Cannabis :: Collapsing / Blackout After Smoking Weed?

Oct 8, 2010

a couple of times when i've been smoking weed i've collapsed and properly blacked out the first time was when i was quite young and was smoking hash and the past few times have been been in the past year and has happened around 3 times all 3 times i hadn't eaten much that day apart from some breakfast and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but i just wanted to see if it has happened to anyone else and do they know why or anything of the sort

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Cannabis :: Blackout After Smoking Weed

i smoke weed on a pretty regular basis and last night i smoked with a group of people and afterwards me and several people in the room all started smoking cigarettes in the same room. it was a garage with the side door open. about half way through my cigarette i put it out and me and my friend were leaving to go home and as i was walking through the house i started feeling dizzy and was holding my face and without knowing ran into someone and fell on the floor blacking out for maybe 5 seconds and then got up and felt extremely hot for a few minutes and then i was fine. what could have possibly happened?

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Cannabis :: Blackout On Smoking Weed?

okay so i was smoking weed in my friends porch last night and i didn't really even smoke a lot but then all of a sudden i started hearing ringing and it blocked out people's voices then my vision went black and the next thing i remember was hearing people say are you okay? and then i started seeing the people about 10 seconds later, and i didn't even believe that happened for the longest time. but after that happened and i sat down i felt fine the rest of the night, and i don't think it was laced or anything because no one else got like that and everyone else felt fine, but would you know what could've happened?

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Cannabis :: Horrible Day After Smoking Weed

I'm 21 years old and yesterday (sept. 28) was my first time I smoked weed and I took 4 puffs of it with two other friends. I had this horrible trip and really do not want to ever smoke weed ever again. It was scary and I felt like I was really going to die. I went to sleep and had my full 8 hours of sleep and woke today (sept. 29) feeling better, but I still feel strange. I can hardly concentrate. I'm experiencing paranoia and anxiety and according to some posts, I guess it's from the THC level intake. I probably have low tolerance since It's my first time smoking it. I'm really scared that whatever it is I'm feeling or going through is permanent. Should I call the hospital? Will I be charged with marijuana use?

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Cannabis :: Anxiety After Smoking Weed?

Okay so i smoked weed for the first time at a party but i only took two hits and i did not feel high and then one month later i smoked weed again only took two hits and i did not feel high again but that night i got drunk for the first time as well. (With four beers to be specific) i went to bed that night and everything was okay until about 4am i woke up because i felt sick so i went to the bathroom to see it i needed to throw up but nothing came out so i just went back to bed and felt fine for the rest of the night. The next morning i woke up and i felt very weird i can't quite pinpoint the feeling but it was weird and i would get mini anxiety attacks for the rest of the day. Along with that i would also kind of feel out of breath when i was sitting down or just walking but i ignored it. That night i felt very sick and i felt a feeling around my chest area long with anxiety i also kept feeling like i was gonna throw up and by body would suddenly get very hot. Then i got a big anxiety attack that lasted about five minutes. I just thought i was hungover but when i asked my friends they reassured me i only had four beers and 20 hours later i should not be feeling hungover. For the next three days everything was normal except for feeling out of breath a lot when i was doing simple activities. Then a few days later i was laying down on the couch watching a scary movie with my family and suddenly when the movie got very intense i got a huge anxiety attack which caused my heart to race and me to feel like i was on the verge of passing out. Afterwords i felt very tired so i fell asleep but then again in the middle of the night i had another anxiety attack. Ever since that day i have not felt normal again. I always have a sensation in my chest that causes anxiety and depression. It has been a year since that day and i can honestly say i have not gotten better. I can not watch scary movies because my anxiety gets the best of me i have lost a lot of my friends because the depression has caused me to be uninterested in everything around me. I used to be such a happy person and so full of life but now i cannot remember the last time i was happy. I always try to focus on the positive but this feeling of anxiety has taken over my life. What can i do and what could this possibly be?

