold Turkey - No Sleep And Appetite

i'm 18 years old and i have been smoking weed a little over 2 years but i have been smoking HEAVY a little over 1.  i stopped smoking weed cold turkey ill say about a week ago.. and i have been experiencing no sleep and no appetite. i know that those are due to not smoking marijuana but i have been getting short of breath lately and having chest pains and my heart is always pounding.  it feels like i'm gonna run out of breath and die. i went to the doctor and had an xray done and they said my lungs are fine.  the doctor said its most likely just the marijuana leaving my system so they treated it as asma and gave me an inhaler. this has been going on about 4,5 days ill say.. sometimes my breathing is fine but most of the time i feel short of breath IS THIS MARIJUANA WITHDRAWAL? 

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Cannabis Addiction :: First Time Smoking

My boyfriend is 15, he just had his first time smoking marijuana, he do not hide me  anything, he told me everything, but I am worry, i know that each person has a different reaction in the first smoke, he felt totally fine even with more energy and he want to do it another time, I do not want him to become an addict, what I can say to him?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Forget A Lot After Smoking Weed

I'm a 17 year old girl. Im 5/7 and 120 lbs. I don't normally smoke weed I've maybe done it around 4 to 5 times in my life and 2 of those times I had bad relationships but it's been 6 days since I smoked last and I don't feel normal! I feel numb and disconnected I also forget a lot. But yet at times i have moments of clarity. I talked to the people who partake in smoking with me and they feel fine however they also have a high tolerance for it.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Insomnia After Quiting Smoking

When first I quit smoking I don't have any insomnia, but after 5 months my insomnia starting now one day I just can sleep 2hour. any body got the same symptoms like me?? Hopefully this will not be a serious illness.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Feeling Spaced Out Going To Die After Smoking

I smoked out of a bong this one time , for the first time and i smoked alot so i layed back and chilled .. after a while i started getting goofy because i didn't remember if i smoked or not and started spacing out , it was weird because every time i thought harder my heart would beat faster and faster i thought i was going to die. At this point i was only trying to survive then i noticed i started to feel sharp pains in my shoulders and the pain started from the outer part of my shoulder and would get stronger and closer to the center where my head was when i thought hard about stuff. When the pain got sharp and harsh at the center i would twitch a little and remember it was something mentally because nothing was actually happening and so now im scared to try ot again , is this normal ?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Hallucinations After Smoking Marijuana For A Day

My brother smoked marijuana once and only to like 2 hits at it and he's been having hallucinations for like 2 months and saying he may run away he tried to take my mothers car he's .....

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Cannabis Addiction :: My Journey To Stop Smoking Marijuana

I am 18 years old and have 1 semester left of high school. i started smoking marijuana when i was 15. i lived in a small town but made friends with a person that could get me whatever amount i could pay for as fast as he got the text asking. i now live in the next town over which is a very small city and have several people in my contacts that know to ask on a weekly basis how much i need without me texting them first. my parents are divorced and i live with my mom. my mom works out of state, so she gets up at 4 am and is home around 730-8 pm. so she is never around to know what is happening at home. she works with lawyers and makes excellent money so getting money for my addiction has never been a problem. iv been smoking close to non-stop since the time i've started,but have also been smoking cigarettes for the same amount of time.

i have tried several times in the past to stop (i say stop because out of the other times i have tried i have used the term "quit" which is a more permanent term and puts more anxiety on me when i think about weed on my attempts to stop). my most successful time was this past summer when i was working with my cousin that owns his own construction business. since my entire family shuns people like me who smoke anything or are not straight edge i did not do it before i went to work for him so he wouldn't know. and it was also easier to cut back because i was working for him almost every day, which put me around people that did not smoke and did not even talk about it. right now most of the people in my town and around me smoke (except for my mother which does not know about this addiction because i have tried to bring it up in the past but the way she handles it puts me in a position were im to stressed out and resort back to it) i can walk down my street and ask a random person if they know were i can get weed and can most likely get weed (i have done this several times and it has worked) so its been hard trying to find someone that can help me through the withdrawls without tempting me back into it.

