Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Persistent Ring Finger Numbness

Jan 21, 2014

I was just curious if anyone has had persistent ring finger numbness? I've had ct symptoms 6+ years that come and go, however, now I have this strange numbness that won't go away... primarily in my fingertip (ring finger).

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Numbness + Pain In Ring Finger?

I'm 25, and have recently developed symptoms (last 2-3 months). I had some mild sore wrists before but over the last few month it progressed to numbness in both hands. I did some physiotherapy and stretching and it did actually improve a bit but then my left ring finger began to develop pain and severe numbness, enough to stop me from typing with my left hand. I ice it several times a day which is keeping it at bay but doesn't do anything for the numbness.

Any comments or advice? I'm on a 1 month wait for an EMG specialist. The only thing that makes the numbness better is bending my wrist into a flexed position and holding it there for a few seconds.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Wrist Hurts Onl Lifting Things

So I've had constant pain in my wrist for the last 6 months, more often when I bowl, it's very sharp pain and the more i bowl the more it hurst, it also hurts when I lift things as well.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint And Bone Pain, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Slight Anemia

For the past 18 months I have experienced joint & bone pain, predominantly in my fingers, hands, wrists and elbows but also affecting my forearms, feet, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. I have spent months trying to ignore it and at other times have kept detailed diaries, but can find no pattern relating to the area and level of pain and what I may have been doing, eating, drinking or how well I've slept.

I am nearly always fatigued ... I do work hard but even when I have time off, I'm exhausted to the point of needing to nap or walking around like a zombie. I used to run a lot and completed marathons, but now can't face a short jog.

Whenever I go to give blood, 4 out of 5 times my blood is too low in iron. It's not considered a dangerously low level for me but it is too low for the blood service to accept. The last time I went I succeeded in giving blood but was borderline and they only just accepted me.

Diarrhea; like many women I usually have this around the first couple of days of my cycle. However in recent months this is happening more frequently. Again there is no pattern relating to what I eat, where I eat or who prepared it. When it happens I get cramps and an urgency to go, but no nausea, sickness or loss of appetite.

Finally, I've recently begun getting pins and needles in one hand / fingers in a pattern that suggests carpal tunnel syndrome. It lasts for a few days then fades.

All of these things could be related or entirely unrelated, I just don't know. Also, one or two on their own might be easier to deal with but combined they can really get be down. My doctor has recently given me blood tests for arthritis and they came back normal. Any other ideas please?

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Clicking And Pain In My Left Ring Finger. NOT Trigger Finger?

I am 18 and back in May I guess I "jammed" my finger. I say I guess because I really don't know WHAT exactly happened. My two dogs got into a little fit and when I was separating the two of them I don't know what I did, but I really messed up my finger. After it all happened my hand hurt REALLY REALLY bad. It also started swelling pretty much immediately. I waited a couple days and then went to the ER because I figured maybe I dislocated my finger or something. They did an X-ray and came back and said there was nothing wrong, and probably a sprain so they sent me home with an ace bandage and some ibuprofen. Fast forward to now.

The swelling in my hand has gone away after about two months of not moving it a lot and keeping it wrapped up. But each time I completely straighten (like I am stretching my hand) out, my ring finger makes a clicking noise and kind of pops up. Moving it certain ways, making a fist, putting pressure, pulling, or grasping something wrong hurts extremely bad. I can feel it move down at the base of my finger (like my last knuckle). It has caused a problem for me because it hurts with most normal things that I do. Even typing this is irritating.

So I finally went to an orthopedic and he looked at my hand and X-rays and said he isn't sure what it is and he recommends me to see a hand surgeon.

I did. I drove almost 2 hours each way to see this doctor and here's what happened in a span of 3 different visits.

He suspected trigger finger even though he said certain symptoms were odd. He gave me a cortisone injection into my left ring finger and OMG that was painful. But to be honest that pain from the swelling of the injection was about as bad as my hand felt right after it happened. But sadly that didn't help. So my doctor sent me to get an MRI. With the results of the MRI, he told me that he saw swelling in my finger and that he thinks is in the sheath but said he doesn't know what is causing that. So he told me he was stumped and should see someone who is more of a specialist and gave me a few names. None of them take my insurance.