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Cannabis - Women :: Feels Like Having Sex After Smoking Weed?

Does anyone feel like having sex after smoking weed? Every time I smoke weed I feel like making love. I just want to know if anyone else feels like this as I thought it's abnormal. I'm female by the way!

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Cannabis :: Breathing Problems After Smoking Weed

this hasn't happened before even though i don't smoke weed that often, but it's been a couple days since i smoked and it still feels like there's a bubble in my throat all the time and sometimes it feels like its hard to breath and i freak out.

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Cannabis :: Smoking Weed Stops My Growth?

Im 15 and i smoke weed every so often i was wondering is it stunting my growth?

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Cannabis :: Depersonalized A Month After Smoking Weed

I am 15 years old, about a month ago i smoked a lot of weed out of a beer can. it was the first time i had smoked in a couple months and i got really high. i had about 3 beers that night also. the next morning i felt ok but at around 5 that night i started feeling really high out of nowhere and it had been about 15 hours since i had smoked. i just tried to go to sleep and i slept for a couple of hours, and when i woke up i started feeling the same dp effects as most of you have explained. i was very paranoid, anxious, and i a lot of minor panic attacks every day, i would start getting very paranoid every time i left home, or if i was alone. it has been about a month since i smoked and my "dp" is still there. it has gotten a lot better since then and some days i will feel fine, but on the other hand, other days i will feel very weird. i just want to feel normal again...

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Cannabis Addiction :: Forget A Lot After Smoking Weed

I'm a 17 year old girl. Im 5/7 and 120 lbs. I don't normally smoke weed I've maybe done it around 4 to 5 times in my life and 2 of those times I had bad relationships but it's been 6 days since I smoked last and I don't feel normal! I feel numb and disconnected I also forget a lot. But yet at times i have moments of clarity. I talked to the people who partake in smoking with me and they feel fine however they also have a high tolerance for it.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Time For Me To Stop Smoking Weed

I've been smoking a blunt or more everyday since last summer. and its time to stop. i haven't smoked in 4 days and i feel like im going crazy! i feel really depressed and angry and tired. im kinda scared to admit it but i feel retarded. straight up retarded, like when i hangout with my friends i feel like i don't belong there and i feel like im doing EVERYTHING wrong.. before i smoked i didn't feel this way once.

my question is are theses symptoms normal? and how long till im "normal" again?

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Cannabis :: Anxiety And Racing Heart After Smoking Weed

I'm 15, I started smoking weed around December. I smoked every weekend, and I woke smoke 2 - 4 joints at a time. I continued to do it until around April, when I stopped because every time I smoked I would get anxiety and my heart would race. at the time, i didn't let it bother me because I believed it was normal. I quit 3 weeks ago, and I have been having signs of depersonalization and anxiety. My heart has been beating very fast and hard for the past 48 hours, and I had an anxiety attack last night.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Life Seems Not Real? After Smoking Weed For A While

i've started smoking weed at age 11 and i've quit for awhile then started again in 6th grade and smoked throughout the 8th grade and im in 9th now it feels like life isn't real i've been acting different i looked it up its called derealization is there any way to fix this or is it just in my head i really need help i never felt like this before its been happening for a while.

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Cannabis :: Severe Depression Days After Smoking Weed

A year ago i was diagnosed with depression and i'm on lexapro and risperidone. Then about half a year ago i tried weed. It was the worst experience of my life, my heart was pumping hard a kept burping, every 2 seconds i'd forget everything and re-realize i was high (thinking that the last 2 seconds were a dream), and it would repeat. I begged for it to stop. I thought it was something to do with my depression or something but i don't know. Anyway that's not why i'm here, 2 weeks ago i was sitting in school then the same type of thing happened except not as bad, i thought everything was a dream, i went to the toilet out of fear 3 times in the space of 10 minutes, i couldn't talk to anyone cause i wasn't able to focus on what they were saying. I was lucky because it happened on a half day so i went home 30 minutes later. Later that day i was suddenly better, the whole school day was vague and i barely believed any of it had happened. This has happened twice now in the past 2 weeks and im scared itll happen again.