im on my 3rd day without weed. i went cold turkey after the new year. the withdrawal symtoms that i can see right now is that my sleep is not what it used to be. i just can't fall asleep as peacefully as before when i smoked and i cant stay asleep either. my appetite is lower, though i eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that's not a concern. i also don't want to go out in public that much anymore or do things. and when i get into a stressful situation i don't know how to overcome that stress because i used to always resort to weed to help. i've tried reading and doing stress workouts but they don't seem to help calm that voice that says "hey everything will be better once you get weed" and the two biggest and hardest symptoms is that when i don't have something to do, or start thinking about the time that i have free now, i feel depressed and bored and worried. because smoking used to take up that time and i felt happy and relaxed even when i was just sitting there high. the second thing is that i know im addicted. but at times when people tell me that you cant get addicted to weed and i start to think of how fine i feel without it i feel as though they are right and that i can smoke this one time with that person without starting to do it constantly again. but that is how i kept getting back into it in the past.

i need to stop because i really want to join the army which would keep me out of smoking weed but the big step is to stop it now so i can join. i have started to talk to a recruiter and can be sent out for boot camp in 9 months. but if i don't find a way to overcome the willingness to smoke i won't be able to go. i would appreciate so much if people could share with me how they overcame the urges, especially around other smokers and on weekends when that was my get out and smoke with a lot of other smokers time. and other things that helped people out.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Time For Me To Stop Smoking Weed

I've been smoking a blunt or more everyday since last summer. and its time to stop. i haven't smoked in 4 days and i feel like im going crazy! i feel really depressed and angry and tired. im kinda scared to admit it but i feel retarded. straight up retarded, like when i hangout with my friends i feel like i don't belong there and i feel like im doing EVERYTHING wrong.. before i smoked i didn't feel this way once.

my question is are theses symptoms normal? and how long till im "normal" again?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Life Seems Not Real? After Smoking Weed For A While

i've started smoking weed at age 11 and i've quit for awhile then started again in 6th grade and smoked throughout the 8th grade and im in 9th now it feels like life isn't real i've been acting different i looked it up its called derealization is there any way to fix this or is it just in my head i really need help i never felt like this before its been happening for a while.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Depersonalisation And Anxiety After Smoking Marijuana

I am 19 years old and have been smoking marijuana for a year.  I have now taken a break from smoking weed for the past 2 weeks and  a month ago I had a severe panic attack. I am still somewhat feeling the effects of depersonalisation but they were much more severe a few weeks ago and I have a doctors appointment on the 25th of April. I have never felt panic in my life but on Wednesday over a month ago. I have always felt great when I smoked weed but for some reason this time I felt awful. I had woke up on a March break morning around 11 am and I smoked this good weed that I had never tried before. I always smoke out of bongs and I had smoked right when I woke up so I probably was dehydrated and my blood sugar was low. I know weed lowers blood sugar and it was on an empty stomach. It took about ten minutes and eventually I had tunnel vision, I couldn't look at my tv because the screen was too bright, felt like a mini seizure, heart was racing, sweating, felt like I was choking and I was going to have a heart attack. I realize that you cannot die from a panic attack but it was very uncomfortable. The weird thing is that I have never felt panic at all after smoking weed. I smoked half a bowl of this good weed I had never tried and shortly after I smoked this good regular weed that I am used to. I went to ER and took some tests but I eventually left as I did not want to wait there all day. The first week back to school was frightening but now a month later, school is almost over and I am starting to feel  somewhat normal. Do you think this will just take time for me to completely get over? I have been feeling depersonalisation because things didn't seem real and everything seemed like a dream. I would have to touch myself to see if I was real it seemed and I had bad anxiety ever since. I feel almost normal now but I am wondering if I just need to wait for the weed to get out of my system in order for me to feel normal again. I smoked weed about a week ago and ever since I think I should quit until I figure out my personal life. I have always felt depression even before I started smoking weed. Growing up as a child my mom was an alcoholic and she would give me suicide notes, my brother died when I was 13 and I was attacked by random people near my street a couple years ago which caused some paranoia and increased anxiety about walking outside at night. It's not like weed caused this, I think that it brought out the real me, it brought out my actual problems and I think the herb is just telling me to fix my issues that I have been having for so long. It's been just over a month and I am starting to feel much better. For the longest time my subconscious mind was paying attention to every breath which was hard and annoying to sleep. I still somewhat feel like this but I am starting to accept it and not care. I have a driving test in a couple weeks and I am scared to be honest. The weird thing is, I have always been scared to do new things like driving or getting a job. Even when I was a kid I was afraid to talk to girls, I know this may sound like I am crazy. I have gotten over the fears of talking to girls now though because I am 19 and not 14 any more.  I am hoping to see a psychologist shortly after my doctors appointment which I am hoping to get some clarification and advice to fix my issues. I was also very bullied as a child during elementary school because I was overweight which I think is the reason why I lost a lot of weight and I am now working out daily, mainly running. But, I am very self concious about my body now, I always look in the mirror at my body because I still worry about looking fat and what others think of me. I have always cared about what others think of me which I hate. I think I am getting better at thinking positive now. Another thing is, even before I started smoking weed, I was a very stressed person from school and my personal life. I get in fights with my mom and it stresses me out. She is no longer an alcoholic but it really bothers me even if she has one drink. What I think is weed is not bad for you and cannot harm in very many ways. It can trigger certain things as it had happened to me, but it is physically impossible to die from marijuana. I have smoked weed after my attack and I was fine for the most part. All marijuana does is relax you and increase the serotonin in your brain. It gives you the ability to think more outside the box and it makes you focus on things more which can create a paranoia. Anxiety and depersonalization are in your head. If you think negatively you will react negatively. I want to become a psychologist and I am going to university next year so I know a lot about the mind. I am just wondering if I will get over it and most people say it takes time which I agree with. I will not permanently stop smoking weed but I will definitely cut back drastically.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Haze After Quitting Smoking Marijuana