So I decided to put all of my info out here and see if someone has had something similar happen or knows what might be going on with my finger.

I will also post below the "findings" on my MRI report.

"There is a focus of marrow edema involving the dorsal aspect at the base of proximal phalanx fourth digit and adjacent dorsal aspect head of fourth metacarpal with a focal small cortical invagination of the metacarpal which may be post traumatic in etiology from previous impaction. No discrete fracture or dislocation is appreciated at the fourth digit IP joints pr MCP joint. The flexor and extensor mechanisms and tendons appear intact. No significant sized joint effusions. No significant degenerative or arthritic bony changes are appreciated. Visualized musculature has normal signal. Subcutaneous tissues are intact."

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Carpal Tunnel :: Will Tingling Ever End?

Went to doctor today in Dallas, Texas.  He and his assistant were both rude. Had surgery 4 weeks ago and told him

my hand till tingles. He said it may take a year to be good again!!  Had carpal 20 yrs ago and when surgery was over, my hand never hurt again!!!  I cannot stand this for a year!!  what can i do?

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Carpal Tunnel :: Growing Pains

Anyone having a feeling of growing pains in the arm, like the kind you perhaps had when you were a little kid growing up? I have had it for the last couple of days for some reason. I wouldn't call it muscle soreness after doing physical activities. The arm feel a bit weak.

I have intensified the massage of the forearm and upper arm, since I've found I still have some very tender points on the arms around the elbow, especially the right one then. My shoulder is crunching a lot and not as moveable as I first thought, so I've discovered.

Background history is herniated disc in the neck, broken shoulder, tennis elbow, broken wrist, broken long finger and now then carpal tunnel syndrome and then release in March 2014.  All on my right and dominated side. Maybe this history background facts can affect you when you grow and get older?

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Gabapentin :: For Carpal Tunnel Knocks Me Out

The doctors put me on gabapentin he said 1 first night 2 second 3 third day then carry on 3a night 300mg I took one first night befor bed slept good 2 last night and couldn't move when I woke up my back was in agony this morning any suggestions he said take at night time I explained I have a toddler and wnt take tablets that will knock me out when caring for my children , im supposed to take them for my arms as got carpel tunnel again and arms keep going into spasms.

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Carpal Tunnel :: Post Op Bleeding After Stitches Removal

I had surgery 10 days ago and had my stitches removed yesterday. The nurse wasn't able to get one out but told me that she was going to trim it right down and it would most likely work it's way out. This morning I woke up to find some fluid not blood had been leaking from around the site of the stitch that was still in, it was also white and the wound red and hot, should I see someone about this or is this normal ?

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Carpal Tunnel :: 7 Weeks Post Op - Still Pain And Little Recovery

I had my surgery  carpal tunnel syndrome 7 weeks ago on my dominant right hand.  My job requires a lot of manual handling with adults with learning difficulties and pushing of heavy wheelchairs therefore I am still off work.  I am in constant pain and scar area is solid and tender feels lumpy.  I started physio exercises 2 weeks ago and hadn't really done much before that except wiggle fingers as I had not been given any advice at all post op.  2 weeks ago I couldn't even make a fist or reach my thumb to each finger, now I can make a fist and touch all finders and am using it normally but with a lot of pain, more so at night and shooting pains, my grip is extremely poor which worries me after this length of time.  I am scheduled to have my left one done in around 6-8 weeks but I am now considering cancelling as I worry constantly that this will not resume to 100% mobility. Has anyone had this problem after this length of time? and did it improve up to 12 weeks post op?

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Carpal Tunnel :: Thenar Eminence - Muscle Weakness After CTS Surgery

I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left wrist at the same time as ulnar nerve transposition surgery. Both healing nicely. My symptoms were not severe but I did have muscle wastage of the thenar eminence on the left side and slight weakness of the grip muscles. My concern now is that the thumb muscle is completely useless; can't grip, bend, carry. Nothing.

Is this normal after 2 weeks? Please advise as having right wrist done in 4 weeks and obviously don't want the same effect on right hand!