I thought i had bad memory but i now think it's because every day i have this effect (just not as bad) so when i wake up the next morning i vaguely remember the day before as if it happened 2 weeks ago.

I have depression, some social anxiety, tiredness, laziness, short attention span.

(on a side note i think this is pure coincidence but one of the times it happened was when me and one of my friends were talking and he said 'What if none of this is real like in the matrix?

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Cannabis :: Developed An Anxiety Disorder From Smoking Weed

I am 18 years old and I think I have developed an anxiety disorder from smoking weed. I had 2 small puffs of weed from when I was in my early eighteens and I got a bit high but not much at all. I was with some good friends and the effects of being high wore off. When I joined University I smoked less than half a blunt with my new friends because it was late, I couldn’t go home and it was the only thing they were doing. I had this bad anxiety attack when I was shaking, my throat was dry and I was tired. I could tell this was a bad panic attack and I felt like I was fighting for my life. I had to go to sleep to calm myself down. The next day I felt fine, I had a shower and continued with my life. A month later, I was with two of my mates and they bought a bit of weed. I had two puffs of it to regulate the amount in my mates University room and tried to remain as calm as possible to avoid a panic attack. It worked and we went to a night club. The next day I felt a bit anxious. The day after I went to my friend’s university corridor and knocked on it to let me. However, I smelt a tiny bit of weed through the door and I started to panic again. I had to lie on my bed and I missed two days of lectures. I was having fast heart palpitations, I was shaking and I couldn’t stop worrying about weed. Every time I am in a stressful moment such as getting to lectures on time makes me slightly panicky and have moments when I can feel in my head an adrenaline rush which is how the panic attacks start. I had a panic attack in one lecture while sober and I thought to myself that when I learnt my lesson not to go near weed it was too late. I have become more anti-social because I feel too anxious to be around the friends I have smoked a bit of weed with. It took 3 weeks for my panic attacks to go but my heart feels it beats a bit faster than usual. I also have this ache in my chest. I went to my GP and he said it was not due to the weed because I did very little and it was due to stress and anxiety. When I do University work and I stress a bit more my heart starts to palpitate and I don’t know how to calm myself down. Every day I have this feeling of anxiety all over my body. The weed couldn't have been laced with other drugs because my mates would have seen it was. 

I worry about hearing weed and I have this big anxiety attack when I smell it which makes me not want to do anything. Has the weed damaged my body in any way? I know quite a few people who have smoked weed and they are fine. I became sick once because I smelt weed. Will my brain ever repair itself to make me feel normal again without this big anxiety attack and chest ache? I guess too much of anything is bad for you but for me, that is not the case and I hate how I feel every day.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Weird Feelings For Three Days After Smoking Weed

i smoked some weed with my friends. this my second time, but this time when i got home i suddenly felt so weird. now i feel like everything is fake, im body sometimes goes num. i had a panic attack. i went to the hospital but didn't tell them that i smoked so the doctors didn't do nothing. i swear this is the last time ill ever smoke please somebody give some advice. im only 14 i want to live life to the fullest.

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Adderall :: Blackout With Weed

I'm not a heavy smoker, i'll smoke like a few times a week. The first time I tried salvia, I hit a bowl of it with some weed sprinkled on top and right after I took it in. I lost control of my body and I fell face first on my table and my nose started bleeding. I thought this was because I also took an adderall earlier in the morning and I smoked before. Something similar happened to me the other day except I was only hitting a regular bowl with batch. Right after I took it I lost control of my body and felt like I blacked out for a second and fell to the ground. Next thing i realize I'm on the ground and my friends said I was shaking. I smoked weed earlier that day to but nothing like this has ever happened before while smoking week normally. 