The last time I smoked marijuana was around the 13th of January, but I still have the feeling of laziness and like I'm almost looking through some kind of film or something. Like I feel when I'm high. Is this normal this long after quitting? Or is this "hazy" feeling potentially due to a medical cause. My sight isn't really impaired, but my sight is like I'm high still, like I'm looking through a haze.

I smoked multiple times a day for about a year and a half. It doesn't go away, and it hasn't gotten any better over the time since I've quit.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Smoking Pot - Paranoid, Dry Mouth And Headaches

Hey everyone, so I'm 16 now and i started smoking pot at the beginning of my junior year about a year ago and i thought it was sick. i always had a great time smoking with friends and having out but recently the past 2 or 3 times I've smoked i have been very paranoid, my mouth became very dry, my head ached, and i felt like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest. This was a very new experience to me and i thought it was just a phase or something. I tried smoking a few more times hoping i wouldn't be paranoid anymore but the feeling has yet to go away. I'm fine when I'm not high and I used to enjoy smoking but I've been getting bad highs lately. I heard drinking caffeine before smoking can cause problems and I also heard smoking with rolling papers can make you have a bad high as well. If anyone knows what I'm going through and knows a solution or something i can try to get over these bad highs let me know.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Weird Feelings For Three Days After Smoking Weed

i smoked some weed with my friends. this my second time, but this time when i got home i suddenly felt so weird. now i feel like everything is fake, im body sometimes goes num. i had a panic attack. i went to the hospital but didn't tell them that i smoked so the doctors didn't do nothing. i swear this is the last time ill ever smoke please somebody give some advice. im only 14 i want to live life to the fullest.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Quitted Smoking - Nightmares And Trouble Sleeping

My husband smoked pot for 35*+ years he quit 3 weeks ago. Some symptoms are nightmares unable to sleep, he feels tired a lot of the time. He also says he feels as if he has low blood sugar even though he just ate. Are these normal symptom and how long will he have them.

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Mirtazapine Withdrawal :: Went Cold Turkey

AFTER BEING ON MIRTAZAPINE FOR MANY YEARS i went cold turkey about 4 weeks ago,I honestly haven't had any withdrawal symptoms,the only slight problem is awakening earlier in the morning,I have als lost nearly a stone in weight which I am really happy with and really feel a lot better within myself both physically and mentally I kept asking my G P IF i could maybe stop them and he was the one who kept putting me off that is why I went cold turkey

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Cold Turkey?

Is it bad to stop taking Zoloft cold turkey? It really works for my anxiety, but I've been taking other meds and I'm afraid of interactions.

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Statins - Wean Off OR Cold Turkey?

I have reached LOW triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels after 6 months of zero-bad-fat diet. I am now ready to ditched my prescribed statins. Is it safe to cold-turkey statins or do I need to wean off?

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