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Carpal Tunnel :: Severe Pain In Wrist And Bruising 11 Days Post Op

Anybody else had severe pain in wrist and new bruising 11 days post op. no issues with movement of hand or scar. Just this horrible pain when i put any pressure on my wrist.

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Trigger And Ring Finger Both Have Swelling

Also interested in hearing about surgery for trigger finger….both positive and negative.

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Hard Knot Under My Skin On My Right Ring Finger

It's has increased in size and it's hard and painful to pressure. 

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Skin :: Red Blotchy Rash On My Ring Finger

I have a red blotchy rash on my ring finger. It does not hurt nor burn. It is not where my ring is, it is above past my knuckle. It comes and goes.

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Fibromyalgia :: Swollen Ring Finger At The Joint

I know there are numerous symptoms to Fibromyalgia which could be associated with other autoimmune disorders which leads to my problem. I went to the doctor last monday with a swollen ring finger at the joint. I also told him that I was exhausted a lot and getting dizzy spells daily. He tested me for lupus and RA, both coming back normal. He also had a x-ray taken of my finger which showed no fracture or injury. My finger is still swollen after 5 days of naproxen twice a day, still exhausted and still having dizzy spells daily. On top of that, my legs are now aching especially when I climb the stairs which never used to happen. The pain is bad enough that I have to stop for a bit until the pain subsides a little. I'm also starting to have hip pains as well as stiffness in many areas of my body. So, with that said, I was wondering if swelling is a common symptom of fibromyalgia and if so, any suggestions other than ice, heat and naproxen and ibuprofen??? I can't get my wedding ring off and I really don't want to cut it off (the ring, not my finger, hahaha).

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Ring And Small Finger Feels Cold Inside After Bicycle Fall

i had a fall from bicycle 3 months before , landing on my elbow with my head resting on elbow.

now i have pain in my neck/little /ring finger and elbow.

there was an injury at my elbow which was cured.

currently i get a feeling cold inside my fingers /hand /moving up to my shoulder.

when i write for some time i will get the pain in fingers and neck

have done a nerve conduction study & MRI which all said to be normal

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Polycythaemia Rubra Vera :: Sore Finger Joints / Feeling Of Numbness

Sore finger joints and a feeling of numbness in one middle finger on right hand.  It is really uncomfortable and this finger is lower in temperature than the other fingers. It's keeping me awake at night and doctor doesn't know what to make of it. Anyone run across this?

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Pain Management

Been having excruciating foot pain had every test and specialist latest diagnosis is tts had 1 injection worked 5 days 2 not at all been 4 days and have to wait 3 more till I see pain management had emg neg MRI back and feet spinal tap for Lyme neuro lots meds ra ruled out acupuncture no help 4 sets bloodwork plus more podiatrist did exam foot x rays and steroids oral says not feet saw foot ortho says same not feet pain management says is feet they missed it as emg only 50% accurate. Help who do I believe so I can get proper tx life been bad 8 months and losing job in 2 weeks due to my there a positive test besides tinels to diagnosis I live in country area not many MD s have to travel long distance for all of this entire bottom and sides feet hurt but not ankles feels better non wght bearing and ice.any opinion s would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Diane

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Stabbing Pain Lasts For Few Seconds

Hello I have tarsal tunnel syndrome which was diagnosed by a nerve conduction test. I go back to see my foot and ankle surgeon in three weeks

Does anyone else have this syndrome? If so how was it treated. So far all i know is mine is caused by bruising and possibly a fracture of an old injury.

The stabbing pain i get is at times is unbearable lasts only for a few seconds its like someone has stabbed me in the foot with a hot sharp blade and electrocuted at the same time. Also have tingling in my feet muscle spasms leading up to my knee all the time but more noticeable with online in bed at night.

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Cortisone Shots Irritate The Nerves - Surgery?

I was recently diagnosed with this in both feet. I'm still not sure what caused it though I am postpartum, have flat feet and wore poorly fitting shoes. I had cortisone shots which only seemed to irritate the nerves in both feet. I just started PT but am desperate to hear that others have recovered without surgery. I know that only the horror stories usually make it online but I'm getting very depressed about all of this

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