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Cannabis :: Feeling Low And Not Myself After Using Weed

I been an occasional weed smoker for about two years now. 3 weeks ago I  started feeling anxiety while I was sober. I had a few bad trips before , I'd say about 3-4 and I just thought everyone experiences them since it is a DRUG. The one time I took some really potent stuff and I smoked the next morning while I still felt high. It was a really good high then it went downhill, that same week I started vomiting and feeling a high feeling when i was sober. At first i thought it would leave by the day but it lasted a good 8 days before I started feeling better. About 4 days later I took a little hit and it was in a closed area so it was a form of hotboxing so I might've took more than I planned, also I got faded with some drinks that night with some friends. I started having the same anxiety/panicky feeling the next day and I'm still feeling them wondering whats wrong with me. Its feel like forever and the days seem longer since I can only get maybe 1 hour of sleep. It seems worst this time around and I feel the same detachment just with more worry because it happening again so close to the last time. My scheduled appointment with my doctor in in about a week and that seems so far because i don't know how I can keep up this endurance. I noticed a few things help me like music, talking , and even forums like this. Hopefully I start feeling better.

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Cannabis :: Weed Changed Who I Was

I'm currently sitting in my room and trying to figure out what to do with my smoking habit. I have been smoking almost every day for the last 2 years and it seems like a lot has changed. Before smoking Weed I was a great person. Kind,sincere,sociable, funny, i had tons of friends. No it seems like everything is the complete opposite. I've had a few other things happen in my life but at this point I am no longer concerned with those issues. 2 years ago my parents moved to TN and then decided to divorce and I was left all the way up north alone. Those things I have learned to deal with. I think my weed smoking has gotten worse overtime. I don't have many friends, people think I am weird, I get mad at situations I never did before. I have completely changed and I would give anything to be back where I was. I just lost my my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and I think it has all been a result of my horrible habit. I never want to do anything, I never want to talk and it never was like that. It seems like it has thrown my emotions out of wack and I've become a horrible person. I just want a little encouragement and someone to tell me everything will be alright. Weed has changed me for the worst and I just want my life back and my gf.

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Pregnancy :: Smoking Weed Bad?

Pregnant and smoking weed is it bad?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Anxiety After Weed?

I shared a joint (weed + tabac) with a few friends about 2/3 weeks ago (my first time), and I'm scared because my body just doesn't feel right ever since.

Because I do have Obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety problems, the immediate hours following the smoke I just couldn't relax and paranoia began to hit me. I had a bit of a panic attack, during which I was disturbed to notice these tiny flashes or floaters in my vision and a slight loss of concentration in 1 eye.

Anyway,anxiety hit me BIG TIME the following week when I noticed this things were still in my field of vision ! I was absolutely terrified, an emotional wreck because I believed (still sort of do) that I had made a huge mistake and screwed up my vision and life for good. I started having periodic shooting eye pains as well which added to the anxiety. However, I went to the opticians and was given the all clear. After this I told myself to relax and began to feel a bit better.....the pain in my eyes eased up. the 2nd week more symptoms started to follow. I became light headed and weak, periodic ear pain, changes in heart rate and had cold shakes many times during the day. I also began to experience chest pains and pressure on my head developed. It's been a horrible chain reaction, as the symptoms intensified so did the anxiety and that led to me having horrible nightmares and difficulties getting a good night's sleep
I can't believe I'm saying this but my body shape is also slightly out of line. The head and neck are titled slightly away from body. And that's not something im imaging, because my friends have said that when they look closely they can spot it too. When I do force my body to align itself properly, I feel discomfort in my chest. The pressure on the head is still there, especially coming from the back. Sometimes when I bend down or I move my jaw when eating.....I don't know it's really difficult to explain but I experience pressure changes on my head and things just feel wrong.

I suppose my question this sequence of symptoms all to do with my stress/anxiety and my mind?.....Or has the marijuana created all or parts of this and messed up my body?

On a broader note.......should people like myself with OCD/anxiety brain chemistry smoke marijuana. Are the risks greater for us?

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