Carbimazole :: Weight Gain

Apr 14, 2010

I have today been diagnosed for the 2nd time with an overactive thyroid.

The first was about 6 years ago and I was put on 25mg of Carbimazole a day. Unfortunately my weight went from a 12 1/2S to 16st once I started the tablets. I took the decision to stop them as I suffered from some of the side effects and my white blood cells were being affected. Since stopping the tablets my weight has gone down (from 16st to 9st) and people say I look great.

I have been told today that I should restart the tablets as my T4 is now instead of the norm of 10 to 25 gone up to 70. I am worried that if I start the tablets my weight will go up very quickly. I have all the symptoms, shaking hands, lump in the throat, can't stand heat etc.

Having been in this situation before I am very worried and not sure what to do even thought I have told my doc my concerns re weight gain.

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Carbimazole :: Stopping Carbimazole - Started To Gain Weight

I have been on Carbimazole for only about a month and have started to gain weight. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at Easter and am seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow. I am coming off the stuff as I'd rather be dead than fat and will tell him that. I'm 51 and work in the media. Weight gain could cause me to lose my job and it's just out of the question to be overweight. People in my industry are being made redundant everyday and my job is really at risk.

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Carbimazole :: Weight Gain

This is my second time on carbimazole, my first was about four months after the birth of my son, i had the racing heart and heat intolerance and other symptoms but mostly of underactive thyroid and i too gain two, three stone. My doctor did more bloods and my levels had returned to normal so my doctor took me off them. Recently I've been feeling quite unwell so decided to go docs for bloods and was quite shocked to find my thyroid had gone overactive again but all my symptoms point to underactive thyroid, feeling exhausted, aching muscles, one and a half stone weight gain, my doctor has never known anyone put weight on, which i thinks is the worst problem after losing three stone I'm almost back to square one again, an really fed up with it an feeling so shattered aren't we meant to be full of life. My doctors not the best and not very helpful just told me i would stay on them a lot longer as I'd had it before, do people stay on them for life or can the carbimazole correct it for good, don't have much info on overactive thyroid.

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Carbimazole :: Cramps And Weight Gain

I have been on these Carbimazole for overactive thyroid drugs for 5 weeks 10mg i am having painful cramps my body,leg arms and across my right chest is this the drug doing this

it is so painful i thought it was a heart attack as my area was so painful

it does pass eventually but scary, by the way i am too putting on the weight.

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Carbimazole :: Sick And Weight Gain?

About 3 months ago i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a irregular heartbeat and was stuck on warfarin carbimazole and heart tabs i had a heart rate of 197 bpm and this all was only found by a routine medical cause i was sweating so bad anyway i was stuck on 180mg of carbimazole all seemed well until i noticed i was gaining quite a lot of weight 15kilos to be precise managed to get in to see dp and he lowered it to 6omg a day as im hoping i have my radioactive iodine soon but since i been on 60mg a day i have good days and bad days i am still working but when this sicky feeling comes it renders me useless and end up not going to work im 37 years old very fit as work as a lead roofer but am at end of my patience with this shit


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Carbimazole :: Weight Gain? And Sick

I was diagnosed yesterday with overactive thyroid and given Carbimazole 15mg until I get appointment to see endocrinologist. Feel very sick today, is this normal. What is the normal T4 level supposed to be, gp didnt tell me only said mine was 26. Looking at some of comments does everyone put on weight when taking these tablets.

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Weight Gain On Prednisone - Just Water Weight?

All I have eaten while on the 40mg pill for five days is fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. I've drank lots of green tea and water.

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22 And I Wish To Gain Weight

I'm 22 years of age and I wish to gain weight. Please assist me on what to do.

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Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Anyone else have low weight gain with their pregnancy? Did dr show any concern, and was baby alright

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Pregabalin :: Weight Gain?

Does anyone else feel they are putting weight on? I have only been on it for a couple of weeks but feel bloated and as if I am putting weight on fast.

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Sertraline :: Weight Gain?

So I have been on 25mg of sertraline for a little over a month now and my dr just upped my dose to 50mg. Opinions on weight gain would be appreciated.  A few years back I was on celexa and gained over 30 pounds (i've lost most of it now but it took forever and I do not want to get that heavy again)

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Tibolone :: Weight Gain

Has anyone got any information about weight gain and tibolone? Just been prescribed it but am a little scared about side effects.

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Gabapentin :: Weight Gain

I've put on soooo much since starting it and it's really getting me down, has anyone else experienced this and how can I loose weight if I'm still on it?? is there a similar drug people have found better!

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Mirtazapine Will Help Me Gain Weight?

I have been prescribed 15mg for 2 weeks for depression which has lead to severe weight loss Iam 5'5 and weigh just under 7 stone which makes me look horrible, so horrible I can hear people talk about me in the street, I look terrible. Before taking the medication I was aware of my weight and have always made special efforts to eat regular but still could not maintain a good weight. I have only been on mirtazapine for a few days, and have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to see how I'm getting on and maybe to up my dosage. I haven't had any hunger cravings like I have heard people talk about and I'm really worried that I'm going to be the only person ever not to gain weight from these meds. My weight really adds to my depression and stops me going out the house, I want to gain 2-3 stone. But don't think this would be possible as I already eat a good amount of food every day. 

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Weight Gain On Mirtazapine

I'm an 18 year old girl who has been taking this medication otherwise known as Avanza or Remeron for 9 months now. I have gained 10kgs or around 22lbs in this time and therefore am going to begin the process of coming off it in about 3 weeks as I have found that my mood has gotten worse because I feel self conscious all the time now about the weight gain. 

I haven't changed my eating habits much at all, in the first few weeks I ate more but once I noticed the weight gain I started eating only healthy foods and small quantities but it hasn't shifted the weight just slowed the gain down.

I am seeking help as to how people have come off the medication, and what effect it has had on their weight. Did it come off easily? How long did it take to lose the weight etc...?

Oh and I am on a 30mg dose.

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Mirtazapine - Weight Gain

I was wondering I started these tablets in August when I weighed 9st.6 I now weigh over 12 and i can't shift it no matter what I do, has anyone who has been on this and experienced the same problem shed some light into how I shift this and how long it takes to actually come off.

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Escitalopram :: Weight Gain

I've been taken escitalopram for 2 years and was shocked to put on over 2 stones in weight !!

This is now becoming an issue for me and therefore decided to come off them.

To anybody that has come off long did it take for your weight to return to normal?

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Bisoprolol :: Weight Gain

I have been on Bisoprolol since March and I have gained over a stone in weight,but no one else has mentioned any weight gain. Anyone else has gained weight,and if so how have they been able to control it. I am on a very healthy diet and don't eat any rubbish.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: How Much Weight Gain By 28 Weeks?

I have only gained 8 pounds and I am at 28 this bad because I hear you are supposed to gain up to 16 pounds during this time. My doctor hasn't said anything negative about it but I'm still conserned

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Accurate Weight We Should Gain At The End Of Our Pregnancy?

What's the accurate weight we should gain at the end of our pregnancy. Right now im 30+6 and i have gain 25 lbs

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Weight Gain Of 3 Lbs Only - 17 Weeks

Im almost 17 weeks and have only gained 3 lbs. Is this normal? Its my second child im 26 years old but gained a ton of weight with Tracen my son. Im 511 at 142 lbs.